EXERCISE Klutzy's Writing Challenge #2: Damaged home

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  1. You awaken one morning. You get out of bed and walk into the living room of your home to discover a car had crashed into the side of your house the previous night--but for some reason this crash did not wake you up. Why did this happen? Who did this? What was damaged as a result of the crash?

    You may write this challenge in as many or few words as you feel nessisary, however, the condition is that you must write this scene in a comical manner--meaning either some of this scene or most of it should be funny in some way.
  2. Joseph was surprised that the crash hadnt woken him up. Indeed, the Ford Fiesta had torn through his living room wall, and currently smashed through his bedroom as if it were made of paper.
    Which was strange really, considering that he lived 6 storeys up in a block of flats.

    Indeed, he found it even stranger that it was a car that had wrecked his living room and bedroom. Usually it was a Steam train, or his drunken next door neighbour. But then again, both of those would probably cause more damage, in their own special ways.

    That Said, he had a good idea about who drove the car into his house. He took a note that had been left inside the windshield.

    'You always said I was good in the bedroom.'-Marissa

    Yep, today was a great day to start his divorce proceedings. That said, if his soon to be ex-wife happened to find a Sabertooth Tiger in her bathtub, she only had herself to blame.
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  3. Aaron woke up. He looked to his side to see...

    A car had crashed through his room, which was strange, because Aaron lived on the second floor on the opposite side of the house from the road. Something else odd was that the car hadn't driven through the wall, it seemed as if it had dropped from above. Do cars usually crash through roofs? Only in Action movies, and even then, they've been driving on nearby buildings or something.

    Aaron shrugged it off, and went into the kitchen. His parents were talking to several FAA Investigators. Apparently the car had fallen from a Cargo Plane last night. They were going to have the family leave temporarily so that an official investigation could be done. Aaron was being kicked out of his house because some pilot opened a cargo door on his airplane. Great.

    He sighed, and went to pour himself some Frosted Flakes.
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