Land of Fey: Introducing Twyx Court

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  1. The Courts

    • Anna Sophia/Aristal "Ari"
    • Lycealon/Alon "Lyce"
    • Celeste/Carmine
    • Layla/Leilatha
    • Trent/Trenton
    • Requiem/Zaigou (Ex-Unseelie) "Req"
    • Sealamin/Belros "Fluffy"
    • Valdemar/Gwyn "Val"

    • Karou "Rou"
    • Fiona/Gaeli "Lili"
    • Bliss/Blissful "Splash"
    • Requiem/Zaigou
    • Elaina/Eleriza
    • James/Jek "Nomad"
    I'll be updating the map as the rp goes on, and excuse the sloppiness!

    It was evening in the Seelie Court, though that didn't mean what you might think. Instead of shadows spreading and darkness descending, the sky was a light purple and blue color, the sun still shining brightly across the land. Evening in The Land wasn't like in the Mortal Realm. Sometimes night would fall in the morning, or the stars would recede from the sky, leaving a black pit of nothingness above. Today, it was a beautiful, sunny evening as the crowd gathered in the courtyard. All Summer fey - also know as Seelie - were to gather in the courtyard for a discussion about the new Twyx Court. It had only been a few decades since the birth of the new court. In human years, that was similar to a week. Give or take a year.

    Time didn't run exactly the way you would think it would. In fact, often times Time would stop. Not you, of course. And not the living creatures around you. However, you might realize that there is a sudden silence. No wind. No smells. Any water nearby is frozen in time. If you were falling, you're not. You can move, but you're stuck in the same position in the air. It's rare, but it does happen.

    The crowds filed toward the stage where two thrones were waiting for their guests to be seated. As Ari watched, King Oberon took a seat beside his wife, Queen Titania. The King rose after a few moments of silence lingered. His booming voice echoed around the courtyard.

    "My people. There is a new court in Faeryland." A murmur erupted in the crowd, though quickly silenced. "The Twyx Court has been established, and we, the Fey of the Seelie Court - The Summer Fey, have come to an agreement with the Ruler Morgania. The Seelie fey will honor their rules in their territory." He paused as he scanned the crowd, sure that their attention was on him.

    "No human is to be glamoured, entranced, or tricked upon while in the Twyx Territory. If they step into the forests, they are fair game. Along with this agreement, we have agreed that any fey that wish to join their court shall be allowed." More murmurs erupted.

    "However," his voiced rose, echoing across the football-sized courtyard, "should any of those fey return to this court, they will be considered traitors and face the punishment like a traitor." Ari mistakenly gasped. The two fey surrounding her shot her suspicious looks, to which she pretended to have been stung by a bicklebee. Their attention went back to the King.

    "We do not condone bringing more humans to our land, nor do we condone them going about freely without glamours or entrancement. However, Twyx Court has agreed to never take arms with the Unseelie if we ever return to war. This is my final decision. There is no discussion to be had." His smile didn't reach the rest of his face. "Let us feast tonight."

    With that, the crowd cheered and music began to play. A large fire had all ready begun in the center of town while Ari tried desperately to escape the crowd. This couldn't be. A traitor? Twyx Court was calling for peace, and if a Summer fey wanted peace...How was it traitorous? She broke through the crowd and sagged against a wall.

    Across the lands, the Unseelie were having a similar speech, though voiced by Queen Mab. However, the main difference between her speech and Oberon's was that she was threatening her court, daring them to leave. As Trent listened from his guard duty against the wall to the entrance, she threatened anyone who dared try to make it the Twyx Court would be hunted down and retrieved before they made it. If they were caught, they would face torturous punishments. Sometimes, there are worse things than death.

    Bundled up in a large fur coat, the Summer Prince looked to his comrade. Trent was one of five sons of Oberon. However, Trent had chosen to join the Unseelie Court around a century back. Of course Mab had eagerly welcomed him, though she had rightfully been suspicious when he first arrived. Now, he was second-in-command among her soldiers. He glanced to his comrade, "This should be a fun season. Faery season." Hunting faeries wasn't uncommon for the Unseelie, though it was likely to occur more often with this new court out there offering safe haven.

    Just South of the Winter and Summer Courts sat Twyx, who were holding a commencement ceremony. Ruler Morgania, with fair brown hair and her bright green eyes, was welcoming the few fey and humans among her. The court was mostly built into the trees, though they did have some ground in their court, as well. Today, there were only two humans, five or six half-breeds, and seven fey in the court. The half-breeds included a phouka, a troll, and a few other halves. Their feast was just beginning as the sky shimmered and began to disperse liquid sparkles as the sun shined.
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  2. Alon Star was hearing King Oberon speech. It was tempting to go to the Twyx Court. But, he had his place in the court as a mercenary and a hunter for the Seelie Court. Alon was wearing today a white shirt and black pants, also wears white gloves, and a cross around his neck. His eyes are dark brown. In them, some people could see the memories resurfacing of his past life when they looked in them. Some knew the reason to his silence mainly.

    Alon stand there listening to the words from his King, wondering about who will go to the Twyx Court. He turned to look at Ari after the speech was over, "Hey, Ari. Wait, how are you?" He smiled, walking over to her. His brown eyes start at her blue eyes. He taps his side of his leg, walking with her, "That speech was, can I put it? Incredible weird. We should have peace with humans. What did they do to us? Or foremost what did we do them?" He sat with her against the wall, staring that the feys dancing and laughing.
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  3. Celeste listened to King Oberon's speech with much interest, although she appeared she'd rather do something else. The Twyx Court sounded interesting and maybe even promising. She had even heard a few residents considering going to Twyx Court among each other. Celeste moved a long strand of red hair and sighed, she had her own place within the Seelie Court, and she did not intend to lose it. Of course, she did appear like she belonged to the Unseelie Court due to her dark appearance. She was kind hearted and generous, a care giver to the humans and fey in need, she would never turn away a human or fey in need (unless they were wanted for criminal actions or . She was a good example of "do not judge a book by its cover". When the speech was over, she tucked her parted red hair behind her ear and her yellow eyes looked around. The crowd that was once there jumbled about as they were all going in different directions away from the courtyard. Celeste adjusted her hat and the large, black cloak like robe (that covered all the way to her feet and part of her chin) and started walking away. Silently walking past the talking, laughing, and dancing fey with little or no attention to them.
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  4. Amidst the large crowd of Unseelie Fey, gathered together to listen to their Queen's speech, stood one individual in an open space in the middle of the crowd. Long, white strands of hair covered his ears and a large portion of his face, yet everyone knew who this one was. The other Fey avoided him as much as possible, and would rather not stand next to him, for they knew far too well what could happen should you dare stay near Sealamin "Fluffy" Taletreader. Whilst the Queen spoke, those closest to Fluffy had their eyes locked on him. The news Mab brought forth was not the kind that would bring joy to one's heart, especially not Fluffy's.. And right they were.

    Standing there, staring up at the Queen, Sealamin had an air of tranquility to him. He looked relaxed, calm, and content. But looks deceive, for inside him boiled an anger one could find hard to believe. To him, anyone who joined the Twyx Court, or had any desire to, was viewed as even lower than humans. His hands clenched to fists, trembling at the thought of traitors daring to leave this wonderful society to flee to this new Court. Living alongside humans? Treating that FILTH as EQUALS?! How could they? How dared they even think such a thing should be allowed?
    "Stay inside your borders, foolish ones, for I will be waiting. The forest will no longer be safe for you." He thought to himself. Those.. things.. will pay for their disrespect.

    Those who surrounded Fluffy backed away even further once they noticed how angry he's become. His hair, though long and heavy, began to rise skywards, held aloft by the magical pressure building up inside the furious fey. From his fists came a blue glow, as he subconsciously created ice shards, which fell to the ground. The tips of the floating strands of hair began to freeze, and his eyes glowed a dark purple. Such power inside a single Fey, it could be felt by the others, and it striked even more fear in them.
    Then Sealamin turned around, glaring at the Fey behind him. They shrieked, and backed away into the crowd, leaving more trembling Fey in their place. His right hand opened up, dropping the ice it had been creating on the ground as it reached for the blade on his side. A 50 inch curved longsword was drawn from its sheath, pointed forward. Without saying a word, he began to walk, and without thinking the others made way. Anyone foolish enough to get within sword's reach would find it swung at them with formidable speed and precision, leaving a clean cut on the cheek, though it didn't come to this. It had before, but they learned quickly not to mess with their elder.

    With a clear path before him, Sealamin made his way towards the entrance. Determined to head out, and slay whoever dared run for Twyx.
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  5. Requiem wandered. East to West, West to North, North to East, which was actually South at the time. It didn't matter too much to him. A land of constant change, and changing constants. To a man without a head, it didn't really matter much. He had however, considered getting himself a horse, but felt that that would be falling into a stereotype that he would rather avoid. At present, he found himself at a meeting of the Seelie Court's King, Oberon.

    It was a strange thing, the idea of a new court. There had been a few over the last few centuries, all had eventually gotten involved in one war or another, and ended up wiped out, and he doubted this one would face a different fate, given enough time. He doubted The Unseelie Court would hold their end of the bargain for very long. It wasn't their style. Honour wasn't very highly regarded among the Unseelie from his experience.

    The headless man cut a path through the Fae, trying to get a better location to hear the speech, but by the time he arrived there, the speech was finished. With a heavy mouthless sigh, the Dullahan began making his way back, before catching a curious phrase he didn't hear often.

    "We should have peace with humans."

    Intrigued, he shifted course, stepping in to listen. He knew he wouldn't be able to go unnoticed for long, but if he could catch something, it might be worth it. New ideas intrigued him. This place, for all of its constant change, stayed pretty much the same. The same ideals, thoughts, and behaviours. It was refreshing to hear a new perspective.
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  6. As the boy's voice rung out, Ari looked up at Alon. She quickly hushed him. "Alon, don't say that around here," she eyed the crowd nearby, but it seemed nobody had heard. "If anyone hears you, they're likely to lop off your head, Oberon-approved or not." It wasn't that she disagreed. In fact, she agreed wholly. However, humans as equals was never the Fey way to think. They were only toys, play things, pets. Never equals. They were lesser beings. Easily manipulated. Though the main reason Fey disliked humans was due to the fact humans could lie. Fey could not. It was completely impossible for them to lie. They could distort the truth, but never tell a lie.

    Looking to Alon again, she softened her look and whispered, "I agree, but we can't go around saying our mind." Ari wanted to confess her thoughts about joining the Twyx, but she wasn't quite ready to actually say it aloud.


    An elder fey started toward the entrance where Trent stood watch. It was Fluffy. Though he had never personally spoken to the man, Trent had heard many stories, some of which were quite unpleasant. As the elder fey got closer, it was obvious he was out for blood.

    "Hey, old man," Trent bellowed shamelessly, "Out for a hunt? Mind if I accompany you?" That was Trent. Forward and outspoken, never quite knowing when to seal his lips.
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  7. Layla listened to Oberon's speech with interest. Seeing as her curiosity always was her downfall she wanted to go see what this new court was about but...she liked her home and didn't really want to leave. So she held in a sigh and decided to ask the druids in the forest about it. They were always sharing the latest gossip and news that went on in the kingdom. If anybody would know something, it would be them.

    Layla went and sat down, not really interested in the festivities. She was slightly confused. If Oberon was in agreement that allowing the new court to remain then...why would he brand someone a traitor if they go to the other court then come back? Layla wasn't going to question this out loud though; who knew who was listening.


    Karou sighed as she sat in the corner. She kept her eyes down on her feet, which were kicking back and forth gently. Ever since she had been trapped in this weird place she hadn't said a word, only to give her name and that was it. She just wanted to go home. Granted, it wasn't the best lifestyle but it home nonetheless and she wanted to go back to it. What was worse was she didn't even find her blasted dog, the same dog that she had gone looking for and ended up in this place!

    The girl sighed, laying her head on her arms.
  8. Alon listened to Ari's words, "Well, I won't stay quiet just to keep things in my head. All I know is the Twyx is trying to do what for us? More conflict? I heard in the Unseelie Court, " He said softly to her, "anyone that leaves, will be punished severely if found running to the Twyx court." He tried to image about the feys in Unseelie. It's so evil and messed up there. They never agreed with a lot of things with us Seelies. Expect the courts territority, and that's really it.

    Alon nods at her. She was beautiful and gorgeous. She had the most gorgeous bright blue eyes and incredible long brown hair. Ari and Alon knew each other from school; they both had different opinions on about stuff, but they did most of them. Alon said in a soft sweet tone, "Let's go and see Celeste. She might have us another story to share how she accidently did this or had done this." He laughs gently as he got up and tried to find Celeste, talking to Ari on the way, "What about you, Ari? Are you thinking about Twyx Court? You might find your fey there." He told her teasely.
  9. Valdemar stared at his glass of wine, listening to Mab giving her speech about the new court. Despite his rank as the king of Annwn, he never really bothered where he sat in court, as long as it is in a position that properly complements his rank. Seat him by the brownies and trolls, and he will most definitely send the host on a Wild Hunt chase.

    His eyes went from the blood red liquid that stirred in his glass to the rest of the fey that attended this announcement. The expressions on their faces varied from thrilled to pure anger; one of which he saw in one of the elder fey that just left the crowd. Val felt that hint of rage from that particular fey and let it stay as it is; allowing himself to feed from that rage will only have Val do something completely out of place (or stupid, as he is more prone to do so at times), and quite inappropriate for Mab's court, especially in times like this. He held his emotions in check and continued to stir the wine in his glass.

    Occasionally, he would look up at the Queen of the Winter Court, admiring the way she announced this with her supposed ruthlessness and passion. Death to all deserters of the Winter Court, he pondered, taking a sip from his glass.

    "We should have more game for our hunts now, my lord," Bran, his second-in-command, stood by his side with a wide grin, "Seems more fun this way,"

    But Val's expression did not change; he still retained that contemplative look about him. There were thoughts running across his mind, thoughts that made this matter no better than before; "My sister has expressed her interest to join this...supposed Twyx Court."

    He sensed Bran's tensing up slightly from his comment, "F-forgive me, my lord, I was not made aware of that," he waited as his companion paused a moment before continuing, "But Lady Creiddylad is of the Summer Court. Surely the rules are less cruel there than it is here,"

    "She'll be a fodder for the others," Val explained, "Oberon's kin will not harm a hair on her, but there's no telling how it would be for anyone else, especially Mab's court." Bran was about to continue the conversation, perhaps trying to assure his worried lord that no harm will come to his sister, but Val waved his hand to him; "No, leave me to ponder. Gather the men later for our next ride,"

    Bran bowed low and left the lord of Annwn wondering of the fate of this new court, and the trouble that may come with its existence. It almost felt like it was yesterday when Creiddylad told him of her decision to join the Summer Court. It was around the time when she was courted by Gwythyr, who dwelled in Oberon's court.

    The thought of that bastard courting his sister was enough to send his blood boiling. Calm, Val, calm, he told himself, I'll have my chance when the next Beltane comes.

    Until then, he will have to think of a way to persuade Creiddylad to not go along with her decision.
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  10. Celeste strolled about through the Seelie Court land, seeming as though she had no purpose and was just walking around. On the contrary, she was listening a little bit to the conversations of the people around her. The red haired fey only wished to know just how many people were now intending to join the Twyx Court. It was not nosiness, just curiosity.

    To her surprise, she heard quite of bit of people discussing the new Twyx Court and debates on whether or not said person should go or stay. Was this Twyx Court really that wonderful to risk being labeled a traitor? What if it was worse and not the magical land people may believe it is? They do not know what is expected if they travel over to Twyx Court. Neither did she though, she was not psychic. She had taken the little information she could obtain from the people oblivious to her. Needless to say, she was disappointed by the amount that were considering Twyx Court. She was not their mother though, and she certainly was not a descendant of royalty. The red haired girl couldn't stop them even if she wanted to.

    It was after her stroll around the land, and curiously listening to pedestrians' conversations, that she saw a certain white haired boy and brown haired girl approaching her. She recognized them, and wondered their reason as to their arrival.
  11. As thoughts of slaughtering fey rushed through his mind and Fluffy mindlessly marched forward, a voice spoke up, and reached past those blood-filled thougths. Someone in the court actually dared speak to Fluffy while he was in one of his rage-induced trances. It surprised the elder, and he was intrigued to find out who was foolish enough to bother him. The magical pressure lessened, and the air around Fluffy began to warm up a little. His eyes returned to their normal colour, as well, now staring at Trent.
    "Trent Jacob Lakewood, one of five sons of Oberon." Sealamin spoke, and examined the boy from head to toe. Left his hometown to live alongside humans, then return and join the Unseelie Court. While the idea of wanting to live among humans was beyond Sealamin, he did like the guts Trent showed by coming to Unseelie. That was one thing Sealamin liked. Of course, one couldn't just have guts, they needed the skills to back those up. No point in doing daring things if you end up dead.

    A smirk formed on his face, revealing Sealamin's brilliant white and sharp teeth. "Yes. Let's see if you manage to fulfill what your mouth promises. It's not often I get to hunt with royalty. Well, unless they are on the receiving end. Their titles won't do them any good against my blade." He chuckled, thinking back at the self-proclaimed kings of the land, fallen by his hand. Sealamin doesn't joke around about fights, and a duel with him is more often than not to the end. In his eyes, superiority comes with strength, and is not a birthright. Those weaker than you are inferior, regardless of their past or family-tree.
    "I wouldn't call them royalty, though. But they see themselves higher than us. Like that Dubh fellow. What a spoiled little brat." He said, before spitting on the ground. Then he looked up at Trent again, his smirk returning as he sheathed his blade. "Let us hunt, young Trent. I'd like to see just what you're worth." He told Trent as he passed him. With his back turned to the boy, he continued. "And you can see for yourself whatever you may have heard about me, is true."
  12. He saw Celeste. Beautiful as always. Her red hair as bright as a volcano's fire. People knew about her. She was a curious girl. All she want to know is who, what, where, and when things were. It was cute on her. He looked at Ari and smiled at her, "Guess Celeste is curious also. You want me to tell her my opinion?" He turned to look at Celeste again, saying a joyful voice, "Cheri, whatcha' think about this Twyx Court thing?" He smiled at her with his bright blue-greyish eyes sparkling from the sunlight. His eyes were the truest in him.

    He pulled out a rose to Celeste, "I know you don't like roses, I think. Can't remember." He laughs. The laughter is filled with happiness and joy, but a hint of pain and sorrow from his past life. He remembered when he was young. "He was merely twelve years old. His parents loved him. He was playing with his games, playing FeyMaster. He was the best on it. But, he heard a scream. He knew his parents fought here and there. He never seen the fight, he knew better. Alon just continue to play his game, ignoring his parents fighting. When night fell, the stars out brightly and the moon light shining in his room. He fell sleep. Later in the night, he bolted up hearing two gunshots. Feys never had guns on them. Maybe a staff or something else, but no guns. He walked down the stairs, seeing where it came from. One unknown silhoulette with something in his hand, it looked heavy, it was dark, black too. It was the gun. His heart beat faster and he quietly start to go up stairs and tripped on a cord. The silhoulette turned around and spoke, "Ahh little boy. I'm sorry I killed your parents. Your dad you see had money to be pay back. So, he didn't and he knew the consquences at the end. One thing I did promise is to keep you alive." His voice was hoarse and rough. He knew it was a human though...The figure left the house and Alon knew where to go..The Seelie Court. He wanted Feys and Humans to get along, but he hated the humans though."

    He came back in reality, seeing Celeste and Ari looking at him , "I'm sorry. Just had a blackout. It's fine. They come here and there." He smiled
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  13. Celeste was surprised to see a rose presented to her, her bright yellow eyes darted from the joyful man to the rose. It was not often she received flowers, especially from other men. She took the rose from the white haired man.

    "Thank you.."

    She was about to smile in return to the cheerful young man, when he began to have the sudden black out. It struck her odd and even concerned her, it was as though Alon's person had temporarily left his body and left him a hollow shell. She looked at him not weirdly, but with concern. Black outs like Alon's more commonly happened in a human or fey if they were psychologically damaged (or mentally traumatized). Had something happened to him that she was unaware of? Of course, she wouldn't just bluntly ask him, that would be rude and insensitive. Instead, she decided to answer the question that was asked before the black out occurred and the rose was presented.

    "In my opinion, Twyx Court does not sound as pleasing as others believe it to be. However, there are many residents discussing about the new Twyx Court... Most of those said people are considering leaving or debating amongst themselves whether or not to actually leave... It is more than I anticipated, and it saddens me..."
  14. Alon smiled at her reaction from Celeste, "'s up to them. I want peace with humans, but what I told Ari. What did we do to them? And what did they do to us?" He went and sat in the near chair. He looked around, still seeing about the debates from the feys. I see what Celeste was talking about. He wondered who will be going or who will be staying. He laughed to himself, "So Celeste..what to do now for the day?" He smiled charmingly at her.

    He turned to look at Ari. She hasn't said a word for awhile. He wondered if she was ok..
  15. Ari listened to the conversation her friends seemed to be having. To her, there was no point in discussing it any longer. Oberon's word was law. He would not change it. As Alon blacked out, Ari was looking at him worriedly, though he dismissed it and Celeste continued on. When Alon directed his attention to her briefly, she attempted to give him a smile, one side of her lip twirling upward just slightly. Alon was her closest friend. She had met him after Trent, her brother who turned traitor, first to humans then to the Unseelie, had left. Celeste was all right, but Ari didn't really get a long well with other girls.

    "Hey, I forgot something. I'll be right back." Ari blurted before turning and walking a few yards away. She spun herself between two houses where she slouched against one wall and slid to the ground. Having friends was great, but sometimes she just needed to be alone. Twyx was causing her a lot of anxiety. Her brother, a traitor. Now many others she may know could turn traitor by joining with Twyx. Despite her initial intrigue at joining the court, she was quickly beginning to hate them. How dare they do this to her. How dare they bring about this discussion where many could be slaughtered. They wanted 'peace' but went about this so poorly.

    Placing her head in her hands, she took a few deep breaths. Then again, perhaps it was just herself she was mad at. She disliked herself for her secret she had been ordered to keep by Oberon, her father. Taking another deep breath, she pushed herself off the wall and started toward her friends again.


    "Sealamin Fluffy Something-or-another." Trent had replied to the elder man's greeting. If you could call it as such. Sealamin sheathed his blade after inviting Trent along. Well, sort of inviting. The elder seemed to be a little intrigued with Trent. Or perhaps he was waiting until they were deep in the Never, the forests, before he would slit Trent to pieces. The elder carried with him an infamous history, one Trent was interested in following. One day, he would fulfill his promise to Oberon. He would return to the Seelie Court, not as the prince. No. He would return as the traitor and kill his sister. Perhaps he could learn a few things from Fluffy. So he trotted after him on the hunt for fey.
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  16. Alon saw Ari to smile. He knew she cared for him. His blackouts was just off flashbacks. He seen Ari speak she had to go and getting something. He knew what she was doing. She needed to think over stuff and be alone. He felt bad so much for him having her brother went as a traitor. He didn't know the story much. He never tried to ask her about it. He tried to make her realize the sitution, but he guess he wasn't helping much to suppress her pain and sorrow. He understood that always have since they met. He looked at Celeste, "Just leave her be, she'll be okay.." He smiled faintly at her, thinking about Ari. Ari was his closest friend. He loved her and cared for her. But, the most of all, had feelings for her. Not strong enough to show but not to weak to hide. She wasn't a women that could look at him in disgust. She was a beautiful women that expressed her thoughts and feelings towards people. He chuckled a bit.
  17. Celeste's look of concern was not only for Alon, but after that display, it was for Ari as well. Her sudden blurt of words had gained her concern quickly, and her walking away only added more. She looked at Alon, her very common look of concern or worry was very evident. Being a medical caregiver, she usually had injured, sick, or homeless, or very rarely, dying individuals at her door. She had a heart and cared for others. Her door was open to anyone in distress (unless under certain circumstances). When the brown haired girl was walking back, her worry look was not as evident as before. She knew she wasn't as close to Ari as Alon, but the brown haired faery was still considered a friend. Not a very close friend or a best friend, but a true friend.

    "Just leave her be, she'll be okay.."

    The words rang in her head a few times, but she took it in mind and will remember it for next time. She had questions, but who was she to bombard poor Ari with them? Again, it would be rude and insensitive. Alon had his black outs, and Ari had troubles she would rather not share with others.

    It seems her friends weren't the only ones with secrets.
  18. Alon caught the the look Celeste had. He just dismissed her look. He saw Ari coming back, he smiled at her, waving like a fool, "Well well, welcome back, cheri." He said in a joyful voice. He hugs her and whispers in her ear, "Are you ok?" He let go over her and sat back down. He twirl his fingers and said to the girls, "Whatcha' wanna do?" He smiled charmingly.
  19. Bliss floated in her bubble, riding the winds calmly and gracefully. To anyone outside the bubble they would have simply seen a small wingless fey curled up in her beautiful reflective bubble. However if you had ventured to look closer or enter the bubble you would see and hear the fey sobbing angrily. Her mood jumping from devastated to enraged. It was a wonder that she could keep flying at such a delicate pace and not at break neck speed.
    "How. Could. They. Do this to mee-e!" The alven wailed. "I'm family! Their sister! Daughter!" She ranted, wiping her snotty nose on her sleeve. Her bubble came to a halt when she reached the entrance to the Twyx court. She peered out of her bubble, and then stepped out of it, she glanced at her reflection in the bubble and gasped at her horrid appearance. She couldn't possibly enter the court looking like this! Glancing around, she shifted into otter form as that would be the best appearance at that point.
  20. As curious as he was to continue listening in on the conversation, Requiem found himself unable to continue his eavesdropping as one of the party members had wandered off. He recognised her of course, the Princess. If anyone would know more about what was going on, it would likely be her. She was upset, he'd heard, but he didn't know to what extent, so he decided to handle the situation carefully. He didn't know how she would react to his presence, and didn't want to risk an other forms of physical bodily harm than what he already had. Being beheaded wasn't a fun thing.

    So he followed her from a distance, keeping himself out of sight as he moved. After some time, she turned off into an alleyway, and he picked up speed, worried he might loose he. When he got to the corner of the building, he took off his hat and poked his 'head' around the corner into the alleyway. She was there, on the ground, and she didn't look like she was doing well. It wasn't his normal nature to help people, but something about her intrigued him. He shifted back to the wall, and put his hat back on. Assuming that it was on the right way, he made his way around the corner.

    She was there, he didn't know what to say, so he waited, patiently, until she got up and began making her way back. She didn't see him when she left, so he continued following behind her, carefully avoiding contact with anyone.

    When he saw that she had rejoined her group, he let out an audible sigh. It would be difficult to get any information from her, or any of them now. He doubted he would even be able to slip back into the spot where he'd been listening in on them from, so instead he simply approached them. "Excuse me, I don't suppose any of you could help me?"
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