Lair Academy: School of Man and Beast

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  1. Centuries ago, the world of magic and monsters came to light. Over the years, mankind had learned to adapt to living in the world with new threats. Basically jail, or war. In the 5th century, the legends of mythical creatures came to life; making their mark in the world. Man didn't know whether it was willed by God, or a curse from the Devil himself. Either way, mankind retaliated.

    First came Unicorns, blessed creatures of beautiful finesse. Then golems, phoenix, griffins, hydra, and chimera. Further down the years approached Minotaur, centaur, demons, and hundreds of other monsters, which man accused to be cursed beings. Early in the ages, Kingdoms found these to threats and initiated The Purging. Some of mankind found comfort by making a partnership called a Pact; a bond that binds two hearts into one, granting the human magic and hidden abilities between them and the beast. This lead to witch craft, necromancy, and evil intent. Influencing the creation of Templars. Kingdoms were destroyed, people were slaughtered.

    Those who were in league with the beasts were brought into slavery, as well as their beasts. One in particular was born into slavery, and was given a chance like no other.

    Elizabeth Hawke.
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    Elizabeth was born a slave, raised a slave, but ignited as a Revolutionary. In her age as a young adult, she had been ordered to make a delivery into the Darklands; a part of the world plagued by death, fire, and emptiness. Exhausted and weak, she gave out at the rim of an erupting volcano, sure to pass away. As she faded into death's grip, she was rescued by a phoenix, the symbol of restoration. Grateful for her savior, she promised to stand stronger and be heard. But with what power? She was merely a human girl. The phoenix offered her a pact, giving her enough power to free slaves and rescue their beasts kin. In a month's time, she returned to the Kingdom and ignited the place a blaze in holy fire.

    Slaves were freed and so were thei beasts, but some still remained against these people. As centuries passed, Elizabeth mastered the abilities of her Phoenix, Angellus. While finding those among her people to match her teachings.

    Garret Carver and his Golem Pain
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    Ai Shugumii and her wolf demon, Sia
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    And Rhone Scarlet with his dragon Thrax
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    These three all held significant ability that assisted into our beloved future of today. All were granted eternal youth, but had something special about them. All carried magic of a specific construction: Destruction, Restoration, and Illusion. With further practice and study, more magic came to light. With more magic, came more people tuned to use it. With her circle of friends and people, she constructed a school just for people like her. People with a pact beast. The School is now hidden in modern days, using a magical barrier only opened by the gate keeper. But be warned, no one knows what it looks like.

    It has been said Elizabeth and Angellus became Goddesses and ascended to the Heavens, while her three chosen stayed to lead the school. Professor Garret Carver in Restorative Magic and Alchemy, Ai Shugumii for weapons training and Illusion Magic, and Rhone with Destruction Magic and Beast Mount Training. They oversee the teachers of the school as instructors, pros who stay around to show you how it's done.

    So don't be afraid, come find us. If you can't, we'll find you.

    Welcome to Lair Academy.

    Quick Update: Yes, you may have a dragon.

    Fellowship Academy Changed?

    Do to some feedback, I've decided to change up a few parts of the setting. For one, there are no longer schools world-wide; just one. The school is hidden by a magical barrier put up by Elizabeth to guard it from those apposed to it. It's time has been set back to 2014, just a good idea.

    Character Sheets: Teachers and Students and Janitors

    Teachers- Instructors who learned much about their way of Magic and ability, hired to help oversee the student's ways.

    Students- Children of all ages coming to display their magic ability without fear.

    Janitors- Security for Lair Academy. Janitors are Ex-warriors of the Purging from years back. Those of modern day are either descendants or elders among the world.

    Pact Beast: (Your monster)
    Place of Birth:(Make it up, but use an actual place)
    Home Address: (make it up)
    City/Zip: (make it up)
    Employee Number:
    Subject Area(s): (What are you teaching?)
    Total Years of Experience:(How long have you taught?)
    Grade Level Taught: (What level of teaching are you? Middle School, High School, or College?)

    Pact Beast:(You know, your monster pal)
    Place of Birth:(Make it up, but use an actual place)
    Date of Birth: (You know the drill)
    Magic Type:(One for now, you'll be given more as the story progresses)
    Classes:(What will you be taking?)
    Year of enrollment:(When did you get here?)
    Reason for enrolling:(What do you plan to receive from us?)

    Class:(Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Example: Templar)
    Weapon(s):(Three for now)
    Hunter Level of Experience:

    Restoration Classes:
    Herbal Study
    Dark Arts Restoration Training
    Arcane Armor Training


    Destruction Classes:
    Destruction History
    Environmental Science
    Staff Wielding
    Elemental Cloaks
    Arcane Weaponry

    Illusion Classes:
    Illusionist History
    Physical Science
    Arcane Riddling
    Hallucination Experimentation
    Alteration Magics

    Extra Classes:
    English 1-4
    Algebra 1-4
    Spell-sword Mentorship
    Battle Mage/ R.O.T.C

    It's a work in progress, so feedback is mandatory. Any questions, feel free to ask ^^

    UPDATE: Janitors have now been added, reasons why

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  5. So...Do we just put up a character sheet now?
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  8. Students:

    Name: Aroin (Aro - ee - n ) Belgruff

    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Appearance:(You) anime_girl80[1].jpg

    Pact Beast:(You know, your monster pal) Zalix (A Hippogryph, if you need another visual look up Buckbeak)
    Place of Birth:(Make it up, but use an actual place) Whidbey, Washington

    Grade: Junior (11th)

    Date of Birth: (You know the drill) October 18, 1997.

    Magic Type:(One for now, you'll be given more as the story progresses) Illusion

    Classes:(What will you be taking?) English 4, Alchemy, conjuration, Hallucination Experiments, P.E, and Enchanting Sword Mentorship.

    Year of enrollment:(When did you get here?) 2013

    Reason for enrolling:(What do you plan to receive from us?) Aroin enrolled to be around people who are like her, people who won't shun her or turn her away for what she can do. She wants a place where she can be accepted, and understood, a safe place for Zalix to be able to enter the open area, able to stretch his legs and his wings, without people seeing him and trying to shoot him out of the sky. But, she also hopes to better hone her skills, and talents, and become one with her beast so that when she is on her own, she will be able to handle herself.

    Bio: Aroin was born in a little town called Whidbey, which is actually one of the larger islands of the nine islands located just near Washington, and the area always seems to be a clash of lush, and dull colors. With constant rain, or fog, Whidbey comes across looking almost mythical, and when Aroin found herself glad to be in such a mystical place. At a young age Aroin would find herself venturing out into the dense forests around her little farmhouse, which was about two and a half miles from the actual town. Of course, such a distance made it difficult for Aroin to make friends and venture out of her way to connect with people, so instead she lost her head in the clouds, always stuck daydreaming, or imagining amazing new worlds and creatures. One fateful day when Aroin was out collecting damp sticks and branches to make a little fort, she stumbled across a magnificent creature that looked almost half horse and half eagle. The beast was aggressive, and Aroin had retained her distance, afraid of the powers of such an animal, until she notice the odd angle at which one of its wings was protruding. It took Aroin nearly three weeks to gain the creatures trust, and a week more to actually bandage the poor Hippogriff's wing up so it could heal. From that day the Hippogriff trusted Aroin with it's life, and she with hers, and when the time came that Zalix's wing was finally healed, he stayed, to watch over the young girl who had saved her. Aroin learned to ride Zalix, using an old worn, leather saddle she had found in the barn near her house, and soon she even told her mother. This news came as no surprise to the woman, who explained about the bonding process, and the tales of Elizabeth Hawke, and her companions. Aroin had heard the stories before, and was relieved that her mother believed her, but more so that her mother wasn't angry at her for making a pact with the Hippogriff. A few years later Aroin's mother fell ill, before she slowly passed away, leaving her only daughter an orphan, with no one in the world but Zalix. The young girl searched out a safe haven, and stumbled across Lair Academy, waisting no time to reply.

    (I can fix this too if I made any mistakes.... =P)

    Classes are assessed in the first post V.I.A. The plotting post!!!!!
  10. Interested. VERY interested.

    One question, can I make a creature that is a humanoid. Such as an exquisite creature, not like a neko or whatever. But a creature that has morphed skin and such. Completely capable of making a pact with a human.
  11. You mean something like Minotaur and such?
  12. I can have a Pegasus, yeah? They classify as beasts, right?
  13. Indeed they do.
  14. Name: Junko Touta
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Pact Beast: Pegasus, named 'Hikaru'. (Pegasus with Black Coat)
    Place of Birth: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
    Grade: 11th
    Date of Birth: August 23rd 1997
    Magic Type: Destruction
    Classes: Alchemy, Destruction History (how many do we need?)
    Year of enrollment: 2012
    Reason for enrolling: Needed an accepting and educational environment. Also trying to come out of an anti-social shell and make friends like herself. Hoping for the same for Hikaru, who was usually hidden away and never allowed to come out until Junko enrolled at the school.
    Bio: Junko was born into the prestigious Touta family, a well respected family in nearly all of Japan. Her father was a well-known hero of the Japanese military and her mother a well-known politician. Unfortunately for them, their daughter fell short of their expectations, growing up to become an outcast in school who would rather spend her time in her room as opposed to socializing with kids in school. On vacation to a resort, she wandered off and found Hikaru, quickly forming a strong bond with the mythical creature.

    (Sorry for the short bio, I always find myself at a loss when it comes to writing about someone's past. I hope everything's alright.)
  15. ((Yeah what year does this take place, so I can fix some stuff))
  16. It's in the spoiler. XD
  17. No like. Not a creature that really has been seen before. Possibly I could come up with a mix of different species formed into a humanoid.
  18. (WIP)

    Name: Aderyn Jernigan
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female


    Pact Beast:
    Shikoba the gryphon (open)

    Place of Birth: Cardiff, Wales
    Grade: 10th
    Date of Birth: March 1st
    Magic Type: Illusion Magic
    Spell-sword Mentorship
    Algebra 1
    Illusionist History
    Physical Science
    Year of enrollment: 2014
    Reason for enrolling:(What do you plan to receive from us?)