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Would you like to play any of the following choices as a group rather than as a 1x1?

  1. Um... No... I'm here for 1x1- not a group... *Mumbles angrily*

  2. Oh! Yeah! Let me send you a PM and suggest a specific one or one with modifications! *Sends OP a PM*

  3. Maybe one of the Classic RPs... With some modifications?

  4. Maybe one of the Fandom RPs... With some modifications?

  5. Maybe one of the Original RPs... With some modifications?

  6. I'm just here to pick up chicks. *Starts clucking to attract barn yard poultry*

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm Tis, I'm back from an unexpected hiatus and ready to have fun! I've got a few requests for 1x1 partners.

    I prefer a partner who is not going to ambush me everyday with demands to reply as I work a full time job. I try to get on everyday but my busier parts of the week sometimes inhibit my desire to do anything other than sleep for a day or two. Rest assured I am never gone more than two days without a PM. Anyways, comment below if you would like to RP one of the following with me. :)

    Classic RPs:
    • Apollo/Aphrodite​
    • Apollo/Daphnae​
    • Hades/Persephone​
    • Little Red Riding Hood/Wolf​

    Fandom RPs:

    Alice in Wonderland-
    • Alice/Hatter
    • OC-Girl (Alice's Daughter)/OC-Guy (Hatter's Son)
    • OC-Girl (Hatter's Daughter)/OC-Guy (Alice's Son)

    Harry Potter-
    • Remus/OC-Girl
    • Sirius/OC-Girl (Muggle)
    • Sirius/OC-Girl (Voldemort's Daughter)

    Peter Pan-
    • Hook/Wendy
    • Peter Pan/OC-Girl (Hook's Daughter)
    Criminal Minds-
    • Derek Morgan/OC-Girl (Reid's Sister)
    • Spencer Reid/OC-Girl

    • Claire Bennett/Elle Bishop
    • Claire Bennett/Gretchen Berg
    • Claire Bennett/Peter Petrelli
    • Gabriel Gray/Elle Bishop

    Law & Order: SVU

    • Elliot Stabler/OC-Girl​

    Once Upon A Time-
    • Hook/OC-Girl (Peter's Sister)
    • Peter Pan/OC-Girl (Hook's Daughter)

    Original RPs:
    • Angel/Demon
    • Angel Guy/Human Girl
    • Angel/Mermaid
    • Business Tycoon/Sex Slave *Libertine
    • Demon Guy/Human Girl
    • Human Master/Neko Slave *Libertine
    • Human Slave/Vampire Princess
    • Knight/Princess
    • Knight/Servant
    • Modern Guy/Nymph
    • Native American Warrior/Settler (or Slave) Girl
    • Nurse/Patient's Son
    • Pharaoh (or Heir)/Slave Girl
    • Slave Girl/Viking Warrior (or Chief/Heir)
  2. I would love to do a Hades x Persephone ^^ Hades is my favorite God in all of mythology, and I think I can play as him well ^^
  3. Hi! I would like to do the Human Slave x Vampire Princess!
  4. Hi, I would be willing to RP either the Angel/Demon, Knight/Princess, or Knight/Servant if you're interested.
  5. Alrighty! Would you like me to make a separate thread and send a link to you?
  6. Which one would you prefer to play? The Human Slave or Vampire Princess? and would you like to do MxF, FxF, or FxM?
  7. I'd really like to do the Angel/Demon and I'm chill to play either one so you can have your pick. I don't mind playing the guy or the girl or two girls but I am really really bad at playing two guys.
  8. I'm fine with the Angel/Demon one. I'm far better at playing guys, but you can choose to be whichever works best for you.
  9. I would like to play the human slave and I would like it to be MxF.
  10. Ok then I'll be a girl. Do you prefer angel/demon? if you don't have a preference I'll just flip a coin ;)
  11. so you wanna be the male human slave? want me to create the rp and then send you a link?
  12. Go ahead and flip the coin, it's all good to me.
  13. Yea and could you please!
  14. Alrighty, heads I'm angel- tails you're angel.... drum roll please! ............. Tails! Alright you're a guy angel! I'm excited! want me to make the rp and send you a link?
  15. Go right ahead. Can't wait to get started!
  16. Great. We should probably discuss a little bit about plot details so we have something to work with.
  17. Do you wanna do that in the rp thread or msg? If you've got any ideas or questions just go ahead and shoot them my way via whichever choice you prefer.
  18. Eh, messaging would probably be better so we don't waste space in the thread. I'll fire a message to you shortly.
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