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  1. The rules are simple, the last person to post wins! Goes to 15 pages! Think of it as a race.

    *fires the gun in the air*


    *gets hit by a bird* D:
  2. *Jumps on top of the playground!* I WILL SUCCEED! CAUSE NO ONE POSTS MORE THAN ME! D:<
  3. So the winner wind because the thread gets deaded and buried and forgotten about? Wootidoo!

    *steals the bird and throws it at Diana and ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuns*
  4. Pretty much Vay, pretty much! *places a brick wall in front of Vay and runs past*
  5. I seem to remember something similar to this.
  7. *Severs Zypher's hamstrings with a fire axe and runs like hell*
  8. *Deep strike teleports to page fifteen*

    Really guys...come on
  9. *shoots out Chaos' Achilles' heel and drags himself past*
  10. *stares at everyone*
  11. ....*hits GMK with fryingpan* mine!
  12. *crawls past Angl and Karsi* I will wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
  13. o.O nuuuu *runs and tackles zyphy over tying him up and skipping ahead* tee hee <3 ~_^
  14. *putts along on my little green bike into first place*
  15. *spreads her wings and flies ahead of everyone*
  16. *Throws a weighted net on Angl as he zooms by in an ambulance for his achille's heel*
  17. *sets up a road block sign, and skates to the finish line*
  18. *rolls along past Katla*
  19. *trips Zyph and walks on past whistling innocently*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.