*knock, knock* Hello?

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  1. *cough,cough* Hello there! My name is N0VA... Uh... oh, I came here to find some cool role-play. I am 15 years old and currently enrolled in the high-school of modern architecture and studying to become a architect. I notice some people list their...ummm... personal attributes? I have 20/10 vision and I am 6' 1" tall (185 cm) and I weigh about 80.1 kilograms (177 pounds) I am considered to have a heavy build with a heavy frame thanks to my active childhood and various martial arts training and the future and now; I specialize in Muay-Thai, Krav Maga, Box and Kick-box. I play various sports as basketball, American football and soccer but I generally excel in fighting sports. I also take marksmanship lessons since the age of 13. Okay... hmm, what else? Oh, my favorite role-play is the mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy; I tend to pick out being a soldier in most of my RP's because of the military background my family has. I favor guns mostly sniper rifles and Japanese Feudal Age weapons. I have a INFP personality and do not hide it. Well, I think that about covers it. Oh, I like playing video games and messing with computer hardware. Aaand that's it... see you all around? I appreciate first impression and value others opinion; so comment away!

  2. Don't poof! D: Then no one will be there when I answer the door. I'm Madyline, by the way. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. *Poof* I am here, I am there... I am everywhere! Nice to meet you; hope to RP with you in the future. See you around. :)
  4. Nice to meet you too! If you're interested in an rp, message me and we can talk! :)
  5. Hello everyone! How is it?
  6. Sppaaaaaace peeeersoooon. Hello there, Nova! <3 Welcome to the community!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Mister Nova! I also love playing military characters. Not because of any personal background but because I find uniforms totally awesome. :D I hope your Muse finds a wonderful home here and is productive and stuff. Happy Muse-ing!