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  1. Name: [Full name; nicknames optional.]

    Age: [18 - 26]



    Biography: [Optional; not too long.]


    Additional Information:
  2. Name: Korrie Bane

    Age: 21

    Gender: female

    Personality: A very spunky redhead, nice but sarcastic, can be prone to random mood swings.

    Biography: An adopted kid, a wild child. Loves to dance

    Appearance: Long and thick red curly hair, about 5' 4.5", green-blue eyes, a light dusting of freckles on her face and shoulders. Curvy yet light.

    Additional Information:acts tough, but is really sensitive. She also finds those taller than herself automatically more attractive. Loves to cuddle, and likes to read.
  3. Name: Isla Jones
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Isla is a quiet, but sweet girl. She knows she doesn't talk much, and she hates it when people bring up the subject. Though she appears to be innocent, she can be a bit perverted when it comes to men, and sometimes women.
    Biography: Isla's parents were extremely wealthy; her father was a company owner and her mother a lawyer. They died in a deadly car-crash, and all of their money was immediately given to Isla.
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  4. It was a warm summer day, and there was a slight breeze. Korrie was in front of Isla's holding a newspaper in her hand. There was an ad for a roommate type thing at this address. Korrie knocked on the door. She wondered what this person would be like.
  5. Isla was watching television when she heard a knock on her door. Getting up, she walked over to the door and opened the door to see a red haired girl. "Yes?" Isla inspected the girl silently, wondering why she was here. Oh, of course, the ad in the newspaper, She thought when she saw the newspaper in the girl's hands.
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  6. Korrie smiled at Isla. "Hi! I was just responding to your ad in the newspaper. I was living with my adopted parents, but something happened..." Korrie trailed off for a second. "So, anyways, I was wondering if the ad was still good. She grinned. Korrie looked over Isla. She looked quiet, and nice, and pretty.
  7. Isla's hazel eyes lighted up as she saw Korrie, and smiled. "First of all, take a seat," Isla offered, closing the door behind Korrie once she was in. "Secondly, I'm Isla Jones."
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  8. Korrie came in and sat as she was told. "Im Korrie Bane. Pleasure to meet you." Korrie smiled at Isla, her curls bouncing as she looked around the room.
  9. Isla smiled as she sat down next to Korrie. "Hello Korrie, it's a pleasure to meet you too. So, you're here for the sharing, correct?"
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  10. Korrie nodded. "Yes. I really need a place to stay, and I was so relieved to see your ad." Korrie said, grinning.
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    "Well, you've come to the right place. The total of the rent is 800, so I figured you could pay one half and I the other," Isla said as she fixed her position on the couch. Her hazel eyes looked up and down Korrie's figure, holding in a slight smirk. She's hot, Isla thought.
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  12. Korrie nodded. "Yeah, that sounds reasonable." She said. Korrie could pay for the rent, and now she would finally have a set place to stay. This was all sweetened by the fact that Isla was a very pretty woman. A few not so innocent thoughts popped into Korrie's head and she banished them. She didn't need to be having those thoughts about people she just met.
  13. Isla smiled at Korrie, placing her hand on the girl's thigh, slightly squeezing, and a perverted look flashed in her eyes, but quickly disappeared. "Anything else you'd like to know?" Isla asked her as she placed her own hand on her own lap.
  14. Korrie blushed slightly and swallowed. "Uh, um, when can I move in?" She asked. Korrie's mind went blank for a moment, that thigh squeeze taking her off guard. Though it was pretty hot... The not-so-innocent thoughts returned to the forefront of her mind, causing her blush to deepen.
  15. Isla could see that Korrie was affected, which made her want to smirk once more, but she hid it. "You can move in whenever you'd like, you can also stay here for tonight if you'd like to continue on looking around," Isla offered.
  16. Korrie smiled, relieved. "Oh, thank you." Korrie said. She really wanted to hug Isla, but didn't think it would be appropriate. "Thank you so much. I was running out of friends places to crash at." Korrie said, rubbing the back of her neck.
  17. Isla's blonde eyebrow had risen in question. "Why is that?" Her voice was light, graceful, and almost like a melody, but also seductive. "You don't have a home, as I guess?" Isla asked as she put her hand on Korrie's shoulder, her hazel eyes staring at her.
  18. Korrie blushed. "Y-yeah. I don't have much family, since I was adopted by a lonely couple when I was young. Their house burned down with them in it recently. I was at a friends house, since our DD had decided to get a bit tipsy." Korrie dropped her gaze to the floor. Isla's voice was seductive and it made Korrie's heart speed up.
  19. Isla stroked Korrie's red hair, listening to her. "I understand, Korrie," She said with an understanding tone. Her slim fingers then ran down to Korrie's chin, staring at her. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
  20. Korrie's breathing hitched, and she looked into Isla's hazel eyes. Korrie groaned. "Are you trying to make me want to jump you? Its working, if so." Korrie blurted, her racing heart making her throw all caution to the wind.
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