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  1. Violet turned on her mic and spoke quietly into it, her black mask making her voice echo slightly. "Mission complete. Heading back to base now. How's your end?" She asked. Footsteps sounded above on the bridge and she slunk back into the shadows. "I have guards."
  2. Jasik silently killed a man and dragged him into the shadows. ”On my way to base, do you need support?” He asked violet through his mic
  3. "I think I'm clear. Meet you there. Violet out." She stepped out of the shadows and started at a sprint towards the church only two blocks away. She was mostly hidden in the shadows of the trees, her breath echoing in her mask. She had just slid through the door when several guards came into view, passing by. "Reached home base." She said into the mic. One of the three others from the team ran over, catching her as she almost fell. "Thanks.." She muttered as the boy led her to a chair. She'd forgotten just how hard sprinting was compared to walking.
  4. Jasik stuck to the shadows and made his way toward home base. He watched as a helicopter did a pass over the city. He moved inside the church and saw everyone around violet. ”Is she ok?” He asked one of his partners
  5. He nodded. "She over-exerted herself again." He said simply.

    Violet looked up as Jasik entered. She waved and smiled a little, leaning back against the chair.
  6. Jasik smiled at violet and shook his head. ”We use the shadows for a reason.” He looked over to his partner. ”Is everything ready for tonights gathering?”
  7. Violet just rolled her eyes and smiled.
    The boy nodded. "Ready and set."
    After a minute or two Violet stood back up, now she wasn't stumbling or anything. She walked over to Jasik. "They've doubled the amount of guards, so we'll have to be extra careful"
  8. Jasik handed violet his rifle. ”That's why you're going to by the eye in the sky.” He smiled at her, he knew that she was the best shooter here outside of himself
  9. Violet smiled again. "Hooray. More watcher duties." She said jokingly, holding the rifle loosely in one hand.
  10. ”Well if things go out of hand, I'll need to know that I won't get shot in the back.” He said and put a hand on her shoulder
  11. Violet pretended to ponder this. "I suppose that would be good." She said. She pat his hand. "Joking. Yeah, I've got your back."
  12. Jasik walked to his room and began preparing his weapons. If they really did double the security, then there was a high chance that things could get messy
  13. Violet glanced around and the team. Three members, two leaders, and one new recruit coming in two minutes. She went up to the roof, looking around And making sure everything was clear.
  14. Jasik looked through the window to ensure that their first route was clear. Once they made it to the nearby ruins, the mission would be allot easier with the shadows
  15. A figure slowly rose from the trees beside the base. It flashed a light 3 times and Violet went back inside. "New recruit is here." She said as the figure came in. The new recruit wore a dark navy hoodie and black jeans.
    "Hello." His voice was gravelly and hoarse. He pulled his hood off and smiled.
    "Jasik, this is our new recruit. He's going to be joining us tonight, as a prep test to see if he can make it into our rebellion." She said.
    "My name is Acer." He said.
  16. Jasik shook the recruit's hand. ”I'm jasik. Violet and I are the leaders of this rebellion but i'm sure she's already filled you in on that kind of info.” He turned to violet to confirm that she had done so, then looked back at Acer. ”So, what do you specialize in?” Asked jasik
  17. Violet nodded and looked at Acer.
    "I specialize in technical combat, your explosives. Anything that makes a big 'boom', I know." He said confidently.
    "But, he needs to work on understanding exactly when booms are needed." Violet added, turning back to Jasik.
    Acer rubbed the back of his neck, but nodded.
    "He already knows the basics, and he knows what will happen if he passes."
    Acer nodded again. "Yep."
  18. Jasik looked at Acer. ”Well, i'm an assassin so I may be able to help you with timing your explosives.” He said then looked over to violet. ” You can tell me the enemy strong points and I'll help Acer set the explosives.”
  19. She nodded. "We can do that tomorrow, or whenever they stop patrolling the lake area, because we'd need to cross it." She said simply, glancing back at Acer, who was beaming. She chuckled a little.
  20. He nodded then looked at Acer. ”Just please don't blow us up. That would be a horrible way to die.” He said then smiled to let Acer know he was joking
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