Let's Play With Kid Blacksmiths-Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

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Neko Archy

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Wystern is "The City Of Swords", a town where 50% of the population are blacksmith/knight hybrids called Craftknights. The greatest of these Craftknights are called Craftlords, and today a tournament is starting to determine what lucky child will get to be the next one, filling the void left by Shintetsu, the Craftlord of Iron. But with frequent earthquakes threatening the city, is there a deeper meaning to the tournament? And what happened to Shintetsu three years ago?

Summon Night: Swordcraft story is a action RPG for the gameboy advance. Gameplay revolves around hunting for materials in the Labryinth beneath Wystern and using them to craft various weapons. Battles take place in a side-scrolling arena, where you can block, run around, and jump. Dating sim elements are also mixed in, with the hero able to pursue romances with any of several characters in the game, including their guardian beast.

Before I get this trainwreck rolling, though, I'll need YOU, the people of Iwaku, to decide what hero and what Guardian Beast I start out with.


Cleru, the son of Shintetsu.


Pratty, the daughter of Shintetsu.

There are minor story differences between the two, but for the most part, they are the same. Strangely, most romantic interests will not care what gender the hero is.

Guardian Beasts are these magical creatures who can show up in battle to help you out, with magic, healing items, or enchanting your weapon.

Rasho, the Oni. A hotblooded surfer dude with no need for shirts. Specializes in the fire element.


Sugar, the Fairy. Affectionate and bisexual, but prone to jealousy. Specializes in the water element.


Zantek, the Gundam. Lightning-element summon, speaks only in ☆s.


Kutty the Pokemon. Can only say "kutty". Wind-element summon.

Get them votes in quickly, 'cause this is only a limited-time offer! (please don't pick Zantek or Kutty. A summon who can speak makes this so much better. I can only make so many jokes about them advising you to do evil before it gets old.)

Lastly you can rename the Guardian Beast and the main character if you wish, but I will only do this if there is a overwhelming demand for it. (up to 12 letters, numbers, or , ' ? !)
I vote for Pratty with Sugar!
The yaoi in me is saying Cleru and Rasho! XD
I randomed Kutty while being Cleru. Though I got a raw deal. WAS IMPRESS. THE POKEMON SUPRISED ME. But I don't think it's final attack is that useful... But then again it's been a while so I maynot remember well. I just remember one of it's either middle or almost last skills was one of the best in the game.
I remember wanting to get this game, once upon a time, so this Let's Play... has me interested.

I am stealing this game.
I'm doing Cleru with Rasho
And if you do end up picking Sugar I would recommend getting Pratty as their conversations are apparently HILARIOUS.
Alright! It seems that Pratty and Sugar led by a fair margin, so I will be playing through as them. Expect the first update soon!
Opening Cutscene Bonanza Part 1!

Alright, let's start this.

"1.Sleepyhead Rule: The teenaged male lead will begin the first day of the game by oversleeping, being woken up by his mother, and being reminded that he's slept in so late he missed meeting his girlfriend."-The Grand List of Console RPG Cliches

Oh hey!


Pratty: "Zzz...make up? With who?"
???:"WAKE! UP!"
Pratty:"Zzz...why is mother yelling about makeup?"
Amariss:"I've tried to get you out of bed SEVEN TIMES this morning! Are you going for a new record!?"
Amariss:"The opening ceremony is today! Remember !? Now get DOWN Here!"
Pratty: "That's today? Uh-oh..I have to get ready...in a couple of hours.."
Amariss: "You mean, in a couple of seconds--what's that?"

Oh snap!
So we rush downstairs to save our mother from whatever evil must be attacking, and..




Ladies and gentlemen, meet Amariss, Shintetsu's widow, Pratty's mom, and the one who will mess with your head like nobody's business.

Pratty: "Don't DO that! I thought you were hurt, or worse-" *trips*


Amariss:"Well, that's an interesting way to come downstairs, isn't it?"
Pratty: "I tink my node is bwoken.."
Amariss:"That looked like it hurt! Are you alright?"
Pratty: "Are you kidding?! Of course not! Who put those things there!"
Amariss: "I'm guessing it was the carpenters who built the house.
Pratty:"Well, yes, but..."
Amariss:"How could you forget where the stairs are in your own house!?"
Amariss:"Are you trying to make me worry about you!? Because it's working!"
Pratty: "Of course I didn't forget! I'm fine."
Amariss: "..I'm not so sure. Do you know where you are? What's your name?"
Pratty:"...You're kidding, right?"
Amariss:"No, I'm not kidding. I'm making sure that you're alright. Now tell me your name!"
Pratty: "Okay, okay, I'll tell you!"


Pratty:"My name is Pratty! As if I could forget that!"
Amariss:"Next question! What is your job?"
Pratty: (Why is mother asking such absurd questions of me? One little accident and she fears the worst!)
Pratty: "I work for a craftknight, mother!"
Amariss: "And what do you do for this craftknight?"
Pratty:"I'm his apprentice."
Amariss:"And what does this craftknight do?"
Pratty:"He forges metal into weapons, and he teaches me how to do it, too."
Pratty:"Satisfied yet?"
Amariss: "No, not yet. What's my name?"
Pratty:"That's easy. Amariss."





Amariss:"I'm just kidding, you're fine."
Pratty:"Of course I am!"
Amariss: "It sounded like an earthquake when you fell down the stairs! I was thought the house was about to collapse!"
Pratty:(An earthquake? Is mother trying to say I'm fat!?"
Amariss: "Anyway, don't you remember what's happening today?"
Pratty: "Of course I do!"
Pratty:"Today is the opening ceremony of the tournament that determines the new Craftlord!"
Pratty:"The Craftlord becomes a knight of Wystern, the legendary city of swords..
Pratty:"And is given the honored task of guarding Parista, the sacred spirit of the holy sword."
Pratty: I never thought I would be chosen to participate in the tournamet. It almost feels like a dream..."
Pratty:"But I intend to win the tournament and become the guardian of Parista, just like father did!"



Pratty:"What's this? A good-luck charm? It looks kinda old."
Amariss:"That is your father's lucky charm. I made it to protect him."
Pratty:"You did?"
Amriss:"He took it with him wherever he went. Until one day...three years ago..."


Amariss: "Perhaps he left it here on purpose."
Amariss: "Your training is about to become much more difficult, and you have many arduous battles ahead of you."
Amariss: "This charm will help you. Your father was never injured when he carried it with him."
Pratty: " Thank you mother. I'll take good care of it."


*zelda music*

Amariss: "You'd better go. You don't want to miss it! Good luck..."
Pratty: "You can count on me!"

Before we leave, there are some important things. As in, Amariss will keep us from leaving before we get them.

Upstairs is the entry ticket, which we need to get into central tower and even JOIN the tournament.

And downstairs is the water scooter, which...you'll see. Though you may be able to guess.

And finally, out into the fresh, salty air of Wystern!

Which is really all I have the time for. NEXT TIME, ON THIS THREAD: WE MEET A CREEPY WOMAN
Opening Cutscene Bonanza Part 2!

Alright, I'm back!

Now that we're outta the house, it's time to go to Central Tower and join this tournament! I'm gonna be the next Hokage Craftlord!

Aiding us in this quest is the WATER SCOOTER, which...lets you scoot around on water.


Upon reaching land again, however...


It is important to always choose the dumbest option possible.


Yes, it's BRON. This guy is the craftknight mentioned earlier on in the game, and Pratty's master. Throughout the game he will be giving us a place to stay inside the Silver Guild, and teaching us various new weaponry techniques.

Bron:"Are ya' feelin' all right? Yer actin' like your brain fell out of yer head."
Bron:"And yer cuttin' it a little too close, aren't ya?"
Pratty:"Don't worry! I still have time."
Bron:"Sounds just like somethin' yer father woulda' said. Why not try bein' more like yer mother?"
Pratty:"What are you talking about!?"
Bron:"He was always runnin' late, and always makin' excuses for it, just like a woman."
Pratty:"Hey, that's sexist!"
Pratty:"I think I should tell mother of your poor attitude towards the female gender."
Bron:"Now why would ya go an' do somethin' cruel like that!?"
Pratty:"Just kidding, master! Not that you and mother get along that well anyways."
Bron:"Do ya really think so?"


Bron:"Thank ya' for yer honesty, however depressin' it is..."
Bron leaves, but not before mentioning that Pratty had better win, because he refuses to work with second-class apprentices. Nice vote of confidence, that.

We're now free dither about the land, and I immediately converse with this woman along the path to Central Tower.



Just inside Central Tower, there is the first savepoint of the game!

These swords stuck in pedestals are your friend. And mine, so I don't have to play through the first few cutscenes every single time I work on this. :D


This room just ahead of us on the second floor of Central Tower is our next plot-destination. Once you go inside, you are immediately surrounded, and have to talk to the four NPCs immediately around you to advance the plot.


Can you spot the evil traitor? Get it right and win a cookie!*


The three craftlords then go on to introduce the background for the tournament, which really doesn't take as long to describe as they use for it. Along the way, Pratty notices some faces in the crowd.


Pratty: (Who is that, and why is he so full of himself? Doesn't he know how unattractive that is?)


Pratty: (Oh! Another girl in the tournament. I hope we'll be good friends.)


Pratty: (That kid must be the youngest one in the tournament! I hope he doesn't get hurt...)

Sakuro goes on to explain the rules in more detail.
1.You may only use weapons crafted by yourself, though your master may help you
2.One partner may accompany you into combat
3.You may only bring in one weapon
4.You win when your opponent either yeilds or has their weapon break.

Each contestant gets a key to the dungeon in Central tower, which is full of monsters to protect the shrine of Parista deep under the city. Matches are announced on the day of-so you won't know who you are fighting ahead of time.

With that, the opening ceremony ends, and you're tasked with heading to the Silver Guild to talk to Bron.

Thank god I never have to see her again...

After heading to the Silver Guild, Bron mentions how in our current state we...really stand no chance. So he has a suprise for us.

Bron: "That's right. He's a summoner."
Bron: "I brought 'im to Wystern for one purpose, one only."
Bron: "He's gonna summon the guardian beast that'll become yer partner in battle."
Bron: "And i've gotta help him get ready."
Pratty: "Alright..."

*time passes*

Pratty: "I'm going to have a Guardian Beast by my side..."
Pratty: "I never would have expected this, Master. I'm still in shock."
Bron: "Why're ya so surprised? Did ya think ya would win the tournament all by yerself?"
Pratty: "No...but I'm not sure that a Guardian Beast is something I deserve to have."
Pratty: "I was taught that only a skilled Craftknight should possess a Guardian Beast."
Bron: "The only way yer gonna win this tournament is if you stop playin' by the rules."
Bron: "Take the Guardian Beast. Yer gonna need it."
Pratty: "Yes, Master!"
Bron: "Do what ya came here to do, Summoner."
Summoner: "Indeed, Bron."


This is the first off three questions to determine which summon beast you get. Each question has two options, resulting in 8 possible combinations, two for each summon. Sugar's are top, bottom, top, and bottom, top, bottom.

It then turns out that the Summoner needs "Something important to you" as a catalyst for the summoning...

hm, I wonder what we could...


Pratty:"Oh, I know! The good-luck charm!"
Bron: "That was yer father's charm! How did ya come to have it?"
Pratty: "It was a gift..."
Summoner: "Alright. Now take hold of the Summonite Gem."



Sugar: ".............................."
Sugar: "Hello...it's nice to meet you. Please....be kind to me."
Pratty: "...huh? I mean, of course."
Bron: "How 'bout that...I didn't expect you to call forth th' same Guardian Beast as yer father!"
Pratty: "You've seen her before?"
Bron: "Aye. In fact, she's...well, I don't know how to explain it to ya."






Pratty: "What was THAT for!?"
Bron: "I think she likes ya...Anyway! Ya got yer guardian beast, now follow me to the second floor!"


Sugar: "Are you...upset with me?"
Pratty: "Of course I am!"
Sugar: "So, I guess...you don't like me anymore..."
Pratty: (Uh-oh! I don't want to upset her. I need her for the tournament!)
Pratty: "Haha, I was just kidding! Don't worry about it!"

and then we get this gem of an exchange:



So yeah! That's Sugar for ya.

You can summon and talk to her by pressing SELECT. I will almost never remember to do this, but this is the first such exchange.






*cookies may or may not be provided to winners
Wystern is "The City Of Swords", a town where 50% of the population are blacksmith/knight hybrids called Craftknights.
These people have no concept of supply and demand. This game will end with the town's economy unable to support itself leading to it's eventual decay and abandonment.
Ah, creepy old rapist guy! =O
Very nice job, it's quite humorous, Archy! ^_^ AND NO, HE CAN'T LEAVE YET.
These people have no concept of supply and demand. This game will end with the town's economy unable to support itself leading to it's eventual decay and abandonment.

Actually, they export their weapons. Other towns seem to have not invested in weaponsmiths, and in fact avoid having any because they're near the largest center of blacksmiths in the world.

There's also the standard RPG townlet stuff, so 50% of the population is like twelve people. Of which six can actually make decent weapons. And of those, only two bother with actually selling them.

Bron's not a rapist (He's actually referring to the summoner in that line), but when a hairy, fat man has a young girl in his house who refers to him as "master" along with several other children, there's definitely room for the mind to wander.
Good choice Archy! Haha it truly is amusing already!
I love the mother already. And I'm amused by it so far! Lemme guess, the traitor is TRAITORO! Ahem...I mean uh... Lubert >_>