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  1. Hello!

    My name is Addie and I'm new here. I'm hoping to find some new RPs to occupy my time, and I hope you can help me out! This is my first post on here, and I did read through everything, so hopefully there's nothing wrong! If there is, please let me know and I'll take care of it.
    What I'm Looking For:

    - Fast replies and at least a few posts a day. I'm super, super fast with replying and I unfortunately can't keep interest in an RP if there aren't fast replies. Sorry!
    - I'm on everyday. If I'm not, that's rare and you may want to be concerned. Haha. This means I would like someone who is on every day too, or close to it.
    - MxF only. I only play females and I don't mind if you're female playing male or a male playing male. I wore myself out on playing males awhile ago and am not looking to play one right now. Sorry!
    - I don't care about post length but I honestly would prefer shorter replies, as it is usually much faster. Just write what you want to write, though! I don't want to tell you to do anything. (:
    - Fantasy, romance, and drama are themes I like to include. Fantasy and Romance are a must.
    - Would prefer to RP over PMs but thread is okay too.
    - While I don't really care what your skill level is for roleplaying, I do need there to be structure to the sentences. I'm sorry! I just need to be able to understand what's going on.
    - I am not into anthro/furry RPs. Sorry!

    Also, I'm CST and I like to stay up late. Usually I'm here at night, rather than during the day due to school and work. However, Wednesdays I'm here until the evening and later that night then Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays I'm always here.

    RP Ideas/Suggestions/Pairings:

    Bold is who I'd like to play.

    Right now, I REALLY want a Phantom of the Opera inspired pairing. I have a few ideas, some of which have supernatural/fantasy themes to them. I want to play the girl who the Phantom/Phantom character ends up with. Thanks! (:

    - Sherlock (I'm just getting into the series and would love to do something based on it. (: )
    - Spirited Away: Older Chihiro x Older Haku
    -Warm Bodies: R x OC (HUGE CRAVING)
    - Mermaid
    x Human or Merman x Human
    - Labyrinth (Jareth x Sarah)
    - The TV Show Moonlight: Mick or OC x OC
    - Human
    x Werewolf
    - Vampire x Human (I'm looking to play the human)
    - Anything inhuman (demon, fairy, elf, etc.) x human
    - Avengers/Thor: Loki x OC
    Something based off of the movie Jumper (David OC x Millie OC)
    - V for Vendetta
    - I'm sure there's more, but this is what I can think of right now. If you have suggestions, feel free to share!
    If you're interested, send me a PM or reply on here! I look forward to hearing from you. (:
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  2. I'd be interested in doing some with you.
  3. Awesome! Would you mind sending me a message, then? So we could discuss over that? (:
  4. I'm interested too
  5. Updated this thread! (:
  6. I would be happy to oblige. I'll send a message, and we can discuss this matter.
  7. Wonderful! Looking forward to hearing from you! (:
  8. Updated the first post!
  9. Just going to give my topic a little nudge. (:
  10. I hope those who celebrate thanksgiving had a great one! I know I did. (:
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  12. ive been dying to do something with the harry potter series maybe next generation or farther down the line. anyway let me know if your intrested
  13. I'm not really into Harry Potter as an RP, I apologize. D: Good luck though!
  14. What's your average post-length? :3
  15. I don't have one, I just post what I feel is right. I don't like putting a limit on things. (: But if I had to say, maybe a paragraph? I prefer quality over quantity.
  16. That will do!
    I've been looking for someone to do an RP with me, and I don't need anything too flashy.

    It's about a boy who is going through a rough patch + depression, and you basically try and help him through it all. Yes, a cheesy story but I may or may not throw in some twists in there.

    Care to do so with me? :3
  17. I'm really sorry but roleplays based on realistic situations don't interest me. ): That and I suffer from depression that's a little too triggering for me, I apologize. I wish you luck, though!
  18. Op, sorry. Didn't see the "Fantasy & Romance are a must". xD

    Perhaps we could try something else?
  19. That's alright! And yes, I'd be more than happy to try something else, no problem! I'm pretty flexible, most of the time, so if there's something fantasy and romancey that you're interested in, let me know. (:
  20. I'll PM you when I think of something!
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