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Hopefully, many of you will want to join this one.)



In a land of myth and magic, there was a kingdom in the heart of Dnalyensid. The kingdom's name was Ellivrotciv -- A kingdom that was home to many mythological creatures and even humans. But, trouble was stirring within the peaceful area. A man who's desires were filled with wickedness and his intentions were cruel, was becoming even more of a tyrant. His name was Lucifer. His plan was to kill the King, his own uncle, since he was next in line for the crown. The king had no sons and no daughters, due to his own dislike of children. This extreme hate toward children grew within Lucifer's heart, adding more things on his list of things/people to get rid of, once he was in rule. He would kill the King and then kill all of the children of Ellivrotciv. He didn't believe that there were anymore children needed. No more new generations. The families of the kingdom heard this rumor and instantly started thinking of plans to hide away their children from the tyrant King and prince.

Amara Bluestone was a beautiful elf maiden that lived within the walls of Ellivrotciv and was also the princess of it. She was the only thing good that lived in the castle, besides some of the maids and servants that sided with her. She was very opinionated and didn't care what other people thought of her. She knew that her uncle and cousin were wrong to be doing and planning the things in their minds. It wasn't the right future. So, she took it upon herself to stop them from their wrongdoings. And she WOULD stop them. But, she needed help first.

That's where you come in. Are you to be: a dashing knight, a graceful elf, a stumpy dwarf, a witty sorcerer or just a mere human in order to save the kingdom of Ellivrotciv and to win the hearts of the people and princess?

Characters Taken:
Amara Bluestone - (Taken by Fawna)
The King (NPC) - (Played by Fawna)
The Prince (NPC) - (Played by Fawna)
Sir Aegis Mandubrath - (Taken by Sir Basil)
Izabelle "Izzy" Lilclaw - (Taken by Fluffy)
Vitesse Einhander - (Taken by Boss Frost)
Rosalina (Rosie) Davidson - (Taken by Elanora)
Rikana Heartwood - (Taken by Dusk Kitsune)
Obsidian - (Taken by The Raven's Song)
Pyrrha <o:p>- (Taken by Katla)
Collo Ash and Fanor Ringth - (Taken by Okami_Jigoku)

Information To Know:
There is no queen. She died years ago, due to a terrible fever.
There are no sons or daughters of the King.
The only ones in line to rule are the Prince and Princess Amara.
The King used to be loved by many, but now, he is extremely hated.
(If you wish to add any characters of your own, please do so!!! Write me out their bio.)



[b]Character Name:[/b] 


[b]General Appearance:[/b] 


[b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b] 
[b]General Personality:[/b] 
[b]Inner Personality:[/b] 


[b]General History:[/b] 

[b]Present Life:[/b] 

[b]Special Notes of Your History:[/b]

Having some trouble concocting a fairytale character? Here are some random ideas to help get you started:
  • Prince/Princess/King/Queen of another land
  • Jester
  • Talking animal
  • Goblin
  • Dragon
  • Bard
  • Dwarf
  • Magician
  • Fairy
  • Elf
  • Mermaid
  • Gnome
  • Unicorn
  • Wizard/Witch
  • Ghost
  • Faun
  • Centaur
  • Shapeshifter
  • Harpy
  • Genie

(I borrowed this spoiler and character sheet from Fluffy, if they don't mind...)
(Also, if you want to have any connections with the main characters, please let me know!)
Ooh, if Fluffy is in, count me in.
Name: Sir Aegis Mandubrath
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Brathian, Human
Age: 26
Occupation: Prince, second in line to the throne. Champion of Brathis, Knight-Commander of the Brathian Calvary.


General Appearance: A tall young man with a pleasing round face. He has dark blue eyes and a fair complexion, with several freckles on his nose and a scar on his jawline up his right cheekbone. His hair is dark brown and braided into two tails, tied with black ribbon. He dresses in a blue knightly raiment with a black bird in flight as the heraldry. Under the tunic, he wears a set of well kept chain-mail. He usually has a neutral expression on his face, or appears serious.

Strengths: Physical strength, bravery, relative attractiveness, level-headedness. He is an adequate knight in regards to the knightly virtues and the code of chivalry, something he is very proud of. He considers himself to be a very chivalrous individual, and most people agree with him on that.
Weaknesses: Apathy, Stubbornness, Pride, his Temper. Aegis is a hard person to get to know well, and even people who have known him a long time profess that they don't know him well at all. He rarely shows emotions, but if somebody manages to irritate him enough, he gets incredibly angry and ferocious, becoming near impossible to interact with. He rarely changes his mind and is a slave to tradition.
Powers: His ability to 'read' the winds for weather, as well as hostile forces.
Current Goal/Purpose: Protect his Homeland/Make Vitesse understand him and his country.
Talents: A good knight, a good horseman, and an excellent Windwarden.
Inabilities: To talk about feelings, and often, to feel anything at all. He's not very imaginative and is an incredible cynic.
Fears: Losing the war for Brathis, being defeated by Vitesse in combat.
General Personality: Stoic, and maybe even a bit cold, Aegis is a no-nonsense type. He doesn't believe in cowardice, but is cautious, and is not quick to jump into a situation until he knows it's safe/possible. Aegis is cool and calculating, and doesn't show much much of his personality in his decisions; he chooses what seems to be the most practical option to him. He is fiercely loyal to his country, his people, and their way of life. He doesn't want it ever to change, and is quite proud of his heritage.
Inner Personality: Frightened, and nervous about the future, Aegis isn't sure of anything really, even though he usually acts like he is. He's often angry at his family, and at his people, though he also loves them. He despises the Kreigheits with all of his being, even though he knows that they haven't done anything other than survive and want to expand their territories for obvious reasons. Aegis is resentful, angry, and often uncertain, though he never lets it show.
He is in love with Vitesse.

General History:
Born to Lir Mandubrath, King of Brathis; Aegis was a bright and unusually serious child. It is said that when he was born he didn't cry at all, he merely looked at his mother with his bright, intelligent eyes. Aegis was the second son of King Lir and his wife, Queen Rhowwen of Piranus. His elder brother, Vortigren, was two years old when Aegis was born, and was already loud and brash, markers of his later personality. The two children never got along particularly, even at their young age, Vortigren was outspoken and crude whereas Aegis was quieter and reserved. Aegis began training to become a Windwarden when he was five years old, learning how to operate the windmills that kept Brathis safe from the Empty Territory - a portion of the continent that was both poisonous and populated by horrible monsters. His older brother, Vortigren, was busy being trained how to be the next King, for the Mandubrath family had held the throne of Brathis for over 500 years, and were not inclined to give it up at any point.

When Aegis was about fifteen, he became the favoured prince of the people of Brathis. He was charming, chivalrous, and polite, things that Brathians held in high regard. Though Aegis was hardly empathetic, he was at least honest and upfront, which was more than could be said for Aegis' brother, Vortigren, who had gained a black reputation for being quick to use force, and far too violent for his own good. It was near this point that Vortigren married a princess from Tullis, in an effort to control him, and even out his personality. Through arrangement, Aegis was engaged to a princess he had never met from his mother's country, Piranus. He never had any desire to marry the girl and even less desire to consummate the marriage.

When Aegis turned seventeen, there was a miracle. His mother had another child, despite being past childbearing age, his younger brother Fionn. Aegis became very fond of his little brother, who he saw as an adequate replacement for the older one. His brother grew quickly, and Aegis eagerly showed him the windmills, and how to ride, as well as how to fly the Brathian airships - simple, one manned crafts. At the age of four, Fionn became an incredibly skilled pilot. Fionn seemed to succeed at anything he put his mind too, and Aegis helped him along, and actively encouraged him. It was around this time that the Queen succumbed to an illness she had been struggling to fight, and died. The King, who had been ill as well, escaped death, but lost his mind in the process. Now, Vortigren basically held the throne, which made Aegis nervous. When Fionn was five, the boy discovered a knack for wizardry and magic, as Aegis fretted over the future of his nation.

It was a good thing he did, because the Brathian people were becoming increasingly worried about the nation of Kreigheit and its king, Kreig. Kreig seemed bent on conquering the continent, and Brathis was a simple nation of farmers and windmills - what could they possibly do to cease a mounting invasion of their country? They couldn't, and when Aegis was twenty-three, Brathis was the last country in the south of the continent that remained free. To Aegis, the northern invasion marked the end of the Mandubrath era, and he feared that his family would finally be exterminated, and as they were, so would the Brathian way of life.

Despite this, Aegis sent the Brathian army to war, placed his brother in-charge of some inconsequential units, and asked Fionn to use his magic to help the war-effort. It was at this point that Aegis met Vitesse, the brilliant son of King Kreig. The young man led many units against Aegis and his men, but instead of one side being victorious, they always seemed evenly matched - even in their solo, one on one duels, they were unable to defeat one another.

Present Life:
Vitesse's prowess in battle has given Aegis a profound respect for the young man. Aegis feels stronger about Vitesse than he does anyone else, and despite the fact that Vitesse and his men are destroying his army, and on a larger scale, his nation, he can't help but admire and respect him. These are feelings that Aegis has never felt for anyone person, and though he probably would deny it, he's hopelessly in love with Vitesse.

Unfortunately, Aegis' military strength might have been staggered by this love. He is aware of the fact that he is losing the war, and has been losing for sometime now, but he keeps the fighting up, afraid more than anything that a Kreigheit takeover of his country would result in even more death, and the destruction of his people. His older brother has proved useless in battle, and Fionn has worked himself to the bone trying to learn more and more powerful magic to use against the northern invaders.

Aegis sneaked out of the country - not to abandon it, but to see if he could find allies in other nations that would come to save Brathis. Unfortunately, on his way out, he met up with Vitesse, who was leading a patrol around the castle. They fought for awhile, but steadily wore each other done until they were both exhausted. Aegis proposed that they travel together, saying that maybe they could learn to work together, and maybe they could get an understanding of each other that could end this stupid war before anymore lives were senselessly lost. Somehow, that convinced Vitesse, and now while Aegis travels to build up support for his country, he's also getting to know his worst enemy.

In Aegis' opinion; things couldn't be better.
Joining as Vitesse Einhander, Storm Mage. I'll have a sheet up eventually!
Also, this is just a suggestion but Fauna --
I don't think there's gonna be a whole lot of interest in playing the King and Prince. It may end up being just you, Fluffy, Frosty, and I, and it seems that none of us are planning to play the King and Prince. So I would suggest that you, as a storyteller, say what those characters would be doing while we are doing other things amongst ourselves, if the actions of those characters are relevant to the main plot. Do you see what I'm getting at?
Just a suggestion. C:
I'm in! I always wanted to play a fairy. I'll drag up a bio tomorrow!
I'm going to work on a bio for a guard, possibly a shapeshifter. If it's alright I might work her to be one of Amara's personal guard/friends, and one of those rare 'good; people in the castle....
To everyone who posted a bio, THANK YOU! I'll put you in right now.

Sir Basil, I completely agree with you. Since my character (Amara) is already out and about in the castle, I can play the Prince and King as well. They can just be NPCs. :)

Katla and Dusk Kitsune, I look forward to seeing your bios up later!!! :)

Character Name: Amara Bluestone.
Gender: Female.
Species/Race: Elf.
Age: Appears to be in her early 20's, but is really 100 years old.
Occupation: Princess and protector of Ellivrotciv.


General Appearance:

Strengths: Amara is very talented archer and swordswoman. Because of this, she received a beautifully crafted sword that has engraved writing on the side of it and a personal bow.

Weaknesses: She really has a heart for the people of Ellivrotciv, so if they were involved in anything bad, she would blame herself.

Powers: She is somehow connected with nature and many different plants. She can use her mind and words to make them do what she wishes them to do.


Current Goal/Purpose: Her goal is to keep the land of Dnalyensid safe, especially her town of Ellivrotciv. Her purpose is to make sure her uncle and cousin are put into line and not hurting anyone or themselves.

Talents: No matter what the circumstances, Amara can always keep a beautiful smile on her face and make even the most bitter man happy. She also has a gorgeous singing voice.

Inabilities: She cannot keep her mouth shut, when she feels strongly about something.

Fears: Her fear is that the beautiful land that she remembers so well would crumble right in front of her own eyes.

General Personality: Charming, cunning and very optimistic are a few words to describe her personality. She always keeps a smile on her face and is always there for whoever needs her the most -- Even if they are her enemy. Her mother used to tell her that she would probably lose her life by protecting an enemy.

Inner Personality: Her inner personality is not much different than her general personality. The only difference is that deep within her heart, she knows that she must marry, due to her cousin's high demands of her leaving the castle. But, she really just wants to stay there and be with the both of them.

She is scared of falling in love.


General History: Princess Amara grew up with a very loving family. Her mother and father were the most loved Prince and Princess in the land. And the growing anticipation became all the more overwhelming for the people, when they realized that Amara's father would be next in line for the crown. Little did they know how tragic an ending her parents would have. Amara grew up with her Cousin, as he lived within the castle all of their lives. His parents had passed away, due to unknown circumstances to Amara, but it felt like he was her brother the majority of the time, anyway. As Amara and her Cousin grew well into their teen years, Amara was starting preparation for becoming a Queen in her later years. She needed her education for it and her parents knew so. Her Cousin hadn't gotten the chance to do so, so he became highly jealous of Amara. That's when his relationship with her parents had grown sour. One night, when Amara's father was sleeping, he went into the kitchen and snuck poison into Amara's mother's chalice. Then and there, she was poisoned and died almost instantly. Then, he hired an assassin to murder Amara's father, while he was away on business. No one knew that it was him, who was behind the murders. Not even the King, her Uncle. He promised himself that he would raise and take care of Amara, until his last breath. That promise soon became void.

Present Life: Princess Amara is in a very bad position within the castle. She, along with a few servants and companions, are the only good that comes from inside. She struggles each and every day to keep her heart fair and kind, especially to her loyal people of Ellivrotciv. She keeps herself busy by going through town every day to speak to the citizens and make sure that they are getting what they need and deserve. She does this out of the goodness of her heart and because she loves her land so much. Plus, her uncle and cousin would never do such a thing. Her uncle is now trying to find a suitor for Amara, ever since her cousin had suggested it. But, suggesting turned to urgency of the matter. Her cousin wanted her gone and out of Ellivrotciv for good. She would ruin his future plans on ruling the area and exterminating all of the children within its walls.

Special Notes of Your History: Princess Amara grew up with a small squirrel that quickly became her companion. (See squirrel in picture.)

Character Name: Rosalina (Rosie) Davidson
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Shapeshifter, though she prefers her mermaid form.
Age: 23


General Appearance:
Strengths: Being a shapeshifter, she can adapt to most situations with relative ease. Her preferred guise allows her to breathe underwater and swim quicker than humans. Being rather pretty in a very aquatic way, she often uses her appearance to her advantage. Very confident singer.

Weaknesses: A follower rather than a leader, with a tendancy to let others use her rather too much. Her normal guise limits her to water, while shifting between other appearances is not only disconcerting but can make her motion-sick. Needs her pearls to use her power as a shapeshifter.

Her singing hypnotises those who hear it - she has a talent to rival the Sirens which she honed over the years, and can bend even most strong minds if given a little time. She has a very unpolished ability to manipulate water.


Current Goal/Purpose: Serve the higher-ups in whatever way she can, and hopefully stay alive to tell the tale.

Singing. She also provides communication between the worlds above and below.

Her skills with weaponry are completely dismal at best, and thus she considers herself unable to use any sort of weaponry. Living majoratively as an aquatic creature, she cannot cook particularly well either unless under instruction.

She fears getting stuck in one guise and being cut off from any aspect of her life. Rather an irrational fear, or at least to her knowledge, but a fear all the same.

General Personality:
Friendly and seemingly happy enough, although she's very quiet and seems afraid of doing anything wrong. She's rather apologetic and keeps most of her emotions bottled up, away from other people.

Inner Personality:
She wants to be more confident in herself, but shrinks from social situations, giving her that outward quiet appearance. When she knows someone rather better, she is more willing to speak and becomes more animated. Wears her happiness as a mask over an underlying sadness; cracks in that mask appear in the silence of the night.

She has had her heart broken once before, and it's this that made her wary of opening herself too far emotionally.


General History:
Rosie was, as a child, obssessed with the sea. As soon as she could walk, she was paddling. As soon as she learned to swim, she spent her time in the ocean doing just that. At the age of 7, she saw her first mermaid - merman, rather. A boy of about 4 years her senior, smiling and splashing in the deeper waters she couldn't yet reach. To this day she recalls watching as he realised he wasn't alone, turned to meet her gaze, and then dived beneath the waves, dark blue tail the last thing to vanish. From then on, she watched the beach almost compulsively, hoping only to see him again.

Years passed, and as she learned how to control her shapeshifting rather better - mastering the basics of human shifting within 2 years and moving onto half-races - found that she could morph her body into one like his. At the age of 13, having mastered it well enough to know she could at least breathe underwater, she decided to find him. She left her family in the dead of night, taking to the moonlit sea. Fascinated with the world she found below the waves, and fixated on finding the merman she had seen all those years ago, she elected to remain below in the sea.

Years passed. By 19 she had built herself a life in the depths of the sea - a new house to call her home, and some firm friends to support her in hard times. She even found her merman from her childhood, her old fascination turning first to friendship and then blossoming to infatuation and then love. She lacked the courage to tell him her feelings and the choice was ripped from her one day, when he was involved with a stormy accident from the world above, ultimately resulting in his death. Stricken with grief, she abandoned the sea, hoping it would help to mend her heart.

A few years later, at the age of 22, she returned to the ocean, but not for good. She spent the majority of her time there, true, but balanced out the life of a shapeshifter on land with that of the sea.

Present Life:
Rosie finds it difficult to adapt to a life anywhere out of the ocean, given that the vast majority of her life that she can remember was lived out there. Of recent times she has been acting as a go-between for people of the land and sea, lost for anything else to do.

Give me a shout if I should change anything.
Here's the beginning. I'll finish soon, hopefully.
Yeah, I started the changeling idea after Ela made a shapeshifte as my shapeshifter had different rules, and I'm not sure if it's gone slightly out of control... It's basically following the myth of a changeling - a baby swapped at birth by fairies or something similar. The idea of the shifting is thats technically her true form while the other is a facade to make the humans accept her.

Still trying to keep her in format with a guard though....not sure if I'm suceeding.

Also my computer's being a pain with formatting...

GENERAL CHARACTER STATISTICS <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Character Name: Rikana Heartwood<o:p></o:p>
Gender: Female <o:p></o:p>
Species/Race: ’Changeling’ <o:p></o:p>
Age: Around 22<o:p></o:p>
Occupation: Personal Guard to Princess Amara<o:p></o:p>
General Appearance: Standing at 5’10, with a slender athletic build, Rikana is often first assumed to be a human, unless someone notices her ears which are pointed, like those of an elf, which leads them to see her as some sort of cross. Until they look into her eyes. The deep red colour is often disconcerting on its own, but along with slitted pupils, like those of a predator, they are enough to convince them she is something else entirely. This may be one of the reasons why she typically has her eyes closed when not actively doing anything, then again it may not.<o:p></o:p>
Long dark hair flows past her shoulders, though she’ll often tie the backup, leaving the front loose to fall to either side of her face and hide her ears. Her skin is pale, and her face is often blank, or carrying a glare. If she opens her mouth one can notice her canines are longer than those of a human of elves.<o:p></o:p>
Along her back and over her shoulders and arms is a set of swirling black tattoos that seem to grow along with her and which the presence of is unexplained.<o:p></o:p>
Typically she’ll only wear a fine chainmail shirt over a long sleeve shirt and a pair of cloth trouser, for manoeuvrability, with a belt around her waist from which hangs a sword with a long thin blade. Often she’ll also have her hands wrapped with pieces of cloth, due to her tendency to switch to unarmed combat.<o:p></o:p>
When she shifts, she takes on a sort of animalistic form. Her skin becomes covered in short pitch black fur, though the tattoos instead become white and glow slightly. <o:p></o:p>
Her ears tend to grow longer, though her hair remains, turning white. A short snout forms and her teeth become more prominent, along with her nails forming into claws. Though she remains her normal size a long tail grows from her back, and she tends to adopt a crouch, and move partially on all fours.<o:p></o:p>
The further the shift the more prominent the animal features become. <o:p></o:p>
<o:p> </o:p>
Strengths: She is adept at unarmed fighting, and her skills with a sword are also adequate. She is also quite agile.
Weaknesses: She has trouble holding back in a fight, and will often continue even after the opponent can no longer fight back. She’s also good at getting in over her head, and taking on too much without knowing much a fight is lost.<o:p></o:p>
Powers: She has greater senses than an average human, and tends to be faster at healing. When under pressure or angered she will also occasionally shift into a different, more animalistic form, though how much she changes depends on each time - it’s thought the more pressure or negative emotions she’s feeling the further the change goes. In this form her personality becomes darker, and more violent and animalistic, however her physical abilities also increase, though by how much again depends on how far it goes.<o:p></o:p>
Current Goal/Purpose: Protect Amara <o:p></o:p>
Talents: She’s always on constant alert, and has strong loyalty to Amara and the kingdom. Also determined and refuses to back down.
Inabilities: She has bad social skills, not always understanding others, and not always seeing from their point of view, and doesn’t know when to relent and let others take charge.<o:p></o:p>
Fears: Being completely alone, Failing<o:p></o:p>
General Personality: At most times she is quiet, rarely talking unless spoken to, instead choosing to only listen and remain alert. Distrusting of strangers, she follows the belief that
sometimes it's better not to ask for help. Though rarely angered, she takes insult at any wrong doing to Amara, and the few other people she is close too. She also refuses to let go of a grudge, especially if that grudge is due to someone beating her.

She's a bit warmer to those she close to, and is happier holding conversations with them, and is generally overall more friendly and ecncouraging, though she's still hesitant talking about herself, and prefers to deal with her own problems herself,

Inner Personality: Rikana is insecure, due to her past, though she refuses to acknowledge it. She strives to be useful, and noticed as good by those around her instead of feared, and she's often scared about how various people will react to her. She doesn't want to be seen as weak and useless, as she feels it means people won't like or accept her. As such she refuses to lose.

She is very loyal to those she calls friends, especially Amara, and becomes fiercely protective them. She hates the idea of letting anyone down, or failing in any task, and may go to ridiculous lengths to ensure it doesn't happen.

She doesn;t care about what happens to Ellivrotciv, only that her charge remains safe

General History:
A changeling. A baby swapped at birth by the fey, ending in them taking care of the human child while another is left in its place. Why is speculated, almost every version of the myth has a different reason and a different way to prevent it, altered through years by word of mouth. A simple tale that not all households believed, or bothered to prevent. Including the small household in Ellivrotciv who who woke up to find their child had somehow gained pointed ears, teeth and strange eyes.

At first they were unsure what had happened and continued to raise the child as if it were their own, though it became obvious it wasn't. Rikana didn't cry, didn't laugh, only watched those in the same room as her with her red eyes, unerving those around her.

The pair perservered, though began to fear the child. It was when she first shifted, her skin gaining black fur and a tail forming, though only for a few seconds, when they finall freaked, and abandoned her, leaving her in the forest.

It was there the 5 year old child was found by a group of soldiers. Not understanding how she had come to be their, they just assumed she was some sort of cross or shapeshifter and brough her back to the castle after attempts to find the parents failed.

Eventually it was decided she would be raised by the captain of the group who found her, and though at first he too was unnerved at how unresponsive she sometime was he, instead of trying to raise her as a normal human child, forcing things upon her and expecting her to act in certain ways, he just talked to her, and tried to learn her own ways, which in turn caused her to open up and become more responsive.

As she grew up, a skill in fighting became obvious. She was watch and observe the guard practicing, then late be found trying thes same things on her own. Though the idea of a female guard was unknown, her adoptive fathersaw it as yet another chance to get her to open up, and find out what she was skilled at.

It was around the same time when the circumstances around her birth where found out, as she gradually conveyed how she'd come to be in the forest, at least from her own understanding. A few soldiers became fearful, but were reprimanded by others who were determined not to let it change anything.

Even when she began to shift, everynow and then her form changing, sometime due to emotions sometime seemingly randomly,the captain perservered, becoming aware that she herself saw herself as different and was distant due to that.

As she grew older, and became more skilled in fighting, her loyalty to the Captain and Ellivrotciv grew, as she also began to fit in more, though at the same time she was beating soldiers supposedly more skilled than her, and rising through the ranks. It was around that time she was notice by the Princess Amara, and selected as her own personal guard. At first she was unsure about the idea, and again distant, but gradually she was able to open up, her loyalty switching to the Princess.

Present Life:
She is currently still serving as the personal guard to Amara, and is in general more friendly then she was orginally, having grown into the role, and becoming completely loyal, and protective of her charge.

Aware of the changes in the Kingdom, she has tasked herself with keeping an eye on the Prince and King, in order to be able to protect Amara, and get her out if things go wrong.

Character Name: His true name is unpronounceable in human tongue, so he has taken the name Obsidian when dealing with others.



850 years <(is this okay?)



General Appearance:
Only his whole outfit is black

Like all dragons Obsidian is extremely intelligent, he is adept at magic, literature, music and art.

Again like most dragons Obsidian is fiercely proud, and stubborn. He has never admitted to being wrong and will often dismiss the opinions of others, excepting his fellow dragons.

Obsidian has the power to create fire and create illusions, these are usually used to disguise himself from human eyes. He can also shift into a adult human form, an infant compared to his true age. In his human form he has the powers of a sorcerer, his powers allow him control of fire and earth.


Current Goal/Purpose: To protect his home and its inhabitants, and to stop Ellivrotciv from falling to ruin.

Obsidian is excellent at writing, and he has a special knack for poetry.

Obsidian has a near impossible time listening to others advice, and if he loses his patience he can be very dangerous.

His new home being destroyed, and failing those who depend on his protection.

General Personality:
Obsidian can come off as arrogant, brash, a loner and stubborn. His intelligence is often misread as bragging, and his temper is something he has trouble keeping in check.

Inner Personality:
Obsidian is fiercely loyal, kind and defensive of the weak and innocent. He is very inquisitive and thoughtful, he acts like an older gentlemen. He rarly displays emotion as most consider it a weakness, but he has a lot of pain.

Obsidian misses his old home, he visits it sometimes. Obsidian is also lonely, and he wishes for the company of a fellow dragon.


General History: Obsidian does not like to dwell in the past, he was still but a hatching when his home was destroyed by man. Dragons were a rare thing, they were scattered all over Dnalyensid and very elusive. Obsidian was born in a small kingdom, inhabited only by himself and his mother, Centaurs and various animals. Man had not set foot there, and it was untouched by war but that was all to change. One day an army invaded, they wanted the land for their own and would stop at nothing to get it.

The soldiers slaughtered any living thing they could find, there were heavy casualties on both sides. Obsidian's mother hid him away in a cave on the hill, and returned to the fight. When all was quiet, Obsidian ventured from the cave and flew down to the remains of his home. Everything was burning, bodies lay everywhere and his mother lay slowly dying. She told him to leave this place, and fulfill his destiny of becoming a guardian.

And so he did only once looking back at the place that had once been his home, and was now only held the graves of his mother and his friends.

Present Life: Obsidian now lives in a vast forest surrounding Ellivrotciv, he lives in secret protecting the magical creatures and animals that live there from harm. He has heard of Lucifer's plans and knows he must be stopped, for the good of Ellivrotciv and the whole of Dnalyensid.

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GENERAL CHARACTER STATISTICS<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
Character Name: Pyrrha <o:p></o:p>
Gender: Female<o:p></o:p>
Species/Race: Fairy<o:p></o:p>
Age: Pyrrha just reached her 100<SUP>th</SUP> birthday.<o:p></o:p>
Occupation: None. Unlike other fairies, she’s not so seemingly pleasant, but rather very open about her nature. She tends to be more mischievous than malicious. The rumor is Mother Nature made her from rotten bark.
General Appearance: Pyrrha is a small being – no bigger than a thumb with fierce red hair and bright violet eyes. It’s often been said that her small stature doesn’t compare to her large personality. Her skin is a translucent shade of green, and her smile is often a sign of mischief about to be brewed. As for clothing, she hardly wears anything; she goes as Mother Nature intended. <o:p></o:p>
Strengths: Pyrrha’s small size and sort of spritely grace is rather useful for concealment. She also as a decent wing speed, and the little creature can also be a good distraction.<o:p></o:p>
Weaknesses: Her tiny size also presents a problem of being rather easy to topple over in strength. Or, in many cases, being stepped on or swatted. <o:p></o:p>
Powers: She doesn’t have a lot of powers – most of it is simple parlor tricks, so to speak. Pyrrha is a trickster, a little demon of a fairy, and she’ll use whatever magic she has to wreak some sort of havoc.
Current Goal/Purpose: Pyrrha’s goal is simple: to revel in the pleasures of life.<o:p></o:p>
Talents: She has a knack of finding danger. Or causing it.<o:p></o:p>
Inabilities: Maybe it was because she never had to worry about consequences, but she’s never really had to think about anyone but herself. <o:p></o:p>
Fears: (WIP)<o:p></o:p>
General Personality: Pyrrha is rather clueless to worldly beings, which can cause her to be rude - if not down-right mean. She can be absent-minded to people’s feelings, not to mention their opinions, and tends to be somewhat brusque towards nearly everyone bigger than her. <o:p></o:p>
Inner Personality: The fairy is more confident when she’s in a group. When she’s not hanging out with one race or another, she feels lost. <o:p></o:p>
Secret: Pyrrha really isn’t all trouble – she just tends to be horrible klutz, physically and magically.<o:p></o:p>

General History: (WIP)<o:p></o:p>
Present Life: (WIP)<o:p></o:p>
Special Notes of Your History: NA<o:p></o:p>

Character Name: Current is Collo Ash (he has had several names as changes it from time to time.)
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Unknown to the people of this land but his people call them selves the Guardians.
Age: unknown (he lost count).
Occupation: Rogue warrior and elemental (his preferred elements are lightning and fire but can use earth water and air pretty well also.)


General Appearance:

Minus the wings.
Strengths: He's very old so his wisdom, and smarts are great he also has incredible physical strength, speed, agility, and fighting ability, he has super senses also. He also has a strong stomach for alcohol do to it doesn't effect his race that as much.
Weaknesses: another Guardian, a Dark Win, or another very powerful being. He is also weak to several poisons and his weakest skills are his air water and earth bending.
Powers: Elemental, he can bend water, air, lightning, fire, and earth. He also has a rare ability to control raw energy from the body as a weapon, but it severally weakens him afterward.


Current Goal/Purpose: To find the Guardian of Light, his father, and the Vessel of Light witch he guards.
Talents: Combat, healing, singing in bass, playing instruments, writing, bending, and solving problems.
Inabilities: So far... Dieing, he doesn't know how many times people have tried to kill him but for some stupid reason they always fail, don't get me wrong he can die he's just survived a lot. Dealing with women casually, he is perfectly fine when it comes to business or doing a job but he's never been comfortable around women in a casual sense. Though skilled at a lot he can never dance worth a crap.
Fears: The possibility that the Dark Wins have killed his father.
General Personality: Distant from most because he's lost to many friends in the past although he is gentlemanly.
Inner Personality: Dark but hopeful. He has a lot of disconcerting thoughts but is always hoping for the best.
Secret: His People, he's had too keep his people hidden from everyone he's encountered.


General History: He was born and raised in the land of Guardianship. It is a distant land far away from where this story is taking place. He was proven to be his father's son, he was a gifted Guardian from the beginning and was sure to have a seat on the Guardian Council by the time he came of age. His Father had been the head of the counsil for years but stepped down to become the Guardian of Light as the previous Head had done before him. In his fathers absence the guardians were attacked while still trying to decide the next Head of the Council. The ones responsible were the Dark Win they are evil malicious creatures who are as powerful as guardians. So upon being attacked they defeated the Dark Win and chose the next Head. They then sent Collo to find his father and to bring the back the Vessel of Light.

Present Life: Traveling to find his Father and the Vessel of Light.

Special Notes of Your History:

He has a traveling companion named Fanor Ringth.


Character Name: Fanor Ringth
Gender: female
Species/Race: Guide Wolf
Age: Unknown but she is older then Collo by a significant margin.
Occupation: Moral Guide and travel companion of Collo.


General Appearance:
Wolf Form:
Human Form:
Strengths: Combat and guidance.
Weaknesses: Wolf form prevents her from using her bending and healing spells. Significantly weak to poisons based of wolfs bane and can be easily manipulated if you can capture Collo.
Powers: Elemental; Lightning, water.


Current Goal/Purpose: Too guide Collo.
Talents: Combat, healing, bending, guiding, singing, and dancing.
Inabilities: playing instruments and writing.
Fears: the death of Collo.
General Personality: Happy and outgoing she loves too put Collo in strange situations.
Inner Personality: Wise and caring, though she doesn't always show it.
Her second goal is to get in to Collo's pants. (She has a crush on him.)


General History: She was raised to become a Guide for the Guardians young and traveling.

Present Life: Guiding Collo.

Special Notes of Your History:
Over the years she has gotten a gradual crush on Collo.
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Character Name: Vitesse Einhander
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Blitztail
Age: 26
Occupation: Storm Lord, Conquerer

General Appearance: As a member of the Blitztail race, Vitesse is tall and slim, with slender legs and arms. His fingers extend to double the length of a human's, giving his hands a gentle - fragile appearance. Nothing could be further from the truth. His head resembles that of a dog, with his nose pointing into a ratlike muzzle. Two large ears grace the top of his head, among silver hair. His legs are digitrade, and his often-bare feet expose five toes complete with almond-shaped talons. A long tail extends behind him, split down the middle at it's halfway point. He is absolutely covered in burns, scars, and scratches - a story of the many battles he took part in. An eyepatch with a symbol of a purple dragon covers his right eye.

Strengths: He's a lot stronger than he looks, and his legs are strong enough to propel his jumps in such a way that he can be mistaken for a flying creature. His brand of 'magic' requires him to a lot tougher, physically, than other mages.
Weaknesses: Conventionally, Vitesse is ugly. Humanoid creatures consider the thin, ratlike features of the Oatail race to be disturbing to look upon. He's missing an eye, which was ripped out by a Howling Dragon in his homeland.

Current Goal/Purpose: Fight and win against strong enemies, conquer lands in the name of Kreigheit, uphold his father's eventual goal.
His father's goal, of course, is to create a world with no need for royalty, where the people govern themselves - where those that are strong protect the weak of their own volition, and titles are earned, not inherited.
Talents: As a Storm Lord, Vitesse is quick and dangerous close-range. Specializing in lightning, wind, and sound magic, he fights like a storm given a body of it's own. His... peculiar brand of fighting requires that he gets up close and personal with his opponent. As such, he's a lot tougher than many would assume. He proved his skill at a young age in combat against a Howling Dragon.
Inabilities: Vitesse has no range. His magic style requires him to get up close and personal with an enemy to do damage. At most, he can send a bolt of lightning or a wave of sound, but to no more than fifteen feet from himself. He considers ranged attacks highly dishonorable, and will never pick up a bow or javelin with intent to use it.
Fears: Vitesse fears that the world he's creating will not be finished, and that his own children will have to take up his fight.
General Personality: One thing is clear, real quick. Vitesse cannot stand "royalty", doubly those born into it. The prancing about that royalty tends to do sends him into a simmering rage. Flowery language earns no respect from Vitesse, who tosses away deception and etiquette in favor of getting the job done. He's always ready for a brawl, and tends to come out on top. He takes other races using lightning magic as a personal affront. A unique sense of honor - a "Warrior's Code" - drives him onward.
Inner Personality: For the most part, Vitesse wears his heart on his sleeve. However, he is a lot more cunning and perceptive than he makes himself out to be. Flexible and used to many battles, he's prone to adapt to get the job done, whatever the job is at the time.
Vitesse nearly died against the Howling Dragon... after it's defeat, he used some of the creature's organs to replace the ones in himself that were damaged. The blood of thst dragon flows through his veins, and his most powerful attack calls upon that blood in a terrifying breath weapon. He has discovered scales growing on his chest. Given time, Vitesse's blood will awaken, and he will become draconic himself.

General History:
Vitesse's story actually starts with his nation and his father. The 'nation' of Kreig is a dead land, ravaged eternally by a storm so fierce that the trees have been petrified by many, many bolts of lightning. No animals live there, for the winds have long blown them all away. No human dared live there... so that is where the Blitztail fled to. Originally a slave race, bred by mages to fill the work that humans could do (but far enough away from the human appearance so no one would feel bad for them), they found the freedom of the land to be just what they wanted - adapting quickly.

Krieg was born soon after - a massive creature, even by Blitztail standards. When he grew old enough, he revealed his dream to those living in the land. Rallied by Krieg's leadership qualities, they banded under their new Warlord, and made to conquer the continent, starting with the mage kingdom of Imagia. It was a simple fight... two more nations fell to the warlord's tactics and military prowess, though it was not long before he wanted a male heir. Six daughters later, he had nearly given up hope, when his first (and only) son was born - Vitesse.

Vitesse grew to love training. He would do so of his own volition, hellbent on being the best warrior Kreigheit had to offer. He wanted to surpass even his father at a very young age. His constant training - including sneaking outside into the storm to dodge lightning bolts, was a large influence on his life (he had been hit by lightning no less than fourteen times by age fifteen).

On his sixteenth birthday, he was allowed his first taste of battle. Given the best-quality armor and weapons that the nation could afford, many were shocked at the end of battle to find that Vitesse had stripped it all off, save for a pair of breeches. His weapon was found laying nearby, and his only excuse for not using them was a simple: "It wasn't fair". The large swath of enemy soldiers beaten by an unarmed, unarmored mage was a disturbing story that soon found it's way to other nations... and the fury of the Howling Dragon Vezildox.

During a training session, Vezildox attacked the young blitztail. Again, bare-handed, bare-chested, Vitesse came out on top, defeating the dragon after a great long fight. This made him... quite a catch, and he was soon the father of three. Leaving his two sons and daughter to their mothers, he was called to the field again, against the kingdom of Brathis...

They were not as impressive as Vitesse hoped. To the point where, under some deliberation, he commanded his army to attack non-lethally. As warriors, it would be a grave injustice to fight their hardest against these farmers... that, and a nation of the dead is of no use to their image of the future. This did not sit well with the current commander of their armies, a brash and stupid man named Vortigren, who led his armies so foolishly that the attacking Kreigheit armies often switched to wooden sticks when they saw him approaching, and still managed to win.

It was Vortigren's little brother - Aegis - that surprised Vitesse on the battlefield. Though few could match Vitesse on foot, Aegis was a man born to the saddle. As hard as either tried, they simply could not defeat the other. Vitesse became obsessed with fighting the man, searching him out and challenging him at every opportunity. It became so bad, in fact, that Vitesse handed reigns to the army over to his third sister - a warrior woman taking after their father. He then took a small regiment of soldiers and moved into Barthis to locate Aegis and fight him, once and for all.

...Aegis found him, instead. The two fought for a while, but when they could not defeat each other, Vitesse conceded to a draw. When Aegis proposed that the two traveled together, Vitesse agreed... wanting to fight alongside this warrior for a while.

Present Life:
Vitesse now travels with Aegis, happy to be close to someone who matches his strength and skill on the battlefield. He wishes for ever more challenging conquests, and is happy to fight for whatever cause leads him to them.
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