Let's learn something cool about our bodies!

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  1. Teeeechnicially NSFW I guess? The spoilered comic has some clinically presented cartoon renderings of genetalia. Personally I'd have no issue with my hypothetical kids reading this, as it's an anantomy lesson and not a porno, but use your judgement, kids! What would momma say? :3

    Anyway, I learned something really cool about human anatomy today and I wanted to share!

    Cool Body Stuff (open)

    so am I the only one who is 1) feeling mildly smarter, and 2) really kinda wanting a clam suit now? No? Just me?
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  2. This... Actually makes alot of sense >.< and I guess it confirms the "theory" I developed about that at some point Uh... When and how is something that would... Probably be best to leave out of this xD I guess I forgot to look that up at some point >.< buuut, yeah xD

    Onto the actual point here; an interesting thing that people may or may not know about their bodies is that your muscles become sore after say, a workout because you've actually slightly torn your muscles, ligaments and stuff in whatever parts of the body you've made sore (and possibly more than just that). Though, overtime, your body will heal and "strengthen" those parts, allowing you to undergo at least slightly more rigorous excercise net time before this happens again!
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  3. "You're going to hell for looking at penises on the Internet, you little shit."

    In all seriousness though, hooray sex science! Already knew this because biology, but, hey, I'm sure lots of people will learn new things about sexual organs.
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  4. I knew most of this, wasn't aware that vaginas had equivalents of the frenulum or prostate gland. Neat.
  5. Didn't know about the penis being some kind of vaginal labia that got fused together. Now I can't get the picture out of my mind, of a vulva opening and stretching and fusing into a shaft to form a penis. But thanks anyway, it was an interesting read :3
  6. I learned this back in High School.

    Oddly not from Sex Ed or Science Class though, but Parenting Class.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. As cool as it would be to see Human's in a Predatory role for a Movie or Game like that, I don't see it happening any time soon for one big reason.

    People love being coddled, built up and praised.
    They don't want to face or see anything negative about themselves.
    Including something that paints them as a Biological Monster.
  9. I have the sudden urge to wear a Giant Penis Costume now...

    Or a Vajayjay Costume....
  10. Don't forget that, unlike most other species, we are also incredibly weird in that we actively get rid of heat far more than other mammals by sweating a fuck ton. Whereas something like a lion will seek shade to maintain body temperature more easily and conserve water, humans will just go, "Fuck it," and sweat all their heat out along with the water. Few animals shunt heat like we do.

    It's one of the reasons we were able to actually utilize pursuit predation. While a cheetah can run super fast, it also has terrible low-energy endurance and heats up very quickly, and must rest a lot during the day. Humans could just keep walking for a day, constantly getting rid of heat even while walking under the sun, hence why we were also able to migrate so easily!
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  11. No, no... I want a giant dick costume now.

    I'd wear the shit out of that.

    Even on non-Halloween Days!

    Also, thanks for sharing. The babbys could use some edumacation!

    Additionally... FUCK YEAR SPACE ORKUMANS!
  12. I knew the part where both organs developed from the same piece, but did not know just how manys bits parrellleledleleled like that! O____O Yay I learned!
  13. ......You're acting as if there isn't already plenty of fiction out there in which humans are the evil ones.

    And I don't even mean obscure stuff -- even mainstream blockbusters go for that sort of thing (Avatar comes to mind) and turn out incredibly successful, at least from a popularity/revenue standpoint.

    Granted, its usually humans' greed and such that makes us the evil ones, but like, saying that no one wants to see anything negative about humanity? Existing successful fiction would beg to disagree.

    And as for the "biological monster" bit -- I for one didn't read it as a "holy shit, we're awful" sort of thing as much as a "damn, we badass" thing. Lots of people would probably find it weirdly empowering to see what sort of shit the human species is capable of.

    Once again, the post that brought this up mentioned how alien races are usually depicted as being biologically superior to us in so many different ways, but there are plenty of ways in which humans can be those scary motherfuckers, and not just the weak and helpless things that the aliens can tear apart like tissue paper. So, if people want to be "coddled and praised", I'd say that painting humans as the biologically superior ones does a lot better job at doing that than all the things that make us pathetically weak compared to whatever aliens we're up against.

    ...Add to that the fact that movies like Avatar have found plenty of success in putting humans in the moral wrong in a human-alien conflict, also while making it clear that the humans were the ones at a massive advantage in terms of combat (for technological reasons as opposed to biological ones, but still), and, yeah, I see no reason why an idea like this couldn't be successful, whether it puts humans in the moral right or not.

    As if all the edgy "humans are evil incarnate" shit doesn't already sell like crazy.
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  14. That's a different situation.

    For exactly as you said, it's over morality and greed, not biology.
    If it's over moral stuff people can dis-attach themselves from the bad guys going "Oh, well I'm not like that! God I hate people!".
    But they can't do that with Biological facts on their body.

    +In case's like Avatar you have the human protagonist siding with the oppressed Aliens.

    But in movies like Alien? Where the Alien is seen as some advanced biological monster/predator?
    You never see any of them turning around and helping the humans.

    And in a human equivalent of that, no human would be joining the 'prey' either.
    Depend's on the light it's put in.

    If it's a movie showing "the wonders of the human body" people would be in awe.
    But if it's a movie showing it as "Human Predator with insane abilities hunting down the aliens" it's a completely different light.
  15. My god Gwazi, you really are haveing debate withdrawals aren't you?
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Yeah, I was gonna say -- I know a lot of people around here don't like Gwazi but I'll openly admit that I was the one who turned it into a debate this time around. XD

    That said -- I still disagree that this sort of thing couldn't become popular, but, eh, I'll drop it for now.
  18. Everything Gwazi said was wrong and dumb. Kaga had the right mind of it all.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Gwazi, you're one of my favorite people on Iwaku. Everyone is just jealous of my affections for you and your bubbly pink font.

    Also, I was aware of some of this. Thanks for the more detailed version cause I am known for telling people to eat my dick when they piss me off ^_^. They always look confused lol.
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