LGBTQIA+ Romance Plot

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  1. Note: If you know any threads (or people willing to do) LGBTQIA+ plots please tell me

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    Hi! I'm Anna Marie, and I'm thinking of starting some sort of large LGBTQIA+ RP.

    I have a few ideas like an all LGBTQIA+ High school or an LGBTQIA+ Cafe (Like a Maid Cafe)

    I'd really appreciate ideas please don't be shy, I don't bite ♡
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  2. Sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye on this one, see what people come up with.
  3. This one really catches my interest! I'm guessing it would involve the workers and customers? That would be fun~
  4. Yes it would, and I'm happy you like it!
  5. Something I'd be interested in doing: a club setting, or something like that. Skating club, music club, dancing club, any.
  6. Maybe sort of like a gay bar? (I mean there are other options like you said too of course)
  7. I meant as in a school club.
  8. Looks like I'm getting way ahead of myself, I'm sorry!
  9. No worries. Any of those catch your eye?
  10. I'D love to get involved in this, and Id love to discuss ideas anytime you'd like
  11. A dance club sounds pretty interesting. That could be with the High School setting, unless we just want the club by itself.

    Oooh, for the Maid Cafe, we could have special events and such that would require the workers to dress up and the cafe to be decked out in a certain theme, depending on the event~
  12. I think the school club idea is really good. When I try and imagine it I think that they might have just made the club to chill and hang out rather than get any work done (Just a funny thought if they gathered together over a passion should be better actually)
  13. That's great!
  14. I love those ideas for the Maid Cafe! ❤❤
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