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  1. Kieara was new in town. Her full name Kieara Elizabeth Biaer. She had never seen a place quite like this before. She came from far off in the woods. She had lived a rough life all her life but due to recent circumstances, she found herself coming to a more city-esque type of place. She'd bought a small home, where she baked and sold from there to make her money. After getting a small fix of income squared away, she decided to look through her new home and see what all was there. She saw a few shops she was interested in, and then spotted a path going up around the hill. Intrigued by it she began to follow it.

    She had bright red hair. Natural red. her eyes were bright aquamarine blue. She was pale and had a line of freckles that crossed over the bridge of her nose and cheeks that crinkled when she laughed. She stood at the height of 5'1 and only weight 130 lbs. She wore a green long sleeved dress with golden embroidery that reached her ankles. Over that was a black cloak with a hood.

    She looked around and smiled. She was a baker. She baked out of her home and sold her goods. She had deal going on with a local woman as well that she got baskets and quilts to give her products out with in return for bringing the elderly lady free bread. She spotted a small place all out to itself and moved to it. She wondered who lived there. Something about it was drawing.
  2. As she was walking closer she'd see someone perched out on the porch of the place a canvas sat in front of him. The man who sat there had blond hair and blue eyes and seemed to be lost in his own world painting. That was until he heard a snap when she stepped on a tree brach approaching the place. Looking up Raziel 's eyes narrowed and he sighed standing up as he said, "Sorry whatever you're selling I'm not interested in buying you can leave now please."
  3. Kieara was very good at reading people. She knew what lonliness looked like. She'd seen it far too many times to not know that look in someone's eyes. She could see it burning, what caused it though was a mystery to her. She offered him a smile to show she didn't mean any harm or ill will. She only wanted to take a look around town.

    "I do apologize, I didn't mean to disturb your painting. I am new in town, I am not here to sell anything. I was just taking a look around. I saw the path that led up here and decided to follow it, you have a very nice home." she complimented.
  4. "Thanks but you're better off not poking your nose around here girl... I don't like strangers on my property." Said Raziel firmly. A gust of wind whipped through the area suddenly and Raziel caught his painting before it went flying. Though a couple crows came swooping in and started pecking at him and he smacked the birds away sayin, "Shoo you damn birds!" They flew off and Raziel looked annoyed now. Though a few of his brushes had rolled over by the gate and he sighed setting his painting down walking over to pick them up. Grabbing them he closed the gate and it was then he noticed her still there. He said, "Are you deaf please leave and don't come back here." He then turned and walked back to his porch.
  5. Kieara watched him as he seemed to have troubles with wind and birds. She smiled a little. Her new mission was to try to make this man happier and not so miserable. She nodded her head to him and turned to leave. Her face and stuff still hidden behind the cloak. It went about an hour before she returned, this time she was holding a basket with a blue and white checked quilt over it. Inside it contained a bottle of cider, a fresh loaf of almond bread, and some danishes, still warm. She walked to his porch and knocked since by this time he'd disappeared inside.
  6. Raizel had just finished taking a bath to wash the paint he spilled all over himself off when he heard a knock at his door. Opening it his eyes narrowed when he saw it was her. "You again.... look I don't have time for your nonsesne now please take my advice and stay away already."
  7. Kieara ignored the harsh words. She smiled and handed him the basket. She still had her face covered. He'd had yet to see it. She knew this place was prone to rain. She then turned to leave without a word. She kenw it didn't do her any good to talk. He'd only get more angry.
  8. "Hey I don't need this come back and take it back." Said Raziel but she had already disappeared and he sighed shutting the door. Setting it down he went off to go dry his hair. It was coming back though the good smell from the basket. Sitting down he opened it and said, "Honestly why me...." In the end he ate a danish while flipping through a book. By morning if she even thought of coming back she'd find the basket outside the gate with a note on it which said.

    "Thanks for the food but seriously stay away already I don't need you around here."

    Raziel was on the side of the house chopping wood for in case another rain storm hit. Wiping the sweat off his forehead he noticed it was getting really hot and humid which meant rain that afternoon.
  9. Returning the next day she smiled seeing the basket and the food. He's definitely a stubborn one. He might eventually break. She stepped through the gate onto his porch and left the basket. She knocked and turned walking away. She took the empty one and gently placed it on her arm as she left him to find his basket this day. She knew it would take small steps. Subtle ones, but she would get there eventually. Today she'd left tarts, blueberry bread, and some milk.
  10. Raziel came around from the side of the house and saw her just leaving. Sighing as he saw the basket he picked it up and took it inside. The next morning he had nailed a beware of dog sign to his fence and bolted the gate shut before going back inside after.
  11. Kieara walked up to the gate yet again bearing a basket with more goodies. She looked up at the sign and rose a brow. The days prior he'd had no dog. She looked around not seeing one and passed beyond the gate.
  12. The moment she crossed the gate a loud growl would be heard coming from the side of the house where a shadow hid that area. Raziel had no idea how she undid his lock but he wasn't going to leave the house hoping the magic he set up would work and scare her away.
  13. Kieara knew dogs liked food. She removed a bit of bread and tossed it that way. She waited to see what would happen.
  14. The window swung open that moment and Raziel stuck his head out saying, "Can't you take a damn hint now get off my property before I really get mad!!!" He then slammed the window shut and closed the drapes. Going and taking a seat he sighed rather annoyed as he was looking over another spell to keep annoying people out.
  15. Kieara smirked seeing him open the window and scream. She giggled and walked over and placed the basket down knocking. She then left again. She knew that it would be a long bit of work she'd have to do.
  16. The next day she'd find the basket outside the gate untouched and this time if she tried to cross she'd hit an invisble wall. Raziel had gotten smart and had put up a barrier to keep her out. "Stupid girl... let's see her try and break this magic." Said Raziel as he sat in his house actually relaxed for once.
  17. Kieara returned this time finding the bread and such untouched. She frowned a bit. She started through the gate and felt something press against her. A wall. She touched it and ran her fingers along it. She walked around the wall looking for an opening and found none. She just left the fresh basket and then took the old one.
  18. Raziel who was staring through a crack in the sheers saw her left and said, "Good riddance..." He finally found himself able to relax but he wasn't going to drop the barrier now that he found an effective way to keep ehr out. So the next morning he decided to finish his painting as he sat on the porch. Adding off the finishing touches he stretched and cracked his stiff back.
  19. Kieara decided next time that she would return and not leave. She came with her basket in the sprinkling rain and sat down outside his gate. She was going to wait for him to come let her in.
  20. Raziel had just brought his painting in and had come back out and saw her. Frowning he marched inside and closed the door. Three days had gone by after that she hadn't budged even in the night. Day four had come and by now it was pouring rain.
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