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  1. Kiyomi strode briskly down the corridor. It was later than usual, so most students had already left or found their way to their club rooms. It was the Monday of the first week after Club Signup week, when the club had finally gotten the number of members it needed to be recognised as an official club and to gain a budget. In her hand, she clutched an important document. After a long stroll to the very far end of the building, she stopped and slid open the door in front of her. The room sign above it had a piece of paper sellotaped over it, with "Paranormal Investigation Circle" scrawled on it. "Hey, Kenji. The application's been approved." She slumped in a chair and placed the document on the table in the middle of the small room, before bracing herself. She never knew whether or not she was going to be attacked when she entered the room. Fortunately, Shiro seemed to be preoccupied with a game console today. The other club members were already there, and had been awaiting Kiyomi's return with the news, be it good or bad, about the fate of the circle.
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  2. Kenji wordlessly took the documents from the table, flipping through the papers, quickly skimming all the details of the sheets. He slapped the papers back onto the table, before grinning. The bokken he'd been tapping against his shoulder was now lowered, and was now pointing at the ground.

    "S'right 'bout time, s'pose. Thanks fer th' hard work, Kiyomi."

    Kenji wasn't the type to use honorifics. It wasn't his style.

    "An' now's about th' first meeting. We're th' Par'normal Invest'gation club, so's we've got t' d'cide what exactly we're gon' snoop fer."

    Kenji pulled his bag up close, before pulling out a thickly stuffed manila folder. He dropped it down on the desk, next to the club application forms.

    "I've gotta few choices fer leads."


    Meanwhile, in the back of the room, in a corner desk, a certain bored member of the club had his phone out, and was busy tapping the screen. He was playing one of his favorite rhythm games, and was trying to beat a particularly hard level 25 chart.

    He didn't seem to being paying attention to what was happening in the room, or if he was, he wasn't showing it.
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  3. Ryo was bored out of his gourd. Whatever that was. Waiting around was never on his list of favorite activities, and waiting in the club room just to hear if they actually were a club was if anything worse than normal waiting. The anticipation was killing him! He'd resorted to doing pushups across two tables, clapping in between each pushup, just to relieve the boredom. He knew it was only a matter of time before someone asked him to cut it out because the clapping was bugging them, but for now it was either that or start on the large amounts of homework he hadn't done yet, and Hell would freeze over before he got that desperate.

    Luckily neither his incessant exercise nor the temperature of the infernal realm came into question, as the vice prez showed up soon after he began with the pushups. Ryo hopped up onto one of the desks he'd been on, walked across the tables nonchalantly and stopped by Kiyomi, smiling broadly. "Excellent!" He declared, standing atop a desk. "Now it's time to get started!" There was a brief silence. "I have no idea how to do that." Once again luck was on his side, as Kenji (Good old, reliable Kenji!) had a folder full of leads. Ryo squatted down by the folder and watched the president expectantly. Any moment now he should be explaining what these leads of his were...
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  4. Arisa Honda

    She was sitting on the desk next to Ryo. Her legs crossed and dangling off the side neatly. She was on her phone, typing. Though most people who saw her doing this assumed she was texting really she was usually writing something as she was now. She had thought of a short little story at lunch and had been typing it sense. The circle was rather quiet at the moment anyways so there was no reason not to. Arisa definitely wasn't impatient, the good things in life deserved to be waited for. She simply was occupying her time until things picked up. Though, Ryo's clapping was definitely irritating her.

    She looked up from her phone when people began talking and Ryo moved away. "I'm happy we're an official club now, Ozawa-san and Hirasawa-san." She adressed the president and vice president by their last names and added an honorific. It was simply her style. She couldn't imagine using a first name so easily. Honestly even with boyfriends she'd had it took her prompting do something as simple as dripping the honorific or using their first name.

    Nothings better than a few leads, I wonder what we'll be doing...
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  5. [rainbow]Imara Satchai[/rainbow]

    Imara Satchai, 3rd year high schooler and Paranormal Investigation Circle secretary, sat alone outside the club room. She was waiting for the first person that always showed up to unlock the club room, Ozawa Kenji, the club president – and the boy that she swore to protect two years ago when she first entered high school. He was feminine in appearance, but Satchai felt this suited her purpose even more – to be a hero to someone, just like in the television shows she watched. The cross-dressed female was confident in her abilities, as she spent her days at home combatting the ghosts that took up residence in her room. Just her and her trusty lamp, which she had with her even now. Kiragasaki High was a low budget school, so it wasn’t like they were going to try to enforce a rule against bringing lamps to school. Satchai would probably fight them with it if they did.

    It wasn’t too long before Ozawa arrived. Satchai flashed a smile and stood. ”Ohayo, Kenicchi! How ya’ doin’?” A light wave was all that was given in response. It seemed Kenji was still tired at this time. Worrying about whether or not your club would finally be approved could definitely keep a high school student up all night. Especially one as obsessed with the occult as Kenji was. Satchai’s smile did not falter as she followed him into the unoccupied club room and proceeded to run around the room, swinging her lamp as she went. It was her daily routine to ward off the evil spirits that might inhabit the room while they were gone, and it had been an entire weekend since she’d last cleared it.

    She relaxed after she was done, taking a seat next to Kenji. There, they relaxed until the rest of the club members showed up. Well, Kenji took a little nap. Satchai sat as guard while he rested. Before long, Hirasawa Kiyomi showed up, telling the two currently present that she’d be going to retrieve the documentation that would tell them whether or not they were approved as a club. While she was gone, Shuchiro Sakurai came in next. He was a quiet one, and went about to playing something in the back of the room as soon as he entered and gave a weak wave to the president and secretary. Izumi Ryo, the impatient treasurer, was the next to arrive. Satchai informed him that Kiyomi would be returning with the paperwork, and it wasn’t too long before the male was hoping about the room and such. Satchai would’ve confused the boy for being possessed had she not known him for such a long time. Even then, she still wondered sometimes. Miyamoto Yuuki showed up, followed by Honda Arisa, who went about twiddling on her phone once she’d heard about where Kyomi went. It was shortly after everyone had arrived that Kiyomi returned.

    Satchai watched as the female entered the room. She held a document in her hand, which was placed in the middle of the table for all to see. The announcement that they were now an official club was made, and the first thing the treasurer did was jump on the desks and make his way over towards where the document was. Kenji took the paper, and everyone seemed to be making remarks about how excited they were. She leaned towards the president and watched as he opened the folder, only to notice that there was a rather large shadow looming over her. She turned to see Ryo squatting on the table near them. Her lamp found its way over the top of his head – not strong enough to seriously hurt him, but strong enough to get the male’s attention. ”There’s no need to be looming over Kenicchi! Stand down like the rest of us!” She pointed towards a chair that was on the opposite side of the table, next to Arisa. ”Right over there!” she said, before placing her lamp on the seat next to her and crossing her arms.
  6. Yuuki Miyamoto
    Yuuki had gone about his daily school routine as usual and had even considered skipping out on the meeting of the not-so-official club he was part of. However, being in class with Satchai had discouraged that and he found himself wandering to the room at the furthest end of the building after classes were over. The young man didn't wear a school uniform like most of the others, but instead an informal yukata with colors similar to the uniform. If his family hadn't been so involved with the shrine, he was certain the principal wouldn't have allowed it. Yuuki gave a courteous bow to the others that had arrived before him before taking a seat, soon finding himself hedged in by other members. They were awaiting the student council's decision on the fate of their club, and different members did different things to alleviate their anxieties. Satchai had already run about the room with her ghost lamp and Ryo was doing some sort of exercise that involved him clapping repeatedly. If he hadn't been stretched out the way he was, Yuuki would have thought he was doing some serious prayers to the gods. He himself simply kept hold of a luck token his grandfather had made for him years ago, rubbing it with his thumb while his arms were concealed in his sleeves. Once the verdict came in, there was a commotion from the others, excitement permeating the air. The young man breathed a sigh of relief before the club president, Kenji, spoke up and set down a large manilla folder full of papers that he claimed were leads. That was quite a few and if they were lucky, some of them might cross over with one another. Now that they were officially going to be seeking out the occult, Yuuki thought it would be prudent to make some protection charms for everyone. Just in case. When Kenji announced that they'd have to make a choice, it gave Yuuki an idea. He took a soft breath before adjusting his glasses and attempting to speak up.
    "Perhaps we should start with phenomena centered in the area around the school." The young man suggested.
    After all, if they started there he'd still be able to get home in time to clean the shrine before dark.
  7. And before Kenji could make with the leads already, Ryo was greeted by a lamp to the head. This was not, in and of itself, an unusual occurrence, but it still kind of hurt. Slightly. He rubbed his head, glaring a bit at Satchai, but ultimately relented. "Fiiiine," he sighed, hopping onto the chair. Then he turned the chair so its back faced the table and squatted backwards on it so he could still see the folder. They could lead a horse to water, but he would be damned before he drank! ...Although now he was kind of thirsty. Regardless, he continued watching Kenji with a look of excitable anticipation. Any moment now... any moment now...
  8. Arisa Honda

    She cracked a smile at the exchange between Imara and Ryo. It was like a gag you'd see in comedy between a wife and husband or a brother and a sister. She tended to enjoy those kinds of simple comedy acts. TV wise, Arisa's screen was always on a soap opera or variety show. Though sometimes her siblings called her a housewife for watching soaps it didn't bother her very much. What was the point in watching something that didn't keep her at the edge of her seat? What was the point of doing anything that didn't keep her at the edge of her seat?

    When Ryo reluctantly headed next to her Arisa rubbed his head with her hand, slightly ruffling his hair. "You're way too excited! You look like you could leap from your seat at any moment!" She exclaimed to him and removed her hand, placing it back on her lap. She was excited too and she'd usually be bouncing about the room excitedly so she couldn't really talk. Right now her silly and ditzy persona was quelled by the story in her head. She had a short term memory and if she got too excited she'd loose it even if there was only maybe a paragraph left to type.

    She got back on her phone, being serious was a bit boring and she couldn't enjoy any investigation whilst concentrating on remembering the last paragraph. She began typing very quickly, glaring at her phone with a childish determination and within three to five minutes she finished.​
  9. Kiyomi watched the exchange between the club members. There was nothing out of the ordinary about any of it. They had always interacted like this. She glanced over at Shiro, who seemed to be unaware of what was going on around her. Probably engaged in a boss fight, if history had anything to say in the matter. She noticed the sun had become low quite quickly, and checked her watch. They had been there almost an hour and absolutely nothing had happened. "Alright guys shut up. Kenji. We don't have time to go through all this tonight, so just pick something for us to do."
  10. Ryo grinned at Arisa. "How can I calm down?" He asked. "We're finally going to start looking for actual paranormal stuff! If we actually find something it'll be easily the coolest thing that's ever happened in this one-horse town! I don't know how anyone can just sit still and act like nothing's happening." While he generally didn't like sitting normally, whether calm or excited, and would generally prefer to be doing something whatever the case, today it was especially hard to stay still. Granted, he didn't actually think it was very likely they would actually find anything, but on the off-chance they did it could be the high point of his life so far! He couldn't wait to get started.
  11. Arisa Honda

    Arisa slipped her phone into her bag. She'd finished the paragraph right after Ryo finished speaking. Now there was nothing urgent to remember. There was that thing about the math test that was coming up- but who really cared about that anyways? "I think you mean when we find something!" Arisa put a finger up into the air. She was correcting him for using the word if. "Because we are definitely going to find something." She said with confidence in her beliefs. "Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But we'll find something."

    Arisa kicked her legs that were dangling down from the table. She believed in the supernatural, this was because in history so many people thought something was impossible but it was actually true. Like the time everyone was so sure the earth was flat or so sure everything revolved around the earth or so sure that Pluto was a planet. Nowadays everyone is so sure that supernatural things don't exist.

    "Phenomena centered around the school would most definitely be a great idea for now. I mean, we can spread out later. Also it would definitely be literally the most amazing thing if we found that something was happening around the school. Miyamoto-sans idea is definitely a good idea." Akira clapped her hands together once. She'd probably used the word definitely three or four times but she herself wasn't aware of her tendency to abuse the words 'definitely' and 'literally' when she was excited about something. ​
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  12. Kenji's face didn't change at all as the antics of the club members happened all around him. People were saying that they wanted to investigate something centered around the school.

    Oh did they, now?

    Well then.

    He brought the manila folder into the hands, placing the bokken on his right as he did so.

    ...It should be near the beginning...

    Ahh. Here it was. A grin appeared on Kenji's face. It was a scary grin, not unlike one someone would make before telling a scary campfire story.

    "Y'rall gon' love this."

    He pulled out few sheets of paper, before spreading them out on the desk.


    Oh? Were things starting to get interesting now? Well then, it was a good thing the song had ended.

    He failed the chart. Such is life.

    Shuichiro stood, before moving over the read what was on the paper.



    Does Kiragasaki High have its own mysteries? Does it harbor its fair share of dark secrets? The rumors that have been circulating around the school say yes. What is the truth of these mysterious occurrences?

    1. The Chemistry Lab Specter
    Location: Chemistry Lab B
    Students have heard mysterious whispering in Chemistry Lab B, usually when those students are alone in the room. The most frequent occurrences have been reported as happening after school hours. Some say that the whispers consists of the words "kill", "stop", and "help", but those that have consciously paid attention to the whispers' contents report only gibberish.

    2. The Five Little Ghosts
    Location: Shoe Lockers
    A certain female first-year student (name withheld) reported being late to leave school. As she retrieved her shoes from her locker, she felt someone was watching her. When she turned, she saw five indistinct forms that resembled small children. Their faces were distorted and shifted constantly. She reported only seeing them for about two seconds before they disappeared.

    3. The Mysterious Third Step
    Location: East Wing Stairwell
    A few students have reported that there is one less step when going from the third floor to the second floor than going from the second to the third. One particularly observant student noticed a small blue stain on the third step when going up that he didn't see going back down.

    4. The Cafeteria Poltergeist
    Location: Cafeteria
    A member of the cafeteria staff reported that she heard clanging noises in the kitchen while she was cleaning the serving counters. When she investigated, she found that nothing had been disturbed from when she put everything away. She also reported a strange smell coming from inside the refrigerator that she couldn't locate or identify.

    5. The Bathroom Mirrors
    Location: Second Floor West Wing Bathrooms
    A particularly sheepish couple reported that they saw what they described as 'twisted versions of each other' when they looked in the farthest mirror from the entrance. Don't ask why they went to the bathrooms at the same time or how they managed to look in the same mirror at the same time for that to happen.

    6. The Hands In The Storeroom
    Location: Gym Storeroom
    Several students reported hands that came out of the walls as they were putting equipment back in the storeroom. The hands were described as rotting and gangly, and made grasping motions in the air. One student recounted that one of the hands grabbed her, at which point she heard a deep voice say, "Not this one..." before the hands retreated back into the wall.

    7. The Photography Club Room
    Location: Club Building Room 206
    A member of the student council (who wishes to remain anonymous) has reported that his sister, an alumni of the school, went hysterical when he mentioned visiting Room 206 of the Club Building. The sister babbled something about "moving pictures" and "mysterious flashes" and had to be calmed down. When asked later about what she meant, she refused to talk about it.
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  13. Imara Satchai, blue Satchai watched the other members of the club while waiting for Kenji to give them their options. The shrine member, Yuuki Miyamoto, suggested that they focus on occurrences happening around the school. The secretary personally believed it would be better to make sure their own houses were secure first, but waited for what Kenji would say. He was the supreme law in the club after all.

    Everyone in the club seemed to be becoming increasingly anxious. Ryo and Arisa were talking amongst each other about how they’d finally be able to start investigating. Kiyomi was growing somewhat tired of everyone’s antics and informed them to shut up, and likewise for Kenji to hurry up. This riled Satchai up a bit, but she controlled herself. The vice president and the one with the games were the only ones that Satchai was wary about. Everyone else seemed to go about their business nicely enough for her tastes, even if their treasurer was a bit crazy.

    It wouldn’t be too long before Kenji finally decided to spare them the waiting for laid out seven different occurrences of paranormal activity within the school. Satchai’s eyes ran over each one intently, trying to figure out which one posed the greatest threat to their safety. The one regarding mangled hands caught her attention the most, There was actually a mention of them grabbing a female student. Satchai couldn’t allow such a thing to possibly happen to Kenji! A burning anger was visible in her eyes as thoughts of the disembodied hands doing all sorts of obscene things to Kenicchi. With one swift motion, Satchai pulled the case paperwork to the side and held it out before everyone. ”This one!”
  14. Just as Ryo was about to remark on Arisa's enthusiasm, which he was very much in favor of, Kenji finally seemed to find what he'd been going for. Leaning in for a closer look, Ryo saw it was a list of mysteries around the school - some silly, some with obvious explanations, some actually intriguing. After some consideration, he decided to give his two cents on each one in turn, starting with the first. He pointed to the myth at the top of the list and spoke up. "This one could be superstition," he said seriously, "since people often tell themselves they can hear things just because they expect to. But if these students have no connection to each other then there may be something to it.

    "As for this," he continued, pointing to the second, "it could just be a freshman being a freshman. But it is kind of detailed for a first-year folly. I'd say it merits investigation. I'm less sure about the third one here - frankly, everyone makes this mistake. They count the top step when going up, which is the floor they're going to, but not the bottom step going down, since it doesn't look like a step. That way they end up with the wrong number. The stain could just be easier to see from the going up angle. It would take about twenty seconds to test, so we can go ahead, but it's probably just a simple mistake."

    He tilted his head, peering at the fourth. "This one's interesting. Staff are usually a lot less superstitious than students. If she reported this she must think there's something to see. Not sure how we'll find it, though. Still, I can tell you what the smell is right now: Cafeteria food. I swear I saw the meatloaf move last Monday. That might be supernatural, but I don't think we want to know. Now, as for the bathrooms, that mirror could just be a little bent, like a funhouse mirror, so it looks weird from a certain angle. Still, it's worth checking out. But honestly, the bathroom? There are way more private places in this school. They should've tried the storage cupboard on the second floor, east wing. No one ever uses that, but the concrete walls in that wing make for great soundproofing." Someone would inevitably ask how he knew that, and Ryo would respond with a knowing smile, thus adding one more mystery to Kiragasaki High.

    "This next one won't be too hard to test. We'll offer our club services putting away the supplies after a gym class. Might take a couple of tries, but if several students ran into this seperately there might really be something to it. Just remember to bring your stun guns in case it's just some pervert. The finale here is the most interesting - alumni (the singular is alumnus, just putting that out there) don't usually hang on to superstitions about their old school. I'd like to meet this girl. I can be pretty persuasive... especially if she's hot. I'm sure we can get a story out of her. But it is the photography club classroom, so you gotta figure they'd probably notice if something was happening there. If there is, she must've done something to trigger it, so we'll need to find out what first."

    Having now officially done more thinking and focused deduction for this page of mysteries than for any single school project or assignment in his entire life, Ryo looked up at the others. "So, what're we going after first? Start from the top and work down?"
  15. Arisa Honda

    Arisa looked down at all the papers and reviewed all of them. She listened to the people before her's input. She only spoke at Ryo's less modest comments.

    "[…] There are way more private places in this school. They should've tried the storage cupboard on the second floor, east wing. No one ever uses that, but the concrete walls in that wing make for great soundproofing."

    "Izumi-kun how would you even know these things!" Arisa piped up in pitch higher than normal.

    "[…] I'd like to meet this girl. I can be pretty persuasive... especially if she's hot."

    "You really have no shame..." Arisa sighed, leaning back on the table. Even though she was wearing her uniform skirt (assuming there are Japanese uniforms) nothing showed considering her legs were pressed tightly together. Additionally she had thigh-high black leggings.

    When Ryo finished she sat up and commented on them herself.

    "Well, number one and number two seem really false to me. Kinda like paranoia or just making carp up." Arisa begun.

    "On four the smell is the toxic wasteland that is that cafeteria. Probably some new life was created in there! The food is utterly terrible." Arisa always opted out of the normal cafeteria food and went straight for a ceaser salad.

    "Five and seven are concerning overall. They seem like they definitely need to be something checked into." She murmured.

    "But the most important is obviously-" Arisa jumped off the table and landed on her feet, "Num-ber siiiix!" She held up six fingers, three fingers up on each hand.

    "So we should go in order from most important to least important with number six being the most important. We can't have random hands groping people! Besides, the feeling of touch isn't something you can imagine really." Arisa concluded.​
  16. Yuuki Miyamoto
    Yuuki found himself a bit surprised that he'd actually been heard by Arisa, one of the more vocal members of the group. Not only that, but she'd agreed with him. That...that was surprising. After all, the young man usually found himself being talked over by the other members of the group and was quite used to it. Admittedly, it was kind of nice to have been heard. Soon enough, the club was buzzing over a set of files that Kenji had pulled out. All were related to the school but some, as Ryo pointed out, could easily be debunked as non-supernatural phenomena. Yuuki quietly listened as the rest of the club members spoke, only pulling his hands out of his yukata sleeves once a tentative decision had been reached. The mystery of the rotting hands in the equipment room. It could be a legitimate haunting, or even a disgruntled yokai. After all, he didn't expect that all yokai chose not to co-habitate with humans. There were plenty of mischievous ones out there that would definitely get a kick out of grabbing human girls. If that was the case, the young man would prefer to get home and pick up a few things before actually investigating. However, it really depended on the others as to when they'd actually go looking for the alleged specter.​
  17. Satchai and Arisa wanted, mostly, to check out the sixth one. Ryo suggested that they could work from the top down.

    No one suggested that they split up, which was slightly reassuring. He'd actually gotten club members with some common sense.

    He pulled a pencil out from inside the desk, tapping the number six on the paper with it.

    "Discount'n Ryo's... priorities, seems t'be a fair consensus on this'n. I don't reckon we'll find much, giv'n most it happened durin' school, but wh'knows? We could makin'... I d'no, hist'ry with this."

    He grinned, grasping his bokken and twirling it in his hand.

    "B'sides, we've got at least some form o' pr'tection," he continued, lightly tapping Satchai's lamp with the tip of his bokken.

    He hopped off the desk, stuffing the sheets back into the folder, and the folder into the bag. He took a few steps toward the door.

    "It's gettin' dark. If we're doin' this, let's get this show'n th' road, ladies n' gents. If we're fast 'nough, we might be able t' get another one off th' list 's well."


    Wow, the seven mysteries trope. So original. Shuichiro couldn't help but roll his eyes. It seemed like everyone else was too busy pissing their pants to care about how cliche it was.

    It was probably all false, too. But hey, maybe he'll get to see some funny reactions. Terrified screams, mad shaking, and all that good stuff...


    Shuichiro had only now noticed but... how long had that girl been there? And what in the world was she playing?

    He quietly walked around until he caught a glimpse of the screen.


    "You know there's an easier way to beat that boss, right?"
  18. Shiro didn't remove her eyes from the game, and simply muttered "urusai" in response to the boy's comment. "I've already done this boss a hundred times, I know how to do it. I'm levelling up my weaker characters and they don't have skills that lend to the fast way of doing it." At this point, Kiyomi chimed in. "Shiro you've been playing the same game for an entire year now and you still aren't max level. Are you sure you actually know how to do it?" As she had expected, "urusai" was her only response. She stood up and walked towards the door, although she didn't actually know where she was going. She just wanted to prompt people to actually start doing things.
  19. Imara Satchai, blue Seeing how no one seemed to be moving other than Kiyomi, Satchai took the reins to propel the group forward. She stood from her seat and pointed her lamp towards the rest of the group. "You heard Kenicchi! the young female said, her voice commanding. "Let's get moving!"

    Satchai grabbed Kenji's hand and walked towards the club room door, motioning for the others to follow. Kiyomi was passed by and the door was swung open, after which the female dragged the club president out of the room with her. "We have ghosts to ward off and demons to expel! Kiragasaki High's Paranormal Investigative Club is here!" She froze only moments after saying this and pulled out a blue notebook, writing down everything that had just taken place for club records. "Just a second, please. I need to record this."
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  20. Well, seemed this show was finally getting on the road. Ryo hopped off his chair and began following the others out the door, pausing only to look back at Arisa. "You coming?" He asked cheerfully. "We don't want to miss the investigation, after all! This is one of the more mysterious ones, it could be the one that turns out to be really supernatural." He smiled cheerfully at her, gesturing for her to follow him and the others out.
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