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  1. Rosalie was walking through the forests one morning, she carried a satchel around her shoulder as she browsed, picking up a few items as she walked. She came across something large in the distance. As she walked further towards it, she noticed it was a large castle. She instantly goes towards it. Once she got near, she opened the gate surrounding it and walked towards the castle, and then knocked on the door, but it was already open. She steps inside and looks around. "Hello? Anybody home?" She says quietly.
  2. Leon Corvinus, the master of the estate, was sitting in his room watching a magnificent rose he kept safe as a petal separated itself from the magnificent bloom and fell quietly to the surface of the table below with a sorrowful look to his majestie, and terrifying, visage. The man was stuck in the form of a Leonin, a humanoid lion, and the castle he lived in had a very gothic look to it. He not only heard her from his dark room, but her scent had preceded her and announced her arrival. Leon quietly descended the stairs and asked "who are you and what brings you here?" while he was still out of sight, his choice booming through the seemingly empty halls.
  3. Rosalie looked around when she heard a voice and then noticed a creature closeby. It talks. Strange. She must've been dreaming. She blinks a few times, but it was still there. She shook her head, finally finding the courage to speak. "N-No one, I was just curious, that's all. I noticed this castle and decided to have a look inside" She says and shrugs lightly, like it was nothing. She backed up a little.
  4. "Normally a guest introduces themselves when asked who they are when the master of the estate asks especially if said master never met said guest before." Leon pointed out as he stepped completely into her view. His armor gently reflecting what little light came into the room. "My name is Leon Corvinus. I am the master of this castle. "
  5. "Rosalie. That's my name" Rosalie replies. "I'm gonna get going now" She says softly, moving towards the door. She opened it and it was pouring with rain. She sighed. "Wow, it's raining pretty heavy" She points out.
  6. "A pleasure to meet you. You might as well stay here where it's dry. There are plenty of rooms. Just stay away from the north eastern wing on the second floor." Leon said with a shrug that made his armor shift before he turned to go back to his room. It had been ages since he had anyone to talk to, so he felt a bit awkward around her at the moment.
  7. Rosalie nods and smiles. "Thank you" She says softly. She shuts the door and then wanders after him, she looks at him for a few minutes, and then heads off to the other rooms. Why couldn't she go to the north eastern wing on the second floor? She looks over at him again, she could have a small peep. She slowly crept towards the room.
  8. "Don't even think about it."Leon called over his shoulder "it's my room and unless you want to join me in my bed, You'll keep clear of the north eastern wing on the second floor."
  9. Rosalie sighed and then nodded. "Fine" She says and then goes into one of the rooms. It was beautiful, with a large bed, walk in wardrobe and a beautiful view from the window. This place needed a makeover, the rooms were lovely in the castle, but they were dull and lifeless, they needed to be taken care of, they looked like they hadn't been cleaned in years. She goes towards the window and then wipes it a little and looks out of it. Rain. Rain, and more rain. She sighed gently and then looks around some more.
  10. Leon gave an almost imperceptible nod before he carried on to his room and resumed watching the rose. The magnificent flower was tied to him. It dies, he dies. And his time was running out.
  11. Rosalie goes downstairs into the kitchen and then looks around. Everything was so ancient, yet beautiful. It was so luxurious. She found a feather duster in a cleaning cupboard and tries her best to dust around, sneezing gently as she encountered some dust.
  12. Leon continued to watch the rose, oblivious to what was going on in the rest of the castle. he had long since shed his armor to replace it with a suit that surprisingly enough still fit him despite his animalistic form. he would dawn his armor again before he went out hunting that night, a task he has grown accustomed to over the years. the rain would continue for about a week and then winter would set in and turn the water that had coated the ground to ice hidden under a blanket of snow. the wolves that inhabit the woods outside the castle would become more active with the additional tell-tail signs for tracking prey.
  13. Rosalie had discovered the library, which she adored and found a book to read. She picked it out and then curled up in a chair by the fireplace, reading it until she fell asleep, eventually.
  14. later that night, Leon found her asleep in the library and gently took the book from her hands and put a blanket over her after setting the book down on the table next to where she was sitting. he then left the castle and went out hunting for the night and soon enough he had caught a majestic deer and carried the animal all the way back to the estate for him to cook up. his servants had all left him when the curse was setting in.
  15. Rosalie awoke when he was out hunting and then looks around. She couldn't see him in sight. She headed to the north eastern wing on the second floor and enters the room. She looks around and then sees something. A rose. Not any old rose. It was glowing, it looked magical. She goes towards it and looks at it carefully.
  16. Leon had just returned to the castle not too long after Rosalie entered his room and he noticed she wasn't in the library anymore. after dropping off the deer in the kitchen, he went looking for her only to find her in his room. "Why are you in my room?" he asked in a calm voice that had a terrifying undertone to it. "I told you that this area of the castle is off limits didn't i?"
  17. Rosalie turns around and then sees him there. She knew for sure that she'd be in big trouble now. "Oh, well, I mean, oh look! The rain has stopped, I'd better get going now" She says.
  18. Leon blocked the only exit to the room. "The rain may have stopped, but the temperature has dropped so low that ice has formed. On top of that, the wolves have become more active. I'm afraid you're stuck here until spring. Now, answer my question." the cursed man said as he crossed his arms.
  19. Rosalie just shrugged. "I just wanted to know what was in here, sorry. It's okay, I think I want to go now" She says and lightly tries to move past him.
  20. "I like my privacy. That's why i said this wing on this floor was off limits." Leon explained. "I'm afraid that you cannot leave the castle until spring. It's for your own safety. The wolves will get to you before you can make it to town. And if i go, there will be a scene and they will try to kill me."
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