Legends of Dræsyl

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  1. In the lands of Dræsyl, myths, magicks, and creatures are very much real. This realm is filled with many a beast and many a people. From the smallest faerie to the largest giant, most manage to get along. There are forces of both light and dark, and of course the in between. Though as of late, the Lord of the Darklands, Lokhe, has been thirsting for power. The Lord of Dræsyl, Odenthall, wishes to keep the free people in Dræsyl out of Lokhe's control. The stragglers living in the Hinterlands are thieves and outcasts, unaffiliated with either side. Who are you? And what fate will you choose?


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  2. Name: Keila Levanthall
    Age: 26
    Race: Half-elf
    Affiliation: Dræsylan
    Description: Keila has a tall, slender frame, expected of her elven blood. She has dark, curly hair from her human mother, and she has heterochromia, one eye lavender, the other eye blue.
    Profession: Waitress
    Bio: Keila is the child of Elsa Levanthall and Aragorn. Sadly, the two were separated when the Elves had a minor skirmish with the trolls, Aragorn dying on the field of battle. Elsa raised her daughter and taught her archery as her husband would've, a wonderfully useful hobby. She waitresses at the restaurant and tavern, The Dancing Dragon, but longs to go on adventures.
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  6. Name: Xennowua
    Age: 20
    Race: Alek-San {Insect People}
    Affiliation: Darklands
    Description: {Mind if I just use this?}
    Xennowua (open)
    Insect Awesome Guy.jpg

    Profession: Assassin
    Bio: Xenonowua (or Xeno for short) was born in a tribe of Alek-San who lived in the Darklands. His people had sworn allegiance to Lokhe, performing that which they specialized in, reconnaissance and assassination. In exchange, Lokhe gave them money, as well as the weapons and training required to do such things. While he himself has no special love for Lokhe, he does what he can to get money, and that would be his job, assassination.
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  17. Name: Vera Deadwing
    Age: 82
    Race: Dragon
    Affiliation: Dræsyl
    Description: Appearance
    Stands at 27' tall, 29' with his head at the maximum height. Length is 32' from head to tail. Wingspan is 35'.
    Profession: Temple Elder
    Bio: Vera lived a peaceful life within his clan until Lokhe's forces took over the land and forced them out after they refused to join his forces. Those few who weren't slaughtered escaped to Dræsyl. After leaving his home behind he hoped to start anew in the land of Dræsyl. Soon after the open community took him in he took the head of the temple within the land hoping to spread his wisdom and advice to those willing to listen. Despite his menacing appearance he is not greatly combat oriented, but seeks to better his skills in his time away from the temple so that he may help protect the land if his home becomes threatened again.

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