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    RP Stuff

    Believe it or not the key to this roleplay is not utter chaos it is actually to have some sort of story with each other that can take any turn.
    "We set the playing field and then play the game."

    This is what a facy shmancy Profile looks like

    APPEARANCE [spoili] [/spoili]
    NAME [spoili] [/spoili]
    CREATION [spoili] [/spoili]

    Wat i asked for u to give me is belo. either coding it doesn't matter

    APPEARANCE [spoili] [/spoili]
    NAME [spoili] [/spoili]
    CREATION [spoili] [/spoili]

    I do not normally type this derptastic.

    click OOC to go der.

    Minimum of 3 sentences.



    NAME Mr. Spoili Universe Broski "Bro"
    CREATION skyscrapers and slides

    Bro sat criss cross on the empty sheet of paper awaiting the arrival of more Creas. He looked around at empty canvas for hours before constructing an entire city of skyscrapers and slides. Still Bro was lonely and thus sat on a swirling slide, it encased a skyscraper to the extent that you could no longer tell that one was under it.
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  2. Adda


    Name Addalia Green-Wood Forest (AKA "Adda")
    Creation Animals and natural biomes

    The arrival of a second Crea immediately became noticeable when a faint smell of lush grass with a tint of pine needles suddenly permeated the air. It seemed it was coming from somewhere not too far from where "Bro" was standing, and, the smell just seemed to get stronger and stronger every passing minute. Seems like someone was busy creating something, whatever it was, it was out of his view for the time being, but, the smell seemed to travel quite the distance from it's source... Clearly standing out amongst the rather bland, empty, canvas.
  3. Bro stood up when he smelled the smell, it was indeed a beautiful smell. Bro was compelled to follow the smell so Bro did, he followed an unknown smell because he loved the smell. The smell was that of pine trees, but he had no idea what those were just what they smelled like. As Bro followed his mystery smell buildings, slides, and creatures all emerged behind him. The smell became like a trance and warped his buildings and slides creating a slum-like area in his city. Bro finally arrived at his mystery smell's origin. It was another Crea. Bro got down and snuck around trying to find the Crea. He had donned a ninja suit by osmosis probably because of the world's second Creation; Emotion. It must've taken Bro's emotion and made it a physical form.
  4. Loco Joe (open)

    APPEARANCE: image.jpg
    NAME: "Loco" Joe Tornado
    CREATION: Sound and Weather

    Loco Joe's entrance into the Nothingness was anything but normal. Thunder boomed and dark clouds swelled. Wind whipped up and rain poured. A single lightning bolt flew down from the sky bringing with it a figure in colorful robes and a soot covered face. Loco Joe crashed down into Nothing and looked around, all that was there was a city, boring. A iron guitar appeared in his hand and he spoke the first words this world would ever hear, now that it was given the gift of sound. "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?!" And he began a extremely loud guitar solo, surrounded by a practical hurricane. He wasn't close enough to the city that he would harm it, probably.
  5. @ShiroKiyoshi

    In the midst of it all, Bro finally found what looked like a national park, and, in the center of it all, a strange cat-like cirl, stretching out on a park bench. It seemed that she was the Crea at least partially responsible for this creation; it was further enfored by the strange variety of animals wandering around... A few birds, squirrels, Koala bears, though, the Koala bears weren't the strangest creatures wandering around, a few armadillos rolled about while a few giraffes wandered around, accompanying some dear. It didn't take this Crea too long to notice the presense of another though.... She couldn't quite see him, but, she could sure "sense" him, and, upon doing so, she got up, on all fours, her eyes darting around as she tried to figure out where exactly he was.
  6. @york @Crono

    Bro snickered as he scooted up a tree with his back against it. His actions defied the meaning of physics.

    "I have trained long for this day."

    Sitting in the leaves Bro stalked the girl as she looked around for him. Bro's face lit up as he thought about all the "jutsus" he could use on the unsuspecting girl. Slapping his cheeks he started a handseal moving his hands at such a speed that his eyes burned with passion as he did so.

    "Skyscraper jutsu: Sky Clone Jutsu."

    A large skyscraper-tall clone of "Ninja Bro" appeared with his arms crossed. The clothing disappeared revealing Bro's normal attire.


    Bro had collapsed holding his ears. The screeching solo was terrible.

    "Am I dying? I must be..."

    The clone evaporated into smoke and Bro fell from the tree unconscious. His stomach then growled louder than any lion's.
  7. Being the Crea of sound gives you excellent hearing.

    Loco Joe stopped his solo as soon as the boy's words reached his ashen ears. Feeling insulted the lunatic rode a lightning bolt over to the park, hopping off as it crashed into the ground only inches from Adda. He stuck the landing and placed his twirling at the end boot on the rude boy's head, holding him down. "I'm sorry sonny I didn't hears ya right. What did ye say about meh music?"
  8. @ShiroKiyoshi @Crono

    Adda looked around, at first, not spotting "Bro" until he yelled out some form of jutsu... She's never heard of a type of jutsu called "Skyscraper" but, yet, the way it sounded made her giggle a little, though, just then, she noticed a large sky-scraper sized clone of some sort, looking just like the strange Crea she was looking for. Though, as she tilted her head, about to open her mouth to say something, a loud screeching noise made him stop, cutting him off as the clone disappeared and the real Crea clutched his ears. Normally, Adda would have giggled at that as well, but, her sensitive ears didn't exactly take that ear piercing solo very well either, she winced, covering her ears until the solo finally stopped, breathing out a small sigh as she noticed the source of that sound; another Crea! This excited her, but, as curious as she was, she was still caurious as she approached the newcomer, seeming to prefer to travel on all fourse as she stopped, looking up at him, behind "Skyscraper dude", which is what she'd call the Crea she'd first met for now... She hadn't had a chance to ask their names yet. "That was... Music?" She asked, sounding a bit confused, tilting her head a little what the newcomer had said.
  9. @york @Crono

    "Mus..ic, mu~sic, music. You call that music?!"

    Bro popped up onto his rump sitting criss cross pointing at the new Crea who had made a bad name for himself.

    "I couldn't even hear myself think. You messed up my devious plot too. That ain't music..."

    Bro got on all fours before jumping high in the air. A skyscraper rose to catch him and a violin fell from the sky with the force of a meteorite. The instrument slowed before him and he grasped it. Bro stuck his hand out to his side and an audio jack popped out from the skyscraper. He plugged it in and coughed.

    "I will show you true music."

    Bro started playing the instrument by pretending he had a bow in his hand and oddly the instrument played. He began to play the same solo the sound Crea did, but a pitch lower and a bar longer.
  10. @ShiroKiyoshi @Crono

    As soon as "Sky-scraper dude" started to speak, Adda felt the need to agree with him, but... Because she wanted to be polite, she decided not to vocalize that feeling, but, instead, just subtly not her head in agreement. She giggled a little when he mentioned that "devious plot" of his that was foiled by that ear piercing sound. Though, as soon as she saw "Skyscraper dude" catch a violin falling out of the sky with a rather large amount of velocity, slowing down just as he caught it, she covered her ears as she noticed the audio jack onthe violin. She braced herself for that ear piercing noise to happen again, her body tensing up all over, but, suddenly, the sounds that she could hear seemed a little lower pitched, enough so that her ears were'nt more or less bleeding due to it. In fact, drawing out the notes seemed to help that along, allowing the music piece to become a rather bautifull sounding melody, though at the same time, she felt she needed to add a little to it. With that though, four birds, respectively colored green, blue, red, and yellow, started chirping, striking notes to add to the melody when needed; it was almost like some sort of animal-esque choir rehearsal.
  11. Loco Joe looked at the ridiculous show made to taunt him and rolled his pupil-less eyes. He actually liked it, the bird were a nice touch, but it was a matter of principle now. He rose his hand and moved it like he was twisting a nob, causing the boy's little song to lower in volume intill it was muted. "Don't mess with da Crea of sound sonny. Especially if yer form o' mess'n uses sound." With that he was swept up by a strong wind and within moments was hovering high above the others. He turned to a massive black cloud that stretched across half of the whole city. A single stick appeared in his hand and he began to conduct a fantastic and stunning Beethoven's 5th, the music booming out the clouds in beautiful perfection.
  12. When Bro was muted Loco was hit with a hammer out of nowhere, no one held it or threw it and it disappeared immediately. Bro stood on his tower with the violin at his side and scratched his head with the invisible bow.

    "What the heck?"

    A replica of the world we know as Earth appeared bearing a mouth and ligaments. It pointed to Loco.

    Listen up, boy! Destroying anything here is highly forbidden. Do it again and you will incur the wrath of a random event! This goes for the two of you as well!

    The strange being pointed at Bro and Adda hammers hit them as well. Bro doubled over and his stomach growled louder than the music. The Earth hopped up and the canvas grew a mouth and swallowed him whole, the mouth vanished shortly after.

    "Ah, what the heck! My head!"

    Bro rolled around on the edge of the skyscraper numerous times. Many he times he rolled out into mid-air and then back again until once he rolled off and opened his eyes, then he fell. What would seem to be a lingering part of his soul floated slowly up, but his stomach growled even in this holy form sending the being back into the lifeless Bro.


    (( Whoops @york @Crono ))
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  13. @ShiroKiyoshi @Crono

    Adda quickly rushed towards "Skyscraper dude" as he fell, snapping of her stupor when she saw the crazy scene unfold in front of her... It seemed some sort of strange planet-looking fellow didn't take kindly to them throwing things, quite literally hammering in the point. She giggled a little at that little pun, but, quickly remembered his little predicament, closing her eyes for a moment to form a patch of strawberries, picking the ripest one and holding it out to Bro, tilting her head a little. "I guess you can't just make a skyscraper restauraunt... Huh." She said in a bit of a joking manner, looking towards "rock band guy" as she had nicknamed Loco, not having caught wind of his name either, perhaps she should ask them about that soon...
  14. The song was reaching it's epic crescendo when Loco Joe was slugged in the face with a hammer. The white cloud spectators murmured in suspicion as the great grey orchestra stopped playing as soon as he was hit. He slammed down into the ground with tremendous force. Regardless of the crash Loco got up and attempted to indicate he was fine by lifting his arm up. The only problem was that his arm was broken and the upper half hung loosely. He limped over the the plant Crea. "Oi girly. Do you got any sorta healing fruit 'cha can make?"
  15. @Crono @york
    Bro could barely see out, but the smell of the strawberries revived him and his mouth opened unrealistically wide. TThe sound of a vacuum came from the dark abyss and the berries and all were sucked into his belly causing a large mound where they sat. Bro rubbed his belly satisfied and then looked to Adda with a bright smile.

    "You know..." Bro started. "That's a good idea."

    He finished saying after he slammed his palm on the ground creating a skyscraper that delivered pizza. He smiled at his work and then turned his stare to Loco whose bones and ligaments would have fixed almost instantly from any damage.

    "Hey, you hungry?"

    The Earth's hand would appear snapping making both Adda and Loco's stomach feel almost bottomless and empty. He then stuck his big blue and green head out of the Canvas's mouth.

    I forgot to tell you your punishment for destroying another Crea's creation. Whenever you create three things or large things the feeling that Loco and Adda have now will overcome you. Bro has been experiencing it for a while now. I'll leave this here for you guys.

    The Earth dropped what looked like a hard back book that could only fit the amount of pages of a standard comic book.

    I don't know where the words for the some of the pages are so when I find them I'll bring 'em to you to fill the rule book. Have a nice time.

    ((The Book))

    Ye old sweggy RUles B00C 0f SW311

    Rule #1 of Swell

    If a Crea destroys another Crea's idea physically, emotionally, destructively, internally, sentimentally, by use of slander, by use of any means that promotes non-creative behavior then they will be penalized. The exception being {It seems the words have ended here.}


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  16. @ShiroKiyoshi

    Adda giggled a little at Bro, noticing him eat, quite literally, like a vacuum cleaner; come to think of it though, that was a usefull thing to have indeed. It also appeared that Loco, who she had been about to go help seemed more or less unharmed, even after getting considerably roughed up earlier. The building Bro created really did have a delicious smell coming from it though, and, upon him asking if Loco was hungry, Adda tilted her head, wondering if she was supposed to be getting hungry too. Though, as if on cue, Earth's hand popped up just then, snapping his fingers and causing a feeling of emptiness to pop up in her stomach... It growled rather loudly, indicating that she had suddenly gotten hungry. "Oh... So that's what hunger feels like..." She mused to herself, trying to fight the urge to fall to the ground, clutching her stomach, though, her head was beginning to spin a little. She was barely able to listen to what "earth" was warning them about, just nodding her head slightly before she started stumbling on her way towards "Skyscraper dude"'s pizza building he just made, it looked like Adda was in desperate need for some food.
  17. As soon as it began to hurt, Loco's wounds stopped existing. He looked at them, then just shrugged. He turned to the clouds, "show's ova. Get goin." With that the mighty storm turned into a gentle breeze. The sky became a, well, sky blue and Loco hungrily dashed into the pizza parlor. He slammed his palm on the counter. "Pizza with absotivly everythin!" But there was no one there to serve him.

    Five seconds of uncomfortable silence passed by before a strange little creature ran in and climbed up onto the counter. image.jpg
    "What will it be fellas?"
  18. Mei
    APPEARANCE Moorina-Mangaka-SeeU-vocaloid-anime-5-star-worthy-chibi-girl.jpg
    NAME Mei Tepes
    CREATION Plants

    With a soft thud, Mei fell from the sky and into the national park seeing three other Crea. She quickly jumped on her feet, hiding behind a tree as she watched them from a distance, her blue eyes sparkling with anticipation and excitement. She wanted to talk to them and maybe play with them but her shyness got the best of her. Slamming her hands on the earth, she made the tree in front of her grow branch like stairs, climbing onto it and watched the trio from above.
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  19. appearance ://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/23400000/yuki-cat-the-melancholy-of-haruhi-suzumyia-23478567-700-770.jpg
    Name: Lia nano
    Creation: fabric and aluminum

    Lia watched as Mei fell down from the spot she appeared from, a few feet from where Lia also appeared. She glared down at her, and created a white parachute of fabric for herself, which kept her from falling to Earth She floated around for a bit, then settled. viewing from a distance away, a little above the other people's eye level in a different tree she quickly adjusted her normal school uniform, then decided she wanted to look different. She created a headband with cat ears out of curved aluminum and fabric and a belt with a tail (fabric and more fabric in it) and quickly put them on. Her expression was blank, and maintained that look the entire time.
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  20. Bro rolled up as he was still in his obese state. He faced Adda and burped returning him to normal.

    "That hit the spot."

    Bro burped again shooting out a leaf this time.

    "Whew excuse me."

    Bro then turned toward the book putting his hands behind his head. He walked over sticking his legs out like an action figure with only four interactive joints. He stopped bending over and tried to read the book title.

    "It's in wingding. Dang it, I got it."

    Bro picked the book up and highlighted the text with his finger. After the text was highlighted he scrolled up the page and selected the Arial font.

    "Okay, now it says: Ye ole' sweggy Rules Book of Swell. What kind of name is that?"

    A good one!

    Earth hopped down his hole and was not heard from ever again. Psych.

    "He was still here? Whatever."

    Bro tossed the book behind him and looked around. Two more Crea had arrived and one hid in a tree, Adda was just experiencing hunger and Loco... Loco was in his skyscraper.

    "Hey who the heck do you think you are!" Bro shouted as he barged through the pizzeria doors.