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  1. This RP features Ki Energy, Girls of various haircolor and personailty, from the Tsundere, to the Yandere, most of which who'll wear schoolgirl uniforms, Flamaboyant cosplayers, insane weapons and tropes of Anime, as well as the occasional western style character and such.




    Reader/Writer Discretion advised.



    Give the OOC/intro page a glance when you can get a chance!



    Ryan didn't really enjoy the fact he'd just been adopted. And at that, he was living it up on his own in The U.S. Of A prior to all this, an orphaned brazilian boy trying to make ends meet without any actual family. But by some strange logic, he was taken in by a sixteen year old girl living on her own, studying and aspiring to be a successful businesswoman and master housewife. In Tokyo, Japan, who, on the long distance phone call, alternated between wanting to be called his mother, and his older sister.

    Of course, due to that same girl's apparent insanity, He was going to be on his own for the first few hours of his first day in Tokyo. Apparently she was trying to get a job at some major pharmaceutical company, and it was going to take some time. All he really had was a yellow sling backpack with a few things, himself, his red t-shirt tucked into his green cargo pants (held up by a leather belt, colored black with a silver buckle), and a pair of jet black boots, where the pant-legs were also tucked in.

    "Hey Cool!" Exclaimed Ryan. "She's signed me up for a Karate Class! At least I can keep up my training! Maybe this won't be so bad after all. I mean, I get a decent home, warm food- Oh right right. School. Auuuugh…"


  2. Rika was browsing through a hat store, searching for a new beret. Why? Because she collected berets. She had a collection of 218 berets so far- still it wasn't enough for her, though. She'd even gotten a part time job at a maid café to fund her beret collection. But today she had the day off from her annoying job luckily. So today she was determined to get a new beret. After a few minutes of not finding any berets to her high standard, she strutted out the shop and made her way to school. She would buy one this evening, for now she was busy being late for school. Lately Rika had been enjoying school, for reasons she hadn't worked out- and she didn't care to find out either. http://media.beta.photobucket.com/user/Jamessigshop/media/beret-anime2.jpg.html?filters[term]=anime beret&filters[primary]=images

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  3. Raven was in her mothers karte school. she never liked been them same as other. and she wasn't she diffrient her family keeps telling her that but she never knows why they say that. one of her fathers friends said to her "Chisei to burēbusu wa yowaku, jiyū no nai, nagai to furītaimuauto o ikiru" witch she is still trying to understand. she never wanted a life of the rich anywas. her father is the richs man alive. she runs out of the school and yells " Watashi wa watashinojinsei o nikumu. Sore wa suu."

    (p.s diffrent langes) ((pps this is what she looks like in school[​IMG] and at home witch is the school [​IMG] or sometimes she goes to her father [​IMG]))
  4. It wasn't exactly the easiest of tasks for Ryan to decipher what the anxious businessman was saying to him, especially when he had learned a small portion of the native tongue during his plane flight into the country. Add to that, the older gentleman speaking surprisingly fast, and in some other dialect.

    "Uh…Sir, I just need to know where THIS local school is!" Went a struggling Ryan, holding up a paper that was only partially english, and Japanese on the important parts, such as the actual name of the School.

    The man only responded by leading him over towards another part of the sidewalk, and gesturing into the direction of a dead end.

    "Uh…Thanks?…" Replied the American boy, proceeding to walk away, grumbling a bit that the man he just spoke to did not help him at all. However, the groans and steps away from the dead end seemed to enrage the man after he checked his wristwatch. The businessman reached into his suitcase, and produced a glass paperweight in the form of an apple, chucking it at Ryan's cranium, and causing him to fall over in pain from the sheer force of the throw, akin to that of a baseball player.


    What Ryan didn't quite understand was that the businessman had just missed a very important meeting. And that now meant the pencil pushing white collar worker was out for his blood. Ryan could very faintly hear something that resembled the words 'Ruined,' 'Life,' 'Irredeemable,' and a mix of unfamiliar slang, as the suitcase came towards his face with the force of a cavalry horse, Ryan just barely managing to jump out of the way, and attempt to retaliate by making a move to disarm the man, along with a few soothing words:

  5. (that very veary soothing XD LOLs)
    Raven noitce what time it was and ran back in side to get her stuff. "Watashi wa gakkō ni chikokuda." she runs out and she was close to the school till she run in to a guy(Ryan) and fell to the ground. "Mōshiwakearimasen watashi wa anata ni butsukaru tsumori janakatta nda." she looked at him. amarcan. she sighed and hold out her hand and then nothice the other guy. "Tasuketekudasai" she said to him then to the other man "Ushinawareta jāku o eru" which he did because he knew who she was and did not want to piss her off.
  6. Being a student of the art of vocal ki, John Kobayashi spoke little, and what he did say was in a language incomprehensible to any human not schooled in it. When he shouted, however, people were advised to stand back. Far back. Otherwise, they risked a multitude of different types of death - being frozen, burnt, having every bone in their body crushed, the possibilities were only limited by how much he had learnt thus far. He looked to the fight transpiring in front of him, but did not dare intervene, let alone call out - he could only control the direction of his shouts. Their size and force were dependent on ki control, and that was still something he was getting used to.

    However, given the nature of the places he had been, it was only natural that he carry a weapon of some sort to defend himself. What was not normal, was the fact that he was carrying a revolver that seemed more like an ornate, handheld cannon. Seriously, slap two wheels and a fuse on it and you'd never tell the difference. While firing this single-handedly would break any normal person's wrist, or at lest hit them in the face with the recoil, this seemed not to affect him. It was quite astounding - a schoolboy, wielding a massive revolver that seemed more like eight pounds of gun-shaped steel with a rosewood handle, without even flinching when he should have been crying out in pain.
  7. (Nice Post, Sarge! Love the Vocal Ki idea. )

    Ryan was kind of confused. He was just about to battle a businessman over directions, and suddenly some completely random girl came in and began talking to his attacker. While avoiding conflict was kind of his desire, he couldn't quite help but want to wail on the guy for tossing that glass apple paperweight at him. Honestly though, he had been weirded out enough. I mean, he also noticed some quiet looking kid armed with an over-sized handgun.

    The Gaijin that he was, Ryan had seen other kids growing up with manga. Needless to say, seeing this was surreal, to say the least. But he recognized a danger sign when he saw one, being no fool to spotting immediate hazards, as he blinked once, and proceeded to make a mad dash for an alleyway once Raven looked away. He had to get to his new high school without being murdered by some magical girls or something.

    "Nope! Nope NOOOOOOPE." He mentally repeated. "I've had enough insanity back Stateside!"
  8. Rika felt she was going to be too early for school, so she started skipping in the wrong direction. She then saw some silly American guy being attacked, until a girl Rika recognised from her school protected him. Since the boy was coming in her direction, she thought it was only polite to speak to him. "こんにちは、ベレー帽を取る!私はあなたが今日殺されていない願っています,” Rika lilted, using her fashion ki to create a beret on the American's head.
  9. And suddenly, a hat.


    Ryan was so done, at this point. Some random schoolgirl had just shown up, and a solid-light construct of a beret made of pure life force had manifested itself on his head. If he'd just had the coat of a sailor, chances were he'd look exactly like a certain squeaky voiced, angry duck. Cautiously, he removed the beret from atop his head, and stared at it, before deciding it was best to keep it on a bit longer, as not to be killed.

    "素敵な帽子?...ええと、どこの学校?そこを取得する必要があります。私の日本人の何か良い、または?…" Ryan stuttered. He was trying to ask her where the school was, but was kind of scared. What if he accidentally said he was going to beat her with a bagette and steal her socks, like on one of those TV shows where the foreigner couldn't speak the native language at all?!

    (He's trying to ask where the school was and asking if his ability to speak japanese was any good, but if you put it through google translate, it sounds like he's asking her out. XD but take out the quotation marks, or it'll be completely different.)
  10. ((Well, Chrome-Shelled Regios had a part to play in that. It was using shouts as attacks before Skyrim made it cool.))

    Thunder with clear skies is an unusual thing, at times.
    It's even more unusual when there is lightning to accompanying it at the same time as it sounds, and it repeats itself within five seconds of each repetition. Three times, it sounded, at which point the storm clouds slowly edging in backed off, as if they were disappointed to not actually be wanted in the vicinity. As it happened, the cause of this anomaly was none other than John, who was now proceeding to wipe his nose with a tissue. Something had worked its way into the poor boy's nose, causing him to sneeze, and inadvertently use his Storm Bolt technique.

    The bolts of lightning he had called forth had - quite oddly - landed inches from Ryan, Rika and Raven. He had almost electrocuted them with gods know how many volts of electricity, and he wasn't even aware of the fact. What he was aware of, however, was the smouldering cadaver of a recently-deceased bird about a metre from him, so badly burnt its species was unrecognisable. Touching it seemed a bad idea as well. Not because of bacteria, those were likely sterilised. Disintegrated, possibly. It was more due to the fact that it was still letting off electricity intermittently - the fact that a cat looked like it had plugged itself into the mains when it tried to eat it only further reinforced this.
  11. Rika smiled when Ryan kept the hat on. For once somebody hadn't thrown it off. Rika paid no attention to the lightning, since she was used to it. Stuff like that was totally normal around here. Instead Rika replied to the American boy, "私は学校のために意図的に遅れています。私は行く行うときは、私と一緒に学校に行くことができます。そして、あなたはあなたと一緒に出て行くために私を求めている?あなたはかわいいですので、私はあなたとデートします !" Rika ran up to Ryan, her boobs going boing-boing. Once next to him, Rika gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek- she didn't realize he hadn't been trying to ask her out. It was to late now though, if he tried to tell her that, escaping from the late business man would have been worthless. Nobody messed with Rika's heart and got away with it.((Translate with out speech marks. Sorry if the acceptance and boobs bouncing seems weird, I thought it was anime like.))
  12. (Nah, it's perfect XD)

    Ryan didn't jump, but when he saw the lighting bolt, he was hoping for a familiar American Superhero by the name of Captain Marvel to appear and help him get out of there. But then Rika began to spout various words at him that he didn't understand all that well, and then the bouncy bosoms, and a sudden kiss on the cheek, which made his face take on the shade of an apple, as the young man attempted to calm her down.

    "Uh, do you know any english?" He suddenly asked in his more familiar first language. "I could also use a lesson in how people get into relationships here, because all of this is so sudden…"
  13. "Wuld... Nah Kest!"
    By using this ancient and revered technique, used by great vocal ki masters to cover short distances with the speed of a raging hurricane, John decided to get up and see where he had hit with his lightning bolts. While he was unable to precisely control his powers, he was at least able to control what they did. He did not do much, upon reaching the pair, instead deciding to pass by them. That is, up until he noted the beret. As a person whose love of hats was bordering on obsession, the presence of (what he believed to be) the hat of the country he despised the most - France - seemed to infuriate him. In protest, he pulled from his school bag - a large brown messenger bag at that - a fez. A red, velvety fez, complete with tassel. He donned this hat proudly, despite the fact he would have been happier with a top hat. A Stetson would have also sufficed. Though, if he was honest, what he really wanted was a bow tie.

    John strode past, hat prominent and not in the least bit stylish, but something he thought was insanely cool. He did not look at the beret long - but, when he did, the utter hatred and contempt he held for such an item was displayed within his eyes, ones normally placid and non-reactive. His hate for berets, despite their distribution over the globe to all manners of people, was something that cause his blood to boil. he was tempted to shout it off the boy's head, not at all interested in the fact that there was girl kissing him on the cheek, whose breasts seemed to have the consistency of two plates of jelly.
  14. Rika let a little giggle at Ryan's red face. From his sentence, she knew the words understand and English, but not much else. Language was not her forte, plus- to Rika's disappointment-she had English today. "Um...I know small English...not much...English/Japanese help book, on bag?" Rika stuttered, attempting to reply in what should vaguely make sense. As she drew an English/Japanese dictionary from her bag, which she had for her English lesson later, she noticed somebody wearing a fez. A bright red, furry fez. She was filled with anger at how the boy strutted along with pride while wearing such a disastrous hat. How anybody could be content with such a thing when berets existed, Rika would never understand. "あなた馬鹿!なぜあなたがフェズを着るのですか?一百ベレーラッシュ 、攻撃!" Rika yelled at John, using her ki to unleash a wave of berets on him. With in seconds, one hundred berets had been created, and were now surrounding/suffocating him. She was glad to have shown that fez-lover the true hat path of the beret, she whipped around to face Ryan again. She passed him the dictionary, her fingers lingered on the dictionary as they brushed past his, him being sort-of-sort-of-not her boy friend.

    ((OOC: Just a note for every time I use Japanese, when ever you translate it take OUT the speech marks. Otherwise it's nonsense.))
  15. A wave of berets had been unleashed upon the boy - rather ironic, really, considering the sole reason he wore the fez was to show the superiority of the hat, when compared to the atrocity that was the beret.
    "Fus... Ro Da!"
    This was certainly not English that John was speaking - or, rather, shouting. Ninety-nine red berets, flying through the area - the sheer force of the shout had sent them flying in all different directions. The remaining one was to be made an example of - after he had readjusted his prized headgear. At this moment, if his hat hit the floor, it would likely be considered his loss. In accordance with this, he remembered that he would have to permanently affix it to his head at some point. In the meantime, however, he took the beret held out in front of him, and whispered to it. "Yol."
    The hat burst into flames, its material burning most prominently, much to John's glee. He tossed it at Rika's feet, and crossed his arms - he had essentially declared a fez-beret war.

    Truly, a fight for the ages.
  16. And suddenly, Crimson beauty, followed by thunder.

    The beret's weren't exactly a favorite of Ryan's wardrobe. In fact, he secretly had a thing for classy hats, such as the Fez. So everything that transpired before him was both exciting, and awful to him. He stared at the dictionary in mass confusion, before stopping the girl, and standing between Rika and John in an attempt to try and make peace. Of course, the infinite rage of a hundred fez hats rained down upon the young man, burying him in a red sea.

    "WHOAAA!!!" Exclaimed Ryan. "Whoooaaahooo. Can't we just learn to respect the headwear? I mean, shit. No need to raise our voices, or curse another with a flood in the sea of headwear, am I right?"
  17. Rika stared at the burning beret at her feet. He had disgraced the magnificence of berets, and now revenge would be taken upon his fez. Just before Rika was going to get serious, Ryan jumped between her and John. Ryan was shouting some English nonsense Rika was no where near understanding, but she got the idea he didn't want her to fight John. This brought a tough decision to Rika: fight for the beret, or walk away with her (accidental) boy friend. Rika's solution to this was genius to her, yet in actual fact, rubbish. "ミュートマッフル!" Rika exclaimed, covering his entire head with a beret so he wouldn't hear or see the fight.) Content with that, Rika was ready to resume the war. "スチールスリンガ!" Rika roared, throwing a metal beret towards John's fez. It sliced the fez as the beret collided with it, forcing the fez to begins its descent towards the ground. Both sides had losses now- Rika hoped it wouldn't become a war of attrition, so not too many berets were lost.

    ((OOC: How hard it is to right this seriously!)
  18. Time slowed, in the way it seems to do when particularly intense moments in a television series occur. That was his fez - the fez that had served him loyally, and now, it lay on the floor, cleaved into two halves. A grim spectacle, at least to its owner. This loss was one that was, in his mind, unacceptable A valuable ally in the war he had just declared had been lost, and for everyone one fez he lost, John now swore revenge upon a thousand berets. Fury burned within his eyes, the loss rending sense from his being.
    "YOL... TOOR SHUL!"
    A raging inferno in the form of a large fireball burst forth from John's mouth, incinerating every beret to his left. Every beret to his right met a similar fate, while the one on Rika's head was shot clean off. This boy meant business - he had just turned ninety-nine berets to ash, and mortally wounded the hundredth. There would be no quarter shown in this battle, no mercy either. He would avenge his fez, even if he had to claw through the carcasses of a trillion berets to do so.
  19. A glittering tear rolled down Rika's cheek at the sight of the incinerated berets. The scent of their burnt fabric wafted up her nose- that was the scent of heartless war. So many dead hats- friend and foe- lied around her. Yet this battle would not stop until one hat was victorious, or a school teacher dragged them to class. With a burning will, Rika shrieked, "フランスの帽子の呪い!" A faded black, ghostly beret descended upon John. Rika had sent onto him the cursed him with the spirit of a legendary beret- the Ebony Fluff. The fluffy beret would haunt his hat luck for the rest of the day. While the strange being hopefully had John distracted, Rika charge towards him, pulling a random samurai sword out of nowhere ((OOC: Because there is always a random samurai sword in anime)). She drew the blade backwards, ready to flash at flesh or fiber.
  20. Pointed objects were never fun in a misunderstanding as bad as this one. But now Ryan had just about enough of the conflict between the two. In a fit of anger, he tore at the beret before using his senses to trace the heat and ki of the fighters who were rampantly using it, and dashed towards the two just as Rika drew dangerously close to John, reaching out to try and take hold of the sword to try and keep it from meeting John, being most likely to grip the blade, and injure his hand from the sheer force of her swing, while he forced his other hand towards the other young man's throat, not to choke, or punch, but rather, a spear thrust strike in which his middle finger would give the other boy a nice hard poke on the vocal chords, if he connected, that is.

    And if not? Then he had one of two, or even both ways to meet pain himself.