Leaving the Pack

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Leaving the Pack
Concept by Xindaris

The other day humans entered our forest. It was...unexpected. But they were not hostile, by most accounts; a lot of folks thought they should be allowed to stick around, visit and talk a little.
Our alpha disagreed.

Some of the older wolves shared his distrust, and because they were stronger and had more clout the humans were expelled with threat of death should any more of their kind come to close to the forest. It's not like there wasn't a precedent—it's been a good generation since we've had such a visit because the old policy was to kill any who intruded. But there were mixed reactions to the decision: The alpha is supposed to think in the pack's best interest, and some believe quite fervently he did. Others...a good majority...have no real opinion or disagreed privately.

And then...there were the others. Five reckless youths led by a female, of all things, challenged the alpha's decision. None of them are old, strong, or foolish enough to challenge his position as the strongest, but they questioned his wisdom. I didn't get to hear the details, but evidently the discussion turned to an old wisdom that they couldn't run a pack on their own..which took a bit of a nasty turn. The leader, the female, insisted that they could, and the alpha called their bluff and...

Well, I wouldn't have heard about it or been concerned, but the five of them have been sent out to the wide world they want to know about so badly....And as the Mystic's youngest son, I suppose I was expendable enough to be sent with them into the big wide world...to...keep an eye on them. So much for peaceful living.


This is the story of a small group of young werewolves who leave their pack and their forest and venture into the wide world around it. Players may play those among the wolves leaving, or others who are met along the way.
The world is one of fantasy, medieval or so technology level, with magic (of course) in varying forms and proficiencies among those who use it.
All About the World

All About the World:

Just a list of the various things we know so far about the world.

Many different kinds of people populate the world. More will be added as they are discovered.

Humans: Just ordinary, mortal humans; like in most fantasy settings, they can use magic but may not be as proficient with it as other kinds.

Elves: Long-lived, pointy-eared beings who usually live alongside humans. Usually talented with magic.

Werewolves: Essentially a subrace of humans and elves. Capable of shifting form between human and full werewolf form using energy absorbed from the moon; under a full moon, shift involuntarily. Capable of using the same energy to perform magic. Said energy also reacts with silver in a manner which burns their skin and saps it.

Magic Types:
Magic can be "fueled" in many ways, and depending on which of the various ways one uses, the kind of magic available and method of regaining spent or lost magical energy differs greatly.

Self: Many people of certain races, such as humans and elves, have a "pool" of magic within their own body, which can be used in a number of ways. The body replenishes this magical energy over time, especially with the help of food and rest. It can also be replenished more quickly by consuming magical herbs or potions, but magic regained this way is a little less stable: Using potions all the time will cause one's magic to become completely unpredictable and virtually useless. Usually one's own personality and nature affect which kinds of magic they are most talented with, but even elements that are diametrically opposed to one's nature can be honed with enough practice and usage. However, the magic in one's body will eventually become accustomed to being used in a certain way, so trying to learn many elements will often result in each one being weaker than if it had been focused on solely.

Gods: In general, any given god can be considered limitless in how much magical energy each possess. Of course, prayer is necessary in order to draw from this well, and how willing a god is to answer said prayer depends on the favor he or she has toward the one praying, as well as the particular situation. Sometimes a god will answer a prayer of even a non-worshiper if the response will bring some advantage to said god. Of course, the kinds of magic available depends on which god one is praying to: For example, benevolent gods will often grant healing magic, while war gods will grant magic that enhances strength or just plain destroys things.

Ingredients: Many plants, fungi, and even minerals and crystals contain magic which can be drawn out directly by some spells, or used in potions to produce certain effects. Mixing together such magic is the business of alchemists, often people with no natural magic of their own. Being an alchemist requires a great deal of understanding of both chemistry and magic itself, and is also quite dangerous.

Lunar/Solar: Some kinds, such as werewolves, can use moonlight or sunlight to produce magical energy in a kind of photosynthetic process. This kind of energy can be used to imitate normal energy (see "self" above) but is most efficiently used in a manner consistent with its nature. Lunar magic is best used in healing, and "cold" elements such as water, while solar magic is best used in "hot" magics like fire, lightning, or light. Some kinds can also use light-based energy for transformation.

The gods of the world. More to be added as described.

Iluna: The goddess of the moon. Generally benevolent, but does not tend to act directly in the affairs of mortals except on extremely rare occasions. Most werewolves worship Iluna, but only a very select few are clerics or priests able to draw magic from her.

The places to be, or to have been.

The Alumar Wood: A thick, large forest. A fairly large pack of werewolves lives and hunts in the forest, and because of them it is generally considered dangerous enough to avoid completely by most who live nearby.
The Story So Far

The Story So Far:
This post is intended to house a summary of the events in the IC section...once there is a story to be summarized.
Character Sheet/Listing

Character Sheet:

Character Listing:
The Young Werewolves:

Rowan-Leader of the small circle of friends leaving and, incidentally, the daughter of the Alpha. Passed over as successor due to her gender, and very hard-headed in an opinion opposite that of her father, she has plenty of personal reason to leave the pack. [Kitti]

Aleksei-A bright and energetic friend of Rowan, looked upon even as a potential candidate for the pack's next alpha. Though strong and good-looking, he is not particularly skilled with any weapons and lacks any sense of manipulation or secrecy. His joining the group has generally been blamed on his general impetuousness and Rowan's influence.

Ciel-Son and successor of an alchemist--not a highly respected profession with werewolves, who tend to believe poison is a cowardly way of killing and ruins meat. Thin and not terribly strong, his temperament is as volatile and unpredictable as any unstable concoction he might throw together. [Ciel laRouge/Annabel]

Freal-The twin brother of Ciel, with a very similar appearance but quite different tastes. He has focused his energy on more traditional methods of fighting, and remains consistently cheerful most of the time--practically unmoving in emotion when compared to his brother. [Kamikaze_Sense]

Aysun-Considered one of the runts of the pack, and helped none by a broken relationship with her father, she nonetheless can be strong-willed, and is skilled mixture of physical combat and ice-based magic. Retains a frigid exterior, but may be coaxed into a kinder countenance someday. [4got10angel]

Tyerin-The discontented, very lazy youngest son of the pack Mystic. Sent with hopes he will become a more useful, less lazy healer through the journey. Of those leaving, he alone understands the full motivation behind the temporary banishment, and agrees with it as far as the others leaving--he himself would rather not go. [Xindaris]

The Outside:
(N/A at present)

Reserved Post

[Reserved post, in case I forgot something]
Xindaris' Character

I'll be playing the guy who wrote or thought the introductory narration.

Name: Tyerin (t(ea)eh-(d)rin)
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Age: 17
Appearance: Tyerin is of a fairly tall, yet very lean build. His skin is very pale, but nonetheless healthy. He wears a loose, hand-me-down tan leather shirt and slacks, and keeps his brown hair messy but short. He has a patchy beard short enough to be easily confused with dirt on his face, and the degree of his magical talent is made obvious through his ears, which are almost always in wolf-shape. His eyes are a deeper amber that may be confused with brown. His werewolf shape is not any bigger than his human form, with darker brown fur on his back and a very slightly lighter brown along his front/underside.
Abilities: Magically, he has some proficiency (mostly unpracticed talent) with healing, moon infusion, and light amplifaction/direction. He is also fairly good at running away, hiding, and can occasionally convince people to give him what he wants.
Weaknesses: Lazy, lazy, lazy. Tyerin could be a great mage if he put his heart and soul into it, but he's less than likely to put any more than is directly forced. He hasn't bothered with any physical training, figuring that being a mediocre mage would still qualify as a profession.
Weapons: He prefers to lay back, heal, and pretty much not fight.
Character: Tyerin is a perfect example of the smart, lazy type. He knows a lot of the theory behind magic, as well as a good bit of werewolven history and lore. He dislikes having to do anything at all, and generally holds similar opinions to those of the older pack members, because that gets him in the least trouble.
History: [See intro.] Tyerin is the youngest son of the Mystic, the most powerful mage of the pack and the one responsible for praying to and receiving messages from Iluna. The Mystic has authority close to that of the Alpha, and because magical talent is hereditary, one of Tyerin's siblings will probably be the next mystic. Quite simply, it probably won't be him. Because of the Mystic's high position, and the number of elder siblings, Tyerin has never had to really hunt, remaining in the higher position of the pack's hierarchy, and there have never been enough injuries at one time for his help to be needed in any practical healing. Despite his higher rank, Tyerin is not afforded much food, generally taking the scraps after the bigger, stronger werewolves of the rank have already had their fill. He was perfectly happy with this arrangement and hoped to continue it into adulthood.
Unlike most of those leaving, Tyerin knows exactly why the five are being allowed to leave, and why he was chosen to go with them. The elders believe that shortly into their trip, one of the werewolves will be hurt or killed, preferably by a human, thus teaching the group why they should not venture outside, while also giving Tyerin a close encounter with injury that they hope will motivate him to work harder in learning how to cure it. He intends to play along, but not so far as to stop being lazy.
I claim this Kamikaze_Sensei in the name of RP!

Name: Ciel (see-elle)
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Age: 19
Appearance: (Human) Five foot, six inches in height. His hair is a deep chestnut brown, cut and layered choppy, the longest bits just barely brushing his shoulders, all with a natural wave. He has no real defined muscle at all and he's not much to look at... Well, for women at least. This is because his build is slender, feminine even. His face is youthful, smooth, flawless and milky - like the rest of his skin, mostly because he spends his time indoors or deep in the forest where the sun seldom reaches him. His eyes are big, sky-blue orbs with flecks of gold. He rarely smiles but his mouth is still one of his most attractive features, or so says the perverts who like to harrass him from time to time. Distinctive markings would be his pierced ears and the faint tattoo of Iluna that graces his left shoulder/blade. (Wolf) He's small, especially compared to the big, buff men. It's evident that he's not made for hand to hand combat. He's so thin that he looks slight underfed. His coat however is long, beautiful, and silky black with a small patch of white on the breastbone.
Abilities: Slight knowledge of alchemy - self taught from his father's books - though most of his talent lies with poisons. Contrasting his alchemy, he also knows a little about the moon and water in use of healing - though he's far from perfect.
Weaknesses: His lack of physical strength and lack of experience in combat leaves him vulnerable and because of this, he rarely goes anywhere unless he's with his brother.
Weapons: A set of various sized needles, primarily used for alchemy but can be used for defense.
Character: Ciel is unpredicatable. Most of the day, he's silent, busy concentrating on his studying and experimenting. But he has a temper that teeters far too easily. It can only take one word to piss him off and make him slip poison in your orange juice. Similarly, he can just as easily cry or smile sweetly, the latter usually reserved only for his brother.
History: Ciel was only a small pup when his father fell ill and quickly passed. From birth, he'd naturally been attached to his twin brother and the loss of their father only strengthened that bond. His mother had died during childbirth; he had almost died with her. And from the moment his father was gone, he'd depended on his brother. His father had left behind all of his alchemy books - hundreds of them! So Ciel spent his days locked away, reading, learning.

If there are any problems at ALL with my bio, just pm me. I'd retardedly tired so mistakes are expected.
I also plan on gracing this rp with my presence, if anyone wishes to somehow intertwine their character with mine, I'd be more than willing to brainstorm ideas with you ^^
I might join, Xindy. I'll need to check how much I have on my plate first...
**cough** HBAWmightensuremyparticipation **cough**
Annabel--Great! Ironically, the only mistake I caught was in that post-profile sentence where you said "I'd" instead of "I'm". Anyway, the character is great and accepted. :)

Kamikazi--Look forward to seeing it.

Kitti--Cool. Wait, a third time? You think anyone would join? I guess it has been awhile...

A general note: Ideally the five youths who aren't Tyerin will have at least been fairly well-acquainted before the events of the story, as this would help explain why they seemingly agree to leave together.

This is Leanders old RP correct? Can you link me to the old OOC (just hoping you happened to stumble across it, really) so I could pick and edit my previous character?
Uh, what? Someone else had an RP like this? I may have unconsciously ripped it off? I had absolutely no idea...
When was this other RP up? It may be in the archives somewhere but just a username from the older Iwaku site may be too little to go on...
Name: Rowan
Race: Werewolf
Age: 18
Appearance: Lithe and red-headed as her name suggests, she stands at five feet seven inches in her human form. Her body almost radiates energy, like a tightly coiled spring in every muscle. Surprisingly powerful for her slender structure, she is resilient and powerful with smooth muscle lining her limbs that can be seen in small bulges when her body moves. Overall, however, especially when still, she seems almost willowy. Her skin is pale cream and a dash of freckles sprinkle her nose and cheeks. Jade green eyes lurk somewhere beneath her bangs, which fall messily over her face.

In wolf form, she retains the red-brown hue of her hair and startlingly vivid green eyes. Where her freckles should be, there is a smattering of paler fur over her muzzle.

Abilities: Charismatic and persuasive, her interpersonal relations stand among the best in the pack. She's also powerful and able to take quite a beating.
Weaknesses: Slow in attacks, she hits hard but her enemy needs to be knocked down before she can finish it off, or startled. She's also terrified of water.
Weapons: One hand wields, generally, a dagger with the other holding a sword breaker.
Character: Fiery in temperament, she is passionate about whatever she believes. On one hand, she knows often that she should give things a chance, but her nature takes over when she believes someone to be wrong and challenges them. Her temper is fortunately slower than her retorts, but inevitably very mercurial.
History: There was no doubt, that as the precocious eldest child of the village alpha that Rowan would turn out much like her father, constantly determined to be stubborn, bull-headed even. Leadership came naturally to her, from being the leader of a ragtag band of kids as a child or the one to ever argue when she felt some injustice done by her father. Often, the two have clashed before. This is not to say her childhood was unhappy, indeed there was a sense of satisfaction in butting heads with her father. However, her father has always held steadfast to the belief that her timid, gentle little brother would inherit the pack, because he would be a man (one day, they all hoped). When Rowan discovered that fact, she was irreparably wounded and from then on, her amiable relationship with her father was lost to her.
I might join.
Awesome work, Kitti, thank you. I assume this is intended to be the "leader" needed?

(I'll edit the characters post to reflect the number of needed characters soon. Note that when the needed characters are over more can be added, even to the group of werewolves who are leaving; as well as characters from the "outside world")

Really hope you do, TK! I don't think I've had an opportunity to be in an RP with you before, unless I'm forgetting something?
Name: Aysun (eye-sun)

Gender: Female

Race: Werewolf

Age: 18

Appearance: Her human form is petite yet athletically toned, standing only 5'3" she might be considered a runt of the pack. Despite her small stature, she has very fierce and striking features and personality. Her hair is naturally silver, reaching to her lower back when she lets it all down; generally she will have it tied out of her face in a high braid or a pony. Her eyes are a piercing ice blue color and reflect a strength and mystery. She has a tattoo of a crescent moon on her right wrist encircled by a scar winding up her arm to her elbow. In her werewolf form she once again is at the smaller end for size, but her physique still shows her muscular, strong, thin shape. Her fur coat is majestically white, save for a small patch of black fur on her front right arm in the shape of a crescent moon and the same scar circling upwards.

Abilities: Very athletic, and strong minded, she isn't someone you want to butt heads with if you don't have to, even with her small size she is a force to deal with. She is good at learning new skills as she listens and takes criticism (usually) in a constructive manner. Magic wise she is talented in ice based attacks and minor healing.

Weaknesses: She has a rather abrasive and distant first impression to most, and so she tends to be socially awkward and doesn't always get along with individuals. She also has slight abandonment issues. Aysun can have a tendency to let her emotions get the better of her sometimes, as well, which can be very dangerous and sloppy on her part as she starts to act without thinking.

Weapons: Her main weapons are specialized chakram

Character: Some might say she's slightly abrasive, sarcastic, and cold when they interact with her, very strict and demanding upon herself and those around her to the point of being militant. Perhaps this is true, but deep down she is someone completely different. A softer, caring side that is laid back and easy to get along with rests within her but for one reason or another she tends to mask this side most of the time. A very curious and adventurous individual, she isn't afraid to venture off on her own and get into trouble. If you are stubborn enough to actually befriend her she is a loyal and fierce companion who will go to any lengths to protect you and stand by your side. Though she does have some trust issues, so watch out. Betray her and her anger can flare dangerously at you.

History: Aysun is considered a runt, and has always had to fight hard to get by in life. She is by no means weak, just lacks some in strength compared to others due to her size. Her mother, a kind woman, always encouraged her to just do her best. Her mother was her strength, guidance, and comforter and one of the only reasons that Aysun was a good individual at heart. Her father was the complete opposite, though, and often looked at Aysun as a disgrace and shame. When her mother passed away, things only got worse between her and her father. She became estranged from her family, but still remained a part of the pack. She's gotten into a few skirmishes with her father, and it was during one of the skirmishes that she ended up with the scar upon her arm. With her decline in social skills she often keeps to herself, so her reasons for leaving the pack with the others remains a mystery.

((all edited i suppose XD not that i did too much XP))
Aysun is good. (How do you pronounce that? Aye-sun? A-sun? I'm such a hearing-inclined person...)

I'd like to note for the record that for once I've actually got the first "situation" to put the young pack members leavers in semi-planned. It involves some of the human visitors mentioned in the intro, who I'll use as plotsy NPCs.
i put the pronunciation in the profile :p (eye-sun)
Looking forward to starting :) I hope I won't disappoint anyone!

Ciel-Son and successor of an alchemist--not a highly respected profession with werewolves, who tend to believe poison is a cowardly way of killing and ruins meat. Thin and not terribly strong, his temperament is as volatile and unpredictable as any unstable concoction he might throw together. [Ciel laRouge/Annabel]

You sum him up sooo well <3 He is indeed a bit cowardly ^^