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  1. The Last of the Generation
    A story of small towns and superheroes

    We called them Extras. Shorthand for "extraordinary". That was the phrase that kept cropping up in the newspapers when they started happening. Extraordinary people. They look like us, walk like us, talk like us. But when I was a five year old child, I was never televised tossing around eighteen wheeler trucks like Tonka toys.

    The first Extras were born in 1985, though we didn't notice their existence until about 1990. At first it was seen as a sudden upswing in the number of child prodigies out there. When the more out-there cases started cropping up, we began to realize that something was wrong. Still, it took us a long time to get the world governments co-operating enough to properly document what was going on, to number births, map population numbers and categorize them all, to set up infrastructure that could handle their unique needs. By the time we had it all figured out, and of course we didn't know this at the time, it was the beginning of the end.

    We didn't know it at the time. Extratech was hitting the market, revolutionizing the energy, military and medical sectors. Masked vigilantes straight out of the comic books were ripping apart crime-ridden inner cities or walking shirtless through gunfire in the Middle East. New Extras were cropping up in every corner of the world. Some of them fought for us, some used their powers for themselves. Crime transformed, so did the law. Scientists were trying to understand Extras at a genetic level, figure out what made them tick. It was all very distracting.

    So distracting that it wasn't until 2005 that we realized no more Extras were cropping up, anywhere in the world. The last Extra had been born in 1995. And we looked for them, believe me. But that was it. Ten years of wonder-kids, a little over six hundred thousand total, who grew up and couldn't make more wonder-kids. Every Extra is infertile, for whatever reason. Maybe their mutations did it. Who knows? But we would be getting only one generation of metahumans.

    Now it is 2015 and the world is turning against the Extras. Rarely overt hostility, but more that we realize they've cost us more than they gave us. Sensing that hostility and perhaps dreading their growing irrelevance, the Extras have begun to retreat from the cities that were predominately their home. They started banding together into small communes, moving en-mass out into the countryside to live in small towns. They started referring to themselves as "The Generation". Truces were made between heroes and villains as the communities grew and became safe havens. And the eyes of the outside world have turned intensely on these Havens, for fear that the Generation will turn against the world..


    TL;DR - slightly more grown-up X-men.

    The game takes place in Glenville, Delaware, a revitalized ghost town. Glenville is located on the east bank of Red Clay Creek and on Bread-and-Cheese Island. It was abandoned after suffering severe flooding and storm damage in 1999 and then again in 2003. The government bought out homeowners in 2004 but it soon became a squatter's haven for on-the-run supercriminals, meaning worker crews refused to risk their lives carrying out planned demolition orders.

    Glenville became a Haven for members of the Generation in 2010 when Victor Gehrman, formerly the high-profile hero and super-soldier Siege, settled there and began working to make it habitable again. Over time others joined, mostly of the Generation but some humans too. Now Glenville has a population in the low hundreds, with fresh water and working electricity but few modern niceties; most food comes from farming and so on. There are murmurings that Glenville is wholly off the grid and will soon declare secession.

    Maybe you live in Glenville or you just arrived from the world outside. But this is your life now. What will you do to keep it safe?

    The Glenville Laws (open)

    Glenville has no official legal code to speak of, but when Siege established it as a Haven he declared a few quote-unquote Laws for the residents to go by.
    1. The Truce: Glenville is neutral ground for any ongoing feuds between heroes and villains. As soon as either of them become a Glenville citizen, feud's over or get the hell out.
    2. Work Together, Stand Together: Glenville is a community and can only work if everyone does their parts. Everyone who comes to Glenville has to get a job of some sort - even if it's just tilling soil in the farm - and all citizens are expected to defend Glenville in the event of a conflict.
    3. Fair Play: Not all residents of Glenville are Extras and using metahuman powers on them is considered taboo.

    Extras (open)
    Extras are people born with extraordinary talents. Think X-men style mutants. They are the only known metahumans in the world. These powers range widely in terms of nature and scope, from people able to light small flames on their fingertips to Superman-esque paragons. Physical manifestations of mutation are common, making Extras stand out; they might have shocking colours of hair, feathered wings or glowing skin. There are roughly 600,000 Extras in the world and all Extras were born somewhere between 1985 and 1995. All Extras are infertile. No-one knows where the Extras came from, how their powers work, why they're infertile or why they stopped happening twenty years ago. There are many, meany theories. Extras were commonly celebrity figures due to their rarity and talents. Many pursued careers in the media or politics, while others worked in the military thanks to the tactical advantage their powers provided. Since comics existed before superhumans, many Extras who grew up on Spiderman went on to become masked vigilantes themselves. Others turned to crime, using their powers to carve out the life they wanted. They quickly became crime lords and major public menaces, unable to be challenged by normal rivals. Of course, many more Extras wanted normal lives.

    Extratech (open)
    Extratech is the term for super-technology created by Extras with the relevant powers. These are your teleporter belts, your freeze-guns and shrink-rays. While super-smart Extras have made great advances in real-world science, Extratech defies real science and can do "comic book" things but are much rarer and difficult to get a hold on. Specimens of Extratch appear to have some sort of connection to the Extra that created it. On the death of Judith Harkin, aka Madam Tinker, all of the amazing suits of walking mecha-armour she'd created suddenly stopped functioning. Still, a healthy black market for such items exists, both among ne'er-do-wells who intend to use them nefariously and collectors who just want something unique and special. During the late 90's and early 00's, Extratech was heavily adopted and industrialized. However, this tactic proved to be a boon short-term but injurious long-term as anything that happened to the inventors would cause widespread chaos. An amazing, impossible building would collapse on the death of the architect. Life-saving medical devices worked only as long as the doctor who created them was alive and kicking. And in general, surviving Extratech in recent years has begun to decline in power and reliability because of (or perhaps foreshadowing) the end of the age of Extras. Now most examples of Extratech only reliably work in close proximity to their makers; that building might only properly stand so long as the architect is inside of it.

    Character Sheet (open)
    Alias: (Superheroic/villainous name, if relevant)
    Race: (Extra or Human?)
    Age:(20-30 if Extra, any age if Human)
    Appearance: (Pics okay, but some text too)
    Role: (What are you in Glenville? Do you take care of sick people? Are you a mechanic? Etc.)
    Powers: (List any Extratech here too.)
    Biography: (At least a paragraph)
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  11. Name: Hagen

    Alias: Solider 7, code name young blood

    Gender: Male

    Race: Extra

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Due to intense training Hagen has got a well built body. He is not overly muscular like a bodybuilder, but his body is virtually pure toned muscle. Hagens body is covered with various scars and bullet wounds, as he has been doing ruthless missions since he was young. He also has a tattoo of the number 7 in roman numerals on his right shoulder. Hagen has mix matched eyes, with one yellow and one red eye, no one knows why. He believes it is a side effect of being an extra. He has thick pitch black hair, and stands at around 5 ft 11.


    Role: Was originally a special forces solider

    Personality: Hagen is normally emotionless. But at times he becomes almost psychotic, lost in the blood shed of war taking joy in the harming of other. Originally Hagen cared for his close friends and would go to the extremes to protect them, but since they all turned on him his views have changed. Hagen now knows that this world is all about survival of the fittest and so doesn't have any emotion towards others. But because he has been a solider since he was 1, he naturally respects and listens to those with a higher rank than him.

    Powers: He has the power to freely detonate any prints caused by his hand at will. Small finger prints make small explosions, and bigger hand prints make larger explosions. The explosion is powerful enough to blow apart humans and even some vehicles. But the radius of the explosion is small, so it can be avoided unless the hand print is on you. It also seems that his palms are tougher than that of a normal person.

    Skills: Hagen has been trained in the art of war since he was 1, giving him a wide variety of deadly skills. He has been trained in countless fighting styles by many different masters, making him a deadly person in close combat. He can track and hunt down animals and humans. He has basic survival skills. He has keen senses and his movements are very agile, it has been seen that he can even dodge bullets to some extent. Hagen has also been trained in countless weapons, from guns to knives to machetes.

    Weaknesses: Because Hagen knows no other life than the life of killing, his social skills are terrible. This means his interaction with others is virtually none. Not only is Hagen cold hearted and able to kill with no emotion, but he is very hot headed and will be the first into the battle. It could be seen as strength or weakness, but Hagen is very obedient to those higher up than him in army rank.

    Biography: Hagen was born into a very rich family, his father was a banker and his mother a successful artist. But, when he was very young ,about 1 years old, him and his family traveled to Africa. The father wanted to thank the mother for giving birth to such an amazing boy, he was going to buy her a diamond. Obviously he didn't just want to buy it from a jeweler, because the diamonds there were to small. So they traveled out to Africa and visited the diamond mine to get the biggest one he could for his wife.

    Unfortunately the mine was raided my a mixed race special forces group that were looking for money. They called themselves the Death Troop, and were renown for their skills in killing. They belonged to no country and were more of a mercenary group rather than a special forces group. Yet they rivaled that of the British SAS, the American navy seals and the Russian spetsnaz. This was because they had people from all over the world, and form many different groups training and fighting with them.

    Hagen was the only survivor of the bloodshed that was caused, this is because the leader of the attack squad decided that they should train him to be the best of the best. The Death Troop train their soldiers in small batches of 20s, this is to maximize the skill of each individual and allows the teachers to have more focus on the small group. Hagen was number 7 in his group, hence the tattoo on his shoulder. It was customary for each solider to have their number tattooed onto their right shoulder

    He was taught in their ruthless ways of killing, but never used his power since he never knew he had them. As well as this, he was also trained on how to combat Extra's. Since the rise in fear of these new people had grown, the Death Troop often got jobs to go kill a cluster of Extras. By a young age Hagen had already killed many people, and took part in many missions. The Death Troop were proud if the thing they had created, and because he was the youngest ever to enter what they call an A-class mission, he was given the code name "Young blood".

    Hagen continued doing this sort of work for 13 years, until he was 18. This was when they found out he was an Extra. Hagen was in a tight situation in one of his missions, him and his squad were being attacked from all sides. That is when his body seemed to take over, he began to run towards each of the enemies. Dodging some of the bullets shot at him he passed each man, simply tapping them lightly with his bare hands as he went. After he had successfully left his mark on each target he stopped running and stood still. The enemy took this opportunity to surrounded the boy, shouting for him to get on his knees. But it was to late. Hagen grind slightly as each of his hand prints blew up, ripping apart the soldiers.

    When he got back he was instantly attacked by his own group. The Death Troop had a report that he was an Extra and so they decided to kill the boy. But they couldn't kill their own creation. Hagen left the base in ruins and drenched in the blood of his comrades. He is now the only living Death Troop member, with the tattoo to prove it.

    Hagen heard about the new safe town for Extras. Using his old connections with the underworld and various other people. Hagen managed to secure a one way ticket to america, in the hopes he will find this 'Safe Haven' and a new job.
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  12. Name: Major (Ret.) Victor Gehrman

    Alias: Siege

    Gender: Male

    Race: Extra

    Age: 30

    Victor is a surprisingly small and unimposing man for a former super-soldier. He's slightly below average height and weight - 5" 8 and 140lbs - and he looks very average otherwise. His hair is the colour and coarse, dry texture of straw and his eyes are a flat brown. Perhaps his most distinguishing feature is his fully, bushy beard, which hides a weak jawline. He tends to wear fairly plain and drab clothes, greys and earth tones.

    Role: Victor is the founder and "mayor" of Glenville. Though the community has no official government to speak of, and so he has no legal authority, Victor is a figure of leadership to most residents due to his seniority and military past.

    Personality: Victor is something of a powder-keg; he seems to put up with everything quietly until the one thing that goes too far and suddenly he explodes. He's well aware of the destructive potential of his powers and learned to appreciate time alone, in the wilds especially, where he's unlikely to hurt someone. He's learned to appreciate the community of Extras around him, people around whom he feels like less of a freak and more able to let loose. Despite being a former soldier, he's not a macho alpha male and looks back on his time of military service more as a wasted portion of his life rather than valuable work.

    Powers: Victor is a mid-level physical powerhouse whose most distinctive power is his near-total invulnerability to physical harm. His skin has never been broken by any attack, from gunfire to Extra strikes, though he is still affected by knockback and so on. Sustained assault from high-power sources such as heavy weapons fire or high-level Extras could wear him down, but it would take a long time. Victor also has low-level super-strength, about enough to tear through steel with his bare hands and lift around three tons at maximum.

    Skills: Victor has served in the military for six years, which has given him training in military tactics, leadership, global geopolitics, close quarters combat and marksmanship. Over the last five years of building Glenville from a ghost town to something habitable, he's been learning basic craftsmanship such as woodworking and some practical engineering, though he's not received any formal education there.

    Weaknesses: Victor suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to his military service; he suffers flashbacks and acute stress responses meaning that he will sometime over-react to small things that trigger his disorder. For instance, he might respond to minor threats as if they're life and death or be disturbed by fireworks that cause him to flashback to coming under heavy artillery. In addition, his unbreakable skin means that attempts to treat him via injection cannot work.

    Biography: Victor was born to a family of second-generation German immigrants in Pennsylvania. He was a happy, healthy child who never got sick, which was just as well because every attempt to inoculate him ended up with broken syringes. This caused Victor to be identified as an Extra very early on and his family became the subject of the media circus that surrounded the first "wonder-children". Headlines described him as "The Steel Child" for his apparent total invulnerability, though obvious ethical issues prevented scientists from really trying to hurt a child.

    Victor's youth was a whirlwind of press interviews and he rarely had friends outside of the early early-generation Extras because of how he was publicly known as a freak. One of his few non-Extra friends was an Army official who was part of the DARPA team studying Victor's abilities. Lieutenant-Major Hannah Morrow was one of the few people who spoke to Victor like he wasn't an alien, who brought him books to read and asked his opinions about things. They struck up a friendship and through her stories about military service, Victor agreed to sign up for training as soon as legally possible. A judge agreed that this would be the age of 16, given his unusual circumstances.

    Victor underwent basic GI training in Texas and then was fast-tracked to special forces and officer training in Washington. After a couple years of intense study, he was shipped of to Afghanistan's front lines and spent almost the entire next decade in the Middle East. Propaganda was spun up around him, creating the heroic identity of Siegebreaker, shortened later to Siege. During this time, his unique talents meant he was constantly being assigned where the fighting was fiercest and he gained something of a bad reputation among the non-Extra troops; being part of Siege Squad was considered the kiss of death as it meant you would be inevitably sent to the most violent and hellish part of the warzone.

    In 2010, the psychological toll of constant military service and constantly being the sole survivor of his squad finally got too much for Victor and he resigned from military service. He returned to the States and tried to live a normal life, but found that being an Extra (on top of what would later be a PTSD diagnosis) made that impossible. He couldn't settle in one place for long and began roaming. When he came to Glenville, it was a den of squatters that he crashed with for a time. Being among fellow Extras, it felt better than being back in the "real world". But when he saw who they really were, when he saw how they terrorized nearby communities, he drew a line in the sand and told them to either get out or get wrecked.

    Some of his first work in Glenville was repairing the damage incurred in that fight. Since then he started doing basic, boring work to occupy his time - patching the roofs to keep the rain out, clearing out the cluttered roads. Soon, people started staying there with him. Homeless mostly but then a reporter tracked him down and put pictures of the war hero online. Good story, a hero doing the hard, necessary good work to liberate a ghost town. That was when the Haven movement began in earnest, with more and more disillusioned Extras leaving the cities to set up similar compounds out in the country. Cut to the modern day and Victor finds himself mayor, though he would never call himself that, of a community of nearly a hundred people, most of whom are super-powered.
  13. Name: Celeste Wingfield

    Alias: Musa

    Gender: Female

    Race: extra

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Musa is a curvy girl with medium black hair that dyed into a magenta pink. Her eyes reflect the typical color of Wingfeld eyes, a deep red eyes. Musa has freckles and her clothing choices are always casual; additionally, her attire includes a tank top, and a skinny jeans. She wears a black and pink headphones around her head or neck.


    Role: used to be a singer/songwriter. Now she's a waitress/bartender in Glenville

    Personality: Musa gets easily overwhelmed by good musical performances, is very smart and structured. Although she mostly appears to be calm, she also has a eruptive nature and is easily snapped when someone makes fun of her. She can also be pretty stubborn to show no weaknesses.

    Powers: her powers are related to sound waves and sonic pressure of music. She can control them and manipulate them, giving her numerous abilities such as:
    • She can manipulate other elements by creating sonic booms which cause rumbling and things to crash.
    • She can fly using sound waves
    • She can also create sonic vibes and pulses which charge through the air like energy blasts.
    • Musa is able to create sonics vibes which hypnotize and block the line of sight.
    • She is able to unleash disrupting sonic booms which can split the earth and crash the air.
    • Musa can also create walls and barriers of the musical scale and explosive musical notes.
    • Musa is also able to release sound waves that can be used to calm others and even put them to sleep.
    • She can also make sounds in any pitch or tone
    • She has sonic ears
    Her extratech are her headphones, which can can suppress her sonic ears, making her hearing normal. If not worn, she can hear everything within a hundred mile radius.

    She also has a music blast gun which shoots controlled sound waves that can only stun people for a few minutes with an incredibly loud bass music.

    Full Gear Appearance (open)

    Skills: Musa can sing really high notes and play musical instruments. She can also memorize stuff easily, is agile and flexible. She also knows how to wield a katana blade.

    She can't stand being lonely and she's too trustful to people, mostly leading her to be betrayed and tricked.

    Musa is a self-proclaimed singer and songwriter who has been playing the violin since the fourth grade because her parents own a music company that produces singers and songwriters. She grew up in a rich household and used to have a pretty normal life. She goes to a normal school and had many friends.

    She has an older brother named Jack, a soldier who is obsessed with anything supernatural or extraordinary.She would always play inside Jack's room, which is filled with different kinds of stuff. One day, her brother secretly bought an extratech, being rich and all and their parents not knowing it. At first Musa didn't know what it was and her brother explained everything to her: about extras and extratechs. He also taught Musa the basics of self defense and how to wield a katana blade.

    When she's 10 years old during music class, a classmate stole her song composition and played it in front of her teachers, proclaiming that she's the one who wrote it. That's when she discovered her powers, accidentally setting a high frequency pitch that destroyed her classmate's eardrums.

    Her parents, ashamed of what she is and what she had done, sent killers to end her life, afraid that they'll be hurt by their own daughter. Her brother saved her from the killers by using the extratech he bought and ran away with her, proclaiming that he'll protect his baby sister.

    Since then, she started living with her brother and went hiding. Her brother helped her to harness her powers and become stronger. On her 16th birthday, her brother came home shouting for her, asking her to hide. She was confused at the moment but did what her brother said. She hid under a broken floor board and suddenly, a group of men came in, beating the hell out of her brother, muttering things and stating that they'll kill him if he didn't tell them where she is.

    Musa can see her brother looking at her bruised and beaten, his eyes pleading her not to come out where she's hiding. She signalled her brother to cover his ears and let out a high frequency making the men's ear bleed and their heads explode.

    His brother made Musa promise to never use her abilities ever again. He then asked Musa to take the extratech, which is ironically a music blast gun, and told her to use it instead of her powers when she's in danger.

    Her brother died that night and feeling heartbroken and empty, she somehow ended up in Glenville. She's now working as a waitress/bartender at the local bar, and hid her powers, living as normal as possible.
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  15. I'm not repulsed by anime style pics, so long as they're thematically appropriate. I'm really looking more for how well-written the profile is.
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  16. Hi! I decided to change a few things in my CS. I hope you don't mind :)
  17. Name: Richie Kennedy
    Alias: Wrecker
    Gender: Male
    Race: Extra
    Age: 23


    Appearance Continued (open)

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 220lbs (When not activating power)
    Hair Color: D. Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian with a bit of redness
    Physical Appearance: In addition to the other information, he is more bulk that lean. It's obvious he works out but there is still a bear like appearance to him. He also has freckles all over his shoulders. Hair is generally kept short or in a fauxhawk, if it gets long enough. His facial hair is red. Often he wears a plain t-shirt and jeans, but does like to spice it up at times with a random suit or something.
    Attire: He tends to wear what is comfortable, but has no issue wearing a tux. For crime fighting, he tend to wear face paint as fabric tends to rip and he doesn't sweat as easily as most people. He doesn't have a specific design that he goes with because its fun for him to come up with different things.

    Role: Bouncer at Freddy's Bar and Grill

    Likes/Dislikes (open)

    • Cigarettes
    • Feta Cheese
    • People who don't feel remorse
    • Losing
    • People touching him out of nowhere
    • Horror Movies
    • Snobbish Behavior
    • Skateboards
    • Discrimination
    • Food
    • Sports (Specifically team sports like football or baseball)
    • Music - Mostly Rock and Alternative
    • Singing
    • Cartoons
    • Relaxing
    • Babies
    • Video Games
    • Polar Bears
    • Lifting Weights
    • Cracking Jokes
    • Bodily Functions
    • Touching, when it doesn't startle him

    ESFJ (open)

    • Strong Practical Skills - ESFJs are excellent managers of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance, enjoying making sure that those who are close to them are well cared for.
    • Strong Sense of Duty - People with the ESFJ personality type have a strong sense of responsibility and strive to meet their obligations, though this may sometimes be more from a sense of social expectations than intrinsic drive.
    • Very Loyal - Valuing stability and security very highly, ESFJs are eager to preserve the status quo, which makes them extremely loyal and trustworthy partners and employees. ESFJs are true pillars of any groups they belong to - whether it is their family or a community club, people with this personality type can always be relied upon.
    • Sensitive and Warm - Helping to ensure that stability, ESFJ personalities seek harmony and care deeply about other people's feelings, being careful not to offend or hurt anybody. ESFJs are strong team players, and win-win situations are the stuff smiles are made of.
    • Good at Connecting with Others - These qualities come together to make ESFJs social, comfortable and well-liked. ESFJ personalities have a strong need to "belong", and have no problem with small talk or following social cues in order to help them take an active role in their communities.
    • Worried about Their Social Status - These Strengths are related to a chief Weakness: ESFJs' preoccupation with social status and influence, which affects many decisions they make, potentially limiting their creativity and open-mindedness.
    • Inflexible - ESFJs place a lot of importance on what is socially acceptable, and can be very cautious, even critical of anything unconventional or outside the mainstream. People with this personality type may also sometimes push their own beliefs too hard in an effort to establish them as mainstream.
    • Reluctant to Innovate or Improvise - Just as they can be critical of others' "unusual" behavior, ESFJs may also be unwilling to step out of their own comfort zones, usually for fear of being (or just appearing) different.
    • Vulnerable to Criticism - It can be especially challenging to change these tendencies because ESFJs are so conflict-averse. ESFJ personalities can become very defensive and hurt if someone, especially a person close to them, criticizes their habits, beliefs or traditions.
    • Often Too Needy - ESFJs need to hear and see a great deal of appreciation. If their efforts go unnoticed, people with the ESFJ personality type may start fishing for compliments, in an attempt to get reassurance of how much they are valued.
    • Too Selfless - The other side of this is that ESFJs sometimes try to establish their value with doting attention, something that can quickly overwhelm those who don't need it, making it ultimately unwelcome. Furthermore, ESFJs often neglect their own needs in the process.


    Power Details (open)

    ABILITIES: Density Manipulation
    Richie can manipulate the density and solidity of himself only. His body-tissue, skin, muscles, bones, etc. can be extremely dense/solid, allowing him to withstand harmful strains on the body such as crushing weights, impacts, pressures, and changes in temperature. With this, Richie also gains enhanced levels of strength and stamina, this is possible because of how hard the body has become, allowing resistance to tearing a muscle and/or their bones shattering easily. Richie can make himself so heavy he can break through almost anything or so light that it can just float away. Mind you, he can only do this for himself.

    • Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability
    • Enhanced Endurance
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Pressure Resistance
    • Skin Hardening
    • Unbreakable Bones
    • Immobility
    • If he isn't in control, they could either float away or be immobilized by weight.
    • Wrecker can not use this to fly as Superman or Iron-Man.
    • Has a real issue with not picking the largest enemy in the room to fight just to feel like a bad ass
    • Is far too rash with his own life.
    • Often has mood swings.
    • Is a liability as his style ends up breaking more things than necessary.
    • He has issues with seeing colors a certain way. This could be a big issue for tactics.
    • He is easily frightened/startled.
    • Currently he still doesn't have any formal, real training in hero work, fighting, etc.
    • If the right buttons are pressed, he can be pushed to do almost anything.
    • The smell of dog food makes him gag.
    • Poking fun or bullying is an effective method for manipulation or even neutralizing.
    • Even if he faces someone with less strength or endurance that he does that it is still very possible to to be taken down. (As he does not have much technique beyond "Punch this. Run through that.")

    Skills: He is good at other things, but nothing that directly ties in with his power itself. Public Speaking / Singing / Prowess in Personal Tactics / Mediation / Slap-Stick humor (Accidentally) / Being A Good Friend / Billiards / Weight Lifting / Astrology are most of the things he knows there is skill and/or knowledge there.

    Weaknesses (open)

    • While his skin can take an very, very large amount of damage, once it is damaged, his wounds do not heal any faster than a normal humans. Recovery would depend on quality of care.
    • Overall, he does have a weak nose. It has caused a lot of gagging and vomiting incidents.
    • He is still able to take damage from energy attacks.
    • Still able to be poisoned.
    • While he is a stubborn guy, his mind is still as likely to be taken control of as any human.
    • Any concoction that can remove and suppress his mutation will work.
    • His senses can still be affected, as a human. Blinding, Deafening are VERY effective.
    • Illusions of his family are also very effective.
    • He CANNOT manipulate the density of anything other than himself.
    • He has to "activate" the power. So if he is not ready to take a hit, the blow could be deadly if it is to a human.
    • User may sacrifice flexibility and speed for strength and durability.

      Deeper Fears That can effect him
      • Heights
      • Snakes
      • Being Alone
      • Being Useless
      • Rejection
      • Embarrassment of any kind


    Biography (open)
    Richie was born in a small town, in New York. Life wasn't very interesting, in terms of being different. He came from a good family. In that, they accepted him for who he is. However, they did not know how to deal with him constantly breaking/floating himself. Wrecker was raised on good values but with his parents being unable to teach him how to use his gift, there wasn't much for him to be but experiment. There were a lot of ideas that either busted or floated away. No one else knew about it. It was like a dirty secret but he knew they still loved him.

    Often, the young man would go out for sports and of course the ability wasn't used. There were a couple of times he was tempted. Even so, he was an average athlete that did well in school. His favorite classes were music and gym. (Because lunch isn't a class). He was known as a class clown and it was something that was prided on.

    But the ability had to come out sometime. And it was the last day of Sophomore year. He was walking home, and his head phones were in. The light was red but the truck driver didn't see it. Luckily, Richie seen him. The front of the 18-wheeler had a Mr. Kennedy sized hole in the front. The driver was killed when the semi flipped over the teen.

    It was a hard sight to miss, said the 4th witness. They weren't in court, but it was a town discussion that wasn't going well. Before the torches were lit, they decided to move. To a point, he still resents himself for that day. Thankfully, being a teenager in this day and age allows for internet surfing. This is what helped lead him to hero work. He never thought about it before, but it makes sense. Growing up watching tv shows where the big bad does something evil and the good guys come in and kick his ass.

    When it came time to be on his own (He was 19 at this time), he picked a spot on the map and that would be where he would protect start a life for himself. After talking it over, with his family, it was time to go. Richie does still keep in contact, when he can, but this new life can be rather busy.

    He has been shown both sides of the coin for people like him...and one side is very dirty and dented in. Richie works to try and keep the other side from getting scuffed.

    Present Day: Richie is a 23 year old hero that is trying to figure himself out in this damn Delaware town. With a good four years of light burglar foiling, rape thwarting, and crook bashing the young man wants to take out bigger targets. Mostly, he does so to stay out of everyone's way, but he knows this place isn't exactly it's own crime pool. Maybe someday soon, he will leave.

    Random Facts
    Played many sports and trained in martial arts until people found out about his mutation.
    His favorite color is blue.
    His favorite meal is steak and potatoes.
    Is a shower singer that can actually sing.
    Can't dance to save his life, unless it is slow dancing.
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  18. I've edited my Cs to make it better and have more detail. But i still couldn't fined a decent picture, sorry
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  19. Name:

    Frank (Frankie) Paulo Blanc

    Formerly known as The Incube (Incubus in French) in Europe
    Usually called Night Terror in America



    Bi-sexual, leaning towards men for actual relationships



    x x x x

    Frankie is a tall, well formed young man. He stands average at 6 feet tall. He's not the most muscular man in the world, but his body is wrapped in lean, spring like muscle. His body type doesn't allot for excessive strength but he's very agile and a wonderful runner. His skin is very fair and pairs will with his thick, dark waves. He never keeps his hair short. His eyes are dark and fringed in long lashes. He's considered to be very beautiful by many. It's not a typical adjective for a young man, but handsome hardly seems strong enough a word.

    Frankie's greatest talent is exactly viable or legal, but he is happy to keep anyone who desires "company" happy for a price. Otherwise he busies himself with whatever needs to be done at the moment, from tinkering on machinery to landscaping to bar tending. He's quite the versatile young man. In times of emergency, however, he's a wonderful scout and no better interrogator can be found.

    Frankie is an odd duck. Due to his power set and former line of work, charm is something that defines him. He's charismatic, knows when to talk and when to just smile, and relies heavily on physicality to express his feelings. Despite having the knowledge and typically putting it to use, Frankie rarely speaks unless it's necessary. He prefers to be alone unless he's distressed and is content to not be the center of attention. He does seem to have traits of both a sadist and masochist. He thoroughly enjoys harming those who threaten him or those he cares about and has some level of desire for self harm evident in his occasional drug use and literal love for pain. He's a hedonist for sure, but it ultimately trustworthy once his trust has been earned. Not many can boast that, but the little town he lives to protect certainly can. He's content to be the odd ex-super villain/prostitute for now and quietly bides his time while waiting for his next disastrous relationship to come along.

    Frankie is pretty high level in the grand scheme of extras. In most basic terms, Frankie seems to emit a powerful pheromone that, paired with his good looks, seem to make people not only desire him sexually, but feel very relaxed around him. This state makes others much more willing to share things with him, secrets, desires, military plans...anything you can imagine without the intrusiveness or damage that mind reader can cause. It also puts them in a state to give in to his suggestions which is further heightened by his touch. In addition to this pheromone, Frankie has an ability to literally drain someone's energy or vitality through physical touch. Touching also allows him to share emotions he's experiencing with others or experience what others are feeling. This isn't mind reading but an ability to share or read feelings. It's not as clear as a telepath's abilities, but people can't wish their emotions away. They may be able to think false thoughts or block telepaths with images, but it's nearly impossible to disguise true emotions. So while Frankie doesn't have any insane physical enhancements or fighting ability, it's not difficult to see why he should be feared.

    As a culmination of the powers mentioned above, Frankie is incredibly skilled in the bedroom. Having so much physical content on top of the other person being exposed to the pheromone in its highest state means that he can literally make anyone feel however he wants in these states. His alias "Night Terror" was earned in America for a reason as since people typically fall asleep after sex . After being exposed to him in such a powerful way, and having no mental defense while asleep, Frankie is able to have people give in to his suggestion in their sleep. Killing political opponents, assaulting people in public, telling their spouses terrible things, you name it. He can influence people who are asleep he hasn't slept with as well, but on a much lesser level.

    His extra tech is very simple. A thin chain he crafted with the help of a brilliant extra scientist he met in Amsterdam. The chain more or less cancels out his pheromone, allowing him to have normal interactions with others. It also allows him to touch others normally. He wears around town, but takes it off at home and in times of emergencies.

    To make up for his lack of combat effective powers, Frankie is well versed in free-running, climbing, distance and short distance running, is very handy with small firearms and throwing knives, is skilled in espionage, interrogation, urban survival skills, and knows how to create false documents and the like. Domestically he's a wonderful cook, knows a lot about fine wine, and how to upkeep nice clothes.

    He can't take very many hits. His fighting style is speed and agility based, but if a larger, stronger opponent gets his hands on him there's little he can do to defend himself outside of making skin to skin contact and seducing his way out of it. His powers can't be used to the utmost if he can't make some kind of skin to skin contact. Sometimes the emotions he picks up from other people haunt him for a time. This can leave him irritable and angry or depressed for days or weeks after contact with such a emotions on a powerful level. And though no a technical weakness, he is horrible at choosing long term lovers. Or maybe he just likes shitty relationships, who knows.

    Frankie was born during the last few years of the Wonder Child Generation in a suburb of Paris. His powers were subtle so he wasn’t immediately noticed. He was a quiet, thoughtful child who did well in school. His parents noticed he was very popular at school. When he turned thirteen, his pheromone seemed to be onset by puberty. His parents realized their boy wasn’t quite normal when he expressed some of his teachers and fellow students began to behave…inappropriately around him. After extensive testing, his powers were fully realized. His parents pulled him out of school and paid off the doctors to keep them from making their findings about Frankie public. He finished his high school diploma online at sixteen and started college. It was then he began developing his powers further and learning to control those around him rather than be a target himself. At eighteen he dropped out of college for lack of interest and moved to Amersterdam on his own.

    Seeing the profit many made in the Red Light District but not wanting to be a street whore, he found a mentor in a private escort, a beautiful older woman, who taught him the better side of whoring. Espionage, secret dealing, even taking care of clients if someone paid them off. Within six months, Frankie was the most demanded “escort” in Europe. His persona became wrapped up in his work. No one knew was he looked like until he was in front of them and usually those he was sent to please were not seen again, or ruined themselves under his influence. One wealthy man shot his wife and then himself, crippling oil trade in half of the continent. Another was caught in bed with several underage teenage escorts was put away for life. The list goes on. Frankie realized he was a super villain when he stumbled across a conspiracy theory surrounding him on the internet. He laughed it off, but profit rang in his mind. He capitalized on the whole idea, marketing himself as a full package assassin and lover both, who was capable of ruining or killing a man or woman with the target’s own hands.

    The dream couldn’t last forever though, and at 22 he was caught extracting information from a KGB agent. Imprisoned as a spy, Frankie was nearly killed by another prisoner paid off by a Russian third party. Barely escaping the encounter with his life, Frankie put all his power into seducing one of his guards. He was let out and after procuring fake documents, made his way to America. He picked his business back up for another two or three months, long enough to earn himself a name, then caught wind of Glennville. Seeing the opportunity to get out of his current lifestyle, he emptied his various bank accounts and headed for the small town. He’s been living there for fifteen months and though finds himself bored at times, seems to be adjusting pretty well.
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  20. Name: Damian Truman

    Alias: Null

    Gender: Male

    Race: Extra

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Red eyes with light brown hair, earrings, ear piercings and a tongue piercing, wears his glasses almost 100% of the time. Stands at 6"1 with a slightly hunched stature, always clad in heavy winter gear. His stare is somewhat chilling, as if he isn't looking at you more into you. His hair is never intentionally styled as a result of his powers, leading to a messy blown-back hairstyle developing.


    Role: Damian has two roles in Glenville. Supplier/courier or a form of 'private handyman' which both utilise his powers. He can 'flicker' around the place to aquire small packages from outside of Glenville which is rather useful for many people. His other role is somewhat shadier, being looked upon with a form of disapproval. For the right price, Damian will 'flicker' around somewhere for his customer, perhaps accidentally overhearing something, 'flickering' away while holding some small object of value and leave the entire property seemingly untouched.

    Personality: Damian is manipulative, sadistic and, above all, analytical. He operates based not on emotions or attachments but purely factored around the pros and cons of a decision. This would lead to him seeming cold and uncaring, yet he maskes it well through accurate faking of emotional responses. The one person he has found that has been able to provoke a genuine response out of him has been Celeste. He seems slightly warmer around her, perhaps due to the fact that she is so naive and trusting that he doesn't feel the need to pretend as much, allowing an actual connection to form. Regardless, he favours her slightly, for reasons other than a base physical attraction.

    Powers: Damian has the ability to teleport or as he puts it 'flicker'. He phrases it like this because, as far as he can understand, he 'flickers' to a seperate space briefly before going back to his destination. This space is freezing and this why he constantly wears his heavy winter gear. He has two options when 'flickering'. He either forms a mark which is more strenous to place but allows easier transport to that spot or alternativly he can just 'flicker'. He can only 'flicker' fairly short distances of around 20m unless he is travelling to a mark. He can pull matter with him but this takes more effort, especially if it's not in contact with him. One of the strategies he likes to use is to take a large volume of air with him, causing what is effectively an explosion at his destination. He nearly always wears tinted goggles in case he has to 'flicker' quickly.

    His extra tech consists of a mechanical arm that has storage inside that he uses to keep sebon (throwing needles) in with a pressurised firing chamber and an extendable 8 inch blade. The 'little finger' on the arm has a usb device inside which flips open to be used.

    Skills: Manipulation, theft, 'flickering', training with side arms, knives and throwing weapons, analysis, deceit, strength and dexterity granted by his mechanical right arm

    Weaknesses: Inferior to some other extras physically, becomes exhausted quickly when forced to 'flicker' with large masses, unliked by those who see through his façade

    Biography: Damian Truman. An somewhat ironic name for a pathological liar. Damain: Liar or tempter. That much was accurate, yet Truman? Truthful person or honest person. He was definitely honest to himself, only considering the facts of a situation. Damian had always been ostracised, unable to see why he should have to change his mannerisms to suit others. He soon saw the error of his ways. He needed to lie to make people accept him, or allies would be few and fickle. So he lied.

    When he discovered he was an extra, he was both excited yet concerned. This new power would be useful yet it was another thing separating him out from people. Having weighed up his options he chose to leave behind a normal life and be known as Null. He came to Glenville after assessing that he was more likely to be accepted here than anywhere else. His service are still required elsewhere at times, so there are time he is gone for fairly large periods of time, out performing some job for a client.

    Damian lost his right arm on a job. He had been hired to steal a small briefcase containing documents pertaining to a subject of great interest to his client. After the owner of the briefcase fired at him, he panicked. He ended up 'flickering' too quickly and leaving two things behind with his. The first was the briefcase. The second was his arm. There was, suprisingly, no blood. It was a clean division, which didn't stop it causing enough pain for him to pass out. His client was sympathetic, offering him an extratech mech-arm if he completed the job afterwards. He agreed.
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