Laser 'Lightning rods' channel electricity through thin air

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  1. I swear. You post some of the most amazing things.
  2. I am just wondering how it is possible that Almost Anything.. Comes from the USA?

    Almost every discovery or whatever is, all Must Happen in the states.. I just find it funny.

    Regardless the article.. Not so impressive. I mean, I am sure they will Find something better soon enough to entertain us.;)

    Heated plasma.. Hmm. I wonder what's gonna be next xD
  3. The United States of America.

    Testing things because we can.
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  4. Meh. Screw lightning guns.

    You gotta go with railguns.

    Or mass drivers.

    Launching shit without gunpowder ftw.
  5. I think it would be neat if they used this to make a generator.

    Such as in controled cobditions clouds can form inside rooms. Through a chim process would it not be possible to creat a lightning storm inside the room? So that you are creating power over a large area via lightning. If this is possible you could also use thermodynamics to power something else, or even provide heat for the whole area being powered.

    It was just a side thought I had today, and I think it would be really cool, and could if possible replace some power sources.
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