Kiss...or...Kill C:

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  1. Ok guise and gals you know the rules, kiss some one, or beat the pulp out of em' !

    OMG nothing! *kiss* hur hur
  2. *Softly kisses cheek*
  3. Aw, isn't she cute.


  4. I'm not cute. *Blushes but kisses your helmet.*
  5. Dances Im so much fun *girly laugh* *blows a kiss and Angie*
  6. *gets jealuse because you kissed Angelic*
    *uses chainsaw*
  7. Aww....Somebody needs a kiss *Hands her a hershey's kisses*
  8. How could I resist this ^^ *kiss*
  9. You kill me I kill you!
    *Stab stab stab!*
  10. You kill her, I kill you.
    *Stuffs food down your throat and suffocates you*
  11. *gets up from the grave*
    oooh you care about me :D *kisses on the cheek*
  12. Well you are a friend of mine :D
    *Kisses Alec on the cheek as well*
  13. *Kisses you on the cheek*
    Merry almost Christmas. C:
  14. Aw, ain't she cute?

  15. *killing chen with a poisoned kiss*
  16. *Kisses you softly* Happy Winter Solstice.
  17. *Picks up angel kiss and runs away with her*
  18. *Is kidnap again* -_-
    Oh well!
    *Gives kiss on cheek*
  19. *gives a Hersey kiss* =D
  20. [​IMG]
    You have been terminated.​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.