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  1. What's your favorite adult drink? I'd personally prefer your favorite drink being on the basis of flavor rather than "this gets me drunk the quickest."

    My favorites are port wine, gin & tonic, and hard cider.

    Gin & tonic is very sweet, and I love the bitterness. Port wine is great just because red wine itself, in my own opinion, always seems to be an incomplete flavor that brandy completes in port wine. Hard cider is just very sweet, and I love apples.
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  2. Well hello mr Sole, it's nice to see such men of fine tastes on this new website. I look forward to getting to know strangers like yourself.

    Whiskey Old Fashioned, that's my drink. I CAN drink just about anything, but I prefer craft beers when I can (smoke and milk are two such intresting flavors I really enjoy.) Rum is what got me into drinking, so rum and coke is always a fall-back for me, and some of the sweeter liqours can be fun if you enjoy mixing as much as I do.
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  3. Premixed/bottle/can drinks:
    Palm Bay
    Mike's Hard Lemonade
    Vodka Mudshake (Pina Colada flavour)
    Bacardi Breezers (Strawberry flavour)

    Rum & Coke (Captain Morgan's Original)
    Red Shoes (strawberry sourpuss, vodka, and cranberry juice)
    Blue Hawaii (Blue curacao, vodka, pineapple juice)
    Pina Colada (Malibu rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice)
    Holy Water (Blue curacao, strawberry sourpuss, and sprite)
    Chi-Chi (Vodka, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and a cherry for the garnish. blended)
  4. As of right now, I would have to say Hard Cider as well. I love the sweetness of it with the slight bitterness of alcohol.
  5. Highball (whiskey and ginger ale) and Mai Tai (dark and light rum, cointreu, amaretto liqeur, grenadine, orange juice, lime juice) are my favourites. Ooh, and Bailey's chocolate shake!
  6. Ooh, no Port for me. When it comes to wine, I prefer south-African whites.
    Wine is most certainly in my top 5, but Mead is also very delicious. It's expensive, but has the delicious taste of both alcohol and honey.
    The cheap variants taste too chemical for me, but if you take some of the mead brewed at a local brewery it's heavenly and not too expensive.

    Ofcourse, I love the normal classics like vodka, whiskey on the rock, gin and tonic and all that jazz, but my heart lies within the sweet and strong drinks.
    No,not because of getting drunk, but I enjoy the sting of alcohol on my tongue along with a sweet natural taste. Ouzo for example.
  7. Kopparberg Cider.
    Mixed Fruits Flavour
    Raspberry flavour
    Strawberry and Lime Flavour

    I also enjoy a vodka and red bull from time to time, and find Bacardi to be quite refreshing.
    There's that one blue WKD I like as well, but that stuff must be damaging me, so I generally don't get it.
  8. Raspberry anything and hard lemonade~
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  9. I knew I liked you for a reason. Also, just wanna add my favorite drink to the list: whiskey and ginger ale. But none of that Schweppes shit. Gotta be Canada Dry. What whiskey, you ask? I drink the cheap shit for mixing - Canadian Club. If it's whiskey by itself, Crown Royal. I can't drink Weiser's. It makes me angry and I don't know why. Like, incredibly, irrationally angry.
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  10. Old Fashioned
    Newcastle (import beer)
    Any single malt scotch
    Most cabernets
  11. Gin and tonic is one of my favorites too. Now I wanna get the necessary ingredients to make some for myself. *w*

    I also enjoy red moscato wine (particularly the Barefoot brand), coconut rum in Coke, vodka in cranberry juice, and white russians.
  12. I HATE beers, hate them.

    For straight up liquer, my favorite is rum. Spiced rums, dark rums... there's just something nice and warm about rums!

    As for MIXED drinks, my favorite is one called a Grasshopper. Creme de Cocoa, Creme De Menthe, a lil creme or ice cream. I loves it! I also like white russians, chocolate martinis, Buttery Nipples, Sex on the Beach, Pina Colado, this purple thing called a Purple Haze. O_O And a Four Horseman.

    It's a lot of fun to go to a bar that has a big drinks catalog and ask the bartender to give you something cool and random. :D
  13. Dark rum
    Other rums
    Single malt whisky (note the spelling; whisky is Scottish and whiskey is Irish... the Irish do *not* know how to make good whisky)

    Ciders tend to be too sweet, and I've never been fond of beer. I can't say why, I just don't like the taste. I don't really go in for cocktails much, either, I prefer my drinks to be straight, or in the "drink + single mixer" category. No fuss, no nonsense.
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  14. Cherry Vodka.
    Jack Daniels + Coke on the rocks. (Soothes the burn of Jack Daniels with the sweetness of Coke Cola. It also effectively distills the alcoholic content sufficiently so that you can enjoy it for longer rather than falling off your ass after a few shots.)
    Scotch. (I've been trying some lately, I love it.)

    Out of curiosity: Anyone have a favourite Scotch? If so, why that one over others?
  15. I'm a girl who prefers her liquor just like she likes her men.

    Hard, and straight from the bottle.

    Except, yknow. I usually don't order my males in bottles. I prefer... boxes. Yes, boxes.
  16. I like my women like I like my beer.

    Dark with a lot of head.
  17. I like my women the way I like my cider and vodka.
    Sweet, but with a fiery side to them.
  18. [​IMG]

    My baby I dunno how this happened but it's practically my child.

    I'm a huge fan of a lot of rums and I can drink rum and Coke like it's nothing. My friend says I drink the rum in his house like it's water.
  19. It's weird seeing people like wine, I could never stand it for more than one cup a week. If I absolutely have to drink wine, it better be mead.
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