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    It's 2:25 AM, you're sitting behind a counter in a dingy 24 hour gas station store in the middle of the Nevada desert. The nearest human beings outside this gas station are several miles down the road in a motel that's probably seen as many shifty customers as it has cockroaches. And maybe the jalopy that stopped by for gas three hours ago. It would take you about 30 minutes to get to that motel... with a car. On foot, it would take at least a few hours. A few hours in the Nevada desert, at night. This is your job. The graveyard shift at a gas station miles away from civilization.

    Most of the time, your biggest enemy is boredom. You can only mop the floor so many times. Your coworkers can only listen to the same conversations so many times. You can only read that magazine so many times. You get maybe two or three customers a night. It's not so bad, but it can get to you after a while.
    But sometimes... weird stuff happens. Something howls out in the desert and it doesn't sound like a coyote... but what is it? Sometimes, something darts out of the shed out back when you open the door to check on the clunky old generator that gas station uses to power the lights. It was probably just an animal or something, right? Sometimes you think you see the figure of a man looking into the gas station across the road, but there's no one out there when you check.

    It's the graveyard shift. It's 1986. Who knows what could happen.

    So yeah, I'm looking to GM a slightly horror themed but mostly slice-of-life roleplay revolving around a few workers in a gas station in the middle of nowhere. At night. I'll be playing various other characters, like your coworkers and the various customers, as well as directing the slightly spooky events that may lead into full fledged mysteries. The desert is very much alive at night. And it's the 80's. No cellphones to the rescue. All you've got is that dusty old land line that doesn't even get any service half the time.

    Do note that I am looking for players who have a somewhat advanced amount of skill when it comes to roleplaying/writing. You need to be the kind of player who can take initiative. Players who can determine for themselves what to do with their environment and who can even get things moving on their own. The kind of passive player that waits for the GM to railroad them and stands around until an NPC talks to them isn't what I'm looking for. It's just a matter of trying to get this roleplay to work. Players need to be inquisitive and proactive so we can create a story together instead of me just laying out a set of tracks for you to follow.

    If you like the 80's, spooky settings, and the idea of being in a tiny box in the middle of the desert, let me know via PM. We'll set something right up.​
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