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  1. Hello everyone! I'm Baka and well, the name implies it. Anywho, I want to do a roleplay based off the Kagerou Project, with our OWN characters. I also need someone to tell me the whole story about it, I understand the basic of it, but I'm still a bit lost in it. If anyone would like to tell me the whole story or roleplay with me, reply here or PM me please.
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  3. Okay okay I know I'm double posting, but I'll make a post about it here, now, trying to explain what the fuck is going on xD
  4. Oooooooooooooooookay.

    I have no idea where to start, so I'll start out with a little character sheet thingy, I guess(it's really practical for later haha) :

    This is a practical little sheet so you don't get (too) confused about the whole thing. I can't upload more than ten pictures, so this will be my reference for characters. It's hard where to start, but I guess it'll be ideal to start with Azami.

    Azami is (as the picture says) the grandmother of Shion Kozakura and the grandmother of Mary Kozakura. She is a full medusa, and can do two things: She can either paralyze people or turn them to stone, but she has never been seen using her ability to turn people to stone. Her hair is snakes and every snake that grows in her hair has a special ability (which is the reason why the Mekakushi Dan has abilities).
    A medusa ages slowly, 1 year for every 10 human years, for example, Mary is 140 years old, which means she's 14 in medusa years. Therefore, she didn't interact much with humans. But she fell in love with a human and had a child. Story is that he died away from her, and afraid to lose her loved ones again, Azami created the Daze, an eternal world where everyone could live together happily. Her snakes possess children who died on that day and they make out the people who make Mary happy. Basically, Azami wants to save her precious family.

    Shion Kozakura is, as said before, Mary's mother, and a half medusa. She inherited the ability to paralyze from Azami, and she also has ability to turn people to stone, but it takes too much strain on her body and she dies from it. When she tries to save Mary from being killed, she turns a man to stone and dies herself, leaving Mary alone. (and somewhere in between, I suppose the daze is created)

    Mary Kozakura is only one fourth medusa and therefore only has the ability to paralyze people with her abilities. She thinks that she's as dangerous as her mother, because her mother died before she could be told that her powers weren't that dangerous. People freeze for about one or two minutes and then they're normal again. Mary stayed isolated in her house for hundreds of years because she was scared that she'd turn everyone to stone if she got out into the world. One day, Seto shows up at her house when he is running away to get some peace (I will explain that further when I come to Seto's part) and he came and knocked and went into her house. She threatens to turn him to stone, but when she looks at him, nothing happens.
    Basically, he makes her join their Dan and she gets her new friends and a new, happy life. But Mary is scared because she is already in the Daze here, which means she, as one of the few, remembers that her friends have all died several times. Basically, she tries to get Seto to leave because she thinks it's her fault that he'll die.
    She is member #4 of the Mekakushi Dan.
    I'm pretty sure that her ability is called "Eye Contact".

    Kousuke Seto is the #2 member of the Mekakushi Dan, and as the other kids in the Dan (except Mary, it seems) he has died to get into the daze, and is possessed by a snake. He is called by his last name like members 1 and 3 of the Dan.
    His actual death was by drowning and he was drowned together with his dog (I think). When he was brought into the Daze, he could hear people's thoughts all the time, just from looking into their eyes. He couldn't control his ability, and he heard everyone think about how much they hated him. He thought of himself as a coward and hid away from everyone trying to get away from those abilities. So he runs away into the forest where there's no "voices from outside" knocking on his mind and talking to him. That's where he finds Mary's house. Hearing her talk, he can't help but open the door because he wants to save her from her loneliness.
    When he comes into the place, it was beforehand claimed by him that he didn't read Mary's mind, but he did, and he saw himself dying, more than once. But he still tells her that everything will be alright, and that she shouldn't cry. Basically, he creates courage from saving others, and he becomes less lonely and hated. He also learns to control his ability and he never uses it on anyone because he's just too nice for that.
    His ability called "Stealing Eyes".

    Tsubomi Kido is #1 of the Mekakushi Dan, and official leader. Together with Seto and Kano, she formed the group when they were children. The others joined at later times, and they created it together with Ayano, who was the daughter of the family that took care of them. Kido is also called by her last name like Seto and Kano.
    Kido's original death was in a house fire. She died together with her sister, and before she died, her father abused her. When she got into the orphanage, she was shut-in and scared of herself just like the other kids, and Ayano tried to make them feel better about themselves and eventually they learn to use their powers properly and create the Mekakushi Dan where children with abilities like theirs, also called "Red eyes" can join. There isn't much about Kido's story except for her past, unlike Seto, for example, she hasn't taken anyone with her to join.
    She can divert perception towards objects and even people within 2 meters of herself and/or her surroundings, rendering them invisible. Conversation while being hidden also won't be heard by outsiders. Physical contact, however, breaks the effect, so it isn't useful in very crowded places. Along with this vulnerability, if a person outside the 2 meter bubble is familiar with someone being concealed, her power will not be as strong. Kido's ability works more when preventing people from recognizing those being hidden, rather than making them unable to be seen. She has practiced to control her ability perfectly and to not disappear suddenly.
    The ability she has is called "Concealing Eyes".

    Shuuya Kano is the #3 member of the Mekakushi Dan, and also grew up in the orphanage together with Seto and Kido. His original death was when a burglar broke into their house and shot him and his mother.
    There's a lot to say about Kano; we don't know much about Kano in general, but he seems like there's something behind him. He mentions in his song, Yobanashi Deceive, that he has "Met a monster" and it told him to lie all that he could, and so he did. He is always seen sneering at people and his usually aloof personality makes him a bit scary when he's serious.
    There is a theory about Kano, that he was the cat in Kagerou Days that fooled Hiyori and Hibiya into trying to save each other from dying (and failing horribly at this, but that will be later when I talk about them) because the heat-haze is also "sneering", and we have actual not heard of an official physical form of the laughing heat. Some also say that the "laughing heat" or the cat is actually Azami.
    Kano has an ability that allows him to alter people's perception of him, meaning that he can make them see one thing when it's actually something else. Kido's example sounded something like this "It is sort of like if you bring a cat home and when you come home, you realize it's a dog."
    His ability is called "Deceiving Eyes" which speaks for itself.

    Ayano Tateyama is called the #0 member of the Mekakushi Dan, and also the founder of it. She lived with Kano, Kido and Seto and treated them like her precious siblings. To her, they quickly became important family. Her father, Kenjirou Tateyama, is a professor and teacher at the school she goes to. (Momo, Haruka, Takane and Shintaro also goes/went there).
    When she was not very big, maybe 12 years old, her mother died. Her father was devastated, and locked himself away. Ayano didn't know what was going on, but one day, she walks into her father's office and finds strange lab reports on Takane and Haruka, turning them into Konoha and Ene. Her father's original plan was to bring back Ayano's mother, but now both Haruka and Takane were gone.
    Her father also seemed to have research on those "red eyes" and I suppose that's where Ayano knew that she had to die to get the ability. She sees the abilites as something that would make her a hero, and therefore, she jumps from the school's roof trying to save her family and friends.
    She was in the same class as Shintaro, who was pretty much a shut in already. Ayano, wanting to cheer everyone up, folded paper cranes out of her own, pretty bad test and also of his test. Shintaro became very fond of her, but she killed herself and he shut himself away(I'll get to him in a moment)
    Ayano has no Red Eyes because the criteria is that one has to die with someone else to obtain it, and it was only because the children died on August 15th, which is also Azami's birthday.

    Shintaro Kisaragi is the #7 member of the Mekakushi Dan, and is a hikikomori(shut-in) with an IQ of 168. He has an apathetic personality, and therefore, when Ayano first tried to befriend him, he couldn't find it in himself to accept her in his life. Before he could let her know that he had fallen in love with her, she leaped off a building and he realized that he actually regretted her being gone.
    As far as I know, his original death was suicide. He killed Ene and then himself, thus entering the place where we see him in Lost Time Memory. From there, Ayano, who is in a world between the real world and the daze, passes her ability to him, which is the ability to see through the eyes of people with Red Eyes outside the daze. Ayano apparently passes this to him and dies permanently, though I don't know how she obtained in the first place.
    Even so, his ability is unknown and he is the only one without a "working" eye ability that has joined the Dan. As far as it is known, he is the main character of the story (at least the manga).
    Before coming into the Daze, he went to school with Ayano, Haruka and Takane. They became friends, though reluctantly, and all of a sudden, Shintaro had lost all four of them. The reason Ene calls him "Master" is that, during the school festival before they died, Takane and Haruka made a game, and the one who could win over game champion Takane would get to horse her around for a week. Basically, Shintaro wins and she has to do as he says for a week, which is believed to be the reason that she calls him "master".
    Lost Time Memory is, oddly enough, referred to as the "real" opening for the Kagerou Project, and not Children Record. That also makes Shintaro the main character, though, in Summer Time Record, it seems as if the "main" character is Haruka/Konoha.

    Takane Enomoto/Ene is the #6 member of the Mekakushi Dan, and currently she is a program living inside Shintaro's computer. She has been killed by him once, but her original death was by poisoning. She died in her school by the hands of Kenjirou, her teacher and Ayano's father.(or so it seems).
    Before she died, she went to a class containing only her and Haruka, because of their special problems. Haruka has a heart/lung condition(can't remember which) and Takane has insomnia, therefore she is constantly annoyed and at edge at all times, and she spends the night playing games. Her game addiction isn't the cause of her insomnia, but rather it's the other way around. She's a champion in this really bloody game whose name I've forgot, and she's called "Lightning Dancer Ene" online.
    There's two states of her, and I actually don't know whether or not it's the same, but it seems that before she became the computer program Ene, she became the character she had been in the game her and Haruka created, also referred to as Actor Takane. She looks like this:
    In Headphone Actor, you see a Takane that looks like this running around town. Apparently, she is listening to music, just on any other day, when a voice sounds in her headphones, asking her if she wants to survive. She recognizes this as her own voice. This is proof that Takane somehow conversed with herself through time and space when she became Ene, trying to save her past self. Actor Takane, thus, runs through the town trying to reach the top of the hill in the 20 minute limit that has been set. She reaches there just in time to find out that her town was just an experimental facility. Apparently, she wanders around in this world as Actor Takane, where the world and people are all gone from her. I think around this place is where she finds herself back and turns into Ene.
    Because she is so moody, her and Shintaro were on edge with each other, but Ayano convinced them to try and become friends.
    Takane was in love with Haruka before she died, but she never managed to confess to him, and Haruka doesn't remember that he has ever been Haruka when he turns into Konoha, mainly because of his ability that I will explain laterrr xD
    Also, Ene's ability is called Opening Eyes, and gains her immortality.

    Haruka Kokonose/Konoha is Takane's classmate, and the #9 member of the Mekakushi Dan. Before he died, he was in class with Takane and they had a lot of fun. He also had fun with Shintaro and Ayano and he ate a lot of food. Somewhere in this process, he was turned into his game character, Konoha, a boy with white hair and red eyes.
    Konoha's ability allows him to change his form (in what way that is meant, I don't know) and it causes him to lose his memory. In Konoha's state of the world, he's seen trying to save Hibiya and Hiyori from the laughing heat but he's always held back from doing it, and as far as the manga goes, he only manages to save Hibiya. For some reason, Kano is in this scene, too.
    In one of the routes(Outer Science, also called Route XX or Route BAD END) he for some reason turns into a Konoha with black hair and yellow eyes. He kidnaps Azami and takes control of her snakes, using this to brutally kill the kids of the Mekakushi Dan. The only thing that can save them is Mary using her powers, and doing so, Mary takes her control of the snakes and after their deaths it restarts again. That's where the still-partly unknown Summer Time Record Route A starts. We still don't know how this will end.
    In Lost Time Memory, it is seen how Shintaro takes the bullet instead of Konoha as if trying to save him. Konoha goes crazy because he thinks that the only way to save the kids like Hibiya and Hiyori would be to kill them for good.
    His ability is called "Awakening Eyes" and it allows him to change his body into an "ideal" but he loses his memory using it because of the strain it puts on his mind.

    Kenjirou Tateyama is Ayano's father and made the experiments with Takane and Haruka trying to get his wife back, as far as the story goes. There's no telling how Ayano felt about this, or if she hated him for it. From a picture of supposedly Mary on his desk, we believe that he might have had some sort of connection to Azami, and that's maybe why they took in Kido, Kano and Seto, for him to make experiments on them.
    Ayano also took the gamble with her life hoping that that would save Kido, Kano and Seto because she didn't want them to end up like Haruka and Takane.

    Hibiya Amamiya is a pretty unrelated character to the rest of the Dan, at least before he meets Momo. He is the #8 member of the Dan.
    One day, when he was in a park together with his friend, and crush?, Hiyori, she went to chase a cat. There, she was run over by a truck and died, or, she was brought to the hospital, but according to the story, both died.
    As far as I know, he was brought to the daze from there and thus she kept dying over and over in front of him on August 15th, while he tries to save her. In the end, he ends up taking the bullet for her, as it's said, and dies in place of her. This proves then that Hiyori has been doing the exact same thing, trying to save him from dying. When he is found by Momo, he's sad and confused because the girl he likes has been brought away and he can't find her. He wants to meet her again but thinks he can't.
    Momo sees him depressed and basically tries to cheer him up by taking him different places. It helps him a little and eventually he joins the Mekakushi Dan because of her, where she'll try to find Hiyori with their help.
    His ability is called "Focusing Eyes" and it causes him to be able to see things far away very clearly.

    Momo Kisaragi is the #5 member of the Mekakushi Dan and Shintaro's little sister.
    Her original death was a beach accident where she drowned, and she currently works as an idol.
    There's two stories to how Momo and Hibiya met and what happened after: It's a bit strange, but she meets Hiyori and Hibiya before anything happens, and they become good friends. In the middle of the night, Momo gets a phone call from Hiyori, hearing her screaming for help and then the phone line cuts. Her and Shintaro goes to search for them, and finds only Hibiya in the arms of Konoha and Kano. She takes him away, and I think that it might be the place where her song Otsukimi Recital starts, which is after Hiyori's death, and it also refers back to Konoha's State of the World, Kagerou Days and shortly Kisaragi Attention.

    If there's anything confusing still, then just hear me out :II If people die more than once, assume that it's because of the time loop.
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  5. Have some fun deciphering that, my friend :3
  6. Alright! I understand the characters and the abilities now! :3

    Is there more to the backstory?
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  7. Not aside from taking caution in the fact that things repeat themselves.
  8. Alright.

    So I wanted to do the same idea of Kagerou with different characters, add a slight touch to it. But most of the characters still remain the personality in a way.
  9. Ah, I see. You know, you don't have to have nine characters.
  10. Oh, right.. but uh.. you would be willing to do the idea with me, right? x3
  11. Sure, if we could keep it a onexone.
  12. 'Course!

    Where exactly would we start though? With a person like Shintaro or earlier..? The whole prequel thing can be when a person knows the chars more, right?
  13. Well, it could start with a middle of the story thing, and then the main character goes like "and it started like this..."
    You know where I'm going at?
  14. Here's an idea! It starts out with them all dying like in Outer Science and then the one character like Mary turns back time and then it says ''It all started like this..''
  15. yes, something of that like. I want the "Mary" chara to be a guy.
  16. Mary wouldn't be as cute or innocent as a guy, would she? Knowing you though, it'll work out.

    I call the ''Shintaro'' type of character.
  17. Alright. And the Mary boy doesn't have to be the main character. It could be "it started here, with someone else..." You know?
  18. I've always thought of Mary as the main character, and then now Shintaro. I feel like Kuroha (as his game character is called) would be the main character a little, but I feel like he's only a main part of the story. Not the MC.

    Where would we start?

    It could start out with the Shintaro type of the character and we could roleplay two different routes at the same time.

    Like this..

    Route 1:

    Route XX:
  19. Yes. I was just saying that the Mary like character for example referred back to Shintaro's role and let him play the story?
  20. Ah, yes! And then after my character saves the Kuroha-type character from killing himself and dies in the process, it goes to Mary-type char and so on.
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