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  1. It was the beginning of a new school year. Well it was actually a few weeks into the first term. The school day had just ended, but many kids were still in the rooms of the school or the sports fields outside. Located in room B-2 was one such group of students. Now this belonged to a very small circle at the school. They were waiting on the Student Council to finally finish the paperwork on the circle. You see, this small circle had finally met the six student requirement to be a club. Finally the door to the room slid open and a blonde haired girl walked in.

    "Well Idiotshi, your request to become a club has been approved. Now you will be able to receive funding for your club, as well as be able to organize school activities. So long as you have the correct paperwork filled out and turned in."

    Although she didn't have anything else to say really she did not leave immediately.
  2. Shuichiro sat at one of the desks in the room, far at the back, leaning himself against the back wall. His legs were on the desk, his feet idly tapping out a beat against thin air. As the door to the room opened, Shuichiro's foot stopped momentarily. As he saw who it was, however, his foot started to move again.

    Not a teacher; didn't care.

    He had found it hard pressed to entertain himself while he waited for the student council president to show up and give them the a-okay. As the words escaped her lips, he brought his feet to the floor.

    "Finally," he said as he stood up, "you sure take your time with these things, huh?"

    He turned to look at everyone currently in the room, before shrugging his shoulders.

    "I'm not sure why you guys needed me to be here, to be honest. Not like I really did much, anyway."
  3. Kiyomi walked in a dazed state. She was ecstatic, since she had just received news that the manga she had been writing had been accepted by a monthly magazine and would have a new chapter published each issue. As such, she was paying little attention to what was around her, and just following routine. She stopped as she reached the door to the room B-2, slid open the door and walked directly forwards, upon which she collided with another person. Since she had little momentum, neither person fell over, but it did bring Kiyomi back to her senses. She walked around so that she was properly in the room.

    "What's Rinigawa-kaichou doing here? Doesn't the student council usually have meetings at this time?" She realised she had no actual idea when the council met, or even who was on the council, besides Rinigawa, who she only know of since they were in the same class. She then noticed the quantity of people in the room. "Hey, Sachuuni. Did we get a new member?"
  4. Kousaka Chihiro hid around the corridors, ready to strike. She was so bizzare, delinquents would avoid her at all costs. This was not any ordinary bizzare state. It was a phase - Chuunibyou.

    What is chuunibyou? I will not say it, because you are gazing upon it.

    "I have discovered you once again, my kindred spirit," she ambushes someone. Said someone was astonished.

    "Ko- Kousaka-san? Wha- wha- wha-"

    That is what happens.

    "Mochizuki of the Literature Club, are you not? I have something to bestow upon you. No pact involved, because you have deemed yourself worthy," Chihiro smiles before pulling a book from her school uniform.

    "Th- this is... how did you know I wanted this? I was never able to find it in any store or library!"

    "This piece of literature is all yours, young one. Use it wisely. Kaka!"

    With that, Chihiro disappears in a flash.


    Chihiro appears before a door. "Traversing through dimensions is just one of my abilities. What sights are there to behold in this realm?" With that, she opens the door.

    "Greetings, denizens of this dimension, I go by Liborium Infinitium. I may possess vast knowledge in my very shelves, but I am ever-expanding. Hmmm... this is what you call a..." Chihiro unleashes a completed sign-up sheet from her pockets. It was adorned with a bunch of cool-looking scribbles and such. "... resume? This is the alias I assume in the mortal realm. This is the birthday I assume in the mortal realm. This is the... yeah those are my actual skills."
  5. The voice of the student council president booming in the rather quiet room of B-2 made the short blonde Junior perk up and take her attention away from the light novel she was reading.It was one of those cliché school romance stories; boy meets girl, girl falls for boy, boy doesn't notice but eventually falls for her as well.Despite falling under the familiar plotline, Shiki loved reading books like these for a reason that she doesn't really have to explain and elaborate on for someone to understand.Besides, who doesn't like a good romance story?

    Shiki looked at the council president, then over to the club president."Waa~ t-that's wonderful news,isn't it?" she smiled, clapping her hands together. She didn't really say it to a particularly someone, but rather to everybody.In any moment now she was expecting an ecstatic reaction from him.
  6. Izumi Ryo was bored. This was not unusual, and in fact happened practically any time things slowed down, but that didn't make it any easier to bear. The whole club was waiting on news that the student council had finished going through the paperwork and approving their club. It wasn't exactly a nervous time - they met all the requirements, so there was no question it would happen - but this official stuff was apparently important, so they waited. And Ryo hated waiting. He'd resorted to doing pushups on two desks just to pass the time, and was just about to give that up and start making some noise when the door opened and the student council president herself stepped in, making the announcement they'd all known would be made but for some reason waited for.

    Grinning, Ryo pushed himself up to standing and skipped across the desks in the room until he reached the student council president, at which point he hopped down to stand before her and inclined his head respectfully. "Thank you so much, Rinigawa-senpai," he said in his most charming tone. "It's an honor to join the ranks of the school's clubs, and a pleasure to have your fair features gracing the room to tell us." He raised his head again to look her in the eye, mostly so she didn't realize he'd taken the chance while half-bowing to look at her breasts. Hopefully the blatant flattery might distract her; Ryo often thought flattery was a touch unsubtle, but people liked it, so he provided.

    But just as he was on a roll, the budding discussion was interrupted by the arrival of another girl - shorter and, judging by her introduction, significantly crazier. She seemed to think she was some kind of latin library? And wanted to join the club... Ryo stared at her. Well, at least it wasn't boring anymore.
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  7. I hope you don't mind me sticking around for a but. I want to watch what you guys do here, so I will be coming here when I am not at the Student council. I want to find a good reason to demote you guys again." She walked back to one of the seats and sat there. The group was quite the bunch of odd jobs in all truth.
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  8. At the student council president's declaration Ryo turned from the strange, new girl (strange even for this club) and sidled up to the pres. "Shutting us down already? That's harsh, senpai. You haven't even got to know us yet." He grinned his trademark charming grin and leaned against the wall. "After all, with all the strange things going on around here, investigating them might just be the most important thing anyone can do. It's practically a public service. Just imagine if one of them turned out to be a cover story for a group of students smuggling drugs into the school, or even adult criminals! Why, we'd be exposing them for the good of all!" Ryo posed heroically, one foot atop a chair and one hand across his heart. "Isn't that worth the expense of a new club?"
  9. Sora fiddled with one of the buttons on her collared shirt as she sat in one of the middle row desks of room B-2.

    A few weeks into the first term of her first year at Kiragasaki High, and no one has yet to notice Sora's true gender. Even a few girls confessed their feelings for her, much to Sora's amusement. She inwardly congratulated herself; she was better at being inconspicuous than she thought! Trying her best not to pump a fist into the air, Sora kept messing with her shirt's button. Having enough, the button finally removed itself. Sora grabbed for it before it could fall to the ground, stuffing it into her slacks' right pocket and reminding herself to sew it back on when she got home.

    After hearing Rinigawa-senpai's announcement, Sora scanned the room once more.

    The members of the occult club weren't as bizarre as she pictured them (where were the black cloaks with the creepy eye-triangle on them?). Well, except for two: the President of the Occult club, Idayashi-senpai, and...huh?

    Sora's gaze darted over to the newest arrival, a strange girl with a long, hime cut that covered her eyes. She looked oddly familiar. Sora crossed and uncrossed her legs in thought, the fabric of her pants rubbing against each other uncomfortably.

    ...That's it!

    "You're that ghost girl that I've been seeing in my classes all semester!" Sora exclaimed, pointing an excusing finger at 'Liborium Infinitium'. Noticing that she just blurted that out, Sora put her outstretched arm behind her head, ruffling her hair and grinning sheepishly.

    "Uh, heh...Nice to meet you."
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  10. "Me? A spectre? Kukuku," Chihiro laughs, "I am leagues above a spectre, at the very least, their equals on a different spectrum."

    The odd, twiggy, phantom-like petite lady reaches her hand out to the masculine lady. "The alias I use in this realm... Kousaka Chihiro. Remember the name and the body, madamoiselle.... you are... as they call... the one known as 'Kumagai-san', is that so?"

    She unleashes a pose while holding Charlotte's Web in her right hand. You couldn't see her wink.
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  11. Sora could feel her face turning red at the word madamoiselle. It was a word she heard used once in a TV drama she was watching. She couldn't remember what it exactly meant, but she knew it was a feminine word.

    ...Oh crap. She knows?! Sora crossed her arms, resting them on her already flat chest. She felt a bit vulnerable. But, Sora knew she couldn't make things worse, so she put her arms back down to shake Kousaka Chihiro's hand. It was a bizarre exchange for Sora, since she was used to bowing as a greeting.

    "Ah, yeah! I'm Kumagai. Kumagai Sora. Nice to meet you, Kousaka-san."

    A grin made its way on Sora's face. She liked the way Kousaka-san spoke. It was interesting, even though she didn't understand her most of the time. That thought made Sora blush in embarrassment. Maybe she should try to think more?

    Spotting the book in Kousaka-san's hand, Sora tilted her head to read the English letters better.

    "Cha-ro-ret Weh-b? What is it about?"

    The cover of the book depicted a young, brunette girl holding a piglet in her arms, with a sheep on one side of her and a goose on the other. Above their heads is the title that Sora just butchered, covered in webs with a single spider coming down to greet the girl and the farm animals. To say the least, it look engrossing.
  12. "A fable of fabled fate, and the humanity of non-humans," Chihiro speaks, "pretty interesting to me. So..." Chihiro withdraws the book into her school uniform, before taking a seat and crossing her legs. Her palm was a little above her eyes. "Kukuku... nice to meet you as well, Kumagai-san. Call me Chihiro, because I can tell that you will do so in time to come..."

    She then looks at the others.

    "An interesting crew indeed. I have made no mistake."
  13. "Uum... Sachuuni?" Kiyomi sighed, then addressed the others in the room. "Ok one of you put Sachuuni in the locker where he won't be in the way." She turned to the newcomer. "And as for you, please tell me you aren't another of those afflicted with 8th Grader Syndrome. We really don't need two of them..." She stopped when she realised that there was absolutely no chance of getting through to her by using normal words. "Newcomer. There are powerful enchantments of scrying cast by evil necromancers in this room. They're looking for any supernatural beings like magicians and they can hear and see everything that goes on in here so be really careful that you don't reveal your true nature."
  14. "Is that so? Kukuku..." Chihiro chuckes, "do not fret, for I will hide my true presence with my false wings..."

    Chihiro unleashes a black, starry scarf from her bag, before wrapping it around her neck. "From your words, I believe it is best to use my alias in conversations, 'Kousaka Chihiro', as my acquaintances call me... what is the name of identity you take?"
  15. Kiyomi had spent far too long dealing with Sachuuni to be put off by the newcomer's speech. Plus, she suspected she had been partially infected by the syndrome from her prolonged exposure to the Club President, so she decided to humour her. "In this world, I go by the name Himi-" Whoops. Almost gave them my pen name. Kiyomi wrote manga shorts for several monthly magazines, under the pen name "Himiko", after the Empress of legend. "-Hirisawa Kiyomi." She wanted to end the conversation now to divert attention from herself. "Due to certain magical restrictions, I cannot give you my true name here. I'm sure you understand." She promptly took a seat and buried her head in a textbook, hoping no one noticed her mistake, and that no one now thought she had Chuunibyou.
  16. Wow what a bunch of weirdos.

    Shuichiro smiled. He was right. This was fun to watch.

    For now, he sat back in his chair, watching this spectacle unfold. The two girls were talking about forms or something like that, and let out a snort watching Ryo act like a fool.


    Okay, bored again.

    When it came down to it, he had his trusty mobage (or mobile games, for the uninitiated), though he was running out of good games to play. He pulled out his phone and opened up one of the rhythm games he had on his phone. A mishmash of different songs played as he scrolled through the difficulties, before he landed on a particularly difficult song that he could never get a good score on. It was rated a 22 (out of a scale of 30), but he found it harder than some of the 24s he'd beaten.

    "If you don't think this is the tightest shit you can get out of my face~" he hummed as the song started.
  17. Calling each other by first names, and they just met? Sora faltered at the thought, but she realized that she may have just made a friend. Sora nodded, making her way back to her seat.

    "Okay...Chihiro-san." Sora might have not been the most polite person ever, but the use of someone's first name who wasn't a family member or close friend left a weird taste in her mouth.

    The bespectacled vice-president, who introduced herself as "Hirosawa Kiyomi", began to speak to Chihiro, making a reference to her own hidden form as well.

    Before Sora could react to the exchange, she heard a familiar song playing from the phone of one of the members in the back. She hadn't even noticed him until now!

    She turned around in her seat to stare at the lone brunette: "I could never beat that one! ...Can I see?"
  18. "Uncovering Drugs, and catching criminals..." As Ryo began speaking about possible activities, Erika was intentively taking notes on what he was saying. "You know truly I must thank you Ryo-kun. You are really helping me in coming up with arguments against this club, seeing as how your club will be partaking in activities that, 'Undermine school regulations, safety of the students, and common sense.'" As she said that last part, Erika looked back down at her pad and began writing again. Simply for comedic and dramatic effect, but what could she say? She was an advocate of the art of Rhetoric.

    "So Kenji, what about you? You're president, why not decide what your club will do first?"
  19. The boy in question was tapping his bokken against his shoulder while he listened to the commotion that was happening in every corner of the room. He wasn't part of any martial arts clubs or anything; he'd found it in his house. He didn't have any idea where it had come from but it was his now.

    He laid the wooden sword down on the desk next to him as the Student Council President spoke up again, asking him what they were going to do first.

    "Well, 'sa treat, aint it? Well, ma first order o' business is ta ask why yer givin' us such preferential treatment, innit? You aint doin' this wit' any o' da other clubs, las'n I checked. You been wannin' ta see mah handsome face s'more? Or 's maybe Ryo's pat'etic 'tempts at flirtin' actually workin'?"

    His eyes turned to Ryo, frowning.

    "Nice on ya t'put da club in danger like that. Very much apprecianado."

    His attention turned back to Erika.

    "I aint sayin nothin' wit' ya breathin' down ma back like dis. Gotta load o' problems ta deal with elseways."


    Whoa now, a fellow rhythmer? Shuichiro looked up at Sora as she came up to him. Thankfully, the beginning part of the song was easy and he'd gotten it down after playing it so many times, that he could pretty much do it with his eyes closed.

    "Ah, sure. If it's this song, then I know which part you're thinking of," he replied, before turning his attention back to the phone. The song itself was a standard J-Core song, but there was a dubstep part near the end that pretty much constituted all of the difficulty of the song. Shuichiro had, up until he'd played this song for the first time, coasted along by only using his thumbs and index fingers to tap the notes, but for this song he had to learn to use his other fingers as well.

    Eventually, the dubstep part cued itself in, and Shuichiro muttered "wub wub" before stretching out his fingers.
  20. "As handsome as that face of yours is, The accent's a little hard to look past though. As for Ryo..." She stood up and walked close to the Kenji, before spinning around and blowing Ryo a kiss. Then she whispered in Kenji's ear "He's just fun to mess with." She headed to the door to leave before turning around once more to address the club. "And I pushed for this little investigation because this club is more... variable and mysterious than the others... Aside from the Photography club... Also, this is one of the few clubs that requests for overnight privileges at the school... Also something the Photography does... Man, that photography club asks for some weird privileges sometimes... Ah well, I'll possibly check on them later. See Ya!"
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