Kazeyama: Shinto Nightmares


She's baaaaaack~

"That groaning...What's that noise?"
Celena looked at both paths again, but felt a strong breeze from the opposite side, closing her eyes to concentrate.
"...We're following the wind. If that katana controls wind, then that's how we'll find it! We'll just follow the wind, right?"

Celena walked forward for a few seconds, but soon stopped as she heard a yerrible grinding noise further up ahead.

"Are those...the statues?"

Celena followed Argon's move and bowed, apologizing as she did/

"We're very sorry for disturbing you, but we were sent to find a katana down here. We just need to find that, and we'll be on our ways, promise!"


Hiroko heard the sound of people and her reverie was broken. She had been considering what would come after death, and if she was bound to human fate even though she was unnatural. With sounds, however, she did not want to appear friendly. Leaping to her feet, she heard them move away. In curiosity, she followed. They all sounded panicked, but they must be students as well. How fortunate, she thought sarcastically. For a while, Hiroko trailed after them in silence. They babbled about a katana and statues. Hiroko tilted her head to one side, she had never ventured this far down.

Still creeping stealthily along, Hiroko was taken by surprise at an abrupt stop and tumble right into one of them! It appeared to be a woman, apologizing to the statues, which Hiroko found oddly reasonable. Resisting the urge to swear should the statues be offended, Hiroko instead adopted an annoyed look as she regained her feet. "Well, why did you just suddenly stop? Geez".


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"Do you know how to fix a statue? I do not." Argan looked at the statue, wondering how it had gotten broken. Suddenly there was a loud grinding and gust of wind coming from the opposite path. Maybe that would be the path to go down? Celena echoed his thoughts, and even the gesture to the statue.

Argan heard some one approaching, walking around to the front of the statue, still cloaked in mostly darkness he saw a girl bumping into Celena and knocking herself off her feet. He could tell, this person wasn't normal either. Argan didn't bother to ask her name, he figured one of the others would. Instead he turned his attention to the howling, grinding path and the eerie groaning.

~Katsugi Kaji~

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Aisha walked up the side of the mountain in her new outfit a pair of shorts, boots, and a tank. She was extremely late. So unlike her, she had been confused and had gone to the opposite side of the school and found out she went to the wrong mountain feeling foolish she moved quickly. The group had obviously moved on without her " tch humans..." she stuck her nose in the ground.where were they? She walked down a path and sniffed again. It was weird how much it reminded her of home. She janked a leaf off and smelled it. "like mom.." she smiled and stuffed it in her bra. She continued with Her sniff and follow technic until she found the group. " hi guys, sorry I'm late, I was like sooo lost" she laughed. Demon kid was here as was bossy girl and that prince, their group leader and two new people... 'interesting...'