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    Justice League: The Other Side

    | A Standalone Roleplay |

    It was the death seen around the world. Many say that --as cliche as it sounds-- time paused for just a moment as he fell. Reality set in when he didn’t rise. Reactions were as varied as a choked gasp to a slack jaw, wrought in disbelief. But the realization was the same and it dawned on all eventually:

    ‘The Man of Steel is no more.’

    The White Martians came from nowhere, but with fervor. Operating so precisely, the Earth was unaware until the enemy was at their door. Green Lantern was the first on the scene, quickly followed by Wonder Woman and Superman. Hawkgirl charged in, a personal army all her own. The Martian Manhunter arrived almost last, but attacked with an intensity that carried him to the center of the fray quickly. Batman soon came to aid, gunning for the Warship that was beginning to move for Earth.

    The battle was quickly picked up by news stations as the first foot soldiers came in over the city of Los Angeles, but they were quickly met with the might over the King of the Seas himself. The second set appeared in the Nevada desert, over a small nondescript town. They seemed to be plagued by a blur of red and yellow that no camera was able to accurately catch. But the White Martians fell nonetheless.

    In the outer atmosphere, the heroes held their ground, but the slew continued. Batman steadily made progress through the Warship, hoping to end this quickly. The Manhunter relayed orders, moving the group as a cohesive unit.

    But the White Martians pressed on. No one can say when the overwhelming started, nor when things started to get worse outside the atmosphere. Batman hadn’t been heard from for a few moments and the Lantern appeared more frustrated than usual. Superman became a bit more focused and the Manhunter found himself relaying orders continuously. Diana could feel the heat of an explosion as Hawkgirl brought down a smaller airship with the might only she could muster.

    Aquaman held back the enemy with the power that his title held. And the Flash struck hard, without mercy and invisible to the naked eye. His flurry of legs and arms created such a dust storm that he almost missed it. He didn’t know what had made him look up, but he did. His eyes could see fire, an object falling to Earth, a meteorite? An attack? It was small, but it didn’t stop burning. Soon there was a small, almost indistinctible flash of light. It hit the burning object with such force that a seismic boom was the result.

    “Flash! It’s him, it’s Kal!”

    'J’onn! What did that mean? What was he--'

    “Superman is down!”

    Barry didn’t need anything else, his mind put it together almost before J’onn spoke, and he was gone. He pushed himself, willed himself to move faster than he ever had before. Diana flew after Kal, a determination to reach him. At that moment, something else could be seen. Much larger, much more terrifying. The warship descended into the earth, a blaze of fire, smoke and debris like a cloud of gnats.

    Things had officially gotten worse.


    Though the battle was eventually won, there was little joy among many. A sense of hopelessness took its place for a time. What else could happen? The Flash was gone, taken somehow. Superman was no more. Batman was on Death’s door. Green Lantern had disappeared without a trace. The Earth seemed vulnerable.

    It’ll be one year tomorrow since Kal-El left the world. Bruce has worked tirelessly alongside the Manhunter to make sure nothing of the sort ever befalls the Earth again. With salvaged alien tech, his mettle, J’onn and Shayera’s knowledge and others, they were able to build it.

    The Watchtower. A sentinel floating over the Earth where Earth’s mightiest would keep a watchful eye over her. They’ve become wise, knowing that another attack might yield an even worse fate, and they couldn’t risk that. All of Earth’s heroes would need to stand together.

    Will you answer the call?
    The Earth and Her Heroes

    The presence of the superpowered individuals has settled over the world over the past 10 years. Reactions varied originally, and to this day, there are still those that aren’t comfortable with “aliens” being in our atmosphere. But the level-headed and forward thinkers see the benefit in it. Of course, the world governments has tried to get its hands in the superheros, reigning them in and such, but to little avail.

    The Man of Steel, up until that day, had served as the poster boy for the heroes and Earth’s mightiest warrior. Heroes have worked together and set up impromptu groups, but they’ve been transient in nature. Nothing has ever stuck because many of the heroes never seemed to be protecting the world, just their area.

    But, things are changing...

    What We Know So Far:

    The Man of Steel has been confirmed dead. His assailant is unknown, but sources have ruled out a simple White Martian. Multiple sources confirm a green beam of light, assumed to be kryptonite, striking Kal-El at the time of his death.

    Heroes across the globe are now becoming more world-oriented. They’ve started to realize that they can’t operate as an island when the entirety of the Earth is statke. Crime is being fought with an unheard of fervor.

    The Dark Knight is still recuperating from a spinal injury, Diana has lost her memory of that day for the most part, The Flash is nowhere to be found, believed to have been taken. The Green Lantern is under suspicion but is nowhere to be found and any information concerning his whereabouts is greatly appreciated.

    The alien invasion was won, and casualties were small in the area of civilians. Since then, no other threats have been seen or heard of, but a task force is being put together as a safeguard.

    OOC Rules

    1.) No arguments with the GM or anyone else for that matter. This is a place of respect and all issues should be taken up with myself or the person involved on a private channel.

    -The Rest: Coming VERY soon-

    IC Rules

    1.) I expect at least 2 paragraphs minimum with every post (though you should really shoot for 3). There is no limit on how long a post can be, but it should all be relevant. A 20 paragraph post is nice, but if it doesn't contribute to the story or character, then I don't want to read it.

    2.) As of now, 1 post per week is the minimum requirement to continue on in the RP. Being able to follow this rule will be taken into account when I open up the option of having a second character.

    3.) Spelling and grammar should ALWAYS be checked before posting. Everyone should be able to understand posts.

    4.) The generally accepted Guild-standard IC rules apply in this RP as well.

    -Coming VERY soon-

    Character Skeleton

    Image Here



    Powers and Abilities: This is also the area where you mention weaknesses and shortcomings of a similar nature.

    Back story: Keep this BRIEF It should be no more than 5 paragraphs. Give me the vitals and the essentials. And please don't skimp around this by condensing everything in to a large paragraph and counting that as "1".

    On the day of the attack: What was your character doing?

    Since That Day: Since the attack, what has you character been doing? Let's shoot for creativity. I don't want to see a slew of "he's been training hard since that day". That's boring.

    Character Aim: How do you wish to portray this character?

    Character Creation Rules

    1.) You are limited to Canon DC heroes. No exceptions.

    2.) The histories of your hero can be tweaked and altered, within reason. I’m not setting a specific boundary, because I trust your creative ability and sense of realism. Changes to the character shouldn’t be drastic. So, if Batman’s parents never died, you better have a damn good reason as to why Bruce Wayne still became the Caped Crusader.

    3.) For now, I’m limiting everyone to one character. After we get established and settled in to the groove, that limit will increase. The plot will work to where heroes can always join the fight, for the most part.

    4.) I would prefer it if you didn’t make another DC hero an NPC, as that would make them off limits to another person. If it’s a much lesser known hero, then I might be a bit more lenient.

    The League:
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  2. Obviously I started on this before the OOC was posted :P So if the format is going to be a problem I can change it.

    GRAYSON, #003366
    | NAME: |
    John Blake [Formerly Richard John Grayson]​

    | ALIAS: |
    Agent Grayson [Formerly Nightwing, previous to that Robin]
    | GENDER: |

    | AGE: |
    Mid to Late Twenties
    | BIRTHDATE: |
    March 21,
    | ABILITIES: |
    | SKILLS: |
      • Grayson is a prodigious natural athlete, possessing a peak human level of agility/acrobatic skills. He is generally regarded as the greatest human acrobat in the world. Batman himself is an incredible athlete in agility, but even he can admit that Grayson's skill surpasses his own. Grayson is the only person on Earth who can do the quadruple somersault (formerly one of three, the other two being his parents).
      • Taught by the Batman in the art of disguise, like his mentor, Grayson had mastered the art of disguise by the time he was 23. Grayson has used many aliases to infiltrate the underworld or just to go undercover in public situations. His current identity is even an alias, however unlike Batman, Grayson doesn't keep a standing collection of identies and instead invents them on an as needed basis.
      • Due to his training with Batman, he possess extreme skill in escapology. Grayson has shown such proficiency as escaping a straightjacket in 4.5 seconds and was able to use a Tibetan Mind Technique to escape virtual reality. Grayson has even been able to escape a maze faster than Wally West due to his training under Batman.
      • Grayson is skilled enough to use modified Shuriken (Wing-Dings) to hit thugs at a great distance with his eyes closed, despite even giving him a head-start and disarm others with his wingdings. He is also capable of using firearms, as he was trained by Batman to do so as well as attending the police academy in Blüdhaven. Firearms also happen to be Grayson's primary weapon as an agent.
      • Having had the finest education as Bruce Wayne's ward, he speaks with fluency in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Farsi (Persian), Mandarin and Cantonese, and has some knowledge of Romany and the alien language of Tamaran.
      • Due to his training with Batman, Grayson has been taught and displayed skills and proficiency in various weaponry ranging from shurikens (which the Batfamily uses in the forms of Wing-Dings and Batarangs), to eskrima sticks and staves to swords and even bows to various modern firearms.
    | BACKSTORY: |

    Born on the first day of spring, Richard John Grayson was handed into the hands of his loving parents who looked down on their son overwhelmed with pride. Upon first looking at her newborn baby boy, Mary gave the boy the nickname as her 'Little Robin', relating to his birth on the Spring Solstice. Like his parents, Richard, or as he preferred to go by, Dick would perform in the circus. As his parents were both world renowned acrobats, Dick would begin his introduction to performing at a young age and essentially from birth was trained to be a performer in the circus.

    Growing up with the circus while travelling the world, Dick began very cultured and outgoing though his education did suffer as he was only taught what those around him knew. None the less, his quick mind grasped onto most concepts quickly and Dick was recognized among the other performers as being a very sharp kid. At the age of ten, Dick found himself in Gotham City as the circus rolled into town for its annual performance. Dick had only ever performed in Gotham a few times previously, but that said having heard of Gotham's reputation for crime he had always been understandably nervous about leaving the circus grounds to explore the city like he had in Paris, New York, and numerous other locations. Stumbling across an argument between the circus' owner Mr. Haly and a well-known and feared crime lord by the name of "Boss" Tony Zucco. Dick hid in the shadows as he heard Zucco threaten Mr. Haly unless the circus's owner paid protection money. Being an honest and moral man, Haly refused not knowing the horrors he had released. That night Dick watched in horror as his parents' high wire snapped, sending his parents hurtling to their deaths, all while many of Gotham's elite watched on. A burden of guilt came over Dick as he stood there, the realization that he could have warned his parents washing over him, downing him in anguish as he collapsed into bitter sobs.

    Shortly after the tragedy of his parent's death, infamous billionaire Bruce Wayne rescued Dick by adopting him. Yet as the boy did not want to replace his deceased father with the billionaire, he requested that he be adopted as his ward as opposed to his child. Living with the billionaire at first felt like Dick had won the lottery, but after several weeks of growing loneliness, Dick's bitterness began to resurface. Growing frustrated by the lack of attention from his new guardian and the mystery still surrounding his parents' death, Dick snuck out of Wayne Manor one evening to solve the crime on his own - only to stumble upon Gotham's mysterious Batman, who was also investigating the murder. Suddenly jumped from behind, Dick hit the cold ground hard, his vision blurring as he saw the Batman save him from whatever thugs had knock him from his feet. Waking up in the Batcave, Dick was shocked to learn that Bruce Wayne was really the Batman. Allowing Dick to work with him, acknowledging their similarities at both of them losing their parents to murder in Gotham, the pair succeed in revealing Zucco's complicity. Despite this, Batman was unable to apprehend Zucco as the man died of a heart attack before his arrest. Seeing a reflection of himself in Dick; that he could temper compassion with a thirst for justice, Batman made the young orphan the offer of a lifetime; the chance to become his crime-fighting partner. Dick chose the name Robin, after the nickname his mother gave him, and his training began. Bruce taught Dick fighting techniques and detective skills for a grueling 6 months. Finally, Dick had to pass a final test - "the Gauntlet". Dick had to elude the Dark Knight on the streets of Gotham for one night - from sundown to sunrise - without any outside help. Dick succeeded, simultaneously bringing Gotham gangster Joe Minette to justice. Dick took to the streets as Batman's full-fledged partner in crime-fighting: Robin, the Boy Wonder.

    When Robin was 17, he was shot in the shoulder by the Joker, and this scared Batman into ending his career for good. Dick realized at that point he had grown up: He no longer relied on Batman and, in fact, he and the Dark Knight disagreed on crime-fighting methodology. Dick discovered his self-worth among the Teen Titans. Batman, however, was less than pleased. He informed Dick that if he no longer wanted to be his partner, then Dick would have to retire as Robin. Dick left Wayne Manor after this falling out. Helping him through this difficult time was his fellow Titans, including Starfire, a beautiful alien that Dick had fallen in love with. Dick handed over leadership of the Titans to Wonder Girl. Uncertain what to do from there, he turned to someone he knew would understand: Superman. Very briefly, Dick had considered giving up the whole crime fighting gig; but he couldn't imagine his life any other way. But if he couldn't be Robin, who would he be? Superman had the answer. Long ago on Krypton, a man was cast out by his family - just as Dick had been. He dreamed of a world ruled by justice, and set out to protect the helpless of Krypton. His true identity was never revealed. He was known only as Nightwing. As Nightwing, Dick had finally moved out of the shadow of the Bat, though still feeling hurt and betrayed, Bruce and Dick would remain at odds with each other, never fully sorting out their strained relationship. Eventually however Bruce admitted to Dick the reasonings to his former ward and apologized for past transgressions. For the first time in a long time, Bruce and Dick began to heal their strained relationship. Bruce's respect for Dick was at last obvious.

    Investigating a crime in nearby Blüdhaven, Nightwing saw that the city was just as bad, if not worse, deciding that he should leave Gotham and move to Blüdhaven when he finds that twenty-two dead men have floated into Gotham's south harbor. Nightwing decides to move to the city and quickly sees that Blüdhaven is what Gotham was before Batman arrived, brimming with corruption to the highest levels of power. It seemed to be that whatever was too coarse or too awful for Gotham, would end up there. He quickly finds that all the corruption in the city leads directly to the crime lord Blockbuster. Blüdhaven was a long, uphill battle for Dick Grayson. He fought many victorious battles in Blüdhaven as its protector, and certainly made it a safer place, but he never won the war. The city, and his losses, took their toll on Nightwing, leading him to eventually adopt a grimmer outlook on being a hero.

    On the day of the Martian attack, Nightwing was surprised to find himself allied with Deathstroke and his mercenaries. Calling in favours from the Titans, Nightwing brought them in, assisting him in freeing the city along with Deathstroke's forces. As the battle culminated into an all out war in the streets, the skies opened up as the Martian rained down upon Earth. Forced to put aside their differences, Deathstroke and the Titans used their years of history to work efficiently to defeat the Martians. The battle raged on for what felt like eternity, casualties on both side with mercs and Martians alike falling. Nightwing becomes critically injured when he takes a blast to the chest. He is fortunately saved from death unbeknowst to him by Amanda Waller. Waking to find Barbara by his side during his recovery, she stayed with him to help Dick to get back into shape. But Waller's favour came at a cost and she came to collect. Threatening to reveal not only Dick's identity but also Bruce's to the world unless Dick came to work for her. Originally Dick was going to oppose her, however, Barbara urged him to go, requesting he return his engagement ring so he wouldn't be hesitant to go. When Dick left he gave Barbara an envelope with a picture of them as Batgirl and Robin and the engagement ring telling her he would be back for her.

    Inducted into A.R.G.U.S., the Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans, a federal US agency and an offshoot of Homeland Security. Under 'employment' to Waller, Dick Grayson was forced to take on a new identity, choosing to go by his father's name of John while adopting the surname Blake. Waller had specifically chosen Dick due to his closeness with the ever growing thorn in her side that was Batman. Assigned to work under Colonel Steve Trevor, Agent Grayson was made as the go between for A.R.G.U.S. and the new Justice League formed in the wake of Superman's death. Though Batman saw through Waller's 'diplomacy' realizing it was just another way to try and keep tabs and possibly control the world's most powerful superhumans. Currently 'John Blake', Agent Grayson works as the liaison from A.R.G.U.S. to the new Justice League, keeping tabs on Batman and his allies.
    With Dick's character I wanted to make sure he both stayed true to him traditional comic personality while allowing me to have options while portraying him. In this light, I aim to play him as walking a line between his superhero past and superspy future. I'm hoping to be able to put him at odds with his teammates who may not necessarily trust him and might see him as a mole. In addition to this, it also allows the unique opportunity for him to potentially take down A.R.G.U.S. if it were an option in the story especially given the traditional alignment of Waller. Of course a lot of these ideas would need GM approval, that said though they are interesting to think about. If none of that were to come to fruitation then Grayson falls into a 'Whistle-Blower' category where he has to be the one to pull the heroes back from making choices the government won't approve of. All in all, my aim was to create a flexible character with a unique perspective on things and I believe I've done just that.​

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  3. Stein, I'd noticed that you'd said the Green Lantern, which begs the question of how many there are. Is there only one Green Lantern of Earth? If not, I'd be interested in picking up Kyle Rayner (not my teen version). If not, then perhaps Roy Harper, Tim Drake, or Ronny Raymond would be better suited to me.
  4. I should probably note that if anyone does wish to play as Babs, Tim, Jason or any of the other characters I may have mentioned in my backstory that I'd be happy to adapt anything I wrote if it contradicts an idea you wish to portray.
  5. @Nightrunner I'm not immediately opposed to you using Kyle, but I'll keeping an eye on him. I also don't want this to become filled with lanterns. So, yours will be the first and I MAY let in a Blue Lantern.
  6. I might have missed something. But we can only be Heroes right? None of the Villians?
  7. I do believe the idea is to be League members. That said Stein is open to reworked characters if you could potentially play a villain who changed sides provided you can make it work in your backstory.
  8. Well...I mean I guess he can be called a Villian or an Antihero >.>

    I'm talking about Deathstroke... unless he isn't allowed and then I could just be someone else obviously.
  9. I've had someone ask me about this already but, for the most part, no. You would have to really sell me on why Deathstroke would switch sides. And even then, he'd have to be, for the most part, fully committed. Lone Wolf types won't really work in this RP.
  10. Well...I'm sure I could think of a way...but since this is Alternate. Depending on how Alternate and willing to change History. When Slade was put up for the...Metahuman Experiment (Can't remember the name) He never defied orders and stayed in the Military until his time was served. Now a...Superhuman....he still has a strong sense of Justice and decides to help the Justice League..

    Or does that sound dumb D:
  11. The project heads could've assigned him to assist the Justice League because it benefits America greatly to have a human in perfect shape with Batman-esque skills on a team of the planet's most powerful protectors. That is my suggestion and contribution to your concept.
  12. Wouldn't that seriously overlap with my Agent Grayson though? I mean ideally you want a team that compliments each other, not one that grows stagnant.
  13. Yeah. You're right. I'm just kinda spitballin' here.

    I started on my CS, by the way.
  14. It doesn't sound dumb but, I would recommend you sticking with a hero. It'll be your safest bet. and I'll amend my statement to say solely heroes. Even allowing one person to do it potentially opens up the flood gates for more.
  15. Just a head's up to all applying and planning to apply: I will be gone for two days and unable to check in. If you have any pressing questions, you can still PM me. @Lord Wraith would be able to answer most questions, as we've RPed together. But, don't bombard him or ask him things about the plot.
  16. Aye! I'm around if any of you need some general questions addressed.
    Kara Zor-L, now known as Karen Starr


    | Powers |
    Solar Energy Absorption – Power Girl's powers rely on her cells' ability to absorb and metabolize solar energy from local stars like Earth's sun, just like Superman. Her Kryptonian body is a living "solar battery" that absorbs solar energies and converts them to fuel for her powers. Her cells also store yellow sun energy so she can use her powers under objects, at night, in dark places, and in space.

    Flight – Because Earth exhibits less gravitational pull than that of Krypton, and also due to Power Girl's new solar-powered body, the young woman can also alter her personal mono-directional gravity field to propel herself through the air at will.

    Superhuman Strength – Enhanced strength far above that of a human and even most superhumans, making her "more powerful than a locomotive," is one of Superman and Power Girl's signature powers and has often been described as chief among their other abilities. While not infinite, depictions of the upper limit of how much weight she can lift have ranged from being able to do the work of several laborers in half the time, crush diamonds in her grasp, lift objects hundreds of times her own weight including any sized vehicle over her head, bend steel with her bare hands and lifting mountains. After sustaining severe injuries from a magic attack Power Girl retained only a degree of super strength, speed and durability... It is unknown if she has fully recovered.
    Power Girl's Kryptonian power differs on some levels, reflecting the lower powers of the Earth-Two Superman Kal-L. For example, Power Girl can fly through space, but has to breathe, so before she leaves a planet, she must take a deep breath and hold it for several hours until she needs a new oxygen source.
    • Superhuman Speed – Another one of Power Girl's signature abilities is her superhuman speed, allowing her to move, react, run and fly faster than the human eye can perceive. Originally classified as being "faster than a speeding bullet", allowing her to catch bullets in mid air before they hit her, or anyone else. Except, unlike her cousin, The Flash is considerably faster than her and at times she poops herself when going up against him.
    • Superhuman Hearing – Can hear far more sounds with far more detail and at far greater distances than normally humanly possible, including sounds on frequencies undetectable by humans such as dog whistles. Power Girl is able to mentally screen out most of these sounds to be able to function normally, even in a noisy environment, and can focus in on specific things, like a person's voice or heartbeat, even if they are in another part of the city. She can even hear sounds on other planets, which makes it likely that her hearing is fundamentally different from that of a human, as sound cannot travel through the vacuum of space. Like humans and most animals, she is skilled at automatically noticing her own name out of the jumble of several overheard conversations, making her adept at quickly responding to calls of distress all over the city.
    • Superhuman Olfaction – A heightened and highly accurate sense of smell comparable to some animals such as dogs. Can be used to detect things like the chemicals in a bomb hidden somewhere in a crowded room.
    Superhuman Vision – Her senses grant him the ability to see farther and with greater accuracy and detail than humanly possible. Sometimes includes the ability to see EM frequencies invisible to humans, such as radio transmissions, infrared light, the bioelectric aura which surrounds all living things, even in pitch-black darkness. Offshoots of this power include Telescopic Vision, which allows her to "zoom in" on far away objects, sometimes hundreds of miles away, and Microscopic Vision, which allows her to zoom in on objects that would normally be too small to see, like those on a cellular or molecular level.
    • X-Ray Vision – The ability to see through solid objects, usually with the exception of lead. Opponents have figured out that hiding lethal objects in lead will eradicate the possibility of it being found and sometimes this is true, plus very frustrating.
    • Heat Vision – Ability to emit solar energy from her eyes; a by-product of her x-Ray vision. Usually resembles bright red or orange laser-like beams, which may be invisible at low temperatures but extremely bright at high ones. The effective range of her beams are hundreds of feet. It can also reach hundreds of miles wide, instantly disintegrating a person, if she had the stomach for that.
    Master Combatant – Most heroes, and villains alike, portray her as having mediocre combat powers in favor of showing the magnitude of her powers in battle, but there have been some exceptions. Many stories depict Superman as a very capable fighter with or without his abilities, as he has been trained by both Wildcat in boxing and Mongul in the fighting arts. He has fought and learned from Wonder Woman and has also learned more advanced martial arts techniques from Batman. Superman was very happy to teach his first cousin a few tricks and treats he had learned from such wonderful heroes and thus since she has tried to enhance these mundane skills. To a lesser degree, her brawling skills are formidable.
    Power Girl needs to sleep or she will experience disorientation due to fatigue, no matter how much yellow sunlight she had absorbed or is absorbing. Sleep is a necessity.
    | Skills |
    Healing Factor – Power Girl is shown to possess remarkable recuperative powers that allow her to quickly heal from wounds and makes her immune to all forms of human or Earthly diseases, illnesses, viruses and toxins. Power Girl heals faster when she is closer to the sun and he is absorbing more sun rays. Unfortunately, next to her first cousin, she is not invulnerable and is of course still a young woman learning the ropes. At on repoint her powers could magnify, but right now she is liable to any injury.

    Superhuman Intelligence – Power Girl possesses intellect that surpasses genius-level. People from Krypton-Two already had genius-level intellect, being a society thousands of years ahead of Earth in technology.
    • Eidetic Memory – She is shown to have flawless, total recall of everything she has ever seen, read, or heard.
    • Multilingualism – She is also able to learn, speak and understand any language she comes in contact with.
    | Back Story |
    { Journey From Krypton-Two}
    Kara's father discovers that Krypton is about to explode, and places her in a spacecraft directed towards the Earth. Although this occurs at the same time that Kal-L's ship is launched, Kara's ship travels more slowly, and she arrives on Earth decades after her cousin has landed. Kara’s Symbioship is designed to keep her in stasis during the journey and provide her with life experiences and education in the form of virtual reality. The Symbioship allows her to interact with virtual copies of her parents and fellow Kryptonians. By the time she arrives on Earth, Kara is in her early twenties. Her age at arrival has been retconned to about eighteen in post-Crisis continuity.
    Kara is reclaimed by the sentient Symbioship and reimmersed into Kandorian society for a time. Several years of virtual time elapse, in which Kara is married and has a child. She is freed with the assistance of newspaper reporter Andrew Vinson, at which point she disables the ship.

    Power Girl's existence is not revealed to the general public until much later; her cousin Clark and his wife Lois Lane provide her a family environment to assist her transition towards real life relationships. In her first recorded adventure, Kara assists Justice Society members Flash and Wildcat with containing an artificially induced volcanic eruption in China. She then joins Robin and Star-Spangled Kid to form a Super Squad to assist the Justice Society in defeating Brainwave and Per Degaton, who were causing disasters around the world. She pushes their base towards the Sun, the heat causing the villains to fall unconscious. Later, she becomes a full member of the Society when Superman retires from active membership.
    Having been raised by the Symbioship with artificial Kryptonian life experiences, Power Girl finds it difficult to adapt to life on Earth. However, with the help of reporter Andrew Vinson, she adopts the secret identity of computer programmer Karen Starr (she obtains her knowledge in this field from exposure to Wonder Woman's Purple Ray on Paradise Island). On the pre-Crisis Earth-Two, Power Girl's closest friend is the Huntress, the daughter of the Earth-Two Batman and Catwoman.

    {At This Time}
    It is also revealed that prior to adopting the alias of Power Girl, she functioned as Earth 2's Supergirl and in stark contrast to the Supergirl of Prime Earth, Karen, after many years of rehabilitation, now loves her adopted Earth with a passion and was accepted with open arms by an adoring public.
    | On The Day of the Attack |
    Power Girl had watched the fire fall from the sky, but she would be lying if she said she immediately came to her fellow heroes aid. It had been a very long time since she last decided to help her adopted Earth, instead trying to live a normal life and allowing others to keep the city safe. Of course, the others were aware of her need to settle down, but that didn't stop Huntress or Wonder Woman from banging on her door (even though they actually busted through her window and destroyed her fish tank). She gave in after she really saw how dangerous the situation was and after witnessing hundreds of citizens being escorted out of the city she knew she had to help with the eradication of the White Martians. The blonde teamed up with both females and mostly kept out of the limelight, instead helping citizens who were caught in the flames. She had been out of commission for so long that it took quite a toll on her body when she had rescued some from a burning firm building; collapsing soon after and not even realizing if she may or may not get caught in the explosion that ensured. Her body was so weak that she in fact, blacked out for most of the battle, only waking when a strange feeling arose from her chest and she witnessed her dear cousin fall once again. The Man of Steel was this time, no more. In the Aftermath, Power Girl tried her best to restore the city with her fellow comrades, as well as help out the injured heroes along the way.
    She helped create The Watchtower alongside Mr. Wayne, J'onn and many more with the knowledge to do so. Eventually, after the construction, Power Girl, exhausted and grieving, hid in a normal mundane routine and led the life her cousin once did. She found a job in a new Computer Software Buisness and lived a life full of solitude and normality.
    | Since That Day |
    Since the attack, Karen Starr had wormed her way into human life and had pushed away the memories of her cousin's death as well as the battle against the Martians. Every few months the memories would come flooding back when she visited The Watchtower.
    | Character Aim |
    How do you wish to portray this character?
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  18. I'm going to get you to do what Stein had me do with my CS and 'trim the fat'. We only really need the basic gist of your backstory and then what ever is relevant to the RP itself, namely where you were doing the attack and what has happened since the attack. Especially since using years of comic book canon is likely to cause some conflict with the RP's own unique history.
  19. Yeah my bad! I had been doing this last night and then zonked out, but I didn't want to lose any of this writing so I posted it regardless. It will definitly be trimmed down to the basics :P
  20. Not a problem! I completely understand and many times have done the same things myself.

    Also I love the Scott Pilgrim theme you've got going on!
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