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  1. History

    [align=center]Post Civil War[/align]

    After the fighting had calmed and new borders wer established the Kingdom of Seasons was eding on its birth. The great Knight Mordecai was now the established King and his fellow knights were entrusted to a political position in the new age. The Knights of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer were welcomed into the lands they defended, although Fall had his own plans and vanished completely. Winter and Summer had stayed behind and to this day still work as political deligates.

    Once an effective government was established the mapping of the Kingdom began. Several archivists were sent out in all four cardinal directions. To the north lay mountains, to the south was a large coast, to the west a forest, and to the east numerous plains. The people soon ventured to create villages in these places. It was not long before the crime rate went up as the knights had been focused on reconstructing the castle.

    The worst out of all four was the moutain villages, due to the snow, there was no way of getting large amounts of armed men in. Before a final decision was made news of the first powerful mage knight came forth. A young boy with the power to control and channel intense winter storms. Taken under the wings of the royal guard the child was trained in keeping peace and order. Other mage knights were soon found and in total they made twelve.

    These Knights were assigned one month of the year and people refer to them as Season's Knights. Three were assigned to each collection of villages and they were given their own branch in the ever expanding Kingdom.

    News from the archivists had finally came back after the assignment of the mage knights. It was something the King had been waiting to hear but it was not something he wanted to hear. The land was flat, and there was no more to expand. Two other continents existed, one south of the Kingdom of Seasons across the sea and the other a collection of eastern islands at the edge of the world. With this little amount of land there were bound to be more wars that sprouted from it.

    Not even a year after the news had come back did a new King set his eyes on the lands governed by Mordecai. The King Letum, and his mage knights known as The Knights of Entropy, invaded the eastern islands and was eyeing up Season. Their initial raids came from boats but eventually they got hold of the ground on the south eastern peninsula.

    Along with these threats came an entirely different one. In addition to the numerous peons they had working for them there was another faction recruited through wealth. They made a name for themselves in the eastern islands and they seemed to originate from Season. The Brotherhood of the Moon was a new kind of mysterious mercenary group that was good at keeping quiet about their business.

    Now the King is faced with a nearly unstoppable force. Calling upon the aid of his twelve knights is all that he can do.
  2. Relations


    Kingdom of Seasons and The Eastern Continent

    Relations are good for the most part, There have been several unanswered calls of help only due to the War in the West. Spring Knights are the usual ambassadors to the islands but on more dramatic occasions Winter Knights or even the King himself visits the lone castle on top of the inactive volcano.

    Kingdom of Seasons and The Pirate Islands

    Due to the large area ungoverned the islands in the east survive through piracy. The soil is rich enough to grow a few crops but never enough for the entire and expanding population. Summer Knights usually come in contact with them as they patrol the open seas. Recently the threat has become large enough to concern the local economy. Winter Knights have been in association with the Summer Knights to stop pirate ships in their tracks.

    Kingdom of Seasons and Kingdom of Entropy

    The two kingdoms have been fighting for five years. Both have rulers of great intelligence and never engage in battles not worth their time. These series of battles have been nicknamed The War of the West as numerous battles take place in the western Marsh. It is said to be deserted but some think otherwise claiming it to be a haven for a secret mercenary group.

    The North Eastern Continent and Pirate Islands

    They share an unwritten treaty which dictates boundries between the two. The easterners try to help their own and attempt to fix the piracy problem. Unfortunately they cannot get to all the islands to fix everyone’s habits. Because of their effective raid parties some believe they have snuck operatives into The Eastern Kingdom, the Kingdom of Seasons and even the Kingdom of Entropy.

    The North Eastern Continent and Kingdom of Entropy

    “We are sorry but it is just not our fight.” This is the response they give to anyone who asks for aid against the Kingdom of Entropy. Overall they share a neutral relationship and barely come in contact with each other. The last known political meeting between anyone from the South and their home has been ten years.

    The Marsh and The World

    Unknown to most the Marsh is home to the Brotherhood of the Moon. They are completely dedicated to their jobs as mercenaries. They are hired for money and get the blood they need. Because of their location they are hired by the Kingdom of Entropy as well as the Pirates.
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  4. Season Knights

    Character Sheets





    Appearance: (This includes armor and weapon appearance.)

    Equipment: (Tell us a little more about your equipment, feel free to refer to pictures.)

    Static Power: (At static power is one that is easy to use and can practically be used all the time. The power on this is not very high but a useful thing to have.)

    Channel Power(s): (Channeling powers are focusing your abilities into a weapon or yourself. This can actually has a variety of effects but keep it limited to two or three separate equal power effects.)


  5. The Knights of Entropy

    [align=center]Powers of the Entropy Knights[/align]

    January: Heat Knight

    Static Power: Magma Armor – Intensely heat resistant armor made of tempered rock taken from the North Eastern Volcano.

    Channeling Powers: Left Fist of Purging – Rapid combustion around the left fist can be thrown outward to create longer distance flame based attacks.

    Right Fist of Cleansing – Although not as versatile as combustion, the cleansing fist super heats the air around it. Anything around the fist will melt.

    February: Berserker Knight

    Static Power: Closed Mind – He is not open to changes especially mental ones. Trying to mess with this power activates a rage which fuels his channeling power.

    Channeling Power: Blind Fury – Charges through nearly anything breaking all materials apart. Weapons are not necessary when it comes to this stage. The angrier he is the seemingly more destructive he is.

    March: Decomposition Knight

    Static Power: Reformulating Armor – Armor able to regenerate to cope with the Decomposition Knight’s touch. It also makes the material tougher to break through.

    Channeling Power: Molecular Breakdown – The touch of his hand starts to break down molecular bonds in objects allowing them to return to the basic elements which they are made from.

    Infectious – A cut caused by the Decomposition Knight’s blade will start a chain reaction. If not stopped the target will become a rotting corpse.

    Quick Breakdown – A heavy focus technique that allows near instant total decomposition. It is a last resort move that leaves him exhausted.

    April: Desicant Knight

    Static Power: Absorption – Able to soak up more water than any human possibly could. He acts like a sponge able to absorb water with any part of his body.

    Channeling Power: Dehydration – A cut from his weapon will leave that area dehydrated completely. There is a possibility of recuperation, however, amputation seems to be the only solution for major injuries.

    May: Pestilence Knight

    Static Power: Withering – All plant life he gets near starts a slow withering process. The withering may be slow but it is effective.

    Channeling Powers: Withering Slash – Intensifying the aura around him, Pestilence Knight can focus it into his blade and slash outward destroying all organic material for about 50 meters.

    Viral Blade – The blade he carries kills vegetation on contact and infects other plants like it. If the spread is not stopped all of the same type of plant will die of the same virus in a one mile radius in a matter of seconds.

    June: Balance Knight

    Static Power: Electron Balance – He realigns the most basic of all imbalances, electrons. It is a slower process that dissipates energy from molecules around him.

    Channeling Powers: Reaction Depletion – Any kind of vigorous reaction he can stop by focusing his powers on it. The larger the reaction the more focus required.

    Power Imbalance – He can power himself up to be on par with his opponent. Although if not used correctly the power can reverse if the focus is lost on his target making the Knight as weak as a kitten, almost quite literally.

    July: Dark Knight

    Static Power: Shade – Along with him comes a dark cloud that blocks out the sun.

    Channeling Powers: Consumption – He controls the shadows to do his bidding. Anything from weapon enhancement to mad creatures ready to devour you, his favorite.

    Dark Blast – Dark energy is shot off in every direction. The blast is highly damaging to both the enemy and himself.

    August: Grav Knight

    Static Power: N/A

    Channeling Powers: Black Hole – A slash creates a black hole that sucks in loose materials around it. It can cause a minor imbalance in the way his opponents fight.

    White Hole – A stronger black hole that ends explosively rather than implosively. It sucks in larger materials and ends by shooting all it sucked in in every direction at high velocities.

    Twin Tail Black Hole – A powerful mini black hole that is capable of twice the power of the black hole and white hole combined. This is said to cause major disruptions on the battlefield and can rip limbs from the most durable knight.

    Galactic Black Hole – In exchange for his static ability, Grav Knight made a horrendous achievement known as the Galactic Black Hole. It has a smaller effect radius than the Black Hole but higher gravity. It sucks in everything and one cut to an individual will suck him inside out.

    September: Plague Knight

    Static Power: Antibodies – Extreme antibodies have been formulated in Plague Knight’s body. The constant tests have left him immune to poisons that would instantly kill a man.

    Channeling Powers: Pain Inducing Poison – This is a suffering poison used for torture. Although you will be able to recuperate from it, the poison makes you wish you were dead.

    Gaseous Poison – The nastier concoctions are gaseous compositions. Once air born the virus or germ crawls easily through the air to a host. They are long lasting making it dangerous to enter the battlefield right after the Plague Knight is through.

    Lethal Poison – One of his deadliest creations comes from inside of him. His blood is a mixed stew of extremely deadly poisons. One drop could in essence put an end to the pirates in the east. Fear of poisoning their own peons keeps him from acting so rashly.

    October: Sealing Knight

    Static Power: Magic Shielding – Any magic sent his way is absorbed and dispelled.

    Channeling Powers: Level 1 Sealing – Seals low grade magic as well as static powers.

    Level 2 Sealing – Seals all magic except for high level powers.

    Level 3 Sealing – Complete sealing of magical abilities. This requires near absolute focus. A cut can cause enough distraction to release this seal.

    Alternative Sealing – If by some chance he can catch you standing still, painting on the seals is another option he has. If he does manage to get the intricate design on you it requires no focus at all to keep the seal going.

    November: Time Knight

    Static Power: Temporal Stasis – Keeps him in his own time line.

    Channeling Powers: Haste – Basic speed improvement by using time magic.

    Skip in Time – Randomly disappears to transport himself into the future by a couple seconds.

    Binds of Aging – Getting caught in this is deadly. The target is aged to death in a matter of seconds. The binds are slower moving as they require intense power to maintain.

    December: Steam Knight

    Static Power: Aura – An aura of intense heat vaporizes room temperature liquids on contact.

    Channeling Powers: Super Heated Sword – Heats the weapon to insane temperatures. It could cut through any metal like butter.

    Shockwave – Spreads out the heat into the ground causing multiple eruptions.

    Heat Bomb – Expels all power in a single moment. The effects are much like a nuclear bomb only no radiation.
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  7. Re: Season Knights

    Name: Suadela

    Age: 25

    Allegiance: Royal

    Position: February Knight


    -A special rapier, passed down through her family on the female side
    Show Spoiler

    -A special bow she has had forever. (Some say it was given to her from the Goddess)
    Show Spoiler

    -a Quiver of arrows
    -A locket that can hold several photos

    Static Power:
    Has a type of Aura around her that makes people calm down and listen to what she says. The effect is different for everyone. More susceptible people feel attracted to her.

    Channel Power(s):
    Slash of Sorrow-Sword turns blue and a when she slashes, the victim turns depressed and loses the will to fight.

    Archer of Adoration-Arrows turn red and when struck, the victim falls in love with February and refuses to fight her.

    Falls in love very easily and tends to have many an affair. Loves to seduce men, and break their hearts. Seems to be the center of Drama within the castle walls.
    Doesn't like to fight, and tends to avoid conflict.

    Was born into a high-ranking family along with another one of the knights. She was betrothed to him when she was young and spent most of her childhood and adolescence with him. They fell in love before their powers matured and swore to be together forever.
    However, once her powers matured, she started to explore her options.

    She has two handmaidens/bodyguards, Mira and Archy. They were trained in combat, and are unconditionally loyal to Sua.
  8. "It's something about a house being built for Diane. I snuck a peak and I must saw Alexander goes all out. Few angelic formations are so huge and complex. It took me nearly 5 minutes to figure it all out. It's meant to completely conceal her power no matter how much she unleashes in that house." *john said a unmistakeable tint of amazement in his voice*
  9. Re: Season Knights

    Name: Novarus

    Age: 26

    Allegiance: Order of the Knights of Seasons

    Position: Seasonal Knight of November


    Show Spoiler


    Show Spoiler

    <img src="" border="0">

    Show Spoiler


    Personality: Once calm he is becoming increasingly frustrated with the ever growing conflict with the knights of Entropy. Driven my frustration and a personal feeling of inadequacy when faced with the power of his Entropy counterpart whose effects he can only slow. Those who know his may see that this is not all on the knight's mind, but keeping his feelings to himself its hard to tell what.

    Equipment: The sword is a family heirloom and has served many generations of seasonal knights, and yet it never seems to get dull or blunt, it is also warn to the touch and was used by Novarus' great grandfather who was a summer knight.

    Static Power:

    Promise of winter: Emanating a cold foreboding that makes the average man shudder and the weak retreat. Even veterans are unnerved.

    Channel Power(s):

    He has the power to slow down time on a single person or object indefinitely or an area for a few seconds. if he casts it around himself he gains relative speed as he is not affected.

    Once calm he is becoming increasingly frustrated with the ever growing conflict with the knights of Entropy. Driven my frustration and a personal feeling of inadequacy when faced with the power of his Entropy counterpart whose effects he can only slow. Those who know his may see that this is not all on the knight's mind, but keeping his feelings to himself its hard to tell what.

    History: Noble born he spent most of his life groomed for knighthood. The only son in a rich family it seemed he had it all, even love, but now he is dangerously close to crossing a line and slipping up.
  10. "I did make a deal with him. The child was to be his until she breaks the seal. The seal is now broken and she's old enough to choose for herself if she wants to stay in heaven or come with me." Kunari said plainly, ignoring Mars.

    Victoria manage to get pass Mars and go up to Kunari and hug her.

    Kunari look down at Victoria and pat her head, "Alexander didn't make any deal on her behalf. The child's life is still teetered to mine. If she slips up, it'll still be both our lives."
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  13. "It won't.." Kunari mutter absently, "You're still wearing your ring.. predictable..." Kunari glance down at her bare fingers.

    Victoria hug Evelyn close, "I know a secret, mommy still love daddy." She whisper and giggles.
  14. Well, if we're posting pictures of our OCs, I have a picture of what I've gotten so far with Mason's redesign.

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    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty Once I'm done with Mason, would you like me to make one of cutie patootie Time Patrol Ilona?
  15. Re: Season Knights

    Good good, I like everyone's so far nothing too outlandish. There is one thing I'd like to see something of but I'll just send it in a PM. Also those with missing parts to their bios please try to get them in. I don't ask for an extravagent history but try to get something in when you can.
  16. I hope the location request I put up isn't too outlandish. >.<

    I would like an established workplace for my character.
  17. Lucius smiled as His member stood erect, bigger than before. "It's been a while."
  18. Also, is anyone watching this anime? It just started, and there are many of these cutouts all over Akihabara. Snapped these photos near the Yodobashi building (where I often shop and go pitching/batting).

  19. Anya moans pleasurably, "Ahh... yes..."