L is For Love, T is For Tolerance (IC)

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  1. The Day Is: Tuesday

    The Time Is: Early afternoon, school has just gotten out

    The Weather Is: Cloudy but not raining

    This will be edited and updated as the RP goes on. If you are curious about the day, time or weather, check here.
  2. Sylvie
    Sylvie hummed as she made her way down the hallway, the bell having just rung and math class having just ended. She was happy and pretty excited, given that today was the first official meeting day of the GSA. It wasn't the first first meeting, but the original first meeting had been very informal and mostly to see who would come and be interested in partaking in the GSA, and today was the first official meeting, where they would hopefully get actual things done besides complaining loudly and laughing a lot, like they had the first meeting time. Admittedly, it had been rather fun, but it hadn't been very productive, and Sylvie wanted this GSA to change things in the town, or at least the school. She would settle for the school.

    Humming to herself, Sylvie made her way to her locker, opening it up and grabbing papers and textbooks and notebooks and files for the GSA, mostly ideas on what to do, and stuffing them all in her backpack as she absentmindedly swung her car keys around her finger. Today had been a pretty great day--her parents had been home for the first time in two weeks, and they'd let her drive the car with her brand new license! She hadn't had to take the bus, and having to drop Birgit off at school was a small price to pay for a taste of freedom. Plus, the first official meeting of the GSA was today! Nothing could squish her good mood today, not even the pop quiz they'd had in history class. Grabbing her bag full of stuff and slamming her locker closed, Sylvie made her way off to room 22B, where the GSA was meeting today, and proceeded to drop her bag in the corner and begin arranging her stuff on a desk, waiting for other kids and their teaching adviser to arrive.

    Sloane scowled as history finally letting, trying to resist the urge to kick a chair or throw something. Today had been such a crappy day! It had started with her mom being a complete bitch this morning about God only knew what, and then she was late to school but her mom wouldn't drive her so she'd had to call a friend. That went great, of course, when said friend was already halfway to school and had to turn around and come back to get her and was now pissed at her. And then there'd been a pop quiz in history and a test in chemistry she'd forgotten to study for, and she was nine thousand percent certain that she'd failed both. And now she was going to have to take the bus home. Sloane hated the bus--it was loud, smelly, noisy and gross. Ordinarily she would have had a car, but her mother had recently taken that away and sold it because of 'reasons', and Sloane was pretty sure it was punishment for mentioning being gay as all hell at home. Well, she said gay, but really she was pan...

    Sighing and shaking her head, Sloane headed for her locker, kicking it open and beginning to grab her stuff, tossing her hoodie over her shoulder along with her bookbag and throwing textbooks and things in it. Then, after a moment of consideration, she dumped it all back into her locker and took her hoodie and put it on, then grabbed her empty bookbag and leaned against her locker with a sigh. Today freaking sucked. Standing up, she scanned the hallways for Danielle, who always passed her locker on the way to her own locker. Sloane needed to see a friend right now--she could use the cheering up that it would bring her.

    Gwen hummed as they waited for biology to get out. They couldn't wait to head to the GSA, the first official meeting of which was today. Sylvie had talked nonstop about it and all her ideas all yesterday and all weekend, and they were thrilled to see this thing really get going, although they were a bit wary. Surely Gabe and his group wouldn't let the first meeting go off smoothly and completely without a bang? Who really knew, but they certainly hoped it would go well. Sylvie had been planning for this moment for ages. Sighing, Gwen kicked their feet against the desk, waiting impatiently for their biology teacher to hurry the heck up and finish up with the class. He tended to drone on at times, and he was really doing it today--the bell had rung like five minutes ago, usually he only went over about two. Finally, they raised their hand. "Mr. Perkins? Class ended five minutes ago..."

    The stuffy teacher frowned. "Yes, Miss Llellwin, and you will leave when I say you can leave. I know you're eager to get to that thing of yours, but it is nowhere near as important as my class and it can wait."

    "Um, it's Llewellyn--" Gwen tried to say, only to be cut off by a glare from the teacher. Groaning, they laid their head on their desk with a sigh.

    Gabe stretched and headed out of music class, making his way down the hall and heading for his locker, opening it up and dropping his books in it. He was taking chorus this year, mostly because he'd been told he needed an art, and there was no way he was taking theater--that was kind of gay, or it made people suspicious you were gay, at least. At least there were some very, very distinctly straight guys in chorus, so that was what he'd gone with. Anything to keep people from trying to guess that he was anything but straight....although he really needed to date a girl to keep up appearances, he was seventeen for God's sakes. It was really time for him to get a girlfriend--hell, his younger sister had managed to get a boyfriend! Although he had literally no idea where the guy had come from. One day, single, the next day, poof, boyfriend. Sighing, Gabe slammed his locker shut, grabbed his backpack, slung it over one shoulder, and went off in search of Giovanni.

    Lilac sighed and headed out of math class, which had literally just about bored her to death. It was her least favorite class in the entire world--not because she was bad at it, she was extremely intelligent and math came easily to her--but because it was the ninth grade math class and it was the easiest thing in the world. Granted, she was in ninth grade, but come on, she clearly should have been advanced a grade with her test scores! But noooooo, they stuck her in the ridiculously easy and boring ninth grade math class. And she was passing, just barely, of course, which had gotten her in some trouble at home....but she couldn't care less, she tried to tell herself, because as long as Gabe was around everything would be fine. Lilac sighed and began to head down the hallway to her locker, where she was hoping she'd see Luke. He was a nice guy, and pretending to date him was fine, and they met at her locker or his locker sometimes to keep up appearances.

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  3. The last bell finally rang, indicating that the day was finally over. Today would be a new day though, and hopefully a new start for the school soon enough. A girl named Silver had decided to create a small group called the GSA, which meant Gay Straight Alliance- of course. Although many were upset about the thought of it ruining their city and school, the young brunette was actually quite excited about it. She had heard about Silver quite a few times, having known her during Middle School. Well, not necessarily knowing her- rather just.. A brief chat now and then. Tate knew the other was not straight, since that had been one of the biggest talks in their small and very homophobic town. She, herself, didn't have much opinion on the whole thing, having thought the people of their old school had been just too dramatic about Silver liking both men and women. The young females thoughts seemed to be interrupted when someone hit her in the back of the head, a groan escaping past her lips as her hand reached up and touched the now burning skin. Her gaze turned, looking at a popular student. The name was unknown, seeing as how Tate didn't pay attention to the big drama of her school. Which was the Populars, so they didn't mean much to her.

    A smirk formed on the Populars face, an insult was said, and finally the jackass left. Tate rolled her eyes before allowing a small smile to appear on her face, standing up, and picking up her stuff. She set it all in the bag, grabbing a strap and lazily draping it over her shoulder. The bag was black, with small white hearts scattered across the fabric, small buttons pinned on along with the hearts. Tatum felt the backpack try to pull her down due to having at least three large books inside, but she easily gained the small strength needed before beginning to walk out of her Biology classroom, starting down the hall. The room where they were meeting was downstairs, so she quickly rushed passed people, giving them small smiles.

    Tate raced down the hallway, followed by the stairs. It was hard to run, since she wore a small dress that went just above her knees, and a pair of Sandals. The top part of her dress was cotton, the color was black, whilst the bottom of the dress was frilly and a soft yellow color. Tatum felt like she was going to trip the whole time she was running, but thankfully, the young girl made it down the stairs without falling and breaking her neck. The young female slowed down, seeing a bunch more people on the first floor than on the second floor. So, without wanting to run into anyone, the brunette slowed to a fast walk, slightly late. Not like they had an actual time to meet up, but it started a few minutes after school. But with the thoughts and being hit kind of kept her mind occupied for a little longer than necessary.

    Another two minutes passed, as she made her way through the crowd she could hear people talk smack about her as the others. It didn't matter though, her destination was right in front of her now. The door that would lead her to possible happiness stood right in front of her. Tate didn't wait, her had reaching out and grabbing the doorknob. Turning it, she pushed the door open slowly. The head of the group was already in there, and the young brunette easily gave a small hello. She walked into the classroom, sitting in the first desk she saw.
  4. [​IMG]

    Today was a special day. Well, school-wise, that is. Today was the day that the GSA would have its first official meeting. At first, this piece of information confused Blaise for he thought that the meeting before had been an official one. Apparently, he thought wrong. The bell had rung earlier and kids were either rushing to get home or crowding the hallways, chatting with their friends. Keeping his head down, the blonde tried his best to maneuver around other teenagers, avoiding contact. It was like he was trying to hide himself from the world, which was quite peculiar. It wasn't like he had anything to hide from. That still didn't make him lift his head up. All he wanted to do was get to room 22B, which is where the meeting was being held, if he was correct. As he lifted his head up to see if he was close to his destination, his brown eyes locked on the familiar door and he began to walk just a little bit faster.

    He was hoping that no one would catch him going inside. Honestly, he wasn't sure what he would do if someone found him out. No doubt he'd get bullied for being apart of the Gay-Straight Alliance. Although, he guessed that would only make it easier to come out, if he was already getting bullied. But that won't happen anymore, hopefully. The point of this club, which was created by Silver, was to change the minds of the people of Kilead. And, even though Blaise wasn't the bravest person, he wanted to help as much as he could to see this change happen. Reaching the entrance of room 22B, he opened the door and slipped inside, closing it shut behind him. He scanned the room to see that two other members were already present. Offering them both a timid smile, he shuffled his way to an empty desk and plopped it in with a small sigh. The day had been long and grueling, but the coming of this meeting had kept the blonde's mood uplifted. He had gone through a few tests and pop quizzes, feeling like a failure when he was finished with some of them, but it was all worth it in the end. Briefly, he wondered what this meeting would consist of as he lightly tapped his fingers against the desk he was at.​
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  5. While the new GSA members were heading in, The local band of christian clubs were already outside the room with protest signs. Among them, rather reluctantly was among their number. And it hurt pretty bad to stand there holding one of those dumbass signs saying something like "Go back in the closet" among others with such nasty things, not to mention bible verses that were often used. The only reason was as usual for her cowardly self, To keep suspicions down and that nice,neat, prim and proper good girl mask securely on her face. While they came up, the crowd blocked and she was pretty clearly visible. while most were staring and calling out awful things and slinging at them, but she kept silent only occasionally glancing their way. What some of them, whom she briefly met and was pretty nice towards, comforting at times if she saw an emotional break down. Especially Gwen and Lilac, The only two who ever really bothered to dig under the mask a little, find that girly artistic girl under it, though no hair pins or anything today. just the now cold exterior of the christian girl. And with Lilac, the one who could make sinful heart aflutter and the mask to slip, just trying to imagine what was now happening in her head was crushing her heart. Why did she have to be one of the beasts God used as an example? Then her eyes went to Silver. She had mixed feelings with her. part of her admired and another envied her for being able to stand up like she was dping, The other hated the fact she opened the damned can of worms.
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  6. Danielle Teller

    When class finally let out, Danielle was in a great mood. She had just taken a pop quiz in pre-calculus and she was sure that she aced it or at least gotten above a low B. Oddly enough the school day had delivered a plethora of pop quizzes from first period to the last period, and Danielle wondered if all of the teachers had a secret meeting where they decided that today was the day that they would give the students hell. Either way, Danielle was very confident that she had passed all the test except for the one in English where she had guessed on all of the multiple choice questions, aka the entire test.

    Rounding the corner and heading towards her locker, Danielle saw Sloane and waved vigorously. Seeing her friend reminded Dani of the significance of that particular Tuesday. Or as she liked to call it in her mind, so she could better remember it, Tuesgay. Yup, she was hilarious.

    "Hee-ey, Pandora!" Danielle said, flouncing over to the other girl and slinging her arm around her shoulder. "What's up?" Just then one particularly snobbish girl named Courtney or Candace stalked past and sneered under her breath, "Carpet munchers." and shot them a dirty look. Danielle burst out laughing. "Car-carpet muncher? God, what are you the embodiment of the 90's? Who even says stuff like that now? Come back later with a better insult, please and thank you!" She snarked and the girl's face flushed with anger and embarrassment. Danielle turned back to Sloane with a 'can you believe this bitch' look on her face.

    Giovanni R. Miles

    Giovanni hadn't gone to any of his classes that day, but he had wanted too. Unfortunately, his 'friends' Tyler and Rodney had decided that in honor of the first meeting of the new GSA club, they were going to spray paint a very nasty phrase on the side of the school. Giovanni hadn't wanted to do it, and he'd made an excuse to not take part in the initial graffiti-ing by saying he was already in hot water with his grandmother, which he usually was, so his 'buddies' had let him off the hook, but not before repeatedly calling him a pussy. Of course they had then said 'dude you know we're just kidding' and so everything was just fine apparently.

    When he got back inside, Giovanni had given the excuse of needing to study and had finally escaped from them. Rushing down the hall Giovanni nearly collided with Gabe and inwardly cringed. Gabe hung out with Tyler and Rodney too and he wasn't that bad, but Giovanni wasn't in the mood for more shenanigans. "Oh, hey, uh, hey Gabe. Sup?"

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  7. Sloane
    Sloane grinned as Danielle waved at her, waving back and sighing cheerfully as her friend came over. It was always nice to see Danielle, the other girl was always up for fun and she was almost always in a good mood, which usually brightened up Sloane's day. Sloane admitted she had a tendency to be a pessimist, but she always felt better seeing Danielle. As Danielle slung her arm around Sloane, Sloane grinned, deciding that not much could ruin this moment. When the girl made the comment about Sloane and Danielle being 'carpet munchers', Sloane just snickered. Ordinarily, that could have gotten her a bit riled up, angry and upset, because no one called her and her friends names and got away with it. But frankly, nothing could spoil this moment, and she didn't really care if Danielle didn't care. Grinning, Sloane glanced at Danielle. "Oh, you know, the usual, kinda crappy day is what's up." Sloane was pretty open about her situation at home, but only with her friends. "Cannot believe she just said that. Like, seriously...the '90s called, they'd like their insults back. People at this school are so incredibly outdated, though, I guess I can't be too surprised--we do live in a backwards, backwater town." She rolled her eyes. "So how's your day been?"

    Gabe winced as Giovanni collided with him. "Ouch. Hey, man. Not much. How're you?" Gabe wasn't really feeling doing anything today--not even when it would be expected of him and his friends. He figured the others had probably already done something, and there was no way he was going to do anything worse than what they'd probably done...the GSA didn't really deserve all the crap they were getting, and that girl--what was her name? Silver?--didn't deserve what was almost certainly coming to her from the town. "You okay? Lemme guess, Tyler and Rodney put you up to some shit?" He sighed. The two of them were definitely the worst perpetrators of most of the shit in the school, especially the homophobic and transphobic stuff, and if there was anyone Gabe regretted hanging around right now, it was them. Although he had to keep up appearances, of course.... "You wanna get out of here and go do something?" He wasn't much in the mood for joining in the protests with the Christian clubs (ew) and he wasn't really up for any shenanigans against the GSA right now, despite the expectations Giovanni probably had that Gabe would ask him to do something, but he knew his sister would be with her boyfriend, and he wasn't really ready to go home. And Rodney, Tyler and Giovanni were kind of the only people Gabe could really count as friends, and since Rodney and Tyler were bound to want to do something Gabe wouldn't be up for, that left only Giovanni.

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  8. Sam
    Sam walked to his locker, keeping his eyes on the ground the entire time. Throughout the day the only anyone seemed to be able to talk about was the GSA meeting that was going to be happening soon, and most of it hadn't been the nicest things. He sighed as he reached his locker and opened it up. He had just gotten out of English, a class he enjoyed, however they had started their poetry unit which made him get jumpy whenever someone else had to read his notes. He placed the final book in his bag and closed it. He started to walk towards the door when he saw something. He saw kids going into a room that he remembered as being the room for GSA. He bit his bottom lip and stood there for a second. He could either go in there and finally be accepted or go back home. He took a deep breath and slipped into the room silently.
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  9. [​IMG]
    "You do realize my sister's cooking is poison, right?" Baltimore's eyes flicked up from the tupperware filled to the brim with cookies. Most had been burned in Arianna's definite mishap in the kitchen, but there definitely were a few, mostly set to the side, that glazed golden perfection. He could guess what little trick his brother-in-law pulled up his sleeve without Arianna realizing.

    An appreciative frown graced Lance and he put a hand on the sheet of aluminum keeping the cookies relatively warm. "Well, that's why I made a batch myself," he said, confirming Baltimore's suspicions, "after she slept."

    That would explain why Mr. Roth nearly nodded off to sleep in the middle of fifth period. That also meant this entire GSA thing meant a lot more to Lance than he let on. Baltimore couldn't exactly deny the man that nor could he blame the guy for attempting to nudge him in the right direction. Why else would a perfectly capable man with perfectly capable muscles ask him to personally take the cookies and backpack of soda down to 22B? That just seemed a little odd, but Baltimore didn't question the man's good intentions. Plus, it would have either been a toss up of getting scorned by one parent and lauded by another or vice versa. Honestly, that was a lose-lose scenario and Baltimore could care less what they thought of his 'political' decisions. It might, however, put him into one of their camps where they would likely tell the world whose side their esteemed son chose.

    That'd be a mess he could likely clean up later. Tip the scales a bit, to keep things balanced. At least, that's what Arianna told him to do.

    "You know," Lance started, picking the suitcase on his desk, "this whole GSA club thing isn't as bad as people are making it out to be. You should join."

    "And what?" Baltimore retorted, "Come out to the entire town? That's not happening until I have a one way ticket out of here."

    "But you do," Lance replied and smiled, "you got accepted to a lot of colleges—out of state colleges—and if you parents won't pay, then there are a lot of scholarships to fall back on."

    "You misinterpret: I meant once I'm actually not physically here. That's the deadline my mom gave me and she doesn't even know I'm gay."

    "Regardless, kiddo, you've got me to support you here. And, you don't have to come out to join," Lance tipped his chin toward Baltimore, giving him that 'I know I'm a cutie' smug smile of his, "It is called the Gay-Straight Alliance for a reason."

    Baltimore only spared him a narrowed glare and picked up his pace. He called out from around the corner, "Then tell that to all the suspicious Christian Wannabes lined up at the door." The aggravated groan that echoed down the hall could only ever be Lance's frustration spilling out.

    Approaching the little congregation of Satan's little missionaries, Baltimore held the tupperware high. His nerves were wired straight through his body, but the smile on his face said otherwise. "And Moses said unto thee, 'Let my people go!' and the picket line of hypocritical, sex fiend, promise ring wearing, 'Jesus was white' mongering, Catholic hating, demons parted to let the Israelites free from their tyranny bound slavery! And thus was God's word."


    "You got a little herpes on the corner of your lip there. Might wanna take a bottle or three of ibuprofen," Baltimore winked before disappearing within the confines of the GSA's new meeting room. With a great big, shaky sigh, he set the cookies down and slung one of the backpacks onto the desk beside it.

    "The principal approved this, so, yes, I can and will give each and ever one of you detention for a week for harassing other students," Lance's muffled voice rang high, signaling that, yes, he was indeed using his teacher voice to disperse the crowd outside, "I hope you realize I can make the tests as difficult as I want and personally flunk each and every one of you out of my class. Not you, Judith, you didn't do anything wrong. You're just passing by. No, the AP Exam isn't until the end of the school year. Yes, that's in May. It's still September, darling, there's absolutely no reason for you to—you're freaking out. Okay. Don't forget to take your medicine tomorrow; we're working with sodium."

    On that note, Lance entered the room with a deep scowl on his features. "Herpes? Are you kidding me? The kid had a cold sore; that's not the awful version of the herpes virus," Lance frowned, as he set things up beside Sylvie.

    "I'm not the one who went down on the few cheerleaders on the team with the loosest morals," Baltimore sighed, scooting himself into one of the chairs.

    Setting his hands on his hips he smiled at the few that made it inside, "Well, how was everyone's school day? No, um... complications, I hope? I'm literally the only teacher in this building who seems to honestly give a fuck about you kids."

    "I'm just glad my sister had good taste."

    "You shut your mouth, Balto, or you're getting the cookies your sister made," Lance threatened, to which Baltimore rolled his eyes and proceeded to pout about.​
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  10. Sylvie
    Sylvie had pushed past the kids protesting on her way in, and it was with relief that they'd come that she said hello to Tate, Blaise and Sam as each person came in, and continued organizing her papers on the desk as each person took a seat, waiting for Lance to show up, a tad anxiously. What if he'd changed his mind? But her fears were quashed when he came in and, she noted, lectured the kids outside who were protesting. Good. Sylvie had promised herself to be nice about it, but she couldn't help grinning at Lance sticking up for them. "Hi, Mr. Roth! Hi, Baltimore! My school day was great! Nothing can spoil this for me, not even that. I mean, the kids outside. Although I'm not really sure where Gwen is...they should be here by now." Sylvie frowned. The teacher of Gwen's current class did have a tendency to run over, but still. She brightened up, though, as she pointed to the papers. "Look, though, I brought ideas and stuff! And notebooks! I'm so prepared for this meeting. Like, so prepared. Well, I wasn't prepared for that. But otherwise I am so prepared. Also, you're still totally the best for doing this."

    Gwen's class was finally released, and they dashed through the halls, not even bothering to stop at their locker. They had to get to the GSA meeting before they were seriously late! Arriving outside, Gwen frowned at the people still protesting outside, and then pushed their way through the group and slipped into the room, immediately to be tackled by Sylvie hugging them. "Hi, Sylvie. Hi, guys. Hi, Mr. Roth. Sylvie, please stop, I think you're choking meeeeee....I'm sorry I'm late. Mr. Perkins ran over again, and when I tried to point it out he was, erm, dismissive. Anyway. How was everyone's day? My day was kinda meh, but I'm glad to be here!" Gwen was talking, as per usual, at rapid-fire speed. Sylvie sighed and finally let go, returning to the desk and hopping up on a chair she had found to make herself taller than four feet and six inches.

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  11. Danielle Teller​
    Dani snickered at Sloane's joke. "Yeah, I can't wait till graduation when I can get the hell out of dodge, literally. My day's been cool, I may or may not have elbowed some rude chick in the back stairwell, and I'm pretty sure I passed most of the pop quizzes I got today." Danielle grinned, wide. "And today's going to get a hell of a lot better once we attend the very first GSA meeting and I see my shining star Slyvie." It was no secret that Danielle had a serious crush on the GSA president, well no secret to everyone but the girl in question. Danielle was bold, but not that bold.

    Giovanni Remington Miles​
    Giovanni let out a nervous breath of relief that he didn't know he was holding. He was glad Gabe didn't want to do anything horrible or borderline evil. "Yeah, dude, sure!" But what to do, what to do? He really wanted to go to the mall and shop...But two guys shopping? Yeah that was practically coming out with a loud speaker and a neon sign with the words, 'Hey! Please beat the shit out of me!'. Sometimes Giovanni wished he could just stop all pretenses and just do whatever he wanted to do, but he knew that if he did he would be without a home and friends.

    "How 'bout the park?" They could pretend to play half assed basketball, if anyone started giving them the side eye.

  12. Sloane
    Sloane nodded. "I can't wait to get the hell out of dodge myself...gah, don't talk to me about pop quizzes, failed one of those and a test today. Do talk to me about elbowing rude chicks, though!" She grinned. "Joking. I'm glad you passed. Well done." She sighed. "Dang, you have got it bad. You should ask her out or something! Or...well, maybe not. Maybe you should send someone on a sleuthing mission to see who she likes. Yeah, do that! I like that idea. I could be the sleuth! Please let me sleuth who Sylvie likes." She paused mid-speaking, realizing they were discussing the GSA. "....oh. Wait. You're going to the GSA? I...hm. Is it worth going? I mean, not to imply Sylvie won't do a good job, but...I dunno. I didn't go to the first meeting." Sloane sighed. She'd wanted to go, but she also didn't want to deal with any more heat than she already got, and she didn't want to have to deal with the screaming match it would inspire at home. "Should I go?"

    Gabe nodded. "Sure, sounds like a plan." He was a pretty huge fan of going to the park, and he actually spent a lot of time there, hanging around with the others, although it would be nice to go with just Giovanni. And maybe they could play basketball or football or something...Gabe honestly wasn't and had never been a huge sports fan, but it wasn't like he could just stop playing and start favoring art like he wanted to. He was a decent artist, too, and it fricking sucked that he had to constrain himself, but how many guys in this town drew and sculpted? The answer: very, very few. It might have been normal elsewhere, but here, take a small step outside the rigid gender lines and you might be labeled gay and ridiculed. "Shall we head out? You wanna walk there?" It wasn't too too far, and Gabe could use the chance to stretch his legs after the day, but if Giovanni didn't want to they could hitch a ride with someone or something.

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  13. -|Lukas|-
    Lukas was so glad to be done with school. School was the death of him, not only did he have to hide his sexuality from people, he was constantly reminded of what a disgrace he was. Just being friends with Michael got him bullied. Like right now, where he was being cornered by a few people in the corridor. "So, you and gay boy are good friends huh? Don't you know what they can do to you." The first one sneered. "Yeah, at this point he has probably infected you too." The middle one said, before pinning him to the wall. "So what do you say gay boy?" He asked, and Lukas swallowed, whimpering slightly as the first punch came in hot, slamming into the right side of his face, followed by a kick to the shin.

    Michael was so pumped. Sure he had been teased again today, but he was about to go to his first GSA meeting! He really wanted to meet more people like him, well, besides Luke. That man was cool, but he couldn't date him, it would be too weird. Besides, they felt more like brothers than more than friends. He was also more into the list of people who he hadn't emotionally scarred before. Walking down the hall, Michael avoided all the looks he was getting from all the other kids as she walked strait up to the GSA room and walked inside. Smiling at the president at the back, Michael nodded. "Sup Sylvie." he said casually, ruffling his blond locks.

    Alex sighed as she walked down the hall, seeing other snicker at her as she passed. Sure, being a pansexual was no easy task, but the fact that she didn't even want anyone to know, and that they already all knew, it was a nightmare for here. She already had the fresh sting of a bruise on her cheek, and a few scars on her arm. She felt really uncomfortable being around others who seemed to stare at her. The word "Drag Queen." Seemed to stick to everyones lips as she walked by, hearing snickers and giggles behind her as she left the school, keeping her head down. Today she was wearing one of her favorite sleeveless t shirts, with a pair of ripped jeans, combat boots, and black little rose earrings.
  14. While most dispersed for fear of the flunking and fall out from the wrat of parents they quickly fled hoping to not get recognized and caught. However one stayed with a hung head and arms fallen to the ground, the sign now on the floor. There was no sense of matyrdom coming from, only regret. Regret that she actually helped with the damn protest and betrayed her friends like this. by helping those who would at the very least try to torment them. She ended up just standing there near the door, wondering if she sould go in and apologize or just leave them be. She did say softly to the teacher "Go ahead and fail me, It's the least I dserve before he headed in and the indecision just kept her there, teeth lighting biteing her thumb.
  15. [​IMG]
    Once a few people filed in, and after he'd waved at one, Baltimore stood up to unzip the backpack and lay out all the goods. A few large bottles of Coke and one 2 Liter of Mountain dew along with the cookies, just no cups. Sighing he gave the most exasperated look he could spare at his brother-in-law, or rather, while they were in school, teacher.

    "I'm gonna go grab those cups from your room, Lance," he said, immediately out of the classroom. Lance immediately followed behind to call out.

    "It's Mr. Roth in front of the student body, Baltimore, goddammit, kid. And don't forget the plates either." He quickly turned around, nearly smacking into the girl right next to him. He recognized her face immediately, noting he'd been in one of his classes and, well, that whole protesting spiel did just happen a few moments ago. A sigh parted his lips and he leaned against the door frame. "You know, they usually call doing something wrong and feeling bad about it guilt. And usually, what accompanies that is a pity party. So, if you aren't going to be spewing 'God Hates Fags' bullshit, you can come in and start actually acting like a Christian, maybe hang up the pity at the door. There are cookies on the table and my little brother's getting the cups for the drinks. We'll be starting soon if you want to grab a seat."

    With that, Lance kicked the doorstop in place and found his way back to the front with a shining smile on his face. "I'm sure your ideas are excellent. If you need anything from me, I'd be happy to help. Otherwise, you have all the say while the clock is ticking."

    On the other side of the hall, Baltimore immediately turned the corner to find a wonderful surprise. Well, maybe it wasn't wonderful. The whole, 'Standing up for victims' things really did a number on his mind and Baltimore had half a mind to simply turn a blind eye to the situation. But, then there was the entire fact that his brother-in-law and teacher would probably hate him forever and on top of that he'd likely lose his decent human being card. Honestly, being a decent person wasn't as hard as people make it out to be, but for someone with as much anxiety and nerves as Baltimore, doing something like this really put his mind in a loop.

    The conflict raging in his head would likely be the death of this kid, however, and Baltimore, on impulse, strode forward to grab the group's attention. "Hey, the kid's not a Rebel spy, so you Stormtroopers can stand down," he called out, pushing past to lift Lukas from the ground.

    "The hell you doin' protecting a gay boy like him?" one of the students spoke up, and a smirk lifted his lips, "Oh, I see, you're this gay's boyfriend, huh? With a name like Baltimore, it's pretty obvious you've got a hankerin' for dick."

    "Ooh, someone making fun of my name. That's incredibly original. You gonna post that on tumblr, kiddo? Gonna get on Reddit to tell the entire internet how you slammed a guy for having a funny name?" Baltimore retorted, fanning his face with a stray hand, "Ooh, man it's getting heated in here. This guy's got the big guns."

    A push from one of the others caught his attention and Baltimore's eyes immediately fell downward to witness an enraged 4'10" senior. The gelled back hair and indoor shades were pushing it, but the technicolor tank top really pushed him over the edge. Bonafide douchebag straight from Daytona Beach. "Whoa, little short for a Stormtrooper, dontcha think, Joseph? Man, that is one sick tank top. You might as well just plaster 'Frat Boy' right on the chest there. I bet your bros are so totally jealous. Watch out, they might go dig a shallow grave out there for ya, sell you off to some old, rich bear looking for a dandy boy to tote around."

    "Who the fuck you think you are?"

    "Baltimore Dallas Harris," he recited clear as day, "Which business card would you like today? The one that states that my mom's head of a real estate company running this town or do you want the city planner one?" Baltimore ushered himself closer to the kid, leaning forward to give him a good, clean look at his cheek. He tapped it with a wide smirk, "Go ahead, I'll let you get the first hit in and then give you time to come up with an explanation as to how momma's baby boy got a shiner swelling his eye shut. Quick, tell me, you want a trailer home or a box in the alleyway?"

    The student took about as long as it did to cook an egg figuring out whether he really wanted his parents to lose their property and go for it or just walk away. The look of defeat told Baltimore exactly what clicked in his brain and the kid signaled the rest of his gang back. "Punk ass kid, hiding behind his mother like a faggot," he called out, before making his way down the hall.

    "Maybe pay attention in English, you might learn how to actually insult better when the next time rolls around."

    Once they disappeared down one of the corners, Baltimore ignored Lukas in favor of the trashcan just across the hallway. Literally no one walking by stood within ten feet as he hurled his lunch right down the chute. After taking a moment to regain his breath, Baltimore pushed himself off and turned toward Lukas once he wiped his mouth clean. He almost held out his hand for him to shake, but that definitely sounded very unsanitary. He withdrew and simply gave Luke a closed mouth smile.

    "You don't happen to have a pack of gum?" he asked, a little more than pale face, "That was a one time thing, by the way, cause I'm pretty sure I won't be able to hold back my vomit the next time."
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  16. Oreo ; Jackson
    Well, today was very uneventful. Besides the fact that everyone had been whispering and creating rumors of the new announcement and the meeting of the GSA, along with abusing mentally and physically of the attendees. Not like that wasn't new or anything, but today it had just gotten worse. Hell, as the final bell rang, more and more kids seemed to get even more anxious and aggressive. As the brunette had passed by others, many pushed them, or spoke of things that wasn't even all that mature. It had hurt them, of course, as it always does. They could feel the tears prickling the corner of their eyes, but they didn't fall. Crying or show any other emotion really wouldn't really help, only feud their rage and torture. The tears just lay, unmoving and easily became forgotten. Their last class was ditched, having been History and he really didn't like that class. The students and teacher didn't like them at all and would always say something, which was why they frequently ditched that class now. No one cared anyways, Tate wasn't in the class with him and she was really the only one whom would actually try to help he/she/them and keep them from leaving. She seemed to try a lot harder to keep them from leaving, probably because she had lost someone so dear to her only a year ago, and she blames herself for not trying hard enough to keep her friend here and alive and safe.

    Oreo was a nickname given to them many years ago, because he had two completely different personalities. One, they could be super sweet and quiet. Two, they could scone the worst possible nightmare. Of corse, their second personality disappeared rather quickly, so no one would have to worry. In middle school, Oreo was someone who was popular and didn't hide anything from anyone. They used to fight and get angry at others for bullying or fighting with other kids, and Jackson wasn't very pretty when they were angry. They had become ruthless and wouldn't stop until they got what they wanted or taught a lesson. Now, of course, everything had changed. They found out about their sexuality and their gender preferences, and then they came out. That caused the ones while hadn't already left them to leave him.

    Jackson could hear yelling and screaming as he passed the remaining doors, upon realization that he had stopped in front of the GSA room. They weren't sure if he should go in or not, seeing as many protesters were already spitting and saying he had sin. It didn't matter though, and Oreo seemed to slightly cower away, not wanting to hear nor feel their hatred against him. They quickly opened the door and stepped inside, the noises only slightly differing from the inside.

    They sighed.

    Not bothering to say hello, nor smile, they quickly walked I've to a desk and took a seat, setting their forgotten bag down into the floor. Would this help anyone, the group? Oreo was unsure and honestly had many doubts. But maybe now there was some sort of safe haven for the homosexuals and the transgender's and everyone else that wasn't completely straight, that was the only good thing about it. Everyone against the group couldn't do anything to them outside of the room, they had no right unless. At least to Oreo they didn't.

    Today was like any other day, what would change about it.
  17. -|Luke|-
    Luke was prepared for a third hit when a voice spoke up, and he cracked open an eye to look at the big buff man standing in front of the group of three. Sure, the middle one was short, but he didn't have the guts to stand up to any of them, not even the short ones. He was terrified of having them peg him for a reliable or someone to hang out with. He was pretty thankful for that guy standing up at all, and Luke stood up at full high as the men ran off, making the stone in his stomach lift.

    Luke was about to thank the guy who had saved him, but he had immediately turned to a trash can and hurled his lunch contents in a very unpleasing manor, which involved a lot of heaving. Luke cringed at the sounds, containing the urge to hurl himself as he plugged his nose. Looking up at the guy, who asked him for gum, Luke scrambled for his bag and pulled out a piece of gum, handing it to the man. "Uh, thanks for saving me. I'm Luke." He said, smiling a bit.
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  18. Well she got invited so that solved the question of whether to go in. So she walked into the the room. she tried not really to be seen, again she was a pretty big ciward, probably wouldn't really dig up a good idea in the meeting if she tried. But still she would at the very least attend. part of her was screaming at why she was going to give these sinners an ear to corrupt her. But she already was one of those types, but trying to figure out how to do away with it without therapy. She could do it, atleast she believed she could. Though that sinner part was actually relieved, funnily enough, to be here, a place where in theory she could be herself. But she knew it was impossible, This school always found out what happened in it and then her whole life would crash around and on her. She had to fix herself, somehow...But stick around for now, and she decided to nibble a little on the cookie.
  19. Gwen
    Gwen turned to see Christina entering the GSA's room, and blinked in slight surprise. They liked Christina, was friendly with the other girl, but they'd seen Christina outside protesting and were slightly surprised to now see her inside the room. Well, maybe she'd reconsidered! Gwen bounced over to Christina and grinned brightly at the girl, who was nibbling on a cookie. Ooooh. Cookies! How had they not noticed those? "Thanks, Mr. Roth!!" Gwen snatched a cookie and started munching as they waved at Christina. "Hi, Christina! It's good to see you! How've you been? What made you decide to come? Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm glad you did! It's really lovely to have you here!! Are you gonna join as an ally, or is it too soon? It's nice to have you nonetheless!" Gwen talked at rapid-fire speed, as always, smiling the whole time and then pausing to take a bite of cookie, giving Christina a chance to answer while Gwen chewed.

    Zach had been about to round the corner only to see Luke being beaten up on by a bunch of guys, and he'd promptly ducked back around the corner, feeling a twinge of regret and guilt. He wanted to help, but if he jumped into that, he was going to end up getting beaten up himself. Still, there had to be some way he could help out....well, he knew he had a first aid kit in his locker, and Luke was going to need it. Poor guy. Zach shook his head to himself. He kept a pretty low profile in school, but he was attacked often enough for his sexuality that he'd had to compile a first aid kit and keep it in his locker for the days when he got beat up by guys--guys like the ones attacking Luke right now, or Gabe's friends, who could be a lot worse when Gabe wasn't actually around. Sighing, Zach headed to his locker, grabbed the first aid kit, and went back. By the time he got back, Luke was standing and talking to a guy--Baltimore? yeah, that was it--and the others were gone, but Zach decided to see if he was needed anyway. He approached the two guys. "Uh, hey. Zach. I, er, saw what happened...so I brought this just in case. I-it's a first aid kit. I can help with the cuts and stuff if you like...anything broken?" He knew they could be rough, and one time one of them had actually broken his arm.

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  20. -|Luke|-
    Luke was waiting for an answer from the guy who had just vomited into the trash can when another boy, by the name of Zach apparently came along. Looking over at the boy, Luke smiled shyly and looked up at him. "I'm Luke, and I would love to take you up on that offer. They don't like being friendly with people like me. I am just glad people like you are." He said, ruffling his hair. "It's nice to meet you Zach." He added on the end, wincing as he moved his hand out to shake his.