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Last videogame you played describes your love life.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Xytheus, Mar 18, 2015.

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  1. Title explains it. The last videogame you played now describes your love life. What is it like?

    Postal 2. I am dating the mailman.
  2. wow my life is hell, it's the fucking walking dead, well i should really quit with my love life because it always dies!
  3. I literally just played Crossyroad 5 mins ago...which means I'll be doing the Frogger for the rest of my life -___-
  4. FFXIV

    My love life is catpeople.
  5. Killing Floor.

  6. If that's true then I'm not sure what to think.
    Because Max Payne 3 is a perpetual downhill slide for Max and his mad mad life.
  7. I'm playing Epic Mickey.

    I am in love with disney characters, and that's perfectly alright with me.
  8. Diablo III

    Oh, nine hells no!
    So I'll either meet an angel who fell from heaven, a lore monger, or a Demon.
  9. Dragon Ball Z?

    So... long, drawn out, successful, and filled with action?
    I'll be waiting XD.
  10. Final Fantasy 9.....

    I have a thing for guys with tails. o.O
  11. Destiny.

    The harder I try, the closer I get to something I want. Ultimately however, it is forever out of reach. The grind is real.
  12. fate stay night unlimited blade works route --- ends with me pimpin' out in a threesome
  13. Lucky. I played Fate/Extra last.

    Oh! I get to date Saber Nero!
  14. this is not a bad thing
  15. And we both Get Rin Tohsaka. We win this game officially!
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  16. awesome!
  17. Boss Magician surrounded by a harem in an ancient old tower? And 4 of them are lolis c:
  18. My life is a dating sim. Greeeeeat. XD
  19. The last game i played was Emerland Solitaire... hm.. well then.
  20. Mario Kart. So I'm in competition with, like, seven other people to come in first. And I play against the program of the game and not anyone else, so I'm playing with myself.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.