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  1. Ally was in full dragon form. The medium sized dragon had just awoken and was having a wander. She wanders into a small river and settles inside, splashing around, letting the cool water clean her body. She looks over and notices another dragon, and then goes over to greet it. She gives it a light nudge and it looks up to her. This dragon was large and fierce looking and growls at her, moving over and shoves her, swiping her away with it's wing. She tries to move away, but it continues to grow more aggressive towards her.
  2. Jason a human male of 20 was walking through the woods when he heard what sounded like a tussle. He didn't know what was going on but a part of him was going to regret going to go find out. But he couldn't help it he was just far to curious for his own good sometimes. He gripped his long bow tightly in his hand and grabbed an arrow in case he would need it. He followed the sound until he ran into a large male dragon attacking what appeared to be a smaller female dragon. "shit..." He shook his head and took aim and fired an arrow at the larger dragon. The arrow bounced harmlessly off its hide and he swallowed hard "hey!..leave her alone!"
  3. (He's a dragon too, right? Sorry if I didn't make it clear, all of the characters are dragon shifters, haha)

    Ally tries to move away from the larger dragon, as he was distracted from the guy in the distance, though the dragon races after her and steps in front of her, growling. She was shaking lightly. Maybe it was in a bad mood, she should've just kept quiet. She shielded herself with one of her wings gently.
  4. @Andy, did you not get this?
  5. (no I never got the alert sorry DX and no you didn't make it clear I thought he was going to be human and she was going to be a dragon shifter)
  6. (It's okay, at least you know, now. Sorry)
  7. (its alright but that's still his human appearance)

    Jason curses and runs forward and quickly strips off his new cloak and shirt not wanting to get them destroyed. In a matter of seconds he had changed from a man into a large gold dragon with golden eyes. Without a second thought he crashes into the other male and roars at him. What was wrong with this male? why was he attacking this female for no reason?
  8. Ally watches as the other dragon growls for a bit, stalks about and then leaves, seek g as he was no match for the other dragon. Once the larger dragon left, she looks over at the golden dragon that had appeared and rescued her.
  9. He stares after the other male for a few moments longer before turning his head to look at her with a soft gaze to make sure she was alright before he shifted back to his human form. Once he had he cracked his neck and back and shook his body out. "dang..that change into a human always gets me.."
  10. She switches into her human form too, and then brushes the dirt from her arms. She was hurt in any way, just on the smallest of pain where she had stumbled backwards a few times in fear.
  11. He looks over at her again and gives her a small smile. He grabs his shirt and cloak and throws them back on and walks over to her "hey..are you ok?..that looked pretty rough there what was going on?"
  12. She just shrugs lightly and looks down. After a few moments she stood up, shaking lightly. "I don't know. I just went over to greet him and he got mad. That's all" She says.
  13. He frowns a bit and looks off in the direction that the dragon went off in "..that's very unusual..I wonder what was under his scales that got him so upset that he attacked you.." He sighed and shook his head "..anyways I'm just glad to see your ok. My names Jason"
  14. She leans against a tree for support, to stop her from shaking. "Hi. I'm Ally. Thanks for helping me" She says quietly. She stays silent for a moment then looks up at him. "How comes you helped me?" She asks.
  15. He looked at her and shrugged before he put his hands in his pockets "..I don't like bullies..simple as that. I helped you because that dragon was attacking you for no reason and I wasn't going to stand by and let him do it"
  16. She nods her head lightly. "Oh, okay" She says and looks down for a moment. "You can go back if you want, you don't have to stand here and talk to me if you don't want to...." She says shyly. She rarely spoke to anyone, so this was a big change for her.
  17. He shakes his head and smiles again "no no..its ok I wasn't going anywhere I was just out for a walk and..besides you look like you could use the company and I'm willing to offer it to you"
  18. She shook her head and tried to stop her hands from shaking. "Uh, no thanks. You don't have to stand around and talk just because you feel sorry for me" She says quietly and then began to wander off, sitting underneath a tree by herself. She notices a little bit of blood on her knee, and a tiny scratch where she must've caught herself from stumbling back. She sighs, and then began to tend to it herself.
  19. He pauses a bit. He didn't feel sorry for her. He just wanted to make sure she was ok and that she wasn't alone. He slowly walks after her. He noticed her tending to her knee and he knelt down next to her " it ok if I take a look at that?"
  20. She looks hesitant but then nods. "Okay, sure. Sorry. I guess I'm not used to this kind of company, I'm always by myself" She tells him softly.
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