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  2. Delicate slip-on shoes clapped quietly over the wet sidewalk of the dystopian city. Dressed in a knee-high summer dress and clutching a closed clear umbrella, Marin stood out in the clouded and gloomy city. She was like a ray of sunshine in a dark and dreary hole. She was certainly different from the rest. Her hair and skin a shade too light, her eyes a hue too vibrant, and her demeanor to boot, were just not like other humans. Because of that, Marin had been treated differently than most in their lives. It had turned from a rain to a drizzle in a short amount of time, and now, somewhat of a fog seemed to be settling in under the streetlights.

    Had anyone else been around this ghetto part of the city at this time of night, she'd have kept lapis lazuli colored eyes on the sidewalk as much as she could. It was uncomfortable for Marin to look at people in passing. She already knew they'd be staring, whispering. Some had no intention at all, but merely gossiped in her passing. Others seemed to fear the strangeness about her. Some were almost, too, intrigued. It was always best for Marin to be on her way silently and keep to herself. But it just wasn't like her. Often times she would stop to help an elderly woman with her groceries, or a child with a lost pet. She was usually shooed away by parents, or told she wasn't needed. It wouldn't ever stop her from trying to help others though.

    Marin had just returned from visiting a friend under the old East side bridge. She could consider him that, at least. The homeless man, Charlie - or Chip as he liked to be called, was blind. The old man judged Marin not on her appearance, but by her demeanor alone. The girl often spent her last dollars on extra food to feed the man. She'd offered him time and time again to stay at her apartment, but he enjoyed the "free" life. Old as he was, he was in pretty good health. Aside from the blindness thing.

    She enjoyed sitting under the bridge with the old man and listening to the stories of his life. She rarely did much talking, since she wasn't used to conversation, but he never seemed to mind. They always sat around a small fire that was always lit before sundown. The old man never let the fire die in the night. Even blind and in his age, he feared the darkness, claiming that things of nightmares always lurked just beyond the light's edge. Marin didn't believe that, but still, some nights on her walk home alone she'd walk somewhat faster, her imagination running with Charlie's stories.

    The small girl was on her way back now to her apartment now. She called it an apartment anyway. The building was on the "bad side" of town. It probably should have been condemned ages ago. Many of the rooms were uninhabitable, but Marin didn't mind. She found the best in every situation. And, rent was cheap. That was a plus for a girl who wasn't allowed to stay many places for too long. She 'unsettled the customers', or her position re-filled without warning. She didn't take it personally. Though she sighed at the thought.

    As Marin rounded a corner just a few blocks away from 'home' now, she saw a young boy backed against a wall. She'd seen the child around a few times; he lived in her complex. His parents were the ones who were always shouting at each other until the early morning hours. Marin was almost positive that they didn't care what the boy did at any hour of the night. Though usually he was with a group of other boys. Tonight, there was someone unfamiliar, who seemed to be threatening him. Marin could only see the back of the man, but when he reached back and struck the boy, she knew the situation wasn't a good one.

    Immediately, and without thinking, Marin stepped in. "Hey," she said, coming up on the pair non-aggressively. "Is everything okay here?" she asked, mostly to the boy. His eyes looked towards Marin, full of fear and confusion, and then back to the stranger. When the man turned his gaze on Marin, she gasped. The boy took his opportunity, and ran, as Marin would have hoped he would. The stranger before her now had a dark and twisted look about his face. It was unnatural, and almost demonic... if she had to put a name on it. His eyes seemed slightly sunken in, and all he seemed to have were large pupils. Deep rings circled his eyes and faded out into his cheekbones which were sharp and set above more sunken in features.

    "You made me lose my dinner," the stranger hissed in a two-toned voice that sent chills up Marin's spine. Jewel blue eyes were wide with horror, just as the boy's had been. She covered her mouth with her free hand and clutched the closed umbrella to her chest with the other. This creature was of nightmares and horror movies. Unreal. It couldn't be real. While Marin mulled over the possibility of the creature's existence, it took it's opportunity to attack. Jumping Marin and causing her to fall to the ground, the creature dug sharp disgusting nails into her shoulders while she simultaneously pushed back, unable to take her eyes from the multiple rows of too-sharp teeth that snapped ever so close to her face.

    The small girl was unable to find her voice to scream for help, not that anyone was around these parts now anyway. Her heart raced and her arms burned. She wouldn't be able to hold this, thing, off much longer. And then what? Would it eat her flesh? Devour her soul? No, no... she would wake up before then, surely. A long disgusting, black forked tongue slipped out of its mouth to drag across Marin's jaw and cheek and she shuddered, repositioning a hand to push up on the creature's face. The taste of Marin's flesh only sent the thing into a more ravenous frenzy. Marin's arms began to shake and weaken, and she choked back a sob. This was it, she couldn't hold it away any longer...
  3. Hunting at this time of the night was something that made Amun's blood roll in a most delightful way. He strolled along the rooftops, hovering in the air between them as he sniffed hard, looking for a treat. One of his hands was in the loose pocket of his trench coat, the other was out at his side, with the palm raised slightly. His fingers twitched as he pulled on the breezes on the area. He was looking for something fun, something that would -- there! he hissed a pleased sound through sharp teeth and headed toward the scent.

    At the moment, Amun did not look human. His teeth were so long and sharp, they poked his bottom lip, and his hair was as long as his spine. It shimmered with hues of blonde and white as it moved on the currents of air. And his eyes were a lifeless white that called all to stare into them and be sucked into nothingness. He was garbed in his trench, a pair of light gray slacks, and a black button down. The colors matched his usually light skin, but right now, his hide was tanned to a dark brown. This made him look even more sinister.

    As Amun approached, he smelled the blood of something that wasn't human. It wasn't angel, or demon, and it made his heart race. Coming upon the scene, he snarled and dove like a bird of prey. Snatching up the demon as its teeth came close to snipping off the end of her nose. The god dug his talons into the demon and began to pull at his limbs. Teeth sunk into flesh and ripped it ragged. Nothing could be heard aside from the shrieking of the creature in Amun's arms. Completely lost in his lust, Amun sucked hard at the hole in the demons neck. It was spraying blood down on the girl like a gruesome rainfall. Amun didn't care, he was enjoying his feast.

    Ripping off the demons right arm, the demon swung to the left, spattering the ground with ounces of dark blood. The demon had stopped screaming by this point, and was just hanging limp in the god's grasp. Amun slurped at the blood that was running over his mouth for a little longer before he dropped the now dead lump on the ground, along with his arm, and looked down at the girl with dangerous eyes. His lips drew back to expose his bloody maw and he made to dive on her. A warning cry left his mouth. He wanted to chase her, to listen to her heart race as she tried to get away from him. He wanted to listen to the hope of escape drain away before he went in for the kill.
  4. Just as Marin's arms gave into the pressure of the ravenous creature on top of her, the weight was gone. While the creature lingered, it wasn't attacking her, but instead being attacked itself. The girl looked up at the pair. While she could tell them apart, she could also see that they were both creatures made of nightmares and horror movies. She was frozen in shock and fear, only moving enough to sit up and take one gentle hand to smear blood across her face before bringing her fingers down to view. It had felt like rain. But it was blood that stained her fingers, face and clothes now. Her hand shook, and it wasn't until the thud of the victorious monster's dropping of the other's body and limb that she looked up again.

    Marin's stomach turned, and what little rose lingered in her cheeks had all but vanished completely, leaving the already pale girl, ghostly. She was certain she might be sick. But she didn't have time for that. Not if she wanted to live. Just as the new creature dove at her, Marin rolled, pushing herself from the ground quickly and taking off in a dead run. Marin never ran anywhere. She was very much the sort of girl who liked to linger and walk slow enough to see all the sights and smells a slow walk had to offer. She was never in a hurry, and never with anywhere to really be. So, she wasn't exactly the best runner, she realized. With that thought, she dared not glance over her shoulder to see if she was being followed and slow herself down.

    Instead, she ran as fast as she possibly could. She wasn't far from her complex on this block, but if she cut through the next alley she could backtrack to the police station in the area. There she was certain she would be safe. She panted and choked back sobs, afraid to cry for the blur it would cause to her vision. She was covered in blood of someone else's and her heart raced dangerously. As she rounded the corner to the alley, she found that she had to slow considerably in the dark abyss between old abandoned buildings to prevent tripping on anything, though it helped little.

    Marin stumbled multiple times, before finally daring to glance over her shoulder. It seemed, that she had lost the other creature. Perhaps he hadn't followed her at all. Little did she know, the being could easily be anywhere, lingering just beside her, or just there in the darkest of shadows. But when she saw that she appeared to be alone, she stopped, breathing heavily. She reached out to place a hand on an alley wall to keep herself from dying. She was pretty sure that her heart was going to explode from her chest. Adrenaline pumped through her veins in a way that caused her entire body to burn. Her legs shook and felt rubbery. She thanked the heavens that she wasn't being followed, sure she couldn't manage to take another step at the moment.

    But she needed to, she knew. She had to get to the police station. Though what would she say? Marin's eyebrows drew together and she hung her head, causing her pale hair to fall around her face, all the while she still tried to get her breathing under control. The fog had thickened in an eerie way, and the girl suddenly realized that she couldn't even see the exit of the alley. Finally, she moved forward cautiously, assuring herself that she was safe now, and soon she would have to wake up to find that this was all a horrible nightmare. It began a fine drizzle that would soon accumulate to make the blood that had splattered across the girl run, and streak down her pale skin. Yes, it must just be a nightmare, she thought, giving herself a false reassurance.
  5. Amun watched her lull herself into false safety. He knew what she was thinking -- that she could not see him, so he was not there. they all thought that. And it was a fun thought to play on. He watched her as he pulled rain clouds together, smushing them together until they filled with water and began to cry. He was about to dive on her again, from his perch on the edge of a roof, when her scent caught up to his nose. She smelled... she smelled.. like that woman! His blood boiled anew, and he snarled loudly. Surely she would hear him, and he didn't care. She smelled awful, and he wanted her scared.

    The small woman below him smelled like death and decision. The smell that always lingered around the woman that his Father had come to love. The creature that had brought his Father out of the darkness that he used to rule, and made him nothing but a sniveling whipping boy. Amun felt his hair stand on end, and thought of her brood. The massive family that he had spent his whole life planning to kill. He wanted to know which one was so weak that she would be attacked by a demon, which daughter he would have the pleasure of killing... mutilating... destroying -- no, that wasn't good enough, he would keep her. He would keep her and let her die from the separation from her family. He sharp-toothed grin bit against his lower lip.

    Amun let out a wail of delight and leaped from his place on the roof. He pulled in his demonic attributes and let himself stand behind her, his eyes a delicate gray, and his hair short, shaggy, and light blonde. His skin, thought hard to see under all his clothes, was almost a pale as hers. He landed behind her, in the darkness of the fog and reached one hand out to grip her hair, pulling her head back so that she was looking up at him.

    "Which one are you?" He asked in a silvery voice. It was light and appealing, but still felt dangerous in it's smoothness. When there was a moment of no reply, he asked again, "Which one are you?! Tell me which of Her children are you?!" he called with anger booming in his voice, he pulled her hair hard enough to make even a surefooted person stumble, and wrapped his arms around her. He took another sniff of her, and smelled fear and exhaustion. He grinned at these smells, and they made him feel in control, which he always liked. He kept one hand in her hair as he held her and waited for her reply.
  6. The end of the alley seemed no nearer when she heard the snarl. She couldn't place which direction it had come from, and her eyes darted around in a panic. His voice echoed between buildings, if dully, due to the thickness of the atmosphere around. Before she could turn to see if he was behind her, her suspicions were confirmed with a yank of her pale hair. Her head was wrenched backwards so that she was staring back at the one she'd thought she'd been so fast as to elude. Jewel blue eyes were wide with fear and confusion, she was puzzled by his question. She didn't understand which who, he was asking she was.

    He only succeeded in causing her to jump and wince in pain and surprise at his anger as she fell backwards into him, unable to fall with his rough grip on her hair as his free arm snaked around her body. Marin squirmed, instinctively needing to get away. But the stranger's grip was like a vice. She tried prying his arm from around herself, to no avail. "Please," she breathed, her voice not its usual chime through the fear that laced her words and caused them to shake. "I don't know who you're speaking of," she tried, honestly not understanding.

    In Marin's mind, she was human. And this night had been her first encounter with any being of the supernatural, so far as she knew. Until now she'd thought them as only myth, superstition, and fun for kids to dress up like on Halloween. Now here she was, trapped in an alley with a being she couldn't really place, who was asking her questions that didn't make sense. Marin didn't even have a mother or a father. Well, obviously she had at one point, but she'd never known them. She was completely alone in this world, that was suddenly turning upside down.

    Her heart pounded, pumping blood through her body at an alarming rate. Even she could hear it in the silence that ensued. She didn't dare make eye contact. It wasn't something she preferred to do at any time, especially in this moment. She was pretty sure that attackers took that as some kind of challenge. Or was that just the canine and feline species? Marin wouldn't chance it. Always the girl full of hope, she was sure she still had a chance here. "You must have me mistaken," she tried. "So you can let me go. I... won't tell anyone," which was the truth. She didn't have anyone to tell, and the police would put her in a straight jacket.
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  7. Amun was not pleased by her "lack of knowledge". She had to be lying -- had to be! The god shook in his frustration. He wanted to kill her, so mangle her so thoroughly that she would never recognize the girl again. He growled, though stopped when she spoke again. Her words made him laugh. The sound was rough and tired. Suddenly he was drained of any want or will to do anything. Something in the begging made him feel like she was telling the truth, something in the way she smelled -- she smelled confused and bewildered. She smelled as if she was afraid, but that scent was mixed with hope. Even if it was just a little of the latter emotion.

    The blonde man let go of her hair and moved his hand to wipe some of the lesser demons blood off of her face. "I don't think you're going to get out of this that easily, child, I believe I should take you home, and make you into something more useful," he murmured from above her. He moved his hand away from her face so she could see it and let her watch as his fingers twitched, drawing the air right out of her lungs, causing a moment of airlessness, then blackness would take her vision and she would be dreaming.

    She should have slumped against his chest, and he would heft her up in his arms. He, too, was covered in blood, so it coated her again. He looked down at her face and studied it for a moment. She was really a pretty young thing. It was sad that she was linked to Her in someway or another. Amun fel back into his demonic state and gave a loud cry as his single wing burst from his back, the leathery thing still had a few dark colored feathers still clinging to it. He gathered a breeze around them and lept into the air, pushing himself up with the help of the breeze.

    His wing opened and he started toward a large building that sat on top of the highest hill in the city. It was an office building with the top six floors renovated into a rather stately home. Amun could never let himself live in a dwelling so close to the ground. He needed to be high, surrounded by the winds he controlled and looking over the subjects of his domain. There were birds flying around his home, large birds that would attack anything that got too close, unless they were many floors below.

    As they got close, the clouds above them melted away and left a dim blue sky in view. He glanced up at it as he landed on the roof of his home and smiled, clear skies always meant good omens. He walked toward the storm door that covered the stairs, he twitched his fingers and they blew open. The men at the bottom of the stairs seemed alarmed for a moment, then relaxed and darted up the stairs to him. They were a pair of twins, each looked confused and concerned at the sight of their god holding a strange girl. Not only that, she smelled somewhat like the young Lady E-zel, the god's sister.

    "Take her to the red room, clean her up and get her dressed in something from E-zel's closet." was all the god gave to his goonies before passing the young woman off to them. He remained on the roof after they left to take on their task. He looked up at the clear sky and felt his stomach growl, and his eyes flashed. He was hungry again, and so it was time to head out and hunt again.
  8. Even believing and living like a human for so long, Marin could feel the being's anger. It terrified her. How could he be so angry, when Marin hadn't done anything to him at all? But then he laughed. Was he laughing at her? At least it seemed to be a good thing, since he released his grip on her hair. Her hope rose again, though it was short lived. He was rubbing her face and talking about taking her home now? If red flags hadn't gone up before, that the situation seemed sticky, they were definitely going up now. She squirmed again before blinking at the hand in front of her. Suddenly, Marin had lost her breath, and for an instant she began to panic again. But it didn't last. The world went dark around her and her body relaxed into the angry stranger made of nightmares.

    When Marin began to wake from her unconsciousness, she felt pretty warm, and relaxed. Comfortable, at least. Very much unlike the way she'd felt during her horrible nightmare about the creepy supernatural creatures who'd both seemed to really, really hate her for some reason. She wondered what the dream had meant subconsciously, but then her eyebrows drew together. She couldn't think over the talking nearby her. As it brought her more out of her sleep state, jewel blue eyes opened to see gentle ripples of water all about her. She was sitting in a bathtub. In, a bathtub... In a bathtub?? And it certainly wasn't her bathtub.

    She glanced over to the source of the voices to see two men standing in the bathroom, hovering just beside the tub. They were talking about someone, who she'd piece together as being the man from the alley, and how abnormal it was for him to have brought someone home. She recalled his words now, about taking her back home and what else? Making something useful of her? That must be where she was now though, his place. Up until now, she'd been listening curiously, but when the pair who were obviously twins turned their gazes on Marin... disapproving or not, a deep red crept into her cheeks. Their sleeves were rolled up and one of them held a towel. Marin's heart rate spiked and she stood up in the tub so quickly that it was a miracle she didn't rocket through the ceiling.

    Instantly, and without taking a single moment to think about it, Marin slapped the both of them. It was a double slap, if you will. Not something Marin could have planned more perfectly if she'd tried. She yanked the towel out of the hands of the one and wrapped it around herself more quickly than she'd probably ever moved, ever. For a long moment after that, she clutched the towel so tightly that her knuckles were bone white. She stared down at the floor angrily, and embarrassed. But as her mind cleared quickly, she brought her stinging hand up slightly. It was as red as the fading rouge in her cheeks, and immediately her anger was gone.

    Jewel blue eyes looked up and Marin wore a sad and guilty expression. "I'm... really, sorry," she said in her normal quietly chiming voice, ashamed as it sounded. It wasn't and never had been like Marin to act so harshly or quickly. She'd never laid her hands on anyone before, and never wanted to again. She stepped out of the tub carefully and her eyebrows drew together. But... "I can bathe myself you know," she thought she should clarify, the deep blush creeping in again. She looked beyond the pair towards the bedroom. Where were her clothes? She needed her clothes, now. And then what? "Can I go home soon?" she wondered aloud, not really asking the twins as much as just thinking outside her mind.
  9. Elijah was the one holding the towel, and when the slap connected with his face, it began to bruise immediately. He let her have the towel and seemed dumbfounded as Joel pulled him by the shoulder out of the you woman's way. "It's fine, Miss," the taller twin - Joel - assured her. His skin didn't seemed to be fazed by her touch at all.

    As he watched her climb out of the tub, Joel let his brother go. "You'll leave when the Master says you can." he said, carefully. Joel moved away from her, turning to gather something off of the counter and held it out to her. The nighty that they had picked for her was simple, and would fall to her knees. It was a tan colored silk with light pink flowers on it. There was also a pair of underwear sitting atop it. They were a very dark shade of gray. "Here, get dressed, your clothes were burned, as they were stained with demon blood." Behind them, Elijah was creeping back to life, and had pulled the plug on the tub and was wiping the edge off with another towel, making sure it was dry.

    Joel smiled at her simply, and looked at his brother, who was pushing himself up off the floor, his face was darkly colored. The shorter of the pair looked to her and smiled kindly. "Some demons have the ability to possess anyone that their blood is near, and it won't come out in the wash - it was best to burn them and give you something fresh." he paused and looked at his brother, who gave him a look that told him to hurry up and get out of her way. "Anyway, we picked this out, and will get you something else if you want, please dress and meet us outside, we'll show you around." Elijah said before they both gave her a short bow and walked out the door, closing it lightly.


    Amun, on the other hand, was making a very big mess. He splattered blood all over the walls of the apartment that he was inside. He was dripping with it. As he chewed on a rather tough bit of flesh, he heard his phone ringing from the other side of the room, lost in his trench somewhere. He glared at the lump of fabric, hating to be reminded that he had to pretend to be human. Pulling himself back into a recognizable state, he rightened his shirt and spat out the bit he was chewing on.

    He went and fetched the phone, not bothering with a greeting. He listened as the voice on the other end of the line informed him that the girl was awake. And then told him dessert would be served at eight sharp. Amun disconnected the call and looked at his dinner one last time. He decided he wasn't hungry and gathered his things, heading home to clean up.
  10. Bringing her attention back to the taller of the two, Joel, Marin's eyebrows drew together. She couldn't have honestly assumed she could just leave, and she hadn't really. Yet it bothered her more to hear it. She just shouldn't have asked. She accepted the clothes somewhat reluctantly before hearing that her own clothes had been burned. Marin didn't know a thing about demons and was surprised to hear that they could possess people. Like something from a movie. Marin still had a hard time wrapping her mind around the things she was learning, as reality.

    Finally she spoke quietly again. "This is fine, thank you," she said politely. When the door was closed tightly behind them, Marin looked down at the clothes again. Who's clothes were these? He didn't honestly just have women's clothes and undergarments lying around awaiting the next girl he brought home, did he? No, Marin recalled the twins' mentioning of a guest like her not being the norm. But she also recalled not being able to go freely, so she had a hard time considering herself a guest here. She would remember that respectively, along with the one the called Amun's, anger.

    When Marin emerged from the bathroom, her towel was hung and there was little sign if any that she had been there at all. Her hair seemed combed and drying quickly enough, and she was definitely in better shape than she had been earlier. There wasn't any blood or grime lingering on her delicate skin, and she was much calmer, though still greatly unsettled at least. Marin searched for the pair, having questions she hoped might be answered and curious as to what was to be shown of Amun's dwelling.
  11. When she walked out of the bathroom, she would find herself in her bedroom. It was red and white and decorated in a classic style that made it look large and welcoming. The door out to the wall was left open and Elijah was standing there, and ice pack on his face. He smiled at her and waved her along, wanting to show her everything while Amun got cleaned up in his own rooms.

    Joel was in with him, talking business and the like. Elijah watched her as she moved and could see the threads of destiny writhe around her. He studied them with a slimmer in his icy eyes. There were so many threads that were woven into her, but still twice as many that shot out of her, fading into space and linking to another creature, pulling her toward them. Elijah had never looked upon a creature that was as tightly woven into the fabric of fate and destiny than she was.

    Amun had many strings leaving his body, but that was different, he was a god, a creature that lived by weaving himself into the hearts of others, and compelling them one way or another. That was his role in the fabric of fate, but her role, it was hard to tell what she was, there was so much wrapped around her that he just couldn't see.

    Elijah took this moment to realize that humans - or anything that thought they were humans - did not like to be looked at for a long time. He turned his gaze to the floor quickly and smiled shyly, "Sorry, I have a staring problem." he said with a laugh. The man took a step to the right and beckoned her to follow him. "C'mon, I'll show you the kitchen and the dining room first," he said quietly, almost shyly.
  12. When Marin's eyes landed on the pair just outside the door, she grimaced guiltily. The shorter of the twins was holding an ice pack to his cheek. That had been incredibly horrible of Marin, and it hurt her to see that she had inflicted an injury upon anyone else. Yet he smiled at her anyway. It only made her feel worse. She moved towards the door, stopping as she reached it as another blush crept into her cheeks. He was already apologizing, obviously reading Marin easily. She was fairly easy to read, at least currently. They both cast their eyes to the floor simultaneously, and Marin couldn't help but smile lightly. She and Elijah seemed pretty similar in a few ways so far, not necessarily wanting to hold eye contact and in their quiet demeanors.

    But she nodded and stepped out of the room to follow. Before she started slinging questions around, Marin really needed to apologize again. She'd probably apologize a few times until Elijah's face returned to normal. She was incredibly embarrassed by the entire situation still, yet most embarrassed that she'd actually hurt someone. It was horrible. "I'm so, very, sorry," she said, looking away again. "I really didn't mean," she paused, gesturing lightly to Elijah's cheek, "to hurt you." She seemed incredibly genuine, and that she was. It would eat her up until he was healed, and there wasn't anything that could be done about it now.

    Her first question now, though she was curious over many things of course, was of their names. Even if she wasn't going to be here long, it was important to her to know what to call them. At least important enough to know the names of the only men in existence who'd seen her... naked. Would she forever blush so deeply at that thought? Quickly she tried to push it from her mind as they approached their destination. "What are your names?" she asked quietly, ever respectful as she always tried to be. "And his? Amun?" she wanted to clarify, obviously speaking of the one they'd referred to as 'master'.
  13. Elijah smiled at her apology. "I"ll be fine, Miss, it'll heal before the day is through." He walked easily through the halls, seeming to feel every step he took. He waited quietly for her questions, as he knew she would have them. When she asked his name, he stopped and turned to her, "My name is Elijah, my brother is Joel, and, yes, Lord Amun is the head of this house," he said in a very calm, relaxing voice. He started to walk again and arrived in the dining room. It held a table large enough to ten and was dressed up in mahogany and blue. He placed his ice pack on top of a bowl of wax fruit on the table, so the water would not damage the table. When that was done he turned back to her and gave one of his award winning smiles. It was all shiny teeth and sparking eyes. "What are you called?"

    Elijah's question was asked as Amun came into the room. Joel was at his side, holding a black trash bag while wearing a pair of thick gloves. Amun looked at the pair standing by the table and watched silently. Her smell was more her own now, more curious and searching then full of decision as it had been before. The physical scent she gave of was like lilacs and cloves, with a shot of cyanide tossed on top, but that might just be his sister's smell rubbing off of the nightgown she wore.

    Amun walked into the room, and sat in his ornate chair. He looked at the ice pack resting on top of the fruit and then noticed Elijah's face. He looked momentarily confused, then annoyed and then all emotion left his face again. Rather, he looked bored. "Where are you from?" the god asked Marin with a quirk of his lips. It made him look more lazy then bored. And Joel vanished from the room to take care of the bag that he was carrying.

    When Amun talked, Elijah changed almost entirely, he became very serious and scooped up the offending ice off the fruit and took it into the kitchen, which was through a swinging door. This left Amun alone with his "guest".
  14. Hmm, Elijah would heal before the day was through? If she'd been quicker, she might have contemplated that a moment longer. But she was intent on their names first. As they reached the dining room, Marin glanced around, though she was still thinking on Elijah and Joel. Why were they here? Why was Elijah so nice, while Amun was so, terrifying? She glanced over at Elijah at his own question. How could she have forgotten her own introduction? She gave herself a mental head shake. "I'm Marin," she offered with a small and friendly smile to meet his own brilliant one. She couldn't help but smile at that.

    When something caught her attention, she turned her head to see Amun and Joel, and a trash bag. She could only venture to assume what might be inside of it, and her heart skipped over a beat. She really didn't want to know. As Amun moved to sit, Marin's eyes followed. There was more turbulence in her emotions regarding Amun, and her eyebrows drew together somewhat seriously. Emotions passed over his face too quickly to register in Marin's mind as confusion or annoyance. To her, he seemed pretty cold, and maybe shut off.

    He wanted to know where she was from? He wanted, to talk? Somehow, Marin found a strange relief in that. She only glanced over at Elijah as he left the room. He'd seemed suddenly different, hadn't he? And Joel had gone, too. It was just Marin and Amun. If he wanted to know her life story, though she doubted he did, she was sure she'd find it no more than boring and uneventful. "The city," she responded quietly, avoiding his eyes. That was typical of Marin, though Amun was intimidating, and as far as Marin was concerned, dangerous. She was almost too afraid to look at him for very long. What if it made him angry?

    "I've never lived anywhere else," she said earnestly. "I don't think," she added in afterthought. It would be hard for her to be one hundred percent sure, being that she was abandoned as a baby, but she could only assume that her parents hadn't traveled to abandon her. Though she was wrong in that. She refrained from asking questions of her own for the time being. She had many. But talking to Amun certainly wasn't like talking with Elijah. She wanted to try and gauge him better before prodding him with questions that would surely only end in Marin being more worked up than was good for her.
  15. Amun kept his lazy smile on as he watched her talk. He did what he could not to breathe. It was easy for him to get lost in the scent of another creature, and her words, believe it or not, were important to him. He was a god, after all, he had been plopped in the station a long time ago, and with it, he had learned how be a decent listener. Then she said "I don't know" he watched her eyes flash with a look of defeat, she seemed to be upset, probably at the thought of talking to him, but that didn't really matter to him. Amun shifted in his seat a little and kicked the chair between them so that it was back from the table. "Sit down and tell me about your childhood, Miran," he didn't sound angry or overly intimidating in that moment, rather, he did his best to make his voice calm, and almost... soothing. The god wanted her to feel... comfortable with him.

    There was a breeze in the room that seemed to keep close to the ground, it would have tickled against her legs if she moved, it was a constant reminder of his true power, which was so immense it was amazing he had as much control over it as he did. The breeze lifted and little and seemed to curl and push against her back. It wasn't a cool, eerie feeling, but more like a playful push that urged her to relax.
  16. Marin looked warily at the chair when the breeze licked gently at the back of her legs. A breeze inside? And before, she recalled the air seeming to be pulled from her lungs, too. This was his doing? As if in response, it pushed at her back, though not alarmingly. So she finally moved forward to sit in the chair. As always, Marin's posture was classy. She kept her knees together with her hands in her lap, staring down at them for a moment with her eyebrows drawn together thoughtfully. Why did he want to know of her childhood, she wondered.

    "It was, uneventful," she explained. It certainly wasn't anything special. In fact, most people would probably find it more of a sad story than anything else. She wasn't sure how to talk about it. She never had. No one had ever asked, as most people seemed to avoid Marin like some sort of plague. "I grew up in a girls orphanage near the river," she ventured to admit. "I was left there when I was only a day or two old." That's what she'd been told. Along with things like, 'No one wanted you', 'No one wants you', 'You're scaring away potential parents for other children without physical disabilities'.

    The woman who ran the orphanage was a rather horrible person indeed. But Marin never saw her for what she was. The small girl always bought into the, 'I'm just being honest because I care about you, Marin'. The woman's tone always dripped with a fake kindness that Marin believed. Not to mention, she was eventually pulled away from the other kids who avoided her and made to live in the attic and work for the twisted old woman, cleaning and cooking and doing far more than any of the normal chores of the other girls. Marin rather enjoyed it, blindly. She found it a privilege and a nice way to pass the time while the other girls played with their dolls and in the courtyard.

    She glanced up at Amun as if to say, 'that's it'. That was all to her childhood. "I left there," well, she was kicked out of there, "when I was fifteen." From then on, she lived on her own doing odd jobs and living frugally, yet happily in her own rather 'oblivious' world... more details she would spare him of. She still wasn't sure why it mattered. And why did someone suddenly have any interest in her? It made Marin question his motives once again as she watched him warily. Trustingly stupid as the girl might have always been, she reminded herself that she wasn't exactly a guest here. Still, "Why?" she couldn't help but ask. Certainly he wasn't making small talk to make small talk, could he be? Was he lonely here? Did he have companions other than the twins?
  17. Amun did not like to be questioned. He gripped at the arm of his chair and bit back his insult. He used his clenched hand to pull himself forward, so that he was looking at her in the face, "Because you're not human, and I have no idea what you are." in the moment, his voice dipped into a rather deep English accent, in that moment, he was being as honest as he ever would be with the girl. His accent always came through when he was exposing true emotions. He then flopped back into his seat and looked at the swinging door to the kitchen, "Hey! Where's my dessert!" he called, his stomach gave a rather loud grumble.

    The god looked down at it and pawed at it. "Oui! No one asked you," he grumbled at it. His hair, still a little damp from his shower, fell heavily into his face then and he lifted his head and puffed at it. To no avail. He growled at the lump of hair in his face and flipped it back with a flick of his head. He hoped that she was at least finding him amusing, seeing as how that was his reasoning for the act. He didn't want her scared of him. No, that wasn't his will at all. He wanted her reverence, her faith. Being a god, that was what he was taught to want. Though, he still wanted to kill her. He wanted her to want to die at his hand. Hmm, the thought sent his lips into another lazy grin.

    Moments later, Elijah came out of the kitchen with a cart of food. Most of it was cake and pudding, but there was a large covered dish on the top of the cart. Elijah settled this in front of Marin and pulled the top off with a small smile, "I hope you like steak." On the plate was a pan seared steak cooked well with a side salad and a small pile of steak fries. After setting her forks and knife on the table, he turned to give his Lord his food. Amun seemed displeased at being served second, and made that clear to Elijah with a swat on the arm. It wasn't particularly hard, but Elijah winced and bowed his head, understanding the message. The bruise on his face was already almost colorless and very much smaller then it had been last time Marin had seen him.

    Looking back at Marin, Amun took a bite of a rather colorful cake and smiled at the taste. "Have you met anyone strange, out of place, or odd since you lived on your own?" There had to be someone protecting her. She was not normal, and something had to have been keeping her safe from other demons, and angels, for that matter. Angels hated not understanding things -- they very commonly killed things they could not understand with words alone. They always labeled it demonic and destroyed it.
  18. Jewel blue eyes blinked owlishly at his answer. She couldn't help but frown a little after that, as if she might be judging his sanity. She also seemed to notice the trace of an accent, that he hadn't noticed before, and took the time then to really look at the man. In her mind, she compared his image from their first meeting, to the way he appeared now. They were certainly two very different images, and as he spoke to his belly and struggled with his hair, she had to wonder if it was even the same person at all. He didn't feel nearly as threatening in this moment, as he had before. And that false reassurance was creeping in again.

    She was grateful when Elijah came through the swinging door, allowing her to turn her attention to something other than the strange smile he'd taken just a moment before. She was blinking owlishly again, as he lifted the lid from a platter before her, though it was for multiple reasons. "Thank you," she said in a surprised, yet thankful tone. But she was distracted. She seemed to miss, or possibly ignore the exchange between Amun and Elijah, and instead was looking at Elijah's face. He wasn't kidding about being healed by the end of the day. Heck, it was a lot better, and it hadn't been more than twenty minutes or so.

    When Elijah had retired, Marin looked down at the food in front of her. Probably it wasn't poisoned or anything like that, though the girl could go without eating. While she rarely did, she also never seemed to notice feeling hungry when she skipped over meals for long periods of time. Eating to Marin, was more of a habit. It was something humans did, and she was human after all. But, her body didn't actually require the sustenance the way a human's did. Marin did need to eat, but not as often. She also needed rest, though, not as often. Once she came into her power, she would realize that food and sleep weren't as necessary as she once believed them to be. At least compared to what a human required to survive.

    Marin picked up a fry and took a small bite, frowning lightly in thought of Amun's newest question. Marin hadn't met another soul similar to herself, or at least as strange as she'd been lead to believe she was. Certainly most humans as a whole were pretty odd, even though Marin didn't think of them that way. She shook her head lightly, as if unsure. "Not until tonight," she finally answered. Was it still tonight?

    Marin realized that she didn't have a clue of the time. How long had she been unconscious? And why had he done that? It had been his doing, hadn't it? Marin glanced up to Amun, unknowing of his hatred for being questioned. "What are you?" she asked curiously. "You aren't human," she'd decided, though that was obvious. "And the creature in the street? And, Elijah..." she prodded to know. It was obvious that Marin had never run into anyone of the supernatural realm, and now running into multiple in a short period of time was something she might be having a hard time understanding. Though she prodded, her voice was ever quiet and respectful as it could be, chiming in its delicate nature.

    When it was finally pieced together, Amun would find that Marin's presence on Earth had been hidden well with the pendant her mother had left around her neck as an infant. It was something that surprisingly hadn't been taken from Marin, being that to a human, it was made to look like nothing was there. While it was obvious the girl wore a necklace, humans would immediately forget it the moment they took their eyes off of it. Before, the pendant had hung so that the stone rested hidden inside her dress. Now, only a tiny bit of the chain was visible at the top of the gown she wore. A bright stone, matching Marin's eyes and not something of Earth, hung from the chain.
  19. Taking a rather large bite of cake, Amun held up his finger to tell her he would answer her in a moment. When he had swallowed and taken a drink of a rather stout liquid, he turned to her, "I am a god." was all the information he gave about himself. He adjusted in his seat and folded his legs up under himself. "Joel and Elijah are two in a set of triplets, each of them being born to a different Fate, and thus, absorbing her power. You know what the Fates are, right?" he was sure to keep from talking too much, he didn't want to bewilder her. He wanted her to understand that she was not human, and there were many beings that belonged to the supernatural category.

    Amun was silently going over just how much he was going to tell Marin about the boys that were placed in his care. He figured that even if she did know about the Fates, she might not know much - only what they taught in public school.

    "As written in Greek Mythology, there are always three Fates that spin, bind, and weave the fabric of fate. These three creatures alone are able to touch the strings of fate that bind each person, and alone can pull any being out of existence simply by cutting their thread at the beginning of the fabric. The Fates are written in history to have been sisters, but that is only because they called each other sister, but they were, in fact, three pieces of the same whole. Giving one single entity the power over all life, death, and creation would make the Balance redundant. So, there are three, and there will always be three. For a thread of the fabric to be cut, they all have to agree upon it." Amun paused and watched her face, waiting to see what her reaction would be.
  20. Marin's eyebrows lifted at his first piece of information. A god. Huh. Yes, Marin wasn't generally one for judging people, but he was crazy. She was finally convinced. Yet, Marin's nature was to believe it all, and a part of her did. And the more he explained, the more interested she became and the more she believed it all. While some may have been in more of a shock to hear information like that, it only made Marin more curious. She hadn't known what the Fates were, and had shaken her head 'no'. Marin hadn't gone to school. While the other girls were taught their lessons and given school books, albeit old books, Marin wasn't allowed to participate. Every single thing that Marin knew and knew how to do, was completely self taught or natural to the girl's being.

    She chewed the rest of the fry thoughtfully, only speaking once she was done. Her eyebrows drew together lightly as she recalled only a pair, Elijah and Joel. Where was the third? And did that mean that they were all responsible for all death? Her eyes widened slightly at that thought. She'd slapped two out of three people who could ultimately end her before her next breath? That had probably been a really horrible idea. But, what were they doing here, calling Amun 'master'? She was brought back to him being a god. So if she were to believe that they were fates, serving Amun, then she would have to believe he was a god, right?

    Marin's frown deepened. Then where did she fit into all of that? She was positive she was a human. She'd never been able to manipulate wind, or end someone with the cut of a thread. She certainly didn't eat demons. Floods of information on mythical creatures from movies and overheard stories clouded her mind. She was certain she wasn't anything of those sorts. Yes, she was definitely human. So did that mean he really didn't have a leg to stand on? Was he pulling hers?

    Finally Marin hung her head to reach up and rest her forehead in the palm of a hand. She didn't know what to believe. "I feel like, I'm going crazy," she finally admitted quietly. And it was true. Her head was spinning, though not severely and her thoughts had become a jumbled mess of warring thoughts. After being silent for a long moment, of all the things she could say, she shook her head lightly and said, "I shouldn't have slapped the fates... that was a horrible decision." She was obviously mixed up, yet thinking out loud, while not entirely focusing on the important whole picture.
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