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  1. Okay so, I really need to roleplay man, but I can't find many group role plays that I like! So here are some of my ideas.

    A centaur role play about two herds, one peaceful and the other bloodthirsty and ruthless.

    Another idea about a space high school, for aliens, robots, AI's, cyborgs and human-alien mixes, also human's with mind based powers. (like telekinesis and stuff)

    Another about fairy tale characters in high school.

    A role play about a group of kids that get sent back in time to (insert era.)

    And finally, an rp about these kids that get trapped in a library and find that the book characters ave started to come to life, and they need survive until morning or they'll end up being dragged into the book.
    That one might become multiple mini role plays, if the main idea works out.

    So how about it?
  2. Im interested in the library and space high schoo
  3. To be honest, I've never thought highly of RPs that involved high-school. If I wanted to relive the trauma that place inflicted on me, I'd go to my reunions and start a fight. XD

    The time travelling plot reminds me of the Magic Treehouse book series. I think it could be interesting.

    The one involving centaurs also seems like it could be interesting but my mind won't allow me to think of anything other than how it will very likely end up, making the plot all too obvious.
  4. yeah, I liked the timetravel one, I'd defineately be joining that.
  5. So interest in the time travelling IC, cools. Do you guys have suggestions as to where the kids could go and how?
    (I have my own ideas, but its good to flesh things out with others.)
  6. Hm, interesting. I'd like to join. As for the setting... Italy would be my choice for some odd reason. Time period, depends on preference, but I was thinking either after, before or around the time of WWII Italy?
  7. during WWII Italy, would be awesome.
  8. Uhhh so I know next to nothing about WW2 Italy...
  9. Hmm, other ideas then? Or any setting you're familiar with? It would suck out the fun if we went in the roleplay knowing next to nothing about the era/time period.
  10. Noo it's cool, since you guys are keen on that era, I'll just research it ^^
  11. he's right, we need a setting we all know, maybe we could be sucked back to 9-11
  12. That's a bit of a touchy subject for some people, so I don't think that's the best idea. How about the Elizabethan era or in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials?
  13. Ah, Salem Witch Trials sounds good.
  14. Interesting. I'm in.
  15. oooo yes yes yes
  16. Although I can't deny – the centaur idea really intrigued me in sick, twisted ways.
  17. o.O I will not ask about the sick twisted ways. xD

    Okay so the setting is Salem Witch Trials.

    And the kids are sent back in time how?

    Maybe an actual witch comes to the future and sends them back because they are descended from the people who persecuted and murdered all of those people?

    Edit: And she wants them to experience the pain that she went through?
  18. Lol, sick and twisted as in delicious warfare and .. experiments >:) Anyway .. what're the no-no's, if any? Or are we still just collaborating at this point? I've never played with time-traveling before O:

    Kids as in legitimate teenagers or –?
  19. What do you mean no-no's?
    And yeah teenagers like high school age. I keep saying kids because I'm old.
    Kind of.
    Not really.
    Moving on.
  20. No-no's as in ground rules. I need limits.
    You, old? Tch. You couldn't be a day over .. twelve twenty.

    Okaaaaay. High school age. Gotcha.