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  1. Rrrr..Rrrr..Rrr, rang Greg’s iPod, as the alarm function activated, waking him up from his slumber. He began sighing, making no effort to move, except to press the top button on his device, setting it to snooze. He did this at least three times a morning, before getting up to start his day. It was a Wednesday, which was the middle of his work week. Usually it was then that he began hating the week until the weekend began.

    While screaming out curse words in his head, getting out of bed, he prepared himself for work. It was the usual shower, prepare a quick breakfast, and getting the hell out of there before, he decided to stay a little longer and risk being late. The last part usually happened a lot. Before leaving he would check his Facebook. He never understood why he continued checked it. He never used it. To him, it just didn’t seem right to not check it. It just became a routine.

    When he opened the social website, he browsed through the new feeds, to see if anything new happened. It was the usual people complaining about their lives, funny videos people would post, and messages/quotes users would come up with, just to sound smart but never lived by them. While Greg continued looking through the site, a message popped up on his messenger. The name of the one who sent him the message was literally “unknown”. “What the!?” he said, reacting to the sudden message from the unknown individual. It read “Please help!” which confused Greg for a moment. “What the hell is this? Did I just get hacked?” he wondered, thinking that he might have a virus infection on his computer.

    He attempted to close his internet window, using his mouse, but couldn’t, because his computer froze, which worried him more. For this to happen to his computer, which he took good care of, worried him, and frustrated him at the same time. He decided to emergency shut down his computer, which required him to hold his power button for 5 seconds. As he pressed, and held his power button for over 5 seconds, the computer didn’t shut down. “Maybe I have to continue holding it down longer” he said, while continuing to hold down on the power button longer.

    He looked at the screen, feeling very worried for his computer. He noticed that the unknown messenger, sent him another message. “Please help me!” said the message. The message was repeated three times and then the fourth then the fifth. Message kept repeating itself over and over. It was beginning to freak Greg out a lot. “Oh my god, sure, just shut down already!!!” he screamed in his head. The instant he finished the thought, the computer shut off. He was relieved to see it happen. After that, he took a quick glanced at the clock, noticing that he was running late. “Fuck!” he yelled, grabbing his keys, rushing out the door.

    The instant he left, his computer booted back up, and displayed a message. It read “Thank You” then shut off.


    James woke up to the sound of his alarm clock, ringing the sounds of an anime opening theme song of one of his favorite anime, Naruto. “God I love that theme,” he said rolling out of bed, catching himself before making a complete fall. He wore, Naruto pajamas with Sasuke art on one leg and Naruto art on the other, both performing poses. He didn’t wear a shirt, but wore a hidden leaf headband around his neck. The sun was bright today. The light shining through his window into his room, revealing anime posters, covering every inch of his walls.

    James was a huge anime fan. He had goals of becoming an animator one day, but was never motivated in making the move to pursue it. He wasn’t a people person, which was one of his reasons for not aiming for his goal. He was very antisocial, so it was hard for him to find a job, because he was afraid to interact with the outside world. However, he did enjoy talking to people on the internet about anime. He even created his own website just for anime discussions. He would log in everyday, excited to speak about the episodes, he watched the other day, or argue about topics involving battles, romances, and things the author could’ve changed to make the anime better.

    “James, come out of your room, and take out the trash!” yelled his mother. It was 1pm, and James was showing no signs of leaving his room anytime soon. “Leave me alone mom! I’m busy! I’ll do it later!” snapped James, feeling irritated about his mother yelling at him. Sometimes he hate reality, he hated his always angry mother, and he hated his own life, for being what it was. Sometimes he just wanted to get away. Run away from reality. Anime was his life. It was the only thing that kept him going throughout the days. If it wasn’t for anime, who knows what would become of him.

    “Oh I have a message,” he said, noticing that he had a pop up on his website. He used his mouse to click on the message to read it. The message read “Please help me!”. Someone was asking him for help with something. Could it be about an anime that he/she didn’t understand? He was curious, so he replied, speaking the words, as he typed them. “Sure, I’ll help you if there’s anything I can do to be of service. What would you like me to help you with?” he finished, sending the message to the unknown member. He received a reply almost instantly afterwards. The message read “Thank you”. “Thank me for what?” he wondered, not bothering to send a message back to the unknown individual, who didn’t bother to tell him, his/her’s issue. “Must be a troll or something,” he thought, not liking the get involved with them. They were nothing but trouble.
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  2. Lydia was a night owl. No, scratch that, an OVERnight owl. It was early morning for most, but for her it felt more like an afternoon. She was the 'creative' sort who liked to stay up all night doing fun activities that she enjoyed. Oddly enough, it wasn't what most people were expecting. She wasn't the type to go partying or get drunk and cray-cray - In fact, events like that tend to get on her nerves and felt like a waste of time. She would rather be up gaming and writing or interacting on the web rather than deal with people "IRL". It was just how she was comfortable.

    She could be anyone with no restrictions. Want to save the world and find love at the same time? Plenty of stories and video games to cover that. Become the 'it' girl who ends up gaining the affections of at least two or three main male characters? Manga has her covered. And she does it all on her time and loves it. The only thing that annoys her is the fact that she has to join the 'Real World' and do things to make sure she can afford such luxuries. She had to do her job and deal with others that she normally would have never even spoken to. True, she is glad for work because of some of the personal connections she got (her friend Aimee was someone she would have never thought to reach out to but now they were best buds) but sometimes she just prefered the 'faceless' people of online.

    Speaking of...

    The buzzing of a vibrating phone caught her attention. Who is contacting her now? Most people who write her are either going to bed or getting ready to be responsible. Lydia hit the button on the bottom of her screen to see what notification came on. It was Skype. From... a person she doesn't know yet. Huh. Not too uncommon, just hopefully it wasn't one of those porn bots-

    Please help me! the message read. A form of near panic and the side of her who always gives in when people ask for help automatically responded.

    Of course! What do you need?

    Thinking that she would have to wait a little bit for a long response, she started to set the phone down when she felt it buzz in her hand. Thank you...

    Thank you? That's it? She waited a moment longer and saw that nothing else was being written. Maybe it was just a person who needed someone nice to respond. She shrugged it off as she tossed her phone into her bag. She had to finish getting ready for work afterall.


    Aimee groaned as the alarm on her phone went off. She stayed up too late doing homework again and she knew that she would regret it. In a heated session of getting stuff done for classes, she decided that yes- she could do just ONE MORE ESSAY and get it out of the way so she could relax for once. And it cost her some sort of comfort in the morning. She dreaded waking up for it seemed to be the hardest part of her day.

    Slowly, but surely, she moved. Her arm, then her leg, then something of something and miraculously managed to get up and look at herself in the mirror. 'Yeah,' she thought to herself as she took in her appearance, 'I look tired. But I can get away with it and no one will question it much. As long as I get an energy drink... or a coffee-' Her thoughts were cut short by a ding from her computer.

    Oh dang, did she really forget to shut it off last night? She shook her head and she begrudingly made it over to close it. But the message was what made her freeze. No title, just a PM from a site that helps with some school topics or whatever that she liked to go to that said " Please help me."

    Ugh, someone who needed help? Why chose her. "Sure, no problem. I don't have much time right now, but just write your problem and I will answer when I get a chance."

    She didn't even look after she sent it and shut her laptop. Work. She had to get ready for work. And to make sure she had time to get something to kick her out of this tired grove, she would have to leave early which meant she had to leave soon.
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  3. Greg finally made it home after a long day of work. For some reason, he was dragging his feet all day, which was why the day felt long. It was like all of his energy was being drained. He would have days like this at times, but today felt different, worse than the norm. When he reached his apartment, be barely had the energy to even leave his car. He even debated on falling asleep in it, but knew he had things to do before going to bed. “I’m I dying?” he asked himself, as he finally worked the nerve to exit his vehicle. When he opened his door, all thoughts of completing any type of tasks flew out the window, except for one, which was sleep.

    He closed the door behind him, dropped his work gear, and dragged himself to his bed, flopping face-forward in it. “I have to take a shower” he said, but he was too tired. “I have to eat something” he said, but he was too tired. “I have to get ready for work tomorrow,” he said, but he was too tired. He couldn’t utter another word, before losing consciousness.

    “Brother...Brother...Brother!!!” said a person screaming from a distance. “What was that?” Greg asked himself. He could barely see anything, just slight flashes of visions. Every moment he got to see, he could see a little girl, running towards him. He noticed that he was on the ground, and couldn’t get up. “Brother!!!,” screamed the girl again, as she made it to him. “Brother? Who’s she calling brother?” he wondered, still unable to move. “What the hell, why can’t I move?” he asked himself, trying his hardest to move, but to no avail. When the girl reached him, he noticed that she was weeping heavily. It looked like she was crying for him, but why?

    “R..Run Miki, they’ll catch you if you don’t,” said a voice that sounded like it came from him. “What the, I didn’t say that?” Greg said, feeling very freaked out right now. Was he dreaming? It had to be a dream. If so, how did he know he was dreaming? Most of the time, he would never recognize whether or not he was, when dreaming.

    The girl grabbed him, lifting his upper body a little from the ground, hugging him weakly, while still crying her heart out to him. He could hear people in the distance. “Go now,” said the weak voice, that felt like it was coming from his mouth. The girl laid him back down to the ground gently, as he noticed that he was in a pool of blood. “Am I bleeding??” he wondered, not feeling the pain, but that didn’t matter, it seemed like the dream was finally over, because he began blacking out. Wha..t..the..hell?


    It was 4pm and James felt horrible. “What the heck is going on with me right now?” he wondered. He didn’t have the motivation to play video games, or watch anime, which was weird coming from him. He didn’t feel like doing anything. He didn’t know what was wrong with him today. Was he sick? For him to not even, feel motivated to watch anime, means that something was wrong. The only thing he thought about was going to sleep, which he didn’t waste time doing. “Hopefully tomorrow I can actually focus on watching anime,” He said, as he fell into slumberland.
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  4. Lydia stretched as she finally reached home. She had noticed that Aimee looked tired - per usual when she gets carried away by homework - and yawned. She reached up to 'rub the tired out of her eyes' as she started to mentally blame Aimee: Her tiredness was beginning to become infectious. Lydia was normally tired after work (because, it felt like late night during her schedule) but to be this tired was a bit extreme.

    She had originally planned a few things before she went to sleep - like a shower - but she found that her feet started to drag and so she changed her direction to her bed. Attempting to check her phone, she ended up tossing it on the nightstand next to her bed as she plopped down. The signs were obvious: she was going to sleep. And because of this, Lydia decided that she was going to make sure she was comfortable and wasn't going to ache when she woke up. What did surprise her was the fact she almost didn't finish propping her pillows and get the blanket on before she was out.

    Or was she?

    "Come here sweetie, I promise not to hurt you - much," a man stated which was promptly followed by a chuckle. He creeped her out to the point where she could not hide the shiver. "Aw, come on now, it won't be bad. I just-"

    She heard someone yelling 'No!' right before she felt herself struggling to get up as another person came to save her. Or that was assuming that was what they were trying to do. "Be careful," someone called out frightfully. Wait... wasn't that MY voice? she pondered as someone - she couldn't tell who - was shoved into her and she was falling backwards...


    Aimee looked at the drink her in hands. Normally she would be decent by now and have some sort of energy. It wasn't as if she didn't sleep at all. She felt as if her sight was being taken from her as she struggled to walk. Dizzy? Not quite just.. the world is shifting a little bit.

    She grunted in frustration. She did not have time for this! To keep up with getting things done, she had a few things to edit and work on so she can have some free time sometime soon in her life. But right now, she had to make sure she didn't hurt herself. She would not make it to her bed, but her little sofa was enough. So managed to get herself somewhat rolled in a blanket but she was out. Darn her luck....
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  5. "Would you like another, master?" a woman holding a bowl of berries asked as she began stroking Jin's long blonde hair. She was standing to the right of him as he sat on his golden throne, with a smile on his face. There was another woman, to his left, fanning him with a huge paper fan, using it's handle to move the fan up and down. "If you would be so kind," he answered, as he began laughing out loud. "Beep!" said the woman feeding him berries. "Beep?" asked Jin, confused by the sudden outburst. The woman dropped the bowl of berries, and proceeded, kicking Jin relentlessly. "What are you doing!?" screamed Jin, while trying to protect himself from the blows. "Beep beep beep beep!!!" yelled the woman, continuing her onslaught. "Why is this happening to-"

    Jin woke up, with a familiar female face, stomping him, nonstop, and to the sound of his alarm clock sounding. The girl had long, black hair, that was tie in a, twin tail hair style, with slight tan skin. Her golden-yellow eyes seemed bright with fury as she continued stomping her childhood friend. "Get up already, you idiot!" yelled Makoto, frustrated. "You were suppose to be up an hour ago! Don't you remember Yamoto-sensei's request!?" she yelled, when noticing that he was awake, she stopped her abuse, then folded her arms, waiting for him to get out of bed. "Ok , I get it already" replied Jin sighing, sad that his dream had come to an end. He didn't like waking up early, but Makoto pushed him into doing Yamoto-sensei's favor. Even though Yamoto-sensei was a woman, he hated how lazy she was. She would always force her assignments on her students, no doubt the reasons for it was so that she could drink her nights away. "How is that woman not fired by now," Jin asked himself, rolling out of bed. He noticed another familiar female face peeking into his room.

    "I tried to stop her, I promise," said the girl, in a low shy voice. Nana, was another one of his childhood friends. She was always the shy type, which made her a target for bullying as a kid. Makoto saved Nana from her bullies, when she moved to this city 8 years ago. Makoto was a huge tomboy when Jin and Nana first met her. At first, they thought she was a boy, because of her slight boyish features and attitude. Now she looks more girly than Nana, if you take away the brute strength. Nana had long silver hair, that went pass her shoulders, to the mid section of her back. She had sapphire blue eyes, pale skin, and always had a shy, innocent look on her face. Both Nana and Makoto had on a white and gold sailor school uniform. Makoto's skirt was folded a little, making it look shorter, while Nana's were, slightly pass her knees, with was the normal length. Jin smiled at Nana, reassuring her, that everything was fine. He could never get mad at her, or Makoto. They were always great friends to him.

    Makoto noticed their silent communication, and puffed her cheeks. "It's not like I'm mad or anything. Just get up already," he said sighing. Jin stood to his feet, feeling more awake than he was just a while ago. He bowed to her sarcastically. "As you wish Hime-sama," he said jokingly. Makoto may not seem like it, but her family is very rich. Her father owned, a weapons trading company in another country, but because of the war, it became to dangerous, so they moved to Vera.

    Twenty minutes later, Jin was prepared and ready to go. "If we're late for this, it's your fault, you know," said Makoto, still a little upset with him. "Ma..Makoto-chan," Nana timidly called out in a low voice, trying her hardest to calm the situation. Makoto glanced at her sighing. Jin began scratching his head, not knowing was to say. "We..Well haha..let's get going," said Jin trying to ease Makoto's temper, if not a little. "I just hope, they're more prepared than you were," she responded, walking off.


    Greg woke from his slumber to an almost blinding light. “Wow, why are my curtains open?” he wondered, closing his eyes and opening them slightly so his eyes can adjust to the sun’s piercing light. It was strange that, the sun hurt his eyes that much. It was like he’d been indoors for days. He rubbed his eyes as he began to see a little more clearer, but when his eyes cleared, he saw something very wrong. “I’m I still dreaming or something?” he asked himself, messaging his forehead. Panic began to rise, as he realized everything felt real, but looked very odd. He could feel his hand touching his face, he pinched himself just to make sure he could feel pain. There were too many problem going on at once.

    To start off, his hands were pale white and strangely colored, in a way he could only describe as anime. Anyone who knew Greg, knew that he was African American. His skin color was now complete different from the norm. The next thing was that the room that he was in wasn’t his. It was very different. The room that he was in, had colors that seemed off. Greg was very familiar with the colors, because he's seen them many times. The colors looked like something from an anime, and at the same time, felt real. He tried his best not to freak out, but it was a challenge given the circumstances. He slowly looked around, while still in bed. At the moment, the bed was the only safe haven, and he didn’t want to risk leaving it.

    He noticed a mirror hanging on the door of the room he was in. He didn’t want to, but he had to know. He slowly creep out of bed. He felt as though, if he made too much noise, something was going to jump out and hurt or kill him. At this point anything could happen. When he made it to the mirror he couldn’t believe what he saw. He knew he felt something around his shoulders, because he had semi long silver white hair and his eyes were a crimson red color. “Holy Shi-” “HOLY SHIT!!!” screamed someone, interrupting him. The scream sounded like, a girl. The scream came from outside of his room.
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  6. Lydia sat straight up, breathing heavily, waking from that God-Awful dream. That was not fun, not in the least. Her hands were lightly hitting her skin as if to get off the grime that should have been on her if she really was in that horrifying... Alleyway? Was it an alleyway or a dim room? She tried to focus on the details but it was fleetingly escaping her when she finally looked around her and noticed something was off.


    "Holy-" Lydia jumped when she noticed that nothing was right. She wasn't in the right room, she wasn't in her bed, she wasn't even her lightly tan color mixed with her ethnic background - she was white! And not even just white, she was - "Manga? No.... Anime. This is all -" She loved this genre though she did not get to dabble/enjoy it as much as when she was younger. There just wasn't enough time for everything. But she would recognize this in a heartbeat. "What the-" She put one hand back to ponder, it slipped. As she flopped back she noticed what the thing she slipped on. Long beautiful dark blue hair. She ended up rolling out of bed and standing up to run to a mirror. She couldn't not help but smile as she turned to see who long it was. "I always wanted hair this long, and never could grow it out..." It was to the middle of her derriere and was just beautiful. And of course, to match the dark blue hair, she had some pretty blue eyes, but they were a light shade of blue instead. She paused - what the heck was going on? Why is she here? When did she become something so odd......

    She glimpsed something on the small table/nightstand thing in her room. A folder? She started to move towards it when a knock on her door made her gasp and jump.
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  7. “HOLY SHIT!!!” screamed a girl somewhere outside the room Greg was in. It surprised him at first, but that wasn’t the main focus at the moment. Too many things to think about, but first he needed to do a little more investigating. Maybe journeying out of the room could be a start, but he was afraid at what he might find, so for now he decided to take a tour around the room first. Maybe there’s something around, that may give him some clue, as to what was going on.

    First thing he spotted, when glancing around was a closet that was next to the door, with the mirror. When opening it, he scanned the contents in it. He saw a few black and gold blazers. They appeared to be school uniforms. Back when Greg was in high school he never had to wear uniforms. He wondered who’s uniform it was. Other than the blazers, he saw black Khakis that seemed to match the blazers, a few button up shirts, a few jeans, and a couple of shirts. Well he wasn’t going to find anything here, so the hunt continued.

    He noticed a coffee table next to the bed he woke up in. It had a folder laying on it. “That doesn’t look suspicious at all,” he thought, walking towards, the table to the folder.

    *25 minute later*

    Greg couldn’t believe what he was reading. Whoever made the folder, knew about the situation he was in, and even knew his name. The folder had tons of information and even an order from whoever made it. The first thing Greg noticed when looking in the folder was a letter made for him. The letter used his name and said that he had to keep a low profile. The best way was to attend school? It also told him, that their were others in the building that are in the same predicament as him. “That explained the scream, I heard, some minutes ago,” he said, moving strands of his new hair back behind his ear, that was getting in the way of his sight. He was focused on ingesting as much information as he could. There was even a card for food supplies. Whoever this person was, they were very prepared, which left him impressed.

    So the name of the person who, he was to be, is Tamagi Sion. Judging by the way it sounds, it appeared that Tamagi was a Family name, while Sion was his first name. Greg was familiar with the way Japanese names went. He would look up random things about Japan. He was also a somewhat hardcore anime and manga viewer. He was 16 years old now, and attending Sora High School, as a transfer student. That explained the blazer in the closet. It was going to be hard getting use to all this, but the only way he can even begin to figure out, how to return, to what he was, was to follow the orders of whoever this mysterious person was. “Tamagi Sion it is,” he said taking a deep breath.

    He pretty much got the gist of what he had to do. He noticed, that he was strangely calm. He wondered if it had anything to do with his slight excitement of being in an anime-like world. It was strange. He was worried and intrigued at the same time. He took a deep breath, while standing to his feet, as he stretched a bit. “Staying in this room, won’t get me anywhere. For now, I guess I should meet these others. Maybe they know more about this. Plus I have to meet them anyway,” he said heading for the door. Before reaching for the door knob, there was a knock on his door. “Looks like someone had the idea before I did,” he said opening the door, to find a girl with long green hair, with bright grey eyes, that lit up the instant she saw him.

    “Are yo-” “OH MY GOD! I can’t believe it! A real life anime character!” yelled the girl, interrupting Sion. It looked as though, she saw a celebrity for the first time up close. “What’s your name??? What’s your favorite food??? What is it like to be an anime character??? What is it-” “Hold on for a second will yea?” Sion said, interrupting the strange girl, bombarding him with random questions. Basic off the questions, she asked, it was obvious, she was from his world. She was probably one of the three. “What’s your name?” Sion asked, getting down to his main goal at the moment, which was finding out about the others.

    The girl looked disappointed, but it seemed like she was ready to answer his question. “It’s James,” answered the girl, which put a confused look on Sion’s face. Crossing his arms, he replied about the girl’s name. “I’ve never met a girl with that name before. I guess anyone’s name can be-” “I’m not a girl asshole,” James interrupted, showing an irritated looked on her face. Sion was shocked. He didn’t mean to offend, he just looked like a girl to him so he couldn’t tell. James instantly picked up on this thought. “That’s not it either,” replied James, looking upset. “I’m a guy, but in a gi..girls body,” he said in a low voice, feeling extremely embarrassed about it. After those words, Sion noticed, James literally turn bright red. He was amazed to actually see an actual anime character turn bright red up close in person. It was..cute. Sion begin smiling, and chuckled to himself a little. “This isn’t funny, what are you laughing at?” asked James, getting a little angry with Sion. Sion was surprised, at how unexpected the situation with James was, and relieved that, he didn’t suffer the same fate. He noticed that James, didn’t know anything about the folder either, meaning that he didn’t bother investigating before rushing into searching for people. That made him a little worried. It seems James wasn’t a very strategic kind of guy, or girl, which could cause problems in the future. “James we need to talk, but before that, show me your room. This is going to take a while,” he told James, sighing.
  8. Lydia looked at her door for a moment, wondering if she was hearing things. Who would be coming so soon? There is no way - she decided to ignore it for the moment when the knock came again. Same polite speed, not rushed but it gave her an odd feeling so this time she decided to go answer it. How was she going to do this? What if it is someone who would hurt her. Is this -

    Gathering her courage she went ahead and opened the door. There was a handsome young man - the term is megane, right? She quickly questioned this as she looked at the glasses wearing gentleman. Such dark hair but there seemed to be more of a purple tint to it if looked at carefully, tall - much taller than herself, and-

    "Sorry, I don't mean to stop you from starring but I have a question for you," the young man stated.

    This caused Lydia to blush as she realized she had been caught. "Ah! Sorry! I didn't -" She felt like a fool.

    He held up his hand as if to stop her from embarrassing herself further. "I am actually here on a personal task and was wondering if there was a chance I could ask you some questions. He seemed slightly irritated but possibly not at her. "I need to come in, if you don't mind."

    Lydia was shocked and opened the door so he could come in and, well, ask questions? She had no idea what was going on but was surprised when the young man seemed to notice her folder and headed straight for it. He didn't even ask her permission to look at it as he opened it up. "Hey! You shouldn't just-"

    He looked at her with pure shock on his face, his eyes widened. It was a look that she would have never expected. "Lydia, you're here too? I-I mean there are others, but the chances that it is YOU. Someone I know-"

    This time she cut him off. "What in the world are you talking about?"

    The young man put his hand to his face as if he could not believe what he was hearing. "You haven't even read this yet? I read this about half an hour ago and have started looking for the others. You are just - really? I should have expected this really, especially now that I know it is you and I -"

    "Hey! I don't know you," Lydia interjected, feeling a little confused and insulted.

    "It's me. Aimee. Your co-worker? I have been transported to this anime world as well. Except you are better off because you came as a girl. And I shouldn't be calling you Lydia, I should be calling you - " he (no, she?) scanned the folder and looked up at her, "Megumi-chan. Unless you want to keep it more formal like most will be and I can call you Satou-san."

    "What in-" before 'Megumi' could finish her sentence, the male lightly tossed the folder to her to look at. Lydia scanned it, reading the contents and everything 'Aimee' had been saying started to make sense. "No way..."

    'Aimee' sighed as she/he pushed up her/his glasses. "And you need to start referring to me as a male and call me some form of Yamazaki Takashi."

    Megumi nodded as she looked at Takashi before looking at her folder. Nothing said she couldn't be familiar with one of the others, so this would make it easier. "Taka-kun," she stated. Takashi looked at her with a little bit of surprise. "It seems to fit our personalities more. You can be more formal if you like. I am sticking with some form of Taka-kun when talking about you. And we can act as childhood friends or something and it will make this easier."

    Takashi could not help but give a small smile. "You are making a lot of sense. But keep reading - our lives just became all sorts of interesting."
  9. "Beep," mumbled Jin, still depressed about his dream. Nana glanced over her shoulder, to check on him, noticing he wasn't keeping up. "Beep?" she wondered, slowing down her pace to let him catch up. "Are you ok Jin-kun?" she asked concerned for her friend. "Jin-kun?" she repeated his name to get his attention. She had a feeling that, he didn't hear her, because of her low voice tone. She was bad at speaking up. Makoto had always told her to work on it. She would always say "that's the reason people pick on you. They think you're easy prey". She would also always say, with her nose high "but don't you worry, because I'll always protect yea". Nana always looked up to Makoto's strength and her ability to stand up to anyone. Makoto was always good to her. She tried one more time. "Jin-kun!" she yelled, shocking him out of his daze.

    "Whoa! What was that all about!?" asked Jin surprised to hear Nana so loud. He knew that she would always practice making her voice louder, but she was terrible at measuring it. "I...I'm sorry," she responded, taking a few step back from him, realizing that she was too loud again. "No, it's fine I shouldn't hav-" said Jin not able to finish, his sentence, because of Makoto suddenly grabbing the collar of his shirt and yanking him down to her face, so that they could look eye to eye. Jin had his hands up, showing that he wasn't doing anything wrong to her. "Ma...Makoto, calm down," he pleaded, not wanting to face her wraith. "Makoto-chan It's my fault, please don't!" begged Nana, grabbing Makoto's arm. Makoto loosened, her grip, letting go of Jin's collar, realizing that she overreacted. "Humph, it’s not like I was going to hurt him or anything, I was just showing you what to do in a situation like this.”What kind of situation what this, and what were you going to do?" thought Jin, looking at Makoto with a doubtful look on his face. "Anyway how far are we?" asked Jin. Makoto took a look at the directions and looked back at Jin. "Not much further, about a mile away," she replied, as she continued walking.


    The more Sion explained the situation, the more it seemed, James’ eyes sparkled with excitement. “You seem a little too happy about this,” said Sion, finishing his information session this James or should he say Kuroki Kaori. “Of course I am! It’s like a dream come true! I mean come on! It’s an anime world, and we’re living in it! How could you not be happy?” replied Kaori, feeling too giddy for her own good. “I mean, don’t you like anime?”

    Sion sat down on the floor in front of Kaori’s coffee table, resting his elbow on it, while using his hand to hold up his head. He gave out a slight sigh. “I do, but that’s not the point here,” he answered. “Aren’t you a little worried that we may never get to return?” he asked, wondering why she didn’t seem even a bit worried about this whole thing.

    “Why would I? This is like an answer to my prayers. Why would I want to go back?” she replied, with an irritated look on her face. It was then that Sion realized that maybe-. “I hate to ask, but is your life that horrible?” he asked, feeling like it may be a touchy topic. She looked away for a bit and then back at him. “Anyway, now that I know the situation, can you get out? I have to get ready for school,” asked James, not waiting for a reply, while forcing Sion out of her room.

    “Whatever, just be on your best behavior. Don’t bring suspicion towards us. We only know, but so much right now,” said Sion, rushing his words, before getting kick out by Kaori. “As worried as I am, I guess it helps to have someone with some form of enthusiasm in the group,” thought Sion, walking back to his room, stopping by the thought of having to meet with two others. He wondered if they were as prepared as James-chan,” he said to himself, thinking about Kaori’s situation. He couldn’t help, but feel happy that, he wasn’t in the same boat. He decided to check the other rooms, to see if any of them had the, people he was looking for.

    “This is going to be a long morning,” he said, knocking on a few doors, not hearing a reply. He hoped that, the four of them were the only ones in this building. He didn’t want to blow their cover and say anything that he’d regret later. “On to the next one,” he said, not getting an answer from the last door. “I hope this one is the one,” he said, while knocking on it.
  10. Takashi was looking at the file over Megumi's shoulder. They had been discussing about how they were to act, what they needed to do, and check to see if there were details about how to act in particular or if there was anything they needed to be careful about. Right now, they got the basics and because of their previous 'professional relationship' they knew how to work together. 'He' was beginning to think that this might not be so bad after all.

    "How familiar are you with this culture," he asked as he finally took off his glasses to clean them off with his shirt. The speckles were starting to get to him and now he understood why people were constantly cleaning them.

    Megumi smiled. "Oh! You are lucky Taka-kun! I read manga and used to watch anime! I might be of some assistance." She held up a fist as if to say 'rock on' or something of that sort. Honestly, she was kind of excited. Chances like this was rare - what is she talking about? Chances like this NEVER happen! "I am so excited. I wonder if it will all work out like it does in anime."

    Takashi nodded in thought as he put his glasses back on. "Well Satou-san, seems reasonable to seem so. But since we are familiar with each other, should we have a back story to explain it?"

    "Hmmm... good point. I could go with the default: 'Childhood friends'. We can have our differences and it not seem to off. We will still work together and be close even if we disagree because of the close bond we should have by 'knowing each other all our lives'." Megumi put air quotes around the last part as Takashi smiled and nodded.

    "That does make a lot of sense. Good thinking. I -" He was cut off by a knock at the door. They both became quiet and look at each other as if expecting some sort answer. Once they realized they both were not expecting someone, Megumi slowly got up and opened the door as she looked out.

  11. After knocking on the door, he waited to see if anyone would answer. He didn’t hear anything, so he figured that no one occupied it. He was about to move on, until he hear foot steps from inside. The door opened, revealing a girl with long blue hair and blue eyes. “Yup, that’s anime,” said Sion in his head. “Hello?” she answered, when opening the door.

    He almost didn’t know what to say to the girl. After this mess that was, the instant he woke up, the only person he talked to after the change was Kaori, and that was just as bad as the whole situation. He forced himself to look the girl in the eyes, forcing the nerve to speak. It was a method, he did to fight shyness. “I hope, I don’t sound crazy to you, but are you by any chance, not from this world?,” he asked, feeling weird asking a question like that. He was a little embarrassed, but it was the only way he could word it. He wondered if he was turning red, just like Kaori.


    “Ok, I should get ready then,” said Kaori, feeling pumped, ready to see an anime school up close for the first time. She, smelled herself to make sure if she needed to take a bath, but didn’t smell anything unusual. “Is this an anime thing, or did someone give this body a bath before I got here,” she wondered. She remembered pokemon, and how characters in the show hardly ever took a shower. Was that the same here, or was there something about the body she didn’t know. “I guess I’ll find out later I guess,” she said, knowing the day just started and there’s plenty of time to find that out.

    She opened her closet, taking out a white and gold sailor school uniform. She wondered how she was going to put it on. Suddenly another thought crossed her mind, turning her face bright red. She looked down at her body. “OH...MY...GOD,” she said, reacting to the new body. She became highly nervous. She’s never seen a naked female body up close before. As a male, he’s had his fair share of porn, but it’s not exactly the same as seeing the real thing with his own eyes up close. Even though it was his body, it felt wrong to undress it, but he had to in order to prepare for school. He was nervous, but curious at the same time. “Well, here goes nothing,” he said, undressing, feasting his eyes on his new body.

    Once she managed to put on the uniform, she looked in the mirror to get a better look at herself. When viewing herself, many thought rushed through her head. One of them, about how uncomfortable a bra is, and how awkward it was to wear one. She felt like a cross dresser, and in some respects, she was, if you looked outside the box. The awkward and embarrassment level was on high. She almost considered asking Tamagi-kun for his uniform instead, but knew that wouldn’t help the situation. She was a female now and had to look the part. Thinking about the situation, it seemed unfair to her, but what could she do. She was a little depressed, but she was in an anime, and she could probably have fun with the situation, so why not look at the bright side.

    The next problem was her hair. She noticed that her hair was already in a sort of style. Her long green hair was in a sideways ponytail. She noticed the hairstyle was similar to Yusa’s from one of her favorite anime Charlotte. “I guess, I’ll keep it like that,” she said, nodding in approval to herself. “I guess I’ll read more of that folder, while I wait”
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