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  1. Welcome to the kingdom of Anne! A small nation in a partially unnoticed corner of Europe controlling 3 settlements, the capital of Anastasia, the farm lands of Annaree and the productive town of Annamaria! The kingdom covers about 140 miles of land east to west. The capital is home to the leader of the land, Queen Anne, who lives up in an once ancient but now restored castle. There she rules her subjects along with her highest adviser Kenneth the acolyte of Doom.

    Queen Anne is highly egocentric, but that fact probably isn't hard to see just by looking at the names of each of the towns. She's 24 years old and ruled her kingdom since she was 15. Be wary, she doesn't like to have her authority challenged....

    The kingdom of Anne is set in the modern times, but the buildings in the capital are mostly old from the middle ages, but do have electricity.
    The neighboring countries of England, France, Italy and Germany are good choices to enter the kingdom of Anne from. About 3 miles from the capital is a dock for coastal arrivals.

    Laws of Anne
    1~Vehicles are driven on the LEFT side of the road.
    2~Unpermitted use of necromancy WILL result in a punishment of death! (magic is allowed in this thread)
    3~Kidnapping of or harm to the princess's pet will NOT be tolerated! First offense is 3 days in the dungeon, second offense is 1 week, third offense is death.
    4~Insulting the princess is punishable by the princess herself!
    5~Gifts to the princess are required to have a minimum price value of 70 Euros.
    6~Accepted Currency is Euros. "Dollars" and "Yen" are not accepted!
    7~Entrance to the castle in the capital requires you display your wealth or you shall not enter! (150 Euros to enter)

    Tread Rules and info
    1~You are allowed to use just about any being, creature, magic, weapon or anything of the sort here.
    2~This is a pretty general thread, just about anything may happen. You may even start a revolution if you wish Anne to be booted off the throne.
    3~The only limits for your character is that they are not OP. If you start playing OP I'll start playing OP. That or just kick you out of the thread.

    Anne's appearance -
    Kenneth's appearance -

    And with that, enter in and enjoy your stay! Have fun!
  2. // I'll make a start for anyone that wants to work off it.

    Queen Anne sits upon her throne in the castle overlooking the capital of Anastasia. Her pet, assistant and "best friend" lay in her lap, a young teal coated pegasus.
  3. Rica rested peacefully in a tree. She lived in Annaree, but did not have a plot of farmland there. She had escaped from Annamaria for a while, escaping her job for a (self - proclaimed) well deserved break. Smirking to herself, Rica thought about the look on her manager's face when he found out that she had left. Besides, he couldn't fire her! There weren't enough employees to be able to fire anyone! Unless he wasn't going to care about that and fire her anyway!


    Rica blinked, with an expression that desperately asks "Why, oh why did I make that choice?!"

    The chestnut-haired girl frantically shoved that thought away and jumped down from the tree. "Oh who cares!" She yelled to herself. "If he fires me, so be it! If my brother thinks he can treat me like this everyday just because he's also my boss, he's got another thing coming!" Rica then started to wander the farmlands with a "hmph!"
  4. Annaree's farmlands have the fresh scent of pumpkin, celery, apple or dew, if one was were near the areas in which these grew. Dozens of farmers, some working for one lead farmer on large farms or for themselves on smaller farms, tilled, dug, rooted, picked and plowed tiredly through the day. It's the only land in the kingdom that provides food other than the imports of trade, meaning the farmers have much to grow and harvest.

    It's easy to spot the difference in the farmers from Rica's city appearance. The farmers were always covered in dirt and sweat and wore lighter clothing with large hats to stay cool in the sun. Their hair always looked grimy as they constantly dunked their heads in barrels of water.

    A rabbit dashes by Rica, followed by an angry farmer wielding a hoe, who pushes Rica aside.
  5. Rica looked about the land that she could see. She watched everyone work for a bit before starting to walk on. She then saw a rabbit run passed her.

    "Heh, aww isn't that--OW!!" her thought was interrupted by the farmer pushing her away. Darn! And that hurt too! "Oooh wait till I get my hands on that--!!"

    She finally just made a groaning sigh. It wasn't worth it. Rica decided to roam the forest for a while. At least there it was going to be at least SOMEWHAT peaceful. Peace and quiet sounds good right about now. And she was going to need a lot of it before Rica was going to head back to Annamaria to create more potions.
  6. "Get back here you stupid rabbit," the farmer yells. The rabbit runs faster looking for any escape possible until she runs into a field full of big pumpkins. The rabbit smirked to herself as she heard the farmer muttering to himself about how stupid some people were as she watched him leave she shifted back into her human form and found her clothes in the pumpkin patch. "Oh dress how I missed you," she said as she put her favorite yellow dress on and walked towards the girl the farmer had just knocked pushed out of the way. "Hello, I'm Nari, who are you? You don't look like your from around here."
  7. The forest is drastically darker than the open fields of the farmlands. It's easier on the eyes, but the forest itself can be rather foreboding. It's quite lonely too, most of the animals stay far away from the farmlands. It gets so quiet one could hear the farmers or the distant rivers if they listened carefully enough.
  8. Rica turned around to see the now-human rabbit girl. "Oh? Well, no I'm not from around here." Rica then turned fully to Nari. "My name is Rica. I'm from Annamaria. You said Nari was your name? It's nice to meet you," Rica said with a nod.
  9. Jason was supposedly a of the most powerful to be correct. The rebels wanted the queen to be dead and gone. The problem with Jason was he had the potential to do so much with his abilities. Probably one of the most powerful beings ever. But he had no idea how to control those abilities of his. Jason also didn't think a queen of such beauty could do what he was taught to believe she did. She could not have neglected, abused, and banned the rejects...she couldn't have...

    Jason sat down in an empty field. It was just him and his thoughts. He pondered over life and how it could've been if he hid his powers from the public. He was part of a wealthy family that shunned him after finding out he wasn't normal. He wondered how life could've been if he hadn't made that mistake when he was five...Mommy, Daddy! Look what I can do! The memory haunted him. Jason stood up slowly and examined his surroundings. He felt like too many people were watching now. He took a deep breath and shot off into the air very quickly. He flew up into the clouds and floated up there for a while. Then continued to ponder. Honey...why is our son in the air, and...and is that the couch flipped upside down!?
  10. As Jason ponders deep into his memories and thoughts of what could have been, people below are gazing up into the clouds, trying to spot what they had just seen. Some equip telescopes and search around while others give up in seconds thinking it was just a bird. The people that had witnessed Jason's ascent were in shock and awe but one had called up the police force.

    Jason's ears pick up the sound of turbines, indicating a travel airline was passing by. The people on board are none aware of Jason except for a boy who stares at him in wonder as the plane goes by through the window.

    Elsewhere the police are sending a chopper to investigate and bring along a tranquilizer if they heard the reports correctly.
  11. Jason watched as a passenger plane went by and waved at a little boy who seemed to be staring at him. After the sound of jets in the plane left his ears, he picked up turbines. Helicopters!? he thought to himself. He definitely heard helicopters. The clouds were so dense that he could barely see anything until it was right up on his face. He turned around looking for any sign of a helicopter. He got a little worried. He decided to fly off into a random direction. He thought he was home free until the front of a helicopter appeared through the clouds right in front of him. Jason smacked into the helicopter and smiled at the guy inside. He seemed to be scared and enraged at the same time. He started saying something into his earpiece. Jason read his lips and bounced off that helicopter immediately. As he started flying through the clouds again he heard more helicopters starting to surround him. He didn't see them yet, so the only sensible thing he thought he could do was drop to the ground. He closed his eyes and dropped down feet first. He plummeted back to the earth like a human meteor, and hit the ground leaving a crater around where he landed. He then ran into a forest as fast as he could. He knocked some trees out of the way with out even touching them. He was strongest when his adrenaline was up. Trees started falling in front of him. After running for about a minute Jason noticed a little hobble under a tree. He slid into the hobble of roots and vines and stayed under the tree. He hid as far back into the hobble as he could. The roots started to fold around the entrance so no light could shine in. He heard helicopter in the distance starting to get closer.
  12. The officers in the helicopters quickly acquired ID on Jason and called in a report. They grabbed their tranquilizer rifles and armed them, ready to catch Jason.
    As the other copters approached from other directions the officers were attempting to line up shots. They fired off a few tranqs but they all missed. It's too difficult to aim a precise rifle aboard a helicopter. When Jason dropped they lost him for several minutes and flew around trying to locate him. One of them shouts that he landed and all of them lower under the cloud layer and spot the large row of knocked over trees. They glide down and skim across trying to spot Jason, but none are able to. They call in ground support, consisting of SWAT teams. They arrive a short while later and tread through the tumbled forest, scanning and searching every nook and cranny they can. Their rifles are armed with state of the art shocker bullets, which will electrocute a victim upon being shot.
  13. Jason tried his best to control his breathing and stay quiet. He heard foot steps all around him. They sent a whole army after him and that discomforted Jason. He didn't want to hurt anyone. That was never his intentions....unless they pissed him off. Jason took a rock that was in the hobble and opened the roots to the outside a little. He then threw it about 30 yards across the forest so their attention would be averted. Jason peeked out and made sure that there were no troops around then made his way in the opposite direction of where he through the rock quietly. These guys weren't going to give up so he had to try his best to get back to the rebellion so they could fight them off together. Jason stayed crouched and in the bushes before hearing voices. "Guards" he said out loud on accident. He covered his mouth quickly and peeked out of the bushes just to notice that guards were coming in his direction. Shit he thought to himself, I'm screwed...‚Äč
  14. The SWAT members look to each other and approach the bushes cautiously with their weapons pointed at it, ready to fire if something jumps out. Two of them step up to the bush with a third one standing back. The two SWAT push branches aside with their rifle muzzles.
  15. While talking to Rica about Annamaria she hears a sound and gets startled and accidentally changes into a cat and proceeds to hide behind Rica.
    "What was that?"
  16. "Hey buddy!" Jason said with a smirk. Jason tilted his head and blinked then watched that guy fly back a few yards. He then popped 10 feet into the air then landed behind the other one. He watched the SWAT guy fall to the ground shakily aiming his gun at Jason. Jason swiped his hand to the side, which swiped the gun out of the swat guy's hand. "You wanna rethink trying to shoot me with that?" Jason aimed his palm at the guy and made a choking gesture with his hand before lifting him up into the air with out touching him. He was choking the guy with out even touching him. "How about now?" he asked with a smirk. As he saw more swat guys start to surround him, he launched the guy he had in a hold into the ones in front of them, then ran into that direction jumping high over the guys on the ground. He started to lift off and fly. He dodged tranquilizer cartridges. He smiled as he finally made it into the sky, but right when he did he felt a cartridge hook into his back. The pain was too much for him to take. The voltage on this cartridge was high. His eye sight started to fade as pain coursed through his body quickly. His sight faded to black. He fainted before he hit the ground. As he hit the ground he dislocated his shoulder and broke his fore arm, due to how high he actually got. His ankle was sprained and his a few rips were broken. He was pretty beat up, but due to his unconsciousness, he felt none of it.
  17. The SWAT units move in quick on the impact zone of Jason as others help the injured ones get evac for medical assistance. They approach Jason's body and inspect him to see if he's awake.
    "He's out, lets get him out of here."
    They all nod and pick up Jason's body, hauling him off to the SWAT vans. They put him into the back of one and drive him off to the police HQ several miles away from the farmlands, where they provide medical attention for him and keep him under heavy guard. They remove the bullet and stitch up his wound, then work on fixing his broken arm, wrapping it in a cast and finishing up with some morphine. After all that they attach a special shock collar that comes with sterilizing agents should Jason attempt escape or anything of the sort. They call up Queen Anne to report their success.

    Cheered by the news, Anne calls up her servants to prepare a party.
    "Oh my wonderful little friend great news! Jason has been apprehended at last!" she says holding Teal out in her arms, who smiles to her and flicks his tail around.
    She hugs Teal to her chest. "We will have a great party to celebrate this occasion, inviting our heroes who captured him and the criminal himself! It'll be just grand! Don't you think?"
    Teal, who is never allowed to speak whilst in the throne room, just nods and smiles.
    "Come! Let us prepare for the party in my quarters!" Queen Anne says, standing up and hurrying off to her private quarters with Teal in her arms.

    Back at the station far away from the capital the police get the news and have a small celebration themselves, knowing that each and every one of them is sure to get promotions and possibly status in the capital city. They have Jason in a sealed room behind a steel door, inside a bed, toilet and radio.
  18. Rica immediately looked up after hearing the noise. "What?" She looked around and then looked back to the now-cat Nari. "Eh?!" Rica was quite surprised about her changing into a cat, but that was another story all together. Those noises sounded like explosions and constant gun-fire. She was about to go investigate, but then the noises stopped. "...That's odd..."
  19. His eyes weren't exactly open, but they were opening. His eye sight was blurry. The room he seemed to be in was spinning. His head was throbbing. Pain was something that wasn't faint. He felt something on his neck as he gained consciousness. He started tugging at the device. The hell is this!? he thought to himself. Jason looked around. "Where am I!?" he asked out loud. He looked around and noticed the bed, toilet, and radio. Maybe he could get an idea of where he was if he used the radio. The radio lifted off of it's pedestal and floated towards Jason. It stopped about 2 feet off the ground a few inches in front of Jason and where he was sitting. He turned a dial and the radio cut on. He listened to what seemed like news broadcasting. "In major new Jason Rodney was caught today. It took a few ground troopers and their tranquilizing guns to finally capture the infamous rebel. All we know is that he is being held up in the kingdom and there will be a celebration about his capture...." Jason cut to another station, and on each station they talked about him being captured....Jason didn't even know he was this much of a criminal...a least he never wanted to be... Jason clenched his fist and watched the radio crush into a ball. He launched it at the metal door that was keeping him in. He levitated up onto the bed and rested. Jason't anger overthrew him. A storm began to brew doubt it was because of him. Jason tried to rest so he didn't do too much damage to the kingdom.
  20. None of the officers were aware of the storm outside. They just partied for several hours, oblivious of Jason's actions. Once they finished they all left out in the storm to go home, though a majority of them got lost...

    At the castle the Queen is busy planning the party.
    "What shall the..."admission" ticket price be your majesty?" asks her economy adviser.
    "hmm...70 Euros a ticket! But no children! We will not allow persons under the age of 16 to enter!"
    "Yes your majesty..." he writes down.
    Meanwhile in the back Teal is getting a full check over for what he needs to look nice, the assistants looking at his coat, tail, flank, chest, teeth, ears, eyes, nose, mane and hooves.
    "Open" says the assistant. Teal opens his mouth and the assistant sniffs his breath.
    "Goodness, pew! That's rancid!"
    Teal closes and looks down, ashamed. "We have much to do!" the assistant writes down.