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  1. {{Please carefully read through the information on the Sign-Up thread before roleplaying!}}
    MARRY KOZAKURA The little quarter Medusa exhaled quietly as she daintily sipped warm Lemon tea from her favorite porcelain cup. Her seat by the window in the Mekakushi Dan's headquarter's lounge room had the most beautiful view of a park, and she made it a habit to sit in this exact spot every afternoon and watch the children play together. If she was lucky, Seto would also be able to catch a break at around the same time and chat with her, but today probably wasn't one of those days since the friendly green giant was nowhere in sight. Marry set her cup down and glanced at the time. Maybe she should go on a mission with someone and make herself useful. A peaceful mission, of course! The mere thought of combat was enough to make shivers go up her spine. How she had qualified as a Department Leader, she would never know.

    AYANO TATEYAMA Ayano stretched, standing up from her stiff chair after yet another all-nighter of monitoring her precious Mekakushi Dan. She probably would have done something about the black circles forming around her once warm, brown eyes, her sullen expression, or her messy hair, but she had lived in isolation for so many months that her physcial appearance had long ceased to matter to her. Even her conversations with little reporter, Marry, had been few and far between since the poor agent seemed to get terribly nervous around Ayano. After she had faked her death, she had run off and hid in a remote secret base far away from both S.N.A.K.E and Mekakushi Dan headquarters and lived life watching her friends and family through high-tech security cameras she had previously installed back at the place she called home. She desperately wanted to see everyone again.
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  2. TSUBOMI KIDO With a cup of coffee by her side, another member of the Mekakushi Dan was in the lounge room, though her mind wasn't on the beautiful view of sunshine and happy children, and she most definitely wasn't lounging. Instead, the head of the agency was glowering down at a stack of papers, the fist keeping the stack still clenched to where her knuckles were turning white. Ever since the death of the previous head, the green haired girl seemed to be working doubletime, often seen with shadows under her eyes and a cup of coffee. Focus secured on the information given from a certain double agent, Kido hadn't even seemed to notice she wasn't the only one in the room.
  3. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry bit her lip at the sight of their leader's state. She honestly looked like she had seen better days and wondered if it was her duty -- or even if she could -- cheer her up. Taking a deep breath to calm her fidgety nerves, she stood up, clutching her tea cup in her palms as she slowly made her way over to Kido. "Leader, I-- Eek!" The minute she tried to speak, she slipped on a loose sheet of paper laying on the ground and sent both herself and her favorite cup flying into the air and crashing down. Thank goodness her mug landed on her fluffy pile of hair and was unscathed, but her entire torso and spy uniform were now soaked in lemony goodness. Drat.
  4. TSUBOMI KIDO While Marry's fall did nothing to make Kido feel better, at least it took her mind off of her work for a minute. Bonus points, Marry. "Marry! Are you okay?" Startled, Kido gets out of her seat to help the clumsy Department Head to her feet. She didn't bother asking what tripped her - the little Medusa could trip on a clean, flat surface after all - and focused on helping her back to her feet. At least the tea wasn't scorching hot, otherwise her fall might actually turn into a cause for concern.
  5. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry looked up at Kido with pink eyes that seemed to be extremely upset. "Y-Yeah... I'm okay." She was disappointed in herself for spilling tea all over her Department Leader uniform and struggled to keep from crying. "What about you. Are you okay?" The Medusa blinked up at the green-haired girl, who looked even worse up close, if that was even possible. Was being the Head really that stressful? It almost scared her to think of what kinds of things could turn the formerly young and strong Kido into frankly, a mess who looked like she was struggling to keep herself together.
  6. TSUBOMI KIDO The corner of the Head's mouth turned down on one side grimly, but she nodded. "I'm fine, nothing sleep won't fix later." She held out her hand to the smaller girl to help her up. "Are you sure you're okay?" A searching gaze was given to the Department Leader's face as she took note of the tears. "The tea was hot, wasn't it?" Kido automatically guessed about the tea, having never seen the small girl drinking coffee before. The thought scared her a little bit.
  7. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry nodded stiffly, pursing her lips into a fine line. "K-Kind of..." she mumbled, staring at the ground in embarrassment, "Will I have to get a new uniform because of this? I'm really, really sorry." Because of this little incident, she had pretty much forgotten about the mission she wanted to go on and was instead channeling all of her energy into not crying in front of the Head of the Mekakushi Dan. Thank goodness Kano wasn't here.
  8. TSUBOMI KIDO A sigh escaped from the mouth of the taller girl. "It's just a little bit of tea, isn't it? Nothing that can't be washed out." She assured her friend, shaking her head. "Just change into something else, and you'll have your uniform back soon." She promised, smiling slightly in an attempt to make the Medusa feel better. Inwardly, she was bemoaning waiting for the uniform to be cleaned, and halfway entertained the thought of just getting her a new uniform. But that would be a waste of money when they could just clean it, considering it wouldn't be long before Marry tripped again and got it dirty once more.
  9. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry nodded, immediately feeling better now that her senior had reassured her that everything would be alright. "O-Okay!" She stuttered, wiping her eyes with a happy expression, picking her cup up off the floor and rubbing it with her thumbs as she stood. The Department Leader looked as if she wanted to say something but decided against it and turned away, prepared to dash off and get changed.
  10. TSUBOMI KIDO The director sighed and slumped back down in her seat once the crisis was averted. In her opinion, Ayano had been a lot better at handling this leader thing than she was, and that much was clear. Order as she might, Kido disliked being around people, especially all these new kids. She was comfortable around her brothers and Marry, and even older newer members such as the Kisaragi siblings, but giving orders didn't come naturally to the introverted girl. Shaking her head, she returned to investigating the reports on S.N.A.K.E's recent movements, dragging her mind away from her social ineptness. At least she didn't have to order the paper around, no matter how stressful the contents.
  11. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry soon returned in a pale blue dress and a white apron tied on top, smiling to herself at the memories her old dress brought her. Upon reentering the lounge, her smile was wiped clean off her face as she remembered her self-assigned task of making the Head less stressed, if that was even possible at this point. She wondered if telling her that Ayano was alive would help ease the pain at all, but then it would put the entire Mekakushi Dan at risk. Plus, the former Head had gone through so much trouble to cover her tracks, and merely spilling the secret would undermine all of her hardwork. The quarter Medusa crept up to Kido's desk and knelt down, peeping over the table and watching her work.
  12. TSUBOMI KIDO "Did you put your uniform in the wash, Marry?" Kido asked, not looking up. It wasn't particularly like she automatically knew it was her, but an educated guess and a lot of experience went a long way. If she wasn't harassed, it wasn't Kano, and if there wasn't a giant looming shadow, it wasn't Seto. Not to mention the Medusa had just left the room. Ergo, her automatic guess was Marry.
  13. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry paused in a sudden moment of panic. Did she put her clothing in the wash? She thought she did, but maybe she was just recalling when she did the last time... Mind whirling, the white-haired girl nodded clumsily, smacking her chin on the table and falling over backwards. "I-I think so..." She cringed, rubbing the throbbing areas on her head before sitting back up again. "Do you, um..." She trailed off, gazing at the ground as the butterflies returned to her stomach.
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  14. Ren Nakamori, Turquoise Ren Nakamori, a small, young male, was shuffling around the headquarters of S.N.A.K.E. He was one of the many Newbies who worked in the organization, but was only one of the few that just got finished with their training for the day. A yawn escaped the boy's mouth as he rubbed one of his eyes with the back of his hands. It wasn't like the training was terribly exhausting for anything. In fact, most of the time, Ren seem to breeze through it. It was just that he didn't get a lot of sleep the other day, up all night reading a book that he had just acquired. He had succeeded in finishing it that very night as well, sacrificing the hours that he could have been using to sleep in the meantime. By the time that he actually let his eyes flutter close, his alarm was blaring in his ear, indicating that he had to get up to go to work. Another yawn, another eye rub. All the brunet wanted to do was get a good cup of tea and curl up with it somewhere so he could take a quick nap. All needed was a few minutes, really. It wasn't like he was asking for much. But, of course, his wish wasn't going to be fulfilled.
  15. RIKO INOUE Riko stretched as she left S.N.A.K.E's training facility, rubbing her sore arms. Sure, they were supposedly preparing her for real life situations, but she honestly doubted that she'd be held at gunpoint by a Mekakushi Dan agent and made to do one hundred fifty push-ups in ten minutes. Physical exercise was stupid, she decided. She was already a great fighter without having to do five million curl-ups everyday. Riko looked up and saw the back of a familiar guy. She was certain that he had introduced himself among the others when they were first recruited since it was required, but she could not remember his name for the life of her. Jogging over to him, she stopped once she was facing him and pointed with an expression on her face that suggested that she was wracking her mind for his name. "Hi! You're...?"
  16. Saori Aida
    Aida was laying down on the couch available in the Mekakushi Dan's headquarter's lounge room. She wasn't sleeping on the couch. She was just spacing out like usual. It's a habit of hers. When Marry left the room to change, the tick of the clock was able to reach Aida's ears, due to the moment of silence.

    Aida sat up and stretched like she had just awoken from a nap. She turned her head around to get a glimpse of what was going on in the room. There wasn't much but there was a smell in the air. Aida sniffed the air in order to identify the smell. "Tea." She said. "Marry spilled something again."

    Aida looked around for Marry and saw her staring at the ground. She got up from the couch and walked over to Marry with her arms stretched out. When she reached Marry, she kneeled down and hugged her around the shoulders. "Hi Marry." She spoke. Aida then looked up to see Kido. "Hey Boss."

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  17. TSUBOMI KIDO "Aida-san." Kido replied, automatically clamming up. She definitely had nothing personal against the newbie, she just wasn't used to....everyone. She had gone to being used to eleven people to having to get used to a lot more in a short amount of time. Clearing her throat, she attempted to hide the slip. "How are you today?" Seto and Kano were a lot better at this. Abstractly, the green haired Boss wondered what the little blonde idiot was up to now.
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  18. MARRY KOZAKURA Marry was just as terrible at greeting new people as Kido was, if not worse. She had just barely found the courage to initiate conversation with Momo. "H-H-Hello!" She stuttered, squeaking as she stiffened under Aida's hug. This girl was nice, she told herself. Aida wasn't going to hurt her, she wasn't going to hurt her, she wasn't-- Marry started to grow a little dizzy.
  19. Ren Nakamori, Turquoise Ren froze as a figure appeared in front of him, making him halt before he ended up crashing into the shorter person. Blinking owlishly, he down casted his eyes at the person as his mind tried to supply some sort of information on her. After a moment, his brain came up that she was also a Newbie in the organization. He remembered her appearance from when they were first recruited. Her name was.....Riko! Riko Inoue, yes, that was her name. It seemed that he recalled her name, yet she didn't recall his own. He was sure that, if he was anyone else, he would be offended and slightly hurt, but, him being him, he wasn't. The male just thought it to be tedious to jog Riko's memory, but could understand for he had a short memory as well. "Ren. Ren Nakamori," he said, filling the blank that was left by the raven-haired girl.
  20. Saori Aida
    Aida released Marry from her hug ao she just kneeling down towards Kido. "I'm doing good, boss. I just recently woke up." Aida spoke. 'Woke up' was her way of saying 'Done spacing out'. "It's really quiet today." She continued to sat as she didn't get the hints or the aura of nervousness from the people around her.
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