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  1. Jiyuu Online

    これは命に係わる…” or so as the Japanese said… This game wasn’t just a game; it has taken to the next level. At XXXX A.D, Government of Japan decided to create new project, a project that change the life of thousand people. They decide to create game that can transfer in game money into real money but of course earning those would need a hard work, and that game called Jiyuu online.

    It’s been months since the open beta of Jiyuu online and finally Government announced that there will be a major update to make the game official, it was stated that once the game are official people can transfer their current cash as real life money. With this a lot of veterans as well as new comers began to download the game but what the government doesn’t prepare is that the AI were too smart that they learn everything about the game as well as players in such a short time making most of the NPC wanted to rebel and ultimately began to create their own Kingdom, New kingdom start to arise as during the open beta there’s only 10 city but out of the 10 city only one remain which is the town of beginning, a “city” which still have at least a foundation to it.

    Players are stuck once they get into the game as the NPC smartness to create a virus to the nerve gear so that people can’t log off. The only way out is to solve the world’s mystery…


    The setting will be held at XXXX A.D on Japan but there will be other server on outside Japan such as Russia, Europe, and so on but for now the story will be purely on Japan. The game are the same replication of Japan but in a 2/3 scale so, it's slightly smaller than Japan and all of the in game city does not relate to Japan at all.

    Player will be spawning on The city of beginning Thawron, they will be spawn at the main cathedral. Thawron is the only city that replicate a real city in Japan called Akihabara. It's the only city enough to hold the whole player and at least have a decent ruined building to stay. There's no NPC of course since all of them migrate evenly to 3 kingdom, Adonia, Mydan, Saefros.

    Character Physics
    As in game character, you'll be able to move your character such as real life chara with restriction of the equipment weight. Once you stuck in the game you'll be that character, if you can't do any fancy sword fighting even if you have good equipment than it'll be a goner. Unless you're like Kirito then pftt go on but I suggest don't do that since it basically ruin the fun of character development. Also if you're mage then you may float and all that stuff~ (magical thingy)

    Character Class and Sub Classes
    Currently there are 5 classes and Tons Sub class.

    Main Classes:
    A Tank which usually carry sword, axe, or lance as weapon. Not much to said as they are a common job in any MMORPG games.

    A quick follow up units with range weapon.

    A range area attacker that have low defense but high magic attack.

    Healer with low attacking skills and such but greatly vital to the team as they support every unit on party.

    A stealth middle range attacker usually equipped with stealth weapons such as one hand short sword or dual wave length sword.

    Sub Classes:
    Person who make equipment using material.

    Person who farms and make bread.

    Person who sing or do any form of entertainment to people

    Person who draw maps and have survival instinct when in danger.

    someone who make potion from certain stuff.

    Someone who cooks.

    Status Physics
    You all will be given 50 stat point to be distribute to your stats but you can't level up and the only time you get stat are through defeating boss and there will be tome depending on the boss type. So let's say Minotaur is a strength type boss so once you defeat it you'll get strength tome. Each tome will +1 your stat depending on what tome you get.

    Gald System
    So... You can gain gald by defeating enemies, each enemy drop 1 gald no matter how strong they are but boss drop 100 galds, selling things are also allowed by buying stand which cost 50 galds or buy a home which cost 500 Galds. One day stay at inn will cost around 10 to 30 depending on the city but yet again in Thawron, there are no NPC so inn would be free. Person who bought the City Town hall will be the major and can run the city permanently but it cost 20,000 galds to but the town hall.


    2. I NEED FULL COMMITMENT (well not full at least post... you know what I mean)

    3. 1 paragraph at least please and no freaking ONE LINER!

    4. COMPLAIN if you have any objection or suggestion to the RP

    5. Romance are allowed but if you want to go more into you know ^///^ do it in PM.

    6.CHILLEX~! don't fight in the OOC~ please be peaceful ~! and chill~!

    7. None of the chara should be below 13 in age.

    8. If you want bad mouthing about this RP let's take it to PM =<=

    9. If you have any personal problem regarding to this RP PM me =<=

    10. The pass would be nothing so to make sure you read don't follow instruction below.

    11.The password is Greed is Good!.


    13. Do not control other people nor NPC without their or my permission.

    14. Ah.. you get to create things according to sub classes, I don't really mind about that stuff just don't go like " Greed taking the weed and make it into a sword" or you know work some logic people.

    15. HAVE FUN~!!!!!!

    IN GAME:




    Race: (pick between Half Cat, Elf, Dwarf, Human, Hald elf, Half wolf)


    Sub Class:

    Sp Usage:
  2. Accepted player:

    Not done yet:
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  3. Reserve one seat please... will done the CS in One or Two Hour...
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  4. Kay"~!

    Name : Kagami

    Age : 21

    Personality : Kagami have a Solemn and mature Demeanor when he is communicating with another player. However, Kagami can be rather childish sometimes when he was alone. He is exceedingly competitive, which he acknowledges himself. He is unsatisfied with draws, and will refuse to quit until a victor is declared. Kagami often overestimates his skills to the point that he thinks he can never lose against anyone. Kagami is very fond of sweets especially Chocolate, and is allergic to cats.
    Race : Human

    Appearance :


    Class : Swordsman

    Sub Class : Alchemist

    Gald : 0

    HP: 24/24 (+14 From Vitality)

    SP: 22/22 (+12 From Intelligence)

    STR: 12

    DEF : 8

    VIT : 7

    CRT : 7

    WIS : 10

    INT : 6


    Name : Aegis of Protection

    Sp Usage : 1 SP/post

    Description : Greatly reducing damage deal against player depend on Wisdom. Reduce {(WIS-10)*2} Damage against User. Only Usable when Character is using any kind of shield.
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  6. well you did stats and skill right and as for gald, you start with 0 and really sorry I didn't explain well for hp and sp raise 2 for every 1 stat point.
  7. @Greedy Donuts

    Edited my CS... please correct me if there any mistake in it...
    Also Is there only one skill allowed per Character or we can add more in the Skills field?
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  8. Hey there I got a question. Will the players enter the game before or after the npcs starts fighting for freedom?
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  9. Well the player learn as they do certain action, since I want to give a lot of freedom for character to develop
    I would said after but they didn't know that the npc are rebelling the system.
  10. DAMN YOU That's the name I'm using for all my characters ATM! Also, just sayin'... Kagami is a girl's name.

    @Greedy Donuts I'd be willing to bet that english isn't your primary language, given that never has anyone called the Priest class "Bishop" class before. Also, Akihabara is a district, not an entire city. Also is this set in modern age with medieval elements or is it set in sort of a feudal time period? CS will be up soon.
  11. Yep it's true and the game is set on medieval but player can modernize during story progression such like the anime log horizon , people invent new things everyday
  12. IN GAME:

    (Given that it's set in a VRMMO, I'm assuming that reference to the real world is allowed)

    Name: Ingame Username: キョコ ヘラサイト (Kyoko Hellscythe)(It took me forever to write that out so i'm not changing it :P)

    Age: 17

    Personality: Cold and level-headed in battle. Kyoko is also what one would class as a tsundere. Despite her cold and shy outer shell, she has a great sense of humour and a lot of confidence once she feels comfortable towards the people.

    Race: Human


    She uses a lance early in the battle before switching to a longsword. Ignore the hammer that's in the picture.


    Class: Swordsman
    Sub Class: Blacksmith
    Gald: ± 0
    HP: 30/30
    SP: 20/20

    STR: 9
    DEF: 18
    VIT: 10
    CRT: 0
    WIS: 8
    INT: 5

    Name: False Opportunity
    Sp Usage: 4 per activation
    Description: Upon blocking, can release a pulse of energy that temporarily paralyses the attacker that was blocked, allowing her to land sometimes finishing damage on them while they are completely unable to respond.
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  13. Accepted !!
  14. Oh yeah I know theres a rule saying no breaking the 4th wall, but is it OK if I do it occasionally, like once every 6 or 7 posts or something? I often use it to keep my posts light-hearted so the whole thing doesn't take on a dreary wall of text form. Plus, I'll probably end up referencing certain real-world things, like SAO and .hack//sign, however that'll be from my character's point of view, and her referencing things in the real world, rather than the narrator doing so.
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  15. So I have a few questions before I post my CS. Because after all, it doesn't hurt to check ^^;
    1) Is the wisdom stat the magic equivalent of the Strength/defence stat?
    2) Is the skills part (for the magic classes in particular) unique, general, or both?
    3) My guess is that the primary way for mages to attack is sp point consumption, so I'd like to know if I'm correct, or if they have general magic attacks that don't use sp (I'm sure that I'm correct on this one, but I just want to make sure.)
  16. Lol.... that's not right.. Kagami is also a male name.. See 'Kuroko no Basuke' Kagami Taiga?
  17. Technically, I am right, because I said that "Kagami's a girl's name" but I did not specify that it wasn't also a boys name :P. Though, I hadn't encountered a boy named Kagami before, but several females. It's also a rather feminine name with the "mi" ending, so I assumed it was female only.
  18. Yeah you are right about that.... most of Kagami is a female.. :P
    and it's rather funny using Kagami name in a male character... or maybe the one who played Kagami is a Girl..?? (The hell i am saying)
  19. Well, given theres nothing trapping the characters inside the VRMMO world, then its probable that we might encounter some bits of posts that describe people logging out for the night or whatever, so you probably ought to decide on what gender Kagami's player is :D
  20. Still it's funny maybe i will continue using Kagami on him... and make him regretting because of his Cat like typing when inputting his name. :D
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