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    Our story begins long before now, many aeons ago...
    The world was new, harsh, and unbearable. Great dangers threatened the inhabitants day and night, never pausing, never rest. The world's inhabitants were slinking in rapid speed, becoming on the verge of extinction.
    Just then, at the moment all hope was lost, a bright light, brighter than the sun, appeared. The dangers that threatened the inhabitants vanished without a trace.

    The bright light they had seen, many claiming to have seen it take form of a large, flaming bird, set off to the skies and disappeared in a flash creating the stars. A handful of these stars came down to earth, the remains of the great creature in the shape of smooth oval shaped stones.
    The inhabitants named the day the light appeared the first day, as it became celebrated every year round on it's exact date that the threat had been taken away. The figure they had seen soon became named the Golden Phoenix, the protector of the world and was set as a symbol for everything that was good, right and perfect. The Golden Phoenix became portrayed on many wall paintings, carvings and statues, and every year, on that appointed day, people lit up small packets of gunpowder and certain minerals, creating large flashes in the sky in honour of the Golden Phoenix itself. A great temple was built in the Golden Phoenix’ honor, resting at the place of the first sighting of the great legend.

    After decades of ages passing by, the great legend of the Golden Phoenix disappeared just as the Golden Phoenix itself had done. The day that had been appointed just became the first day of the year, the packets of gunpowder had turned into modern-day firework, sent of into the skies to show the beautiful explosion for all to see. None of the inhabitants, save for a hand full that dedicated their lives as priests of the Golden Phoenix, remembered even a single thing of the legend.
    Over time, many statues got lost, paintings and carvings had been broken, fading away to the forgetfulness. Only the great temple, dedicated to the Golden Phoenix, still has the remaining evidence kept alive. Yet it’s whereabouts had become unknown to the outside world.

    One day a tour group on vacation stumbles upon the ancient massive structure, covered in the forest’s vegetation.
    It is now when their story begins…
    Upon this rugged terrain, up in the mountain on a remote island that can only be reached via a number of plane transfers a group of tourists gather together. A vacation with the intention of a bit of survivaling, sleeping in tents, discovering perhaps wildlife that has never been spotted before. Under the guidance of a professional of course.

    You will be playing as part of the tour group. And it is here in this very place that you will receive your gifts.
    Multiple characters allowed, but preferable only two characters that obtain the gems&power. Any additional characters are okay. This is highly unlikely a setting for children (or disabled people), so keep in mind that the tour group has made it a requirement that underaged individuals must be accompanied by an adult.
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    The gems that came back to earth were truly magnificent. Not only were they beautiful upon first sight, they possessed powers. Many sought to use those powers in the past, but it was more tricky than that. Only those whom bore a worthy heart could possess the power of one of the ten gems. It was almost as if the stones themselves were alive, choosing their wielder and embedding themselves into the chest of the worthy ones.
    However, this link between man and gem was never permanent. Though no one could remove the gems upon their attachment, should the wielder die, or become unworthy, then the stone would let go.

    For each gem it is a different reason why someone is worthy or not, which is why only one stone can be bonded with a person.
    The gem as well is not always present. It remains hidden till the wielder uses the power bestowed on them. As such it surfaces, and shimmers slightly, only to go back into hiding once rest is taken.
    But that is not all that the gems bestow on the person. As most powers are passive, the wielders are given a weapon of the same gem they poses, yet made unbreakable. It rests, in a void space, right by them, and materializes the moment they reach for it.
    The weapon not only functions as an ever sharp weapon, but also emits the basic element of the power too. Such as Quintessence being formed in sparks of lightning around the blade.

    Quintessence: One handed sword
    Air: Chakram
    Earth: Halberd
    Water: Tonfa Blades
    Fire: Axe

    OpalForesightNot perfect premonitions, just posible outcomesQuintessenceLayla Crywell
    HematiteIntuitionNot premonitions, just sensing presencesQuintessenceTaken
    QuartzSpeedNot strong, just fastAirTaken
    OnyxStrengthNot fast, just strongAirMasha Lovel
    AquamarineEmpathyNot healing, just sensing including inanimate objectsEarth
    JadeGrowthNot physical ages, just speed up nature and natural healingEarth?
    AmethystMorphingNot into animals, just human appearanceWaterKristina Faye
    RubyLevitationNot flying, just floatingWaterTaken
    AmberHeatNot fire, just heating (burnable) objectsFire
    TopazFrostNot ice, just cool objects (remove heat)Fire
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  3. LotGPCharacter.png

    Character Sheet Minimum
    I want at least this mentioned. Whatever else you decide to throw in is up to you.

    Name: (Provide full name. No nicknames.)
    Age: (Ages between 16 and 18 require supervision. No younger than 16, no older than 50)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Appearance: (Images are welcomed too, but do fill out the list.)
    Height: (in cm)
    Weight: (in kg)
    Eyes: (color, glasses or contacts in case of bad sight)
    Hair: (natural color, current color if that deviates from normal, length, style)
    (other appearance notes.)
    Family History: (Write a few basic things about the family of your character)
    Personal History: (Will overlap slightly with 'Family History' but focusses on their own life)
    Gem & Gift: (Choose one, choose carefully.)


    When participating in this roleplay I, Olissa, expect of you to:
    1 - Follow the rules set forth by this forum.
    2 - Post more than one line. Even with the occasional writers’ block, try and give your fellow roleplayers more to work with than one or two lines.
    3 - If you’ve hit a severe writers’ block, or will be away for some time, mention it to us here, or privately to me, so we know why you might not be posting.
    4 - Be aware of your grammar, spelling and overall if your post makes sense. I do not expect perfection, but do expect you to catch most of the errors.
    5 - Do not barge into something, unless it actually makes sense to do so.
    6 - Read other people's posts. If you plan to only skim through and read only what catches your eye, do not participate or.
    7 - Do not decide what will happen to another person’s character(s).
    8 - Do not make it impossible for your character(s) to get a beating or to make mistakes. Mistakes and mishaps are part of the fun of being alive. Plus, they are humans after all with primarily passive powers.
    9 - Try to avoid vanishing for a long period of time without mentioning it here, in OOC, or via PM to me, Olissa.
    10 - Mention somewhere in your character sheet which of the rule numbers is your favorite/most important. Just mention the number, like this (6) so I won't confuse it with any other numbers in your post. Don't make it obvious though.
    11 - Not use unnecessary abbreviations, or txt-style writing. (eg: W8! Thnx.)
    12 - Please write in third person, and in past tense only.
    13 - Post your characters here, in this thread. If you have questions you are welcome to post them here or send me a PM, but in general it is better to post them here in case others might have the same question. For plot ideas, PM me at all times.
    14 - Do not use Div Scroll in the OOC and in the in character thread. This means the option to create a minor field where one has to scroll to view the entire text. This is incredibly frustrating to me as I use the 'page down' function on a keyboard a lot and thus will not see the entire post properly all the time.
    15 - Be aware that I hold the right to adjust any of the rules set forth for this role-play.
    16 - Wait for approval by me, Olissa, before introducing your character(s) to the actual roleplay. If I do not accept the character as it is I will tell you what it is that does not work with the roleplay at hand.
    17 - Have fun.
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  4. [​IMG]
    J i n k i e s ?
    ~. ADORKABLE .~
    Name: Thasia Rose
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Thasia is slinky built with toned arms and fair skin. Her most notable trait is her big rounded green emerald eyes for the most part with her Long golden locks of hair that literally go down her back. She is porcelain skinned, however is slightly more fair skinned--making her look like a natural doll-like girl with the 'look of innocence'.

    Clothing wise, her style varies. However it's usually either: girly, preppy, or retro looking. Or to make it easier--Her style is very feminine or girly.

    Height: 5"3
    Weight: 49 Kg
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde
    (other appearance notes.)

    Family History: (Write a few basic things about the family of your character)
    Personal History: (Will overlap slightly with 'Family History' but focusses on their own life)
    Gem & Gift: (Choose one, choose carefully.)​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  6. [​IMG]

    : Taylor Elizabeth Fleur
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Taylor is a tiny little girl. She looks weak, frail, and easy to overtake. Her hair is long ash blonde. It used to shine a brilliant sun, gold, but since connecting with her stone; quartz, it's colour has faded into a subtle ash white. Her eyes as well used to have a beautiful vivid green glow to them, but now they only express everything in a golden white. This little speed demon likes to wear loose fitting sweatpants, skirts, and shorts. Mostly with spandex waists to allow free movement. She also likes to sport simple baggy sweaters as tops, or tank tops, depending on the weather. Ever since receiving her gift of speed, the colours of Taylor's wardrobe have dulled down quite a lot and leered over into the white, greys, and blacks of the world.
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Eyes: Originally an emerald green, now vast pools of white.
    Hair: Waist length ash white hair, which was once sun gold and shoulder length short.
    Family History: (Write a few basic things about the family of your character)
    Personal History: (Will overlap slightly with 'Family History' but focuses on their own life)
    Gem & Gift: Quartz - Speed​
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    I knew it, I should have finished the posts last night instead of sleep XD
  8. Name: Layla Crywell
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (I'll get an image soon, I hope)
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 56 kg
    Eyes: Blue-ish gray
    Hair: Blonde, waist length. Divided on the left side, and bangs cover primarily the right side her forehead.
    Layla wears different styles of clothes, depending on the situation. Dress suit and high heels for work, baggy pants, T-shirt and fluffy slippers at home, and now, while on this vacation Layla has a bunch of shirts packed, and cargo pants that will give her enough room to move in, as well as sturdy hiking shoes.
    Family History: The Crywell family consists of a father, a mother, eldest daughter and a son. The kids, Layla and Kevin, are four years apart in age. Both parents have a good job, it just takes up a lot of time, so until the eldest, Layla, was ten years old they had a nanny.
    Grandfather from their father's side is one of the two grandparents still alive. He used to be a black smith.
    The grandmother of the mother's side is the other one still living. She used to be a secretary and her daughter, Layla's mother, followed in similar footsteps.
    They've lived in the same city for two generations, even though both the mother and father love traveling, they never moved out of town. Layla just moved out a year ago but is still living in the same city. They get together every other Sunday and are an over all fairly close and open family.
    Personal History: Layla grew up in a secure home that offered all the protection she needed as a child. Both parents worked a lot and they had a nanny taking care of her and her little brother Kevin till she was 10.
    She decided since long ago that she was going to become a manager in public relations with businesses. She finished her study and now works at the place where she had done her final internship. She has been working here for about a year now.
    Just as her parents, Layla loves traveling, and she has done so quite often on vacations. Just her and a group of friends, or together with her parents. All in all she had quite a peaceful life.
    Quirks: When nervous Layla will start fumbling with either the ends of her hair, her nails, or whatever she happens to have in her hands.
    Gem & Gift: Opal, Foresight
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  9. Name: Masha Lovel
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (I'll get an image soon, I hope)
    Height: 160 cm
    Weight: 50 kg
    Eyes: Bright Green
    Hair: Black, straight to her shoulders with two longer strands at the front.
    Masha is a tad on the small side, but doesn't mind that at all, finding it quite handy actually. She is incredibly flexible and doesn't have any chest development. Her skin color is kind of nondescript white. Probably form somewhere in Europe, but it's unclear where exactly.
    Masha wears basically anything she can get her hands on, which often is a tank top and jeans. You'll never catch her wearing a t-shirt though. She claims they don't sit well with her, and thus decided not to wear them at all.
    Family History: The birth parents and other family members are unknown to Masha. Not long after she was born she had been given up, abandoned near the woods. A traveling 'gypsy' family came by and took her in. This became the family of the young baby girl and was raised as one of them. With this Masha gained not just a father, a mother, but also 3 brothers, 2 sisters (all elder), many aunts, uncles, and even grandparents.
    Personal History: In the family Masha was raised to become a performer. Together with her family she has traveled to many places, performing little shows for money.
    She loves being on stage or even if it's not a stage but just a little open space in a park to show her abilities. This is something she's done ever since she was able to do a cartwheel without falling over. She's a quick study if it comes to how to move your body around and trains daily to keep herself in form.
    She thinks back on occasion to when she had been found, wondering what it would have been like had she not been cast away, but never regrets a thing that happened in her life as she loves this family dearly. Masha has been taught some basic knowledge of how the body works (what the weak points are, pressure points to relieve certain things) most of the information has become a dusty information, but on random occasions she does recall something useful.
    For her 16th birthday Masha was allowed to go on a vacation of her choosing together with her youngest (though still older than her by 3 years) brother, Francis.
    Quirks: Masha just will not and can not stand still. She'll always be moving, even if it's just shifting her weight from leg to leg while listening to someone talk. Given half the chance she'll probably end up creating a little show by standing on her hands, making cartwheels or whatever the floor can take. She also has trouble shutting up, blabbering on, despite good intentions.
    Gem & Gift: Onyx, Strength

    Side character!
    Name: Francis Lovel
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 72 kg
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown, reaches just below his shoulders and is kept in a ponytail.
    Francis has a healthy olive tanned skin color. He's relatively muscular, but not bodybuilder big, that's more his oldest brother.
    Family History: Francis grew up in a traveling family. When he was three they found a baby girl and took her in as their own. This completed the family to three girls, thee boys, parents, 6 aunts, 4 uncles, 17 cousins, 3 grandparents, and of course the family pets.
    Personal History: Ever since he was young Francis had a fascination for his little sister. The youngest of the troop, and with the most mysterious past. As he grew older he was closest to Masha out of all their siblings and cousins, and mainly played the one that kept watch over her at all times. Even now that she's 16 and heading on vacation, he's the one to tag along and make sure she doesn't get into any trouble at all.
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  12. Name: Kristina Faye

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female


    Height: 152.4 cm

    Weight: 49 kg

    Eyes: Amber

    Hair: It was originally blonde but was dyed a dark red. It is parted to the right, covering the eye on that side. The hair barely passes her shoulders.

    Other: She often wears tank tops and baggy cargo shorts. She also wears several bracelets that are always changing and black tennis shoes. A black and white graphic baseball cap showing the image of a skull and crossbones is normally always upon her head.

    Family History: Kristina is the oldest of (8). Her youngest brother is 6 and was adopted, along with four others. When she was five, the second eldest, Krystoph, was born. Two years later, her brother Kaleb was born. When Kristina turned 14, her parents bought an orphanage to save it from closing. Many were adopted and went to good homes, but 5 boys stayed in the orphanage. After a year, Kristina's parents adopted the boys and fixed up the orphanage to become their new home. A mere week afterwards, her parents were in a car accident and died that night in the hospital. Kristina's grandparents then gained legal custody over all 8 of the children and lived in the former orphanage with said kids.

    Personality: Having had to grow up at the age of 15 due to her parents' death, she is incredibly mature and responsible, though that doesn't mean she has a childish personality. She is the oldest of 8, being the only girl. This caused her to be very tomboyish, always wearing guy clothes and acting like one with occasional girly moments. She has become much like a mother to her brothers, her grandparents getting too old to handle taking care of children and supporting them. Kristina is very close to her brothers, and they come to her for anything they need.

    Personal History: Will fill in later

    Gem: Amethyst

    Gift: Kristina is able to transform into anyone she had contact with. The more contact there is, the better she can morph into that person. She can morph into all of her brothers perfectly, being as she always has some sort of contact with them. She cannot transform based on sight alone (which means no photographs).
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  13. Interesting, I like her so far.
    I'll give a little bit of info on the morphing power as to what it can or can't do.
    The person with the Amethyst gem receives the power of morphing.
    The morphing allows them to alter their appearance into that of another person that they have actually met. How accurate they can morph depends on the level of contact they had with the other person.
    Just brushing by someone or a brief handshake gives quite some impurities, more frequent handshakes/physical contact gets more details right, and lengthier forms of contact make it possible to perfect the look completely. (Let's just say, the more skin contact the better)
    This works for all past encounters as well. Anyone they cuddled with as a child they can copy for example.
    The person however can not look at a photo and morph. It has to be from touching the actual person. And yes, gender switching is part of it as well.
    The color of the gem however will not change, and the gem will be on the surface and glimmering while the alternate appearance is present, possibly giving away that they aren't who they appear to be. (covering up the gem ought to fix that of course)
  14. Okay, sounds good. I'll go back and fix it. I was just having a little bit of morning block, being as I just woke up an hour ago. And I'm glad you like her! She'll be a challenge for me because I never roleplayed anyone like her.
  15. Challenges sometimes are definitely fun to play :D
    And what's there not to like ;)
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    Anyone any ideas how we can get people to drop by and wish to make a character?
  17. I can probably post it on DeviantArt to try and bring in more traffic. Or we can randomly PM people the idea, and if it interests them, they may come check it out.
  18. I've always been scared to go out and PM people XD but yeah I guess it could be a useful thing.
    You're welcome to advertise for this how you see fit :)
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