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    • Lady Beryl is a mistress of secrets. No one knows how she learns them, only that once she knows a thing it will always be used to her advantage. Blackmail in short. The trouble is none of her victims truly know who she is or how to make it stop, until one of her sources slips up.

      Now someone knows how to find to her. But before they can put their new-found knowledge to the test Lady Beryl discovers someone knows and decides to take matters into her own hands. This villain of the dark decides to throw a costume party at her mansion in the hills for a select few. One of whom is her black mailer. Unfortunately for Lady Beryl every single one of her guests has a reason to kill her. So when a storm strikes and the power gets cut, things go wrong.

      The land line is out, cell service is rubbish, the bridge is flooded, and Lady Beryl is dead.

      Now the guests are left with a body, no way to leave the house, and a murder among them. Who came to talk? Who came with the intention to kill? and who is actually responsible?

    • This is a Clue-style mystery in the mechanics only, not the story. It will run much the same way the board game would, but I hope that it will turn into something entirely of our own, which is why I’ve chosen to place this in the modern section.

      • No one will know for sure who did what aside from me. I will be the Narrator. I will hand out clues and keep track of who did what until the end, and make GM posts. I will also control Lady Beryl (and any staff). Lady Beryl will die at an early point during the RP and it is your job to figure out who killed her. Anyone may be the murder!

        Also, I may PM someone with a plot twist at various points, so be ready to be adaptable!

        This RP is designed to be short term. I do not expect it to last much longer than a month.

      • This story takes place in a modern day setting, during a costume party hosted at Lady Beryl’s residence, during an extremely bad storm.

        In the second post of this thread I will include a map and Character Location listing. This listing will be periodically updated with character locations as they move about the mansion.

        There are also secret passageways. When a character enters a room I may PM that player and tell them about the passageway, it is up to them to reveal it or not. If they choose not to and another player enters the room, I will give that person the same opportunity. If two characters enter a room together I will PM the first to enter. If two characters enter rooms on opposite sides of a passageway, I will PM them both.

        Once a passageway is revealed, anyone may use it.

      • You will all create a character profile and depending on what you include in your profiles I will create clues. I will then PM the clues to you each separately (in rounds) throughout the game and you will work that clue into one of your next posts somehow. How you do this is up to you. However, please don’t make it too obvious, write it in a way that the rest of the players can make their own deductions should they find the clue in your post.

        Here are some basic examples of how a clue might appear in game:

        Example One: (open)

        Clue given to Person D – The gun was not used to commit the murder. The character sheet states that the handle was pearl inlay.

        Person D may post – Character 4 turned and spied something under the couch in the Lounge. They knelt down to investigate further. It was a gun with a pearl inlay handle. Upon further inspection they noted that the barrel was cold. Looking around to make sure no one saw them Character 4 pocketed the weapon.

        Reasonable deductions by the rest - Cold gun = if the gun hasn't been used, The murder must have been committed some other way, or Character 4 has pocketed the gun, they must be up to something.

        Example Two: (open)

        Clue given to Person A – Lady Beryl was not killed in the Dining room

        Person A may post – Character 1 was in a bit of a panic. She had never expected somebody to actually kill their hostess, even though they had all wanted too. Needing a moment to clear her head she slipped into the dinning room where everything was exactly as they had left it down to Character 3’s half eaten piece of chicken. Taking a deep breath to calm her nerves she slipped back out again.

        Reasonable deductions by the rest – The dining room is exactly how they left it, no one’s been in there since dinner ended. Lady Beryl didn't die there.

        Please do not give out false clues! However. You may mislead or redirect.

        Example (open)

        Clue given to Person B – Character 3 did not kill Lady Beryl
        Person B sees that Character 3’s sheet says they are wearing heels.

        Person B may post – Character 2 tripped over the bag of flour the cook had spilled when the blackout had occurred. Right in the middle of the mess was a very clearly defined outline of a heeled shoe, the tiled floor showing through. Character 2 stepped around the flour and tripped again, catching themselves on the counter. Character 2 winced. They’d nearly put their hand down on a butcher knife. That would not have been a good thing to explain to the others.

        Reasonable deductions by the rest - heeled shoe print in flour = Characters 3 and 4 are wearing heels (as listed in their sheets) so one of them was in the kitchen. Wait a minute, the cook spilled the flour when she heard the death scream. For the print to be outlined in the flour 3 or 4 would have had to be in the kitchen when it happened. One of them is innocent.
        Or the knife is in the kitchen so it can’t be the murder weapon

        The above example works on the premise that everyone knows the murder was not committed in the kitchen.
        This example is considered misleading and not false for two reasons. First Person B revealed their clue using a trait belonging to two different characters. Second, since in a kitchen a knife is standard equipment this is considered misleading and not a false clue.

        Looking at the examples above you can see that making detailed posts is highly encouraged. Not only will this potentially mislead the other players, it will help to hide the real clues.

      • You may accuse another character of a crime at any time after the first round of clues has been sent out.

        Murder Accusations will consist of the following:

        1. Who killed Lady Beryl
        2. The murder weapon
        3. Where the murder originally took place

        I did say this would be like clue ;)

        After an accusation is made I will post a list of names in the OOC (this thread) and the first person on that list who can prove the accusation wrong with a clue I PMed them or one on the publicly known list (explained in the next paragraph) must do so in game.

        Character 1 makes an accusation against character 6 saying they used the knife, in the library, to kill Lady Beryl.
        Character 2 says they have nothing
        Character 3 says they have nothing
        Character 4 points out “the knife has no blood on it, it can’t have been used!”

        Here’s where we deviate from the game, Everyone will learn the shared clue. And it will be posted in the publicly known clues section of the second post in this thread. If an accusation is made using a publicly known clue, anyone may prove it wrong.

        If no one can prove the accusation wrong (with a PMed clue or pointing out a publicly known clue) I will do one of two things. If ANY part of the accusation is false, I will post a clue to prove it so. Or if the accusation is true I will inform the Accused via PM, and their next post will include a confession.

        At this point everyone posts their reactions, and they somehow restrain that character, the police will finally arrive and the game ends :)

      • Standard Iwaku rules apply.
      • Players may play one (1) character only

      • If you need to leave the RP please let me know so a way can be found to write out your character without spoiling the game for everyone else. (Perhaps they’ll be knocked unconscious and their notebook of clues will be left for everyone to find)

      • Because this game relies on people posting clues for each other to find, I do ask that players post at least once week.

      • Also I may, PM and ask for your character to do something specific (like slip away from the others randomly for a minute or two, or discover that the cook has slipped away). Or if necessary, make a GM post stating something generic like “everybody wandered around for a bit exploring, and were taken by surprise when the power went out” to mask character locations right before the murder. I may also PM you for help implementing a plot twist. Please be prepared to be flexible.

      • I will accept up to 6 people to play. There is ONLY one spot left and I will leave it open for only a set period of time.

        Character Sheet
        Alias: (A type of stone: Ruby, Granite etc.)
        Age: (25+)
        Height and Build: (Short, thin, muscled etc.)
        Eyes and Hair:
        Other distinguishing features:
        (please place any images in a spoiler)
        Shoe Size and Type:
        The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it / thing they have that can be used as a weapon:

        Note: DO NOT include anything other than what I have requested. That is for everyone to try to figure out in game. I may ask for other details via PM that only you and I should know at the begining ;)

        I try to be aware of my Rpers posting schedules and will attempt to pace this RP accordingly. Please include your availability at the end of your character sheet so I can figure out an approximate pacing.

    There we are, I hope it makes sense and wasn't too long. If you have any questions please ask.

    @Midian, @Kura, @Requiem, @Terpsichore, @Endless Masquerade
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    • Names linked to Character sheet

      Host - Lady Beryl

      [BCOLOR=#000000]Miss. Opal[/BCOLOR]​

      Widow Jennings (Housekeeper)​
      Ms. Garnet- Player account apparently deleted​

    • Piano Wire
      Switch Blade Knife
      Sword Cane
    • , [BCOLOR=#000000]Miss. Opal,[/BCOLOR]
      Dining Room - Lady Lazuli, Aquamarine,[/COLOR]
      Game Room
      Living Room - Lady Beryl, Professor Malachite, Ms. Garnet,
      Master Bedroom

    • There are no publicly known clues at this time
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  2. Alias: Lady Beryl

    Age: 42

    Height and Weight: 5’2”, thin and bony

    Eyes and Hair: Brown eyes short-cropped red hair covered by a long curled brunette wig

    Other distinguishing features: A dark mole on one cheek, freckles across the nose, crows feet about the eyes

    Costume: Irene Adler
    • A chocolate and ocher Victorian-style dress
    • Small feathered top hat pinned to the wig
    costume (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Shoe Size and Type: Victorian kitten heels, Size 6.5 (shown in spoiler)

    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it / thing they have that can be used as a weapon: N/A she’s the victim

    Posting Availability: I’m on nearly everyday, but longer or more complex posts may have to wait until after 8pm MNT
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  3. Alias: Aquamarine
    Age: 25
    Height and Build: Tall and willowy, is 5'8
    Eyes and Hair: Amber colored eyes, black bobbed hair
    Other distinguishing features: Septum ring
    Costume: Wears a large white rabbit suit that doesn't fit too well over her small frame
    Shoe Size and Type: Size 9 shoes, are large rabbit feet slippers
    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it / thing they have that can be used as a weapon: A switch blade tucked into their rabbit foot

    Posting: I am on at least once a day to reply to my forums, and usually I am on more between 5 and 10pm. School comes first, sorry c:
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  4. @isellbodybags - Accepted.
    Please add your posting availability after your character sheet :)

    And with that all spots are now filled! XD
    *runs off to change the tags*
  5. The Professor, darkgreen Alias: Professor Malachite
    Age: 32
    Height and Build: Tall and surprisingly slender
    Eyes and Hair: Green Eyes, Long Black Hair
    Other Distinguishing Features: A decidedly bad left leg that occasionally gives out on him.
    Show Spoiler
    Shoe Size and Type: Men's Boot Size 12.5, Black Engineer Boots
    Weapon: Sword Cane

    Posting Rate: Couple times a week on average, sometimes a couple times a day if things go well. Depends on the situation.
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  6. Alias: Ms. Abigail Garnet
    Age: A proper lady never tells! (~ she looks to be in her mid-fifties)
    Height and Build: Abigail is about 5'6", but her age has caused her to stoop a bit. Her age has also affected how active she is, so she's a bit on the plump side now.
    Eyes and Hair: Blue-grey eyes, medium-length curly grey-blonde hair tied up into an old-fashioned bun
    Other distinguishing features: Has a noticeable stoop, somewhat lined
    Costume: The Queen of Hearts
    Costume (open)

    Shoe Size and Type: Black leather lace up ankle boots, size 6
    "Weapon": The Queen of Hearts' sceptre
    Posting Rate: I can check pretty much every day, but may not have time to post. I'll be able to get a post up at least every three days if needed.
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  7. Character Sheet
    Alias: Lady Elle Lazuli
    Age: 26
    Height and Build: Stands about 5'5, curves like a mountain road.
    Eyes and Hair: Artfully-curled blonde hair often piled on her head, sleepy green eyes
    Other distinguishing features: Never seen without her lapis lazuli brooch/hat decoration/pendant
    Costume: Princess Mombi (Ozma of Oz)

    Show Spoiler


    Shoe Size and Type: 7, fancy embroidered slippers
    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it / thing they have that can be used as a weapon: A small pistol hidden in the extra "head" cluctch/bag

    I'm the most available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, although I can sometimes post on Thursday afternoons if I really need to.
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  8. Character Sheet
    Alias: Miss Opal
    Age: 27
    Height and Build: 5'0'', very fit and slightly muscular in build.
    Eyes and Hair: Platinum blonde hair pulled back into a bun, light blue eyes.
    Other distinguishing features: Her very (very) expensive fur coat.
    Costume: 20's flapper girl

    Costume (open)

    Shoe Size and Type: 6, silver high heels
    The weapon they brought with them in case they got the chance to use it / thing they have that can be used as a weapon:
    Piano wire.

    I'm available very frequently right now, but that may change to nightly based on when/where I snag a job.
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  9. @Midian, @Kura, @Requiem, @Terpsichore, @Endless Masquerade, @isellbodybags

    Thanks all! I will have the house map up tonight.
    And as everyone except Endless has put up their character sheets I will be putting the IC up tonight as well.
    Endless - No rush, I just want everyone else to have a chance to start if they like ^^
    Kura - I do need the characters to be 25 or older. As soon as that's changed I'll add you to the quick links chart ^^

    Question for everyone, would it be helpful to also have a short list of the possible weapons in that second posts? or are you happy with it as is?
  10. On that point, I have a question. Are the possible murder weapons purely limited to the items that our characters bring with them? There's no chance of it being, saw, a kitchen knife or something like that?

    Either way, if it isn't too much trouble I think a list would be good. Then you would have the suspects, the rooms and the weapons all in one place for reference.
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  11. Yep. The weapon will only be from the ones listed in the character sheets ^^
  12. My apologies! All fixed!
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  13. I'm good with it as-is, the list of players isn;t so long that it's hard to reference, but I'm down for whatever :)
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  14. @Midian, @Kura, @Requiem, @Terpsichore, @Endless Masquerade, @isellbodybags

    Hay all, The map is now finished. The rooms have also been listed beside the map, and there is a new tab with a weapons list.

    And, the IC is here:’s-demise.69431/
    I’ve also used Diana’s fancy new button thing to link the threads together (so if it doesn’t work it’s not my fault >.> )

    You don’t have to wait for Beryl to answer the door each time. Just say she did, let yourself in, sneak in the back, I don’t care :)

    Also, I will be sending each of you a PM shortly. These are the PMs I will be using to send out clues each round, and occasionally ask questions or plot things.

    Time to have fun!
  15. It seems I'm a bit late to the party, no pun intended. xD
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  16. @Endless Masquerade No worries. Just get me a char sheet and jump in before the murder happens!
    I'm excited to have you on board! =D
  17. @Falcon

    Any specific archetype? I was going to go with doctor. >.> Though I might leave the weapon up to you.
  18. I have no preferences. As for weapon, look at the list in the second post and stick in whatever it is you think is missing that fits the character I guess ^^
  19. Dr.Weisman, #ff4234
    Dr.Weissman (open)

    Character Sheet

    Alias: Mr. Ruby

    Age: 27

    Height and Build: 6'3'', very fit and slightly muscular in build.

    Eyes and Hair: Short brown hair; smooth texture. Hazel eyes.

    Other distinguishing features: Fancy pocket watch.

    Costume: Morning dress: Morning dress with matching black waistcoat with a then fashionably shorter skirt length, top hat, formal gloves, contrasting top Oxford boots with punching across the toe cap, boldly striped long tie, striped shirt with contrasting white turndown collar and cuffs, and formal striped trousers. The characteristic angle of the cutaway front of the skirt is clearly visible, as is the waist seam.

    Weapon: Scalpel
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