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  1. The rain splashed against the metal sheet that made a roof of the little roadside shelter and the bits of scrap metal and plastic scattered about outside. Far above the ground the sky was covered in grayish clouds and black smoke from some fire burning far off despite the downpour. Exclamation sat under the shelter on the fallen wooden bench and sighed, looking out at the rain with a frown. She'd woken up this morning thinking that today would be the day, today was their lucky break. Nothing. It was nearly sundown and there'd been nothing yet. Scrap metal, bits of pre-Collapse tech... Garbage. Nothing useful, nothing that worth anything to trade. She sighed dejectedly and looked to her crew.

    "Two year streak of bad luck, and now this," Exclamation says, her usual optimism and cheer gone. "Shit day," she mumbled, looking back out into the rain. She shifted and drew her coat a little closer before standing up and peering out into the piles of junk rusting away in the rain with another sigh. To be totally honest with herself, she'd never thought of herself in any sort of life beyond scavenging. She was a good tinker, maybe that'd be a good career for her? Beyond that her only other skills were... Well, shooting. She wasn't a killer, though she supposed being some sort of guard would be okay. She scanned the horizon for a bit, before stopping and peering at something in the distance.
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  2. Kek slowly, painstakingly mounted the hill of garbage, slumping over a large plastic sheet on the top, the rain slamming down on top of him. He looked over at Exclamation Point as she spoke, trying to smile through his wheezing. "Aw, come on, Point! We have shit days six days outta the week! Life ain't exactly been good for the past.....well, life." He said, chuckling optimistically as he stood, brushing his wet burlap and leather off and shaking some rain out. "We just gotta find ONE thing! That's it, it is! One little thing'd be a blessing, and knowing that Sam Song guy's little tricks, we'd be getting waaaay more for it than normal!" Top was actually feeling rather down, but tried to put on a happy visage. Long as he could still make things and experiment with old tech, he'd be happy as can be. "Hm? Whatcha see out there?"
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  3. Pocari was a lump in the distance, not too far away from the shelter. He'd been squatting on top a big metal square of a machine, a shell of one anyway, for about an hour. The slippery shiny sheet that blanketed him kept him dry. A plastic variety. The flickering sheet added movement to his figure, giving it a bit of life. He was playing statue.

    Nissin wore a dome-like object on his head like a hat. It was cracked but not enough to leave him soaking wet. He was about half as far from the shelter as Pocari, which wasn't really that far, so he could hear some of the crew talking. He was playing stick target. He would put a small item on the ground and try to swing at it with a stick in a way that would send the object flying at Pocari. He was having a tough time hitting the target. It was the rain. He liked throwing the object in the air better, but if he did his hat would fall off and he'd get wet.

    TINK! ........ TWOK!

    "Score," said a satisfied Nissin, "one more time," he told himself.

    The lump in the distance didn't move.
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  4. Dizzy spat onto the small, steel mirror in her hands and rubbed at it with her thumb until it was somewhat usable. She held it up and looked into it, seeing a warped image of herself peer back at her. Just as she suspected, the humidity was frizzing her hair, and it was pissing her off.

    "Bosssss," she whined, looking at Exclamation. "When's it gonna stop? I'm tired of just standing here!"

    She placed the mirror back in her pack and groaned, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting like a little girl not getting her way. "I hate this stupid rain..."

    When Dizzy thought the boss was ignoring her, she opened her mouth to say something, but stopped - Exclamation seemed to be staring off at something in the distance. Dizzy followed the direction of the boss's gaze with her own eyes and moved her goggles up to her hairline, squinting hard.
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  5. "Good things come to those who wait, I read that on a piece of paper once."

    Rhodri says this as he sews up yet another hole in his hoodie, his voice slightly muffled by the broken mask.

    "Find something?" Rhodri asks, trying to find where Exclamation was looking, hoping that this is shall be an example of his quote being correct.
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  6. (Rhodri your text is too dark for me to see, mind lightening it up a bit?)

    Nix's long fingers were cold, and were of no help to baby Judas. The sling made from a ripped up dress was no longer carrying the child on her back, but rather carrying her on her front in an X so Nix could lean forward and shield her baby sister. Although the rain was excellent cover both sound and sight-wise, it was also physically exhausting to walk in. The constant 'pinging' all around her was very odd, she had been used to soft footing on hard ground for many days. The slick metals and plastics littered about were very slippery, which wasn't safe due to the many sharp glass and metal ends that laid about. She had already been cut once on her forearm in her days about. Nix never stayed in one place long, she knew too well that when her father realized she was never coming back this time, there would be consequences.

    "Home." Judas whispered, for about the thirtieth time today. Nix had taught Judy to keep quiet to stay away from stangers in travel, there were plenty of horror stories of women wandering alone. The wear and tear of the past weeks were rough on the girls. Nix and Judy had just left a small settlement selling small scavenged items. With enough food and supplies for the next couple days, the headed off. Sadly they hadn't known the weather was going to be poor and the walk much longer than assumed. Running her hand down her face to rinse it of droplets, Nix sighed. "This is home now. The world is home. Our small, two person family is home now. This is... All we got. I'm sorry."

    Anyone could tell the two were siblings, although Judas hair was darker, both had the same toxic bright green eyes and high cheekbones. Sliding down what was once a tin roof in her worn out boots, Nix shifted her messenger bag to slide down it properly. Judy grabbed Nix's jacket and tugged at the same time, and the small tug was just enough to tip Nix off balance to fall on her butt. "Judas!" Nix exclaimed, Judas pointed to her own rosebud mouth. "Mouf. Nums." Nix leaned back a moment on her now soggy pants. "Yes. I know, I know. Just... Let us get to the next settlement first."
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  7. [[Sorry for the delay. I'm going to be the "new" one in the group.]]

    Maybe he did piss off The Snack Cake gods, there's been no "real" food for two years. His stomach started to grumble.

    "Urghh... maybe there's something in this pile over here.", Sam Song would say diving towards the pile.

    Anything. Even something to distract his hunger would suffice. After some digging and tossing empty tin cans to the side, he found something... a joke book. Without hesitation Sam flung the book open and read the first thing on the page.

    "What do confederate soldiers drink out of? Dixie Cups."

    Sam stared at the book in confusion, "Wait... I don't even know how to read." Tossing the book to the side he continued to dig even further into the pile.

    Nearly hitting his head on the rebar above him, Sam sprung to his feet and peeked around the pile. He spotted the large group of 'odd' characters.

    Slowly he approached the hoodie wearing man (Rhodri) hands in the air, "You friendly?", he asks Rhodri
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  8. Not knowing how to deal with the sudden stranger, Rhodri lightly kicks Exclamation in the leg, a silent way of saying "You deal with this"
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  9. (Damit forgot too post....Gona be short gota sleep)

    Natalia would have bin in deep sleep as she has not slep well last night because of the Unconfy place she slep but she had the chance now that it was raining and aswell was Much better than last time,as she would be sleeping on the ground on a Broken sheet and her matchet on her side,Her Canteen strap around her and aswell she was snoring lightly mostly like if she was not snoring.
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  10. Nissin paused mid-swing to say, "that's true. I've been a good boy lately and last night I was craving meat..." he swung the stick and missed Pocari by an inch, "... and then a rat came my way."

    Just then, the lump in the distance stood up. Something caught his attention. He jumped off the squared machine and began walking back to the crew's shelter. Nissin swung as hard as he could and the little object passed Pocari by. "Missed," Nissin sighed.

    Pocari reached the crew at the same time Rhodri kicked Exclamation. He threw an object at Dizzy, a hair pin of some kind, and turned to whisper something at his brother.
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  11. Not very far from exclamation but still distant Aim scavenged some junk out of the garbage hill finding just scrap."I just need a few more parts."He said looking at his almost fixed gun "slide,chamber loader ,and trigger come on!'

    Looking back at the group he saw Exclamation an Rhrodri near the stranger Aim rushed over with his pocket knife held but not out.
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  12. Exclamation narrowed her eyes at whatever she was looking at, then turned slightly to Kek as he spoke. "Ah... not entirely sure." She said. Something off in the distance, atop a pile of scrap metal and tires was... Well, something. A faint blue glow, pulsing slowly. Exclamation opened her mouth to say something else to Dizzy, then turned to Rhodri as he kicked her. She noticed the new fellow and cocked her head at him. "And you are...?"she asked, glancing back at the twins as they started back down towards them. It was always a bit odd finding lone travelers nowadays, though definitely not unheard of. She sighed and looked back at the glowing thing. Maybe they should brave the rain and check it out...
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  13. Kek looks over at the stranger, shrugging. "Us being friendly depends on you being friendly, doesn't it?" He asks, turning back to the pulsating blue glow. Even if the new guy wasn't friendly, no one was stupid enough to straight up attack a group outnumbering him by over five to one. "But all pleasantries aside, I wanna see what exactly is making that glow.... Kek says, beginning to walk towards the shape as he waves the others over. His researcher side was kicking in.....
  14. "Name's Sam, I'm a merchant of sorts. Sadly I've stumbled across a bit of bad luck, raiders took my shit and well... I'm not doing so well.", Sam speaks in a friendly manner hands still up in the air. He shifted on his feet a bit. Hoping that one of them would take pity on him.

    [[Not a whole lot to work with for the response. Sorry for the length.]]
  15. Reaching the group still holding his knife in his pocket.Aim asked "He cool?" Glaring strait at the strangers eyes and did not even bring his rag before he talked as he always did. He was still gripping the knife the blade slightly open so he could flick it open in a flash.Without knowing if this person a threat or not but Aim read the strangers eyes he seemed docile. besides he was outnumbered.He let go of the knife and closed it."How are you?"
  16. Natalia would open her eyes and would yawn as she has bin sleeping all this time,as she would sit up and would rub her eyes and see the grupe and some strange man,as she would tilt her head and would stand up,aswell as she dose so she sees a odd blue glow in the distance and sees Kek wave as he walks towards it,as natalia dint know well ho was the man and she better not Interrupt them as she dosent know,as she would start too walk in the rain following Kek as she was not that curius but was very intrigue too know what that blue glow was.
  17. While Dizzy's outlook on life in the Junkyard could be a bit grim at times, she had to give a nod of recognition to Rhodri for his quote. Though, she was rather impatient at times - okay, most of the time - she had to admit that it seemed good things really did happen to those who could wait. It still didn't change the fact that she hated waiting, though, nor did it change the condition of her frizzy hair. She took out her little steel mirror again and groaned at the reflection, forgetting all about whatever it was that Exclamation was peering at in the distance.

    Dizzy tried everything, from running her fingers through her hair, to spitting on her palms and trying to flatten the fuzzy strands. It was maddening. Nothing was helping to tame it. She was so fixated on improving her appearance that she hadn't even heard the stranger approach until he spoke. She looked up, startled by his sudden appearance, at looked to Exclamation. Dizzy didn't quite know what to say, and was more confused by this than anything, because even she knew she always had a response to everything.

    Dizzy felt something hit the side of her head - pink! - and slapped a hand to her temple as though she'd been hit with a brick. Completely forgetting all about the stranger, she glared at Pocari, slack jawed, as he whispered something to his brother. "Why would you-" she started, but the object he threw caught her attention. She bent at the knees and picked it up. It was a hairpin in the design of some kind of strange, colorful plant-thing (a dandelion) she'd only heard about in stories of the "old days". Though, it was rusted and dull, it was still one of the most interesting things she'd seen in the Junkyard in quite some time. She stood, turning it over in her hands, and forgetting all about the "assault", she looked up at him with a huge grin. "Hey, thanks!"

    Her hair troubles would soon be a thing of the past!
    Dizzy didn't pay anyone a bit of attention as she worked to get her hair pulled back and away from her face. It sure does pay to have friends in the Junkyard, she thought to herself while she held up her mirror one last time for a quick look. Satisfied, she put the mirror away and threw the twins an animated smile, then looked around at the group, now realizing that things - probably important things - had been going on while she was preoccupied with her vanity.

    And where did Kek go? Wasn't he there just a second ago?

    Dizzy looked around, then spotted him walking away from the group toward...what was that? A blue glow?

    Alright, now she really couldn't help her scatter-mind. Curiosity took hold of her with a vice-like grip, and before she knew it, she was hurrying off in Kek's direction with a quick, "Be right back, boss!" to Exclamation.
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  18. Exclamation nodded to Kek and Dizzy as they left to check out the glow then turned to the newcomer. "Well I wouldn't expect us to do much, we aren't a..." She stopped, scrunching up her face as she tried to think of a word. She was sure there was some word that fit what she wanted... Maybe... She shrugged. "We don't have much ourselves," she said. "Now, if you'll excuse meeeee..." Exclamation spun on her heel and started towards the glow herself, trailing behind the others with rain pattering down on her head. She knelt down to grab a large plastic sheet and held it over her head to deflect the rain.

    What awaited the group at the top of the scrap pile appeared to be a large, white box with a glowing orb embedded in the top. The orb continued to pulse for a few seconds as Kek reached it, then it died down and made a small whirring sound. It released a puff of steam, then lied still and quiet. The box was about as large as one of the strange two-slotted metal boxes scattered about the wastes. The otherwise smooth white surface was covered in scratches, though the rain had washed all the dirt and grime away.
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  19. "Hey I'll stay here guys, you know talk with our friend" Aim explained as he started back about halfway their that's why he wasn't there and still hadn't seen the find."Hey you say your a trader of sorts?"Aim questioned Sam "If so do you have the rest of these parts?" Aim hoped he did showing s the slide,trigger,and chamber loader was missing. It was nearly complete a real gun! Aim had collected so much ammo! "Please if you do I'll trade almost anything!" He pleaded just hoping he had one piece
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  20. The marvelous Dr Pepper had found a small wooden table in the heaps of junk and had set up a small work station on it. A thin sheet of plastic was strung over the table held up by three long metal poles he had found. The good Dr. sat at the table with a pair of long skinny tweezers picking at a small collection of tiny gears and springs held within a small glass and metal circle. It was a time piece, and many of them had survived over the years, but never in quite the condition ha had found this one in. He had been obsessing over its inner-workings for a whike now he he believed he had figured out how it worked.

    He looked up from his work to see the others in the group investigating something that was just out of his vision. Curious, he put the watch back together and dropped it into one of his vest's pockets. He grabbed his long walking stick and used it to help him traverse the junk as he made his way to the others.
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