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    "They have said it is the new game that is sweeping the nation! For years, America has dreamed of an advance source of leisure and entertainment such as the likes of this one. Now, in the year 2117, we have finally found the gaming system of the century!"

    "That's right, Barbara. Retail clerks say that they have to take items off of the walls just to make room for this new system. It hit down in American about 3 days ago and has traveled through the ears of big corporations across the globe. KRYSIN, they call it. The new virtual reality game of the Millineum! It is rumored to have a distinct connection to the human body. There is a small, one-sized helmet that goes completely over the head, all the way down to the tip of the nose. Inside the helmet, are neurotic wires that magnetically attach to both sides of the temples."

    "Yes, and along with that, are three other wires. One connected to the base of the neck, triggering the spine. Another at booth shoulder blades. These neurotic sensors pick up the different electrical neurons and brain waves through the body, transmitting them trough the wires and into the helmet. Did they say how the game will play, Randy?"

    "No, not yet. Information hasn't let out that far. There is supposed to be a "Rule and Guide Virtual Lady" inside the game itself that tells people the basic do's and don'ts of the game. My guess would be a fantasy type game, much like the modern or old timey RPG's of the century."

    "Yes, well, studies show that KRYSIN had even passed the charts of the 5D televisions that came out sometime in mid-March. Gross sales have not been calculated yet, but I am almost positive that they are up there."

    "Ahhh yes. Right you are Barbara. Well, to the viewers at home, we at MIY4 news say: If you don't have KRYSIN in your home in the next week, then you belong back in the pilgrim ages!"

  2. It all would start there, in the Howell house. It was no mansion but it was clear they were well off; it had a gate to keep out intruders and undesirables and was three floors. It was here that Aiden was confined.

    In his room, a bit of a messy place filled up with books he was studying and a litany of scratch paper with math equations written on them. It was clear he was no slacker but that didn't convince his parents, they wanted concrete results. They wanted him out of this house and to be independent finally. If he failed high school this year, that would be the end. He would be kicked out onto the streets and forced to fend for himself. The Howell family was prestigious and filled with lawyers, scientists and scholars. He was out of place, just a brainless thug in their eyes!

    "Aiden! It is up to you to watch over the house while we're gone. There will be no parties, no lewd girls and certainly no brawls! You will continue to study! You must get those grades up, how are you going to impress anyone with such poor grades?!" Aiden's father called out to him. He was a harsh man but wanted his son to succeed. His faith in Aiden was running out.

    "Yeah yeah. I get it Dad. You and Mom have fun in Hawaii while I'm STUCK here since my grades aren't good enough! I mean we can't just hire a house-sitter with all your money! I know my grades suck! You're just beating a dead horse Dad!" Aiden shouted out in frustration.

    "A dead horse seems to symbolize your future. What are you going to do? Become one of those boxers to satisfy your love for fighting? Paid to be a living punching bag that prattles on with brainless drivel! I earnestly expected you would amount to more than that! You can't come with us and that is the end of the story! Maybe if you actually graduate we'll think about taking you somewhere. It's so pitiful having to lower our expectations like that. It hurts me Aiden to see you struggling, it really does."

    Aiden sighed and looked at his mother. She wasn't nearly as harsh on him yet she didn't really speak up to defend him either. She hugged Aiden and spoke in a kinder fashion, "Bye Aiden. Please hold down the house while we're gone. I trust you can handle it. Please, please do not forget your studies. The keys will be on the counter. Don't skip school! You know you'll be punished if you do! We'll be back in four days!"

    It bothered him. He didn't get words of praise, even though he finally got an A on a paper in his English class. It was always just cautionary statements; "don't do this, please don't do that, stop it Aiden". It got old fast. He was glad they were going to give him some peace for once. What he really wanted was for them to be proud, to be the person they wanted him to be. He just couldn't really change that easily. His anger wasn't a simple thing to control. He had been dealing without throughout his entire life. It was this anger that got him stuck in this hole he was trying to get out of.

    Aiden's father only scowled him as they departed the house while his mother waved to him. For now Aiden was free! He walked around the big empty house for a little bit, feeling bored. He had nothing left to study or do for now. It was all finished up until the next day.

    "Heh. I'm the man of the house. It's time to call up some friends! They said no party but as long as it's quiet and small enough it's not really a party. Maybe I can finally have some fun for once around here!"
    He grinned as he thought up his plans. Yet his thinking was interrupted when he heard the bell ringing, signaling someone was at the gate.

    He ran outside and found the delivery man had set down a box by the gate and left, it must have been that KRYSIN game! The last thing he got before his allowance was totally cut. He heard about it, virtual reality was even enough to impress him. It could be the outlet he needed.

    Rushing to open it, Aiden was impressed with it. "Wow. I'm not much for games but this looks amazing. Virtual Reality huh? Now this warrants calling my friends!"

    He went back inside and readied to tell his friends. Most of them weren't gamers but nearly everyone was getting caught up in the KRYSIN craze. Either way, they'd be interested to hear he got it finally. He wasn't going to let this brief break from his parents go to waste.
  3. Water filled over the small part of her face that was showing, causing her to fall deep down into the sea. She never knew how it felt to drown, and she was glad for that. It truly was horrible, very unpleasant. Lapping waves pushed at her fragile form under the surface, limbs being thrown against every direction, practically slapping away at schools of fish. There was no one to save her. She was weak, she could not even save herself. She was scared, this was not fun. Giving up, her eyelids fell heavily, the will to live was fading.

    And then she woke up.

    Winston (open)

    Winston stood lightly against the neck of the little mistress, his bright, dark eyes glittering from sheer bliss. The tiny pink tongue was at work, lapping up at her cheekbones, her nose, her forehead. Well, who could blame the puppy? He was happy to see her! It was morning, she shouldn't be sleeping, and he was there to wake her. Besides that fact, he was just extremely proud of actually jumping up to the bed for once. Being as tiny as he was, this was quite the feat to overcome, and he was not about to let her sleepy manner ruin his joy. She must share in it with him!

    "Nng.. A...Ahahahahaha, W...W-W-Winston! Winston, stoppit! S-s-stop!!"
    A squeaky, shrill laugh exploded from the throat of Adelaine. She was now awake, and filled with slow relief to find the source of her terrifying 'ocean'. Grasping the pet gently with her hands, she lifted him off from her body, and placed him beside her on the lavender, soft covers. Sitting up with yawn stretching out her jaw, her limbs raised high above her head, as much as they could for such a small being. Strands of strawberry brunette hair stuck out in every direction from the activity of tossing and turning rapidly in her slumber. Balling up her hands, she rubbed at deep, cherry toned eyes, in the process of waking up at the moment.
    Slipping her legs over to the edge of the bed, Adelaine slipped off to stand, taking a moment to gather her balance. Was today a day she would have enough energy to move around? She wondered this silently as she stared down at her naked feet. Focusing on how her muscles felt, she analyzed the level of stamina within her. So far so good.. She wasn't toppling over just yet. This was a good sign. Kind of.
    Putting on her white, rather giant bunny slippers, in comparison to her body of course, she shuffled along the room. Winston leaped off from the bed to follow close behind, which made another smile hit her face. She did not bother to open up the curtains to her room. The sun was not wanted here, no, not yet. Besides, Francesca would probably force her to take in some Vitamin D eventually.. She would dodge that for as long as she could.

    Stopping over at a calender (Hello Kitty themed, of course) that hung from the wall, nearest to the door leading to her quarters, Adelaine studied the numbers. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, her dimples deepened. Today was the day. THE day. It was coming TODAY!
    Squealing out of nowhere, causing Winston to jump and stare up at her, wagging his tail in confusion, Adelaine twirled in a circle and found a stuffed animal beside her. Picking up the chubby purple hippo, she held it close and danced along her room. KRYSIN! KRYSIN! It was coming! Today! TODAY!!
    "Winston! We must celebrate! We must play, and sing, and roll around on the floor!"
    Laughing, Adelaine moved along the room with grace, happily turning and turning for what seemed like forever. Winston of course was enjoying this excitement, as he bounced along with her, barking happily.
    "We mus-..."
    Stopping abruptly, the hippo was whipped from the force of their movement across the room as her hands had lost their grasp. Leaning back against the foot of her bed, Adelaine closed her eyes, her palms flat against her chest. Her breath was staggering, and quite heavy. Winston noticed this, and began to bark louder than ever, frantically running around in circles. He was scared. Adelaine was scared. Her movement had been too much for her heart to take, her body was not happy with her. No, no. Not the happiest little body, it wasn't.
    Adelaine knew better than to engage in such activity so early in the morning, without taking her medicine yet, or eating for that matter. But.. she was excited. The program was the solution to her constant boredom, and unhappiness. It was to become her escape, so she could actually do something without worrying of getting hurt, or losing her life at any moment..
    This Game would make everything better.
    Focusing on the floor, Adelaine breathed in and out slowly, not even trying to call for any help, as she wanted to conserve her energy for now.
    Perhaps the Ocean should have taken her after all.

  4. Francesca had been hard at work since roughly 7 AM, as her schedule dictated. She had to make sure the mansion was sparkling clean, so Adelaine would not fall to the sicknesses germs could inflict. Afterwards, it was time to begin cooking breakfast... Something simple to eat, but tasty...Hmm...Aha! Francesca retrieved her trusty cooking utensils, and began fixing a classic meal: Scrambled eggs! Of course, the young mistress deserved more than just eggs, and she would do her best to make her smile. She had been trained for this duty since her childhood, and would continue until Adelaine passed away. Until then, she would treat her like princess, as was her duty.

    After she finished cooking, Francesca peered over her creation with a proud grin. The meal for the morning was scrambled eggs with a few herbs sprinkled on it for flavor. Sliced strawberries created a ring around the eggs. She placed the plate and a tall glass of orange juice on a large silver platter, leaving it on the counter. She searched through one of the cupboards, and immediately found her target: A jar of assorted vitamins. She grabbed two, placing them next to the eggs, so as to draw attention to them. She heard light footsteps, obviously belonging to the tiny puppy named Winston. Of course, that was quickly replaced with some light growling as the doorbell rang. Francesca quickly opened the front door, realizing that it was the deliveryman, standing with two medium-sized boxes and an order pad.

    "Ah, these must be the games the young mistress ordered!"

    Francesca signed the pad quickly, carrying them inside. She placed them against the sofa with care. Of course, she knew how excited Ms. Adelaine was, anticipating the arrival of her precious cargo. She had to wonder why there were two of them, but she would not question her judgment. After this pleasant event, Winston ran upstairs to wake up Adelaine. She looked at the curtains, deciding against opening them, as it displeased the young mistress most of the time. She gripped the platter and walked calmly up the stairs, before Winston began barking loudly.

    "Young mistress?!" Francesca panicked, placing the platter on the stairs, choosing to grab the glass of orange juice and the two pills before running as fast as she was able to, finally arriving in Adelaine's room, only to find her slumped against the foot of the bed, with Winston circling around her.

    "Ms. Adelaine!" She gasped, kneeling beside her. She moved her hand so she could check her heartbeat, noticing it was still rather high. "Please, take your pills, milady!" She offered the glass to her, with her other hand holding the pills, outstretched for her leisure.

    "Please...please be careful...It's far too early for you to strain yourself like this..."
  5. Nadine threw down her flute and instantly cringed as soon as the clang of the instrument rang in the room. She was frustrated, and justly so. Her parents had awoken her this morning with their ranting of expectations and of her bringing honor back to their name. Her grades and appearances were most important, because if she, the child, was brilliant, it means that they must be doing everything right. And if she was off or wrong, it was all on her head, but the world frowns upon her parents. She was a part of the student council, had one of the top of her class (not the top, as her parents keep reminding her), and had many oppertunities for scholarships because of her flute playing abilities, and it was still not enough. In her parent's eyes, she was a failure.

    "Why are you secretary?! You need to be PRESIDENT."
    "Why are you not the number 1 student? You need to finally focus!"
    "Why are scouts not knocking at our door? I heard another student had a college come to THEM to ask them to join?"

    Either way, she cannot win, because they always want her to be better and the best.

    They were lucky that she did as well as she did because she had goals for herself. She did as well as she did to make her own way in this world, and leave behind the world of her parents. It was idiotic and she deserved better.

    Her parents had gone out to try to shmooze with some of the higher ups in their office and left her to practice or study. She could chose either to her liking. But she was at a point where she did not want to do either. She thought about all the other American girls and their activities. They lead such different lifestyle than she and as much as she did not want to admit it, she was slightly envious. She would not dare to wear what some of them were wearing, but to have their freedom... that was true luxury.

    She over heard a tv on in the main entertainment room, and she slowly headed towards it. It was a news report about a new game that had been "sweeping the nation." She sat down to watch to broadcast and she felt that twinge of excitement crawl into her.

    This was what she needed.

    This could be her escape. She could easily justify to her parents her need to play it. It was something popular that their peers may find odd that she wasn't enjoying. That she would work out. Plus because of some of their connections, she could easily find a way to get it. Her parents can be useful after all. She got up, with plans in mind. KRYSIN was the game name. And might know just who to ask.

    She headed to the bathroom to straighten her hair, noticing that the brown was not taking in as her parents had hoped. Yes, her parents even had say in her appearance. It was popular for the Asian families to make sure their daughter's hair was of a lighter color. She shook her head, trying to figure what to do with the mess. But she started to think-- in the game, she could probably chose her own appearance. Look how she wanted to look. Act as she wanted to act and no one would quite have a say and look down upon her for her actions. It is not the real world, she did not have to tell who she really is. She smiled at her reflection as she decided to do something daring by using white eye shadow rather than the normal neutral tones. Yes, this was just what she needed.

    Adding gloss, she went down to her father's study and found his contacts book. She knew just who to call to make sure she got it right away.
  6. Raising her eyes slowly to the hands in front of her, the small figure took a moment to analyze what was happening. Coming back to focus gradually with time passing, Adelaine took in a deep breath as her little palms clasped around the glass of orange juice and the annoyingly necessary pills. Tilting her head back once they landed against her tongue, with the help of a medium-sized sip of vitamin C, the capsules went down her throat to begin their work against her demonic insides. Her body was so very unpredictable sometimes. It really didn't help her feel like a normal ten-year-old in the world.. But, she wasn't really normal to begin with. Perhaps that wasn't such a bad thing, then.
    Staring into the eyes of her best friend, the head maid of the household, Adelaine blinked a few times before smiling brightly.
    "Good morning, Francesca!"
    Placing the glass down at her feet, wagging a finger at Winston before he could even think about attempting anything sneaky, her arms stretched outwards. Wrapping around the neck of the helpful young woman, Adelaine hugged her as tight as she could. Really, this wasn't very tight at all, if one was to consider all the strength that is in her body to begin with. The maid smelled of strawberries this morning! That meant one thing, usually. Already envisioning her breakfast, wondering what it consisted of, Adelaine heard her tummy growl softly. Parting from her hug, she gave a small laugh before turning around to climb back up along the bedding.

    It was true, Francesca was technically the maid in relation to Adelaine. Adelaine was one of her employers, she was one of Adelaine's caretakers. However, she never liked to think of Francesca along these terms. Their bond had become strong over all the years, since Adelaine basically grew up with the nurture and persistence of the woman. It was a lovely relationship they had! Adelaine would never, ever want to think of it as anything other than a friendship. However.. it was a nice addition to know Francesca would follow her wishes, especially the one she was preparing to announce soon enough.

    "Francesca! Did It come yet? Did It? Did It?"
    Turning around as her body flopped down into a seated position against the ever so fluffy pillows, Adelaine patted her lap for Winston to join her. Grazing her hand along his gentle fur, her eyes moved along the room to catch sight of any other pets currently in her sleeping room. No, no where to be seen were her kittens, turtle, rabbit or birds. She figured they must all be sleeping in their respected areas still. Such lazy animals. Ruffling up the tufts of hair on Winston's little head, Adelaine smiled and looked back up to her friend, awaiting a confirmation. She had the feeling it was here, her senses were telling her so. She believed in having extra senses like that, being able to feel when something is about to happen, or has already. Perhaps it was her incredibly active imagination. Or, maybe she was just developing insanity from being so use to playing by herself with stuffed animals. Who knew which was the correct reason. Either way, it could be stated that Adelaine was a creative soul, and quite unique. At least, her mother use to tell her this often. And, mothers are always right!
  7. Tempest Library was really busy. The library stood about 5 feet, with a built in elevator and escalator. You could say it looked more like a mall, rather than a library itself, with all the noise and chattering that was going on. The interior of the inside matched the shades of white, yellow and blue that portrayed on the outside. It was funny, because Kydo was pretty sure that most of his hard earned money went into it to keep it running during taxes. Kydo looked around and rested his chin on his left hand as he propped up his elbow and looked at all the people passing by. "Hey Lindsey, what book is that?" A girl in a white, silk dress and black heels asked her friend to the left of her. "Its a story about a girl and boy who fall in love, but go through a lot of hardships, Cassie." The girl in a black dress and white heels responded. "That sounds like it will be good, Lindsey." The two girls giggled and made their way up to the desk."Excuse me, sir. I would like to check out this book." The girl in the black dress said softly.

    Kydo was lost in thought as he looked at all the people passed by. He was kind of bored and sighed . He hadn't notice the two girls walked up to his desk, which was located by the center wall, in a cubical. "Um, excuse me, sir. We would like to check out this book." The girl in the white dress said,staring at him a little. They exchanged each other confused looks and then turned their attention back to Kydo. He shook his head then held out his right hand to receive the book. He wasted no time in checking the girls out.

    "I am really sorry that I was spacing out like that.'' A embarrassed look and blush crept up on his cheeks. He stood up and bowed,shyly and the girls giggled. "Its alright, you don't have anything to worry about. Thank you for helping us out, sir." The girl in the black dress said, kindly, The two turned away and headed towards the exit. Kydo's cheeks were still red from embarrassment, but he shook it of a few seconds later as he sat down. Five minutes later his boss came to him with a package. She held it with tow hands, so she wouldn't drop it and break whatever was inside. If it was fragile. It was kinda big, but not too big. "Hey, this came for you, Kydo. Looks like that game you ordered a week ago." His boss's name was Shirley, she was really cool and a gamer. Her long black hair stopped to her back, but showed a streak of blue that split the middle. Her usual business attire were a Black buttoned down shirt, tucked into her blue skirt that stopped just below her knees with Silver high heels. Finally, she wore silver rimmed glasses over her sky blue eyes. "Honestly, I think I will try it out myself." She said happily as she walked away from his desk, her heels clanking loudly against the tiled floor.

    Kydo looked at her for a few seconds more before looking down at the package that was placed on his desk. "Finally! My game has arrived. I wonder if it's going to be like they showed on the commercials. What can be better than a virtual reality game?!?!?" Kydo smiled widely from ear to ear as he looked down at the letter that said "KRYSIN" He was ready now more than ever, to go home and open his package so he could try out his game.

  8. "They're buying it."

    "I am aware that they're buying it! And who wouldn't? This could very well be the stop to the decline of our economy! Better than Roosevelt's 100 Days in office! A tide-turner! A phenom! And from a video game, at that!" It was the big man in the lower deck of the News room who was doing the talking, though everyone knew that. His voice was equivalent to the tooting of a train, and just as often occurring at that. It was almost as if all of the weight he possessed in his body (which was a great deal of wait) was conformed simply of air in his longs so that it can blow out in his deep booming voice. Managers like him needed that amplification, that eye and ear grabbing quality to run a successful news show such as MIY4, you had to have some bass behind every world. If they placed a leader who was tall, lanky, and silent as a mouse...? Well, ratings would not be the only thing to plummet. But Benton "Big Boss" Richardson was the foundation, back bone, and dean of the show. He ran things and ran them well.

    "Do we have a gross sale count up yet?" Benton boomed across the busy work room of MIY4. People were scattering left and right while they tended to their hasty rapid duties of the news life. Papers needed to be printed, vocal warm ups to be had, and lattes to be made fro the higher ups. There was roughly around 24 people and a great deal of machinery. One could catch a member rushing by with a hand frull of boiling hot coffee while avoiding to trip over the wires that lined the path between the Lounger and the News Lobby. A couple of people who were not busy stopped to answer Benton's inquiry, the first, being a intern of around the age of 22.

    "No sir. We can't get a calculated amount?"she said in a wiry, whistle like voice. Benton turned his entire mass around to her general direction while he took in a big inhale to address the rest of the employees.

    "WELL FIND OUT, DAMMIT. I need stock investments! Fan mail! The works! I want KRYSIN to be painted over the stripes on the flag! I want to know that we're DROWNING in money!" he boomed. Everyone gave him a crisp yes sir, just like in the army as Benton barked orders to more of his people. Once the game was actually played, he wanted to know that MIY4 made the right choice in being the only news program willing to pay to advertise the product.

  9. Francesca let loose a sigh of relief as Adelaine took her pills with an adequate amount of vitamin C. She had adapted to the young mistress's condition over the years, but that didn't stop her from panicking when it was acting up. It saddened her to see such a young girl suffer like this...She could have anything she wanted, except a normal life...Truly, this was irony at work. She placed her hand over her heart, calming herself before responding to young Adelaine.

    "Your instincts truly amaze me sometimes, milady! Indeed, the two objects you ordered arrived a short time ago. However, I would prefer if you ate your breakfast first, as your little stomach doesn't seem to be satisfied with simple pills..." She smiled lightly as she was hugged affectionately, returning the show of affection as well as she could. The two had a close bond, more than just mistress and servant. They were friends over the years...

    "We can open the packages after you eat. How about that, young mistress? It'll build suspense, like Christmas morning!" Francesca suggested, prepared to accept a disagreement, should it come up. "I'll be right back, milady!"

    She quickly descended the steps to retrieve the platter, continuing into the kitchen. She grabbed an ornate food bowl, filling it with a rather expensive mix of dog food. The young mistress loved her pets, and simple Kibbles and Bits would not suffice for animals of such an owner! She grabbed the bowl and the platter, returning to Adelaine's room as quickly as she was able to, setting the bowl on the floor for Winston to eat from. She sat on Adelaine's bed, holding the platter near her lap so she didn't need to strain her body to reach it.

    "There, the whole family's eating now, okay?" She smiled politely once more. The previous statement clearly excluded Francesca, but she didn't mind terribly. She'd find time to eat at some point during the night. Endurance was another trait she had to pick up from her training. A maid who couldn't endure was simply a meltdown waiting to happen, and that simply wouldn't do, no no!

    After Adelaine finished her breakfast, she would bring her packages straight to her, and watch her face light up like magic.
  10. The classroom rang with the chatter of excited guys and giddy girls as the bell rang for the end class, the teacher stood up and gathered his stuff before walking out the door and saying goodbye. He wished the class a good weekend and was gone before most of them even noticed. Sam had found himself sitting in his seat reading the latest E-zine about the newest game that was sweeping the nation, heck maybe even the world. As the chatter around him slowly started the fade he felt a tapping on his shoulder. One of the girls that were talking with their friends had been trying to get his attention. Sam looked up and smiled at her as she asked to see the E-zine he was reading, he gladly handed it to her and gathered the rest of his stuff before standing up and telling her to give it back next time they saw each other in class. The girl nodded and Sam was on his way out of class.

    The craze of the game seemed to be spreading among both boys and girls pretty equally as he heard more and more people talking about it. A majority of it seemed so far fetched that the game could link to your body and create an avatar based on what you can imagine. He wondered just how real it would be and how virtual it would be or if it was just a cheap scam with some shoddy tricks and camera angles. Either way he didn't really care since it seemed like a lot of fun. He had ordered one the day of its announcement to ensure that he got it when it was finally released. As he came out into the courtyard of his college he grabbed his bike and rode off towards the nearest train station. It took him roughly half an hour to get there as he left his bike with the train attendant who stowed it away. Sam got on the train and dozed off while standing up and holding onto one of the hanging handles. It was another hour and a half before they got to his stop and he needed the rest, luckily a few of the other people on the train knew him and his routine and usually woke him up before his stop.

    The time had passed and it wasn't even a minute before his stop when he felt someone shaking him to wake him up. His eyes opened and he saw his neighbor's face. Sam politely smiled and thanked her before rubbing his eyes and yawning from the nap. As the train stopped and the people filed out Sam grabbed his bike from the train attendant and rode off towards his home. As he pulled into the very small yard he set his bike against the house and chained it to the side of the house before heading inside and picking up the package that was no doubt the game he and everyone else had been waiting for. He glanced over the box not really seeing anything special yet though not setting it aside. When he walked upstairs and got into his room he set the package on his desk and plopped down onto his bed before dozing off again.
  11. Nadine thanked the man at the other end of the phone, as he promised that he would have that game delivered to her soon. Apparently, one of his family relatives had purchased it, but was not allowed to keep it because of their poor academic record. "But for such a fine lady as yourself, you are more than welcome to have it. You can actually play and keep up your fantastic record. We have high hopes for you young one."

    "Thank you, it is much appreciated. I need to test this new social media and to see how others react within a game that their true identities may not be known," she responded, making sound as if it were a research matter.

    "Fantastic. Thank you. Keep up the good work young one. Your parents are raising you well."

    After she had hung up the phone, she gave a deep sigh. Of course, her parents just earned another brownie point, but what matters is that she was able to get a version of the game. Better yet, someone else paid for it and is using it as punishment against their child. She felt a twinge of guilt, but she figured if they were not working hard to make their place in the world, they did not really need this in the first place.

    She was very glad that she had gotten out of school early today, and that the weekend was in front of her. She had a lot of time available and would be able to fully appreciate it and explore.

    Nadine jumped when she heard the doorbell ring and quickly headed over. That could not be them already, could it? She slowly opened the door, then gave a slight bow at the man in front of her. "Greetings. You had surprised me for I had not expected you in such a quick fashion. Do please come in," she said in a quiet tone. To be honest, she was a bit on the shy side, though she could not quite figure why.

    The man chuckled. "I happen to be passing by going to the event. I do believe your parents should already be there?"

    Nadine nodded. "Yes sir."

    "Very well, we shall make this quick. I have brought some of my men to help you set it up, then we will be on our way. I need to get to that party as soon as possible." he clapped his hands then two technical support gentleman quickly ran into the house. "Do show them where you would like this set up."

    Nadine nodded and showed them to her room. They quickly entered brushing past her and in a manner of moments had it set up. It does look like an ordinary person would have been able to do so, but she supposed that people like him were just not used to it. As soon as they had finished with the installation, they quickly left out the door.

    "Now, you enjoy that and hopefully it well help with your research. Good day and good luck." He quickly left and got into the car to head towards the event.

    She locked the door behind them and went quickly back into her room. She sat down at the computer, and quickly read her instructions on how to "plug in." Following the directions, she was plugged in. Now it was time to start. She took a deep breath and prepared herself. It was time. Excitement shone as she turned the game on. She was prompted to press start. She did another quick breath, and did exactly as instructed.

    "Starting. About time."
  12. Aiden's plans for a party didn't quite materialize. His friends who did get KRYSIN weren't answering, only their parents. It mattered not to him as he had KRYSIN now to try. He thought to himself, "Heh, I've got this house to myself for a few days. Nothing wrong with spending the day doing something I WANT to do for a change!"

    He set up the answering machine and recorded a message on it, "Hey, this is Aiden. I'm house-sitting for my family so leave a message after the beep. I might be at school or something. I'll get back to you when I can." This way he would not be bothered or interrupted. He knew some of his friends might call or even his siblings. He didn't want to deal with his siblings; to hear them gloating again would make him sick. They just couldn't let him live his own life without being compared to them.

    Aiden sat down in the entertainment room on his dad's favorite chair, enjoying every second of it as he stretched out on it. "Ah, so peaceful. No being yelled at, having this place all to myself! I just hope I'll be able to get out of here, get my own job one day and my own place to call home. I can't afford to fail this year. Maybe I should study."

    "Not today, today is different! I did my all my homework! I studied everything I need to. All of my work is on time. I've earned KRYSIN! If my parents won't treat me to some praise or reward, I have to do it for myself!" He spoke out loud as he got up. He didn't care no one was there to hear him, he was actually enjoying this day. It was sad how he couldn't feel this way when he was with his family. They just didn't understand him. He wasn't a stupid thug; he was just a young man who made mistakes early on that plagued him even now.

    He opened up the package and read the instructions thoroughly while walking to his room. "Well then, time to get this thing started!" He began to set the game up by his computer. He put on the helmet and plugged in the wires. After a bit more set-up, it over and Aiden was ready to play.

    "Allright! Time to start this baby up!"
    He followed the instructions and pressed the start button on KRYSIN without any hesitation. He needed an outlet; he needed something resembling fun in his life. Without being able to fight, this was his only shot at finding such an outlet.
  13. The final hours had gone by and it was time for Kydo to go home. The last few people came to his desk and checked out their books,then headed out the door. He let out a sigh. The life of a librarian could be so tough sometimes. But, it was worth it. Thanks to his job, he was able to buy the new Krysin game everyone was raging about. He smiled and jumped up out of his chair. His hair swiveled left to right a few times, as he slammed his hands down on top of the wooden desk. He smiled as his hair stopped swiveling, then walked out of the cubical to his left and started closing up.

    "Man, I'm ready to go home and try out this game! It is going to be so awesome! I wonder what it will be like! The graphics, the technology! Its all too much!"
    Kydo yelled out in the library. Luckily it was night. His boss would yell at him for being so noisy. He made his way to the main doors across from his desk and locked it up. He had made fast work of locking up tonight, due to his excitement of wanting to play his game.

    "You really make me want to play that game, Kydo." Shirley said as she stood behind him with her hands on her hips. Kydo jumped in suprise, then looked back. "S-Shirley, w-when did you get here?" Kydo's voice was a little shaky. He had been so wrapped up in all his excitement, that he hadn't noticed that Shirley had made her way out of her office. " I got here a few moments ago, when you started cleaning up." She chuckled. "Kydo, you should get going, If your going to play your game. Just be sure to tell me how it is when you get back." Shirley smiled and winked at Kydo.

    "You got it, Shirley!" Kydo ran to his desk and packed his bag with his left hand and tucked his Krysin game under his right armpit. In no time at all, he dashed towards the elevator and pressed the down arrow. Luckily, the elevator was already at his floor, which was the third floor. The doors opened and he stepped in. One they were closed, he pressed the arrow again and began to hum. The elevator made it to the first floor and opened up.

    He walked from the elevator, then to the the front doors. He didn't have to worry about locking those doors, because Shirley locked them. Since she was always the last one to leave. Kydo walked to his car, then opened the door and sat inside. Once he was safely inside, he closed the door and took his keys out of his left pocket. He searched for the right key to start his car. Once he found his key, he put it in the ignition ans started his car. Finally, he was going to play his game. "Alright, the time has finally come to play Krysin." He smiled big, as he drove home.
  14. Glancing down at the plate as it was placed before her, Adelaine squished her lips up together in quite the face. Squinting up at Francesca through a couple curls of hair that had fallen in her face from the little scene a moment ago, she tried to think of a way she could argue and skip out on eating this morning. The packages were waiting for her! She could hear them calling out her name in desperate, hungry voices! Hearing the rumble of her stomach once again, the girl sighed and rolled her eyes back against her head.

    Glaring as menacingly as she possibly could, Adelaine scooped up a fork in her left hand, her legs shifting around underneath her until they were straightened perfectly, and crossed at the ankle. Sliding the metal of the fork against the egg, she sliced up a tiny piece. Piercing through the white with such grace, her right hand out in a motion as if she was at fencing practice, since she did use to engage in such activity before she was diagnosed, Adelaine was ready to nibble the item. Nipping at the small piece of egg upon her utensil, she eyed Winston as he leaped from her side to the food bowl that was prepared for him. Smiling a little at the sight as his tail wagged frantically, burying his little head amongst the balls of nutrition, she could never ask for a more wonderful family of friends here in her home. She was quite lucky to have all the animals she had, and have the caretaker she did. This didn't mean she would group Francesca up with her animals, no. That would be quite rude, and Adelaine was anything but rude.

    As she progressed along the plate, quickly taking in as much of the egg as possible, she licked her lips every now and then. Napkins were for the weak, and she was not weak. Also, she believed that only adults should use them, anyways. Kids had their innocence and childhood in grasp still, thus they should be able to simply use their tongue for cleaning the area used for consumption. Adelaine didn't really want to grow up too quickly.. But, with her illness and all.. she did still wish to have time to grow up a little more. Often at night, she would imagine she had a fairy godmother like in the stories Francesca read to her weekly. But, this fairy godmother was unknown to her, and in hiding. She was in hiding because she was waiting for the right moment to spring up, all fancy and dramatic-like, to tell Adelaine that she was there to heal her, and give her a life of no colds, no coughing, no pains, no struggles! She would come and cure it all! Adelaine knew this might happen some day. It helped to believe so, and so she would!

    Finishing off half of a strawberry, Adelaine looked up to Francesca as she set down the fork, and pushed at the plate until it hit her knees, which were again underneath covers. Smiling brightly, she placed her palms down flat against the pillows beside her, her back straight, her chin up and proud.
    "Francesca! I am finished!"
    Anticipation was clear upon her facial features, and with the way her body was held as well. It could not be denied, this girl was ready to jump in to her imaginary world that she had dreamed of all these days and nights, ever since she could remember.
    KRYSIN would be as close to her dreams as she could ever get.

    . . . [BLINK]Checking Data Listings[/BLINK] . . .

    . . . [BLINK]Gathering Neurotic Feedback[/BLINK] . . .

    . . . [BLINK]Assimilating New Player Frame[/BLINK] . . .

    You are now entering KRYSIN. Please make sure all necessary adapters are connected to your body before proceeding. If you wish to Exit, please hover your hand over the Red X in the bottom left corner of your screen. For Help, hover your hand over the Green "?" Symbol.



    . . . . Loading Rule and Guide Virtual Lady "RG". . . .


    "Welcome, Player, to the land of KRYSIN. I am your Rule and Guide Virtual Lady, but you may refer to me as RG. It is my pleasure to meet you as you enter in the fantastic world known as KRYSIN."

    "Before you enter, there are certain things I must explain. Since you are a New Player, you will need to complete your first mission in order to rank up in our systems, making your name known around the KRYSIN universe. In the game, you will find a fair share of missions, tasks, and both long and short term goals. Complete these goals and you may be worthy of a place in the KRYSIN Hall of Fame, found on the Main Menu."

    "You will be starting off in what is known as Kry City. There, you may stock up on items, weapons, and even meet a friend. If you need any assistance during the name, wave your hand over the green "?" symbol and I will assist you in the best way that I can. It is a good idea to get a familiar view of Kry City before traveling off on your own. Your Level now is 1. The first place in KRYSIN for Level 1 players is known as Prism Grounds. There, you can interact with the beings there and even battle the Her'ith that scavenge in those places."

    "In Battles, you may only have up to 3 people in your party. If you are alone, remember to determine which battles are worth fighting, for you may wield damage if injured."

    "Lastly, if you wish to exit the game, hover your hand over the red "X" on your screen. Enjoy your stay in KRYSIN, New Player."

    . . . NOW ENTERING KRY CITY . . .
  16. Francesca let out a tiny laugh as Adelaine stopped pursing her lips, finally giving into her hunger. It made her happy to see her eat so politely, where other children would attempt to either swallow the plate whole, or throw the food out and claim they were finished. Such children were unrefined, though. Adelaine was most certainly not. Once she finished her meal, she sat up straight, announcing it, awaiting her packages eagerly.

    "Just one minute, milady. I'll be right up with them!" She clapped her hands together once before picking up the dishes, quickly leaving the room to place the dishes in the sink so she would wash them later. She made her way to the twin packages, grabbing one with each warm, barely able to see past them. With as much speed as possible, she returned to Adelaine and propped the two packages against the foot of the bed with a tiny "Ta-da!" Now she'd get to watch her open them both...Oh, it was just like Christmas again!
  17. It was only a few minutes later that Sam's alarm on his phone went off signalling that it was time to end his nap. He let out a tiny groan of disappointment and rolled over before turning the alarm off. He stayed in his bed for a few more minutes before finally opening his eyes and looking around his room. It was rather dull save for the posters of various anime and the drawings he had worked on all over the wall. His computer sat on a nice desk that almost looked like it belonged in an office rather than a college students room. His tv was a flatscreen mounted onto the wall to the left of his bed so that he could watch it while laying down. Other than that it was pretty boring. All of his gaming consoles were stowed away in his dresser below the tv so that his room would appear cleaner than usual.

    As Sam sat up and swung his legs over his bed he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and stretched his arms and legs out while yawning. Once that was done he quickly stood up out of his bed and walked over to his desk before opening the package. The contents of it were quite strange but not something he hadn't expected due to it being brand new and supposedly virtual reality. It had a helmet along with a bunch of wires and other nonsense as well as the installation disk for the computer. Sam picked up the cd and popped it into the tower to let it download. As the command prompt for the download appeared he clicked yes and agreed to all the terms and conditions before watching the bar shoot up and finish rather quickly, he had a fast computer but even so the speed seemed ridiculous. The game prompt came up informing him to put on his helmet and attach the cords to their correct spots as he did. Once the helmet was on he felt a strange sensation, a mix of nervousness, giddiness and even nostalgia for some reason. When all the cords were in place and he continued he felt himself being dragged into the games opening and tutorial.
  18. Nadine felt thrown into the world and found herself standing at the most beautiful city that she has ever seen. This caught her quite off guard and could not help but just look up and try to take in her surroundings. She then realized that she may get hit where she is standing, and quickly hurried to a ... sidewalk area?

    This is much better than I had expected, and this is just the beginning!" she murmured to herself.

    Now a decision had come. Does she go and search the city to see what she can find and get used to this, or does she go to Prism Grounds to start just practice? Plus, RG said they have to complete the first mission. Had she missed what the first mission was? She took note that she did not appear to be the only new one as people around her seemed to pop into place like she had. Well, not necessarily 'Pop" but they did appear. And they all looks so different.

    Speaking of different, she quickly did a check on herself to see how she appears. She looked at her hair and smiled; black. A good start. At least she had her own choice in this. Now, to find the first Mission. She waved her hand over the Green ? mark. "
    What is the first mission and how can I find it" she asked aloud, hoping this was a proper way to ask.
  19. Kydo parked his car in his driveway. He opened the door and stepped out, then closed it and locked it. After he set his alarm, he picked out his house key and made his way towards his house, making a left up the path, then a right straight to his door. He stuck the key inside the keyhole and unlocked his door. Kydo's mind raced as he thought about playing his game. He closed the door behind him and locked it, then ran upstairs and to the second floor of his home and down the hall to the left, towards the second door. He quickly opened his door and dashed inside, closing it behind him.

    "This is going to be awesome!"
    Kydo rushed to his computer and dropped his bag to the floor and sat his Krysin game on his desktop. He probably should have slept first, but he was too hyped up to even close his eyes! Kydo didn't waste any time on opening his box and removing its contents. What he saw kind of shock him a little. Inside, was a helmet and a bunch of wires along with a disk and instruction manual.
    Kydo removed the disk and instruction manual. He tilted his head to left for a few seconds then straightened it, before pulling his leather chair from under his desk and sitting down. Kydo slide under the desk, hiding his knees. He unfolded the sheet of paper and this is what it said:

    Step 1: Insert the disk in the computer disk tray.
    Kydo looked at the CD and unwrapped it, then opened its casing. He placed his finger in the center of the disk, then removed it. He scooted his chair back then pressed the disk tray button on his system unit. After the tray opened he placed the disk in the tray and closed it then straightened himself. He looked at his computer monitor, then placed his right hand firmly on his mouse. He dragged the litle mouse on the screen towards the button that said download. The program would take about 30 minutes to install all the data. In the meantime, he read more of the steps.

    Step2: Please make sure that you connect the adapters to various parts of your body. These adapters will give the program the access to scanning your height, weight, and sex. Kydo looked at his box then took out his adapters. He pushed his chair back and stood up, then knelled down. He turned his system unit around and began placing the plugs in the proper color coded slots. Afterwards, he turned his unit back the way it faced and stood up. Kydo eyed the ends that were supposed to be hooked to his body. He gulped once and shook slightly. "Alright, here goes nothing." Kydo pulled up his chair, then sat down and began hooking the wires to his arms, neck, legs and stomach. To his suprise, the wires did not hurt at all.

    At first he didn't notice it, but there was a wireless modem that connected to his helmet. He took out the modem and sat is standing upright next to his monitor.He pressed the power button on the modem and it started up. As he removed his helmet a chill rushed down his spine. He was so nervous! But so excited all wrapped into one big emotion that he could not explain. Before placing his helmet on he looked at the last instructions.

    Step3: Once the program has downloaded, press the enter key. Afterwards, place your helmet on your head. You will be sent into the World Of Krysin. Enjoy and good luck. After Kydo had finished reading the last word, hiscomputer made a beeping noise. He looked at the monitor.

    Please Press Enter

    Kydo clicked enter.

    Thank you. Please place the helmet on your head and we can begin.

    Kydo did as he was told to and placed the helmet on his head. Moments after he felt a slight jolt. He felt as if he was being sucked into the computer and the game started up. He soon found himself face to face with a woman in the world of Krysin as she welcomed him and gave him the rules and guide lines of being inside the Krysin game.

    Kydo said, excitedly.
  20. Soft music drifted idly around the apartment that day, the quiet, calming melody an indication that Sally was in good spirits. On a good day Sally would keep mostly to herself, only calling her aide - Ailey, a pleasant, somewhat plump woman who lived with her for practicality's sake - when she found herself having issues with the computer or cooker. On this particular day, the quiet atmosphere was broken by knocking at the door. Too late to be the post, too early to be a visitor.

    Sally's head turned abruptly towards the noise, her fingers grinding to a halt on the strings of the guitar.
    "Ailey, could you get that? I think it's my package..." She called to her aide, then slid the instrument back into its stand and swivelled in her chair to face the door. There was a flurry of conversation out in the hall, followed by the sound of tapping as Ailey signed for the game. The front door closed with its tell-tale squeak, and shuffling footsteps approached Sally's door. It creaked open and she could hear Ailey padding across the carpet to her side.

    "You were right. It's a game of some sort? It looks a bit complicated though... Are you sure you can play this?" Ailey's voice was just off to her right and full of concern as she presumably examined the box.
    "I'm certain, but only if you help me set it up. It won't take long, so please?" Sally pleaded with the older woman, her hand clutching at the other's forearm. Silence for a few moments, though Sally could feel Ailey's arms shifting. Was she turning the box round? Eventually her aide let out a grunt that seemed to be approval. Sally's smile lit her face and she bounced on the balls of her feet excitedly.

    A short time later Sally was sitting bolt upright on her bed, conscious of her breathing as Ailey connected assorted wires to her and pressed the helmet into her hands.
    "I take it you know what you're doing?"
    "Sure. I'll be okay now, thanks." Sally cast a smile in the direction the voice had come from before slipping the helmet over her head. She tried to stay calm as the game started up, hauling her in. She was only vaguely aware of the door closing before the game engulfed her, throwing her into a sea of information.


    Colour exploded in front of her eyes as Kry City appeared around her. That alone startled her for a few long moments and her hands flew to cover her eyes. It was so bright...

    Then it registered that she had actually seen her own hands. She thrust them away from her and stared at them in amazement. She had half-expected something like this to happen given the nature of the game, but that it actually did was incredible. Her eyes were the size of saucers as she gazed around, drinking in the world that surrounded her, her mouth slightly ajar.

    I can't believe how colourful this place is... It's beautiful... Content for the moment, she stepped back to watch the new players materialise and drift around excitedly. She smiled brightly at anyone that looked her way, eyes gleaming happily.