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helloooo everyone, welcome to my thread. before I begin just know I am typing EVERYTHING on my phone so this thread probably won't be dolled up. I'm actually extremely lazy and I don't wanna access my PC right now.

I'm koshka, the gumdrop guardian. and I'm ready to RP.

mandatory reading (stuff you should know):
• I'm a slow poster. you will most likely be unable to receive more than one post a week from me. occasionally you'll get a post every other day, but I am not making any promises.
• my posts range from two paragraphs to four. the minimum I want from YOU is at least one nice paragraph.
• no smut. I am 18 years old yet I don't enjoy writing smut. however I am willing to fade to black.
• adding onto the above bullet, I don't care how old you are. as long as you can construct readable sentences and have an astounding imagination, we're good.
• I PREFER anime face claims. they are easy to find. however I don't add in the Japanese element to them most of the time (as in the name of my character and whatnot). I know pretty much nothing about Japanese culture (anime is not a reliable source, mind you) and I'm not interested in butchering it. I don't care if your anime face claim is named Fumiko Kiriyama or Sam Tucker. lmao. but mine will have English names.
• add-on to above bullet: in medieval plots I will use realistic art, so art that looks like a real person. I don't really enjoy using real photographs but if you won't RP with me without them I will satisfy you.
• my characters cuss, some more than others. so I'm okay with cussing.
• incest is NOT okay. you cannot convince me otherwise. step brother x step sister is still pushing it.
• romance is not a must, however I don't mind it at all. whether you tell me your character likes mine OOC or it happens out of the blue IC. if they work together I'll help you out.
• I'm ditch-friendly but it would be nice if you told me you were discontinuing our RP. please don't take this as a chance to completely disappear and think I'm fine with it. ditch-friendly means I won't bug you. that DOESN'T mean I won't be a little pissed off or sad.
• I never thought that I would need to say this but when RPing animals, I'm not talking about furries or anthros. I'm talking about your average cat or dog or wolf. and don't even think about neko girls. stop fetishizing cats.

questions? ask! :3

onto some pairings:
• demon x human
• yandere x "victim"
• assassin x victim (I have a loose idea for this)
• shapeshifter x human/shapeshifter
• wolf x dog/wolfdog
• indoor cat/dog x stray cat/dog
• warrior cat x kittypet/loner/rogue
• student x student

please don't let this short list shoo you away. please suggest plots/pairings, feel free to mix it up. as long as it's not sci-fi or any kind of -punk or anything that doesn't have modern technology (BESIDES medieval settings, love those).

some plot ideas:
• arranged marriage (gone awry or done just right)
• unrequited love
• pls suggest lmao

fandom settings I will do:
note: these will all contain OC x OC.
• horizon zero dawn
• dragon age (origins and da2, I haven't finished inquisition therefore I am unfamiliar with that world)
• Skyrim
• fallout 4

that's about it for this post. again I am open-minded to any ideas you may have. please PM me!
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AAAAAAAAH I've been craving a Horizon Zero Dawn RP, would you still be interested in an RP in that uni?
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@Ondsola indeed!

I am out at the moment so if you could shoot me a PM that I can get back to once I get home that would be appreciated. (:

include in your pm any specific plots in this universe or just tell me about yourself if you don't have any ideas! c:
@koshka I'll get something drafted up and sent over!
• demon x human
• yandere x "victim"
• assassin x victim (I have a loose idea for this)
• shapeshifter x human/shapeshifter
I'm interested in the idea you have for Assassin x Victim, I have a slight idea for Shapeshifter x Human/Shapeshifter // Demon x Human and Yandere x "Victim" is there simply because I am a basic bitch and do love me some classic trope.