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  1. Hello and welcome to just another thread advertisement in a long list of the same. Thank you for choosing this one, probably for the uniqueness of the advertised 'darkness' right?

    I'm Vorian and I am extremely interested in why rational humans are violent toward one another. I want to find someone to play the female counterpart to a male character who is logical, intelligent, and violent. The nature of the plot lines I'm interested in are fairly mature to talk about in any setting, even the anonymous online, especially in the view of what a romance would look like. It is imperative to me that my partner takes the concepts as seriously as I do, but serious not in a hush-hush he-who-shall-not-be-named kind of way. Instead, let's talk about and invest in the roleplay.

    1: New York City always has a high murder rate, and you, as a homicide detective, have seen your fair share. However, a few recent murders have stood out to you for the very reason that they are unconnected, to anything. There is no motive, no witness, no suspects, no reason for them. In fact, you are the only one in the department that believes they are even worth investigating. But, undaunted, you search for answers. The search, however, is a long and fruitless one. You find yourself working late into the night and when the department closes, moving to a quiet bar uptown to mull over the case/drink it away, depending on the night. The bar is appealing not just for its quiet, out-of-the-way-ness, but also for the attractive man who works the bartender shift around the same time you usually show up. The two of you begin to talk, probably about more than you should with a civilian. He is very interested in your work, now whether he's just hitting on you isn't quite clear...but if he is so what? As you talk to him, you can occasionally catch glimpses of an oddity in his personality.

    2: (This one I want to do a lot, but it would require a really special partner. The characters are a terrorist cell leader and the agent interrogating/investigating him. Which means there will be acts of terror talked about and fictitiously carried out in the story. I will only consider this plot with someone who understands the gravity of the subject but is comfortable enough with exploring the possibility that the terrorist isn't always such a bad guy.)

    2023: After years of heightened terror attacks, America has seen a tightening of civil liberties and an expansion of its counter-terrorism tactics and authorities. You, an extremely talented FBI agent, have been pulled from your glass-ceiling field job and been diverted to the newly formed SICT (Special Internal and Counter-Terrorism) task force. Equipped with the latest in enhanced interrogation allowances and a nearly limitless budget, SICT becomes the cutting edge of the clandestine American response to terrorism. Only a few days after securing your position as a field interrogator, the CEO of Delacom, a leading cyber banking firm, drops dead in broad daylight, poisoned. Hours later, a man of Arab descent walks into your disguised Washington DC field office and turns himself in, to SICT in particular.

    3: You were eighteen when you said goodbye to your highschool sweetheart as he went to war in hopes of securing an income. You waited. Diligently. For ten years you waited. You waited four years, pushing away the countless college-agers asking for a quick screw and later the expectations of marriage. Then you got the letter. John was dead. After letting college pass you by hanging onto someone who was never coming back, you turned tail on your hometown, even your home state. You actually tried to live your own life, and succeeded even. Your job is finally secure, you're dating a really sweet guy, the first in a long time who could be described as such, and you've got a nest-egg saved away. Then one day a man about your aged shows up in your office, asking to talk to you. You don't recognize him as the receptionist lets him in, but, as he stands there across from your desk, you see something. A small scar, running from just under his lip to his chin. John is alive.
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