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  1. do you enjoy karaoke? Do you play with friends or among strangers? By yourself? What's your favourite song for it?

    I like camp songs like 'lean on me' because everyone knows them so if the mood is right you can get a singalong going
  2. Nothing livens up a party like me attempting to sing "Take on Me" on karaoke.

    For srs, just because I can't sing, doesn't mean I won't.

    Especially on a karaoke machine.
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  3. At a recent party for school, I sang I see Fire and Viva la Vida alone. A teacher and I sang I'll make a man out of you together.
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  4. There is nothing more fun to be a part of than a room full of nerds at 1AM all singing "Piano Man" together, not even caring that we only had one mic.
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  5. I'm rarely in a situation with karaoke besides my yearly anime con. When I'm there, I'm willing to sing by myself, but it's fun when you get a bunch of people on stage together. I'll sing anything I know, but Black Rock Shooter and Snake Eater are probably the most fun. Plus, again, you can usually get a bunch of people to sing them.

    That reminds me, one time after a Pokemon panel at the con ended, the panel hosts suggested we sing the theme song for ~fan bonding~. The entire panel of 50+ people sang the whole thing (long version!) and then came together for a giant group hug. It was great. xD
  6. At that same party, every guy (Me included) gathered around a single mic, and sang Let it Go.

    It was beautiful.

    *Sheds tear*
  7. Sing like no one is listening.

    I do nightly at work. The genre's vary as do the artists.

    Ever seen a racist christian black woman's face when the big bearded white guy is singing Rammstein from across a school yard while picking up trash?

    It's fucking priceless.

    Only done actual karaoke once if my version doesn't count. Working at a bar me and another guy sang 'A Whole New World' from Aladdin together.

    Rolling in the tips that night.
  8. /me just got back from Kareoke night with a friend at a local nighttime Cafe!
    We started it off by bringing Backstreet back, then we did Baby Got Back and What is Love and she did Tracks of my Tears and I did One Week from the Barenaked Ladies, and then we closed out with The Call.

    My dream is to be able to do 'Rap God' and kill it *w*
  9. I've only done karaoke once and it was at a Sister Prom, and I was super shy back then so I kind of sung like a mouse. xD Thankfully the other girls there acted goofy and sung their hearts out, hehe. :3
  10. Not that I have the voice for it (I don't have a singing voice at all), but I like doing "Shake your love", or anything that will let me play up a schtick and make it funny. My karaoke performances are much more about the visuals than then vocals.

  11. Seriously, if this ever plays on Rockband at a party I'm at I'll be joining in. Every time. :3
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  12. I've scared the shit out my friend when singing in japanese during some karaoke nights. but mostly I do anime music.
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  13. I love karaoke! My favorites to do are stuff like Mickey that are just really fun and bouncy.
  14. On rare occasion, when I get hammered enough not to judge people for their selection of sing-alongs. Even then only a select few. I really can't keep a p-p-p-pokerface when said noise starts blasting from the speakers.

    I'm no fun with karaoke.
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