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Buildings, made of dark red bricks push up against a gloomy sky. The rain is persistent, but it is a drizzle rather than a thunderstorm and coats the town in a fog as thick and tangible as a human being. There are florists and cafes amongst the red buildings, and through the fog, the shadows of people are evident - going about their work with precision and diligence. Several cops mill around the brick walls, shouting orders into their radios, but the fog blurs the edges of the people and muffles their radio-chatter.

The cluster of red brick buildings give way into neat rows of white houses, all identical in construction, each with the remainder of a white picket fence. The town's construction screams 1950s american suburbia - but horribly twisted from disuse, as the doors hang off their hinges.They are boarded up, and choked with weeks, and the windows are covered with boards. There are words scrawled on the walls, but the frequent rain has partially covered them with moss. These complexes were built to refine the uranium rich in the soil in the soil, but the demand for the uranium began to steadily decrease, and these buildings were abandoned. The dangers of inhaling uranium began to gain more press and prevalence, and thus, the townsfolk fled to the red bricked buildings of old town, and have thrived there ever since. Chernobyl killed the new town 30 years after its construction. Old town remained, and people stayed for the fishing, the view, the wonder of nature - for the lumber that could still be harvested.

You've felt a pull to the town, to those red bricked buildings and white houses. It came from a letter in the mail - a white piece of typing paper with the words typed neatly on it. There only needed to be five, "Meet me in Jeffrey City" and then a scrawl of a signature, and unreadable scribble. Maybe you were hoping it was somebody you loved. Or you came for the mystery of it. Or you came with faith that this was fate, and that you were meant to go to Jeffrey City and see what you could see. You came here by bus, by train, by boat, and arrived at the quiet, foggy sea-side town. You glance at the sign that welcomes you to the town. A wooden sign that proudly denotes a population of several thousand, and the name of the town in all capitals, arching over the sign and the population counter.

Welcome to Jeffrey City.

Jeffrey City is primarily a mystery and investigative RP with a bit of horror and psychological thriller mixed in. The goal of the players is to find out who called them and why, and unravel the mysteries of Jeffrey City - and there are a lot of them. Jeffrey City is sort of a spiritual sister to 'Silent Hill' and 'Twin Peaks', and has elements of puzzle solving, investigation, and obviously, revelations.

Here's the character sheet:

Name: (Name, obviously)
Age: (Age, again, obviously)
Occupation: (What your character does, and whether they hold a regular job)
Personality: (Self Explanatory)
Appearance: (Picture or Text or Both)
Backstory: (You don't have to write a novel, but to give me some clue as to why you came to Jeffrey City)

To Be Copied:


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Name: Janet Drake.

Age: 21

Occupation: Works at a coffee shop over night, getting by. Living paycheck to paycheck, and tips to help with her food expense.

Personality: Janet is very outgoing. Sometimes, she likes to keep to herself to have her alone time. She's not so much a people person, but enjoys spending time with people. She doesn't like to be alone.


Back story: Janet was tired of the town she was living in. Though needing a change, she had but one reason to move to Jeffery -- to start a new life; a new job; a family... maybe.
Character Sheet:-

Name: Sukki (pronounced:sooki) Ayama
Age: 18
Occupation: A student of media sciences and free lance photographer
Personality: Very outgoing, friendly, a little tom boyish, loyal and a little reserved

Appearance: doll (90).jpg
Backstory: Sukki got the letter and was very interested, as a photographer her style was basically what ever appealed to her. She thought this would be a good chance to have some good photographs of a place she never knew of.
Characters look good so far, keep them coming!
Name: Harry 'Dappa' Dapperal
Age: 26
Occupation: Freelance Artist and Journalist. Rarely gets work
Personality: Friendly and polite, but very strong willed. mildly posh and heavily inquisitive.
Appearance: About 5"4' with short jelled up hair with bad 'lowlights' making his head look like an acorn. He has huge eyes a small nose and a long but round face, making him look a lot younger than he actually is. Wears a trench-coat that reaches the floor and a camera round his neck. he's rather skinny.
Backstory: Having been out of work for a while he jumped at the letter. He assumed it was a lead to a story. After some heavy research on it, he learned the history of the city, and hopped in his car equipped with his notepad and pens, a camera and his Dictaphone.
Should have the IC up in a bit. Meanwhile, my character:

Detective Taras Novikov
Age: 28
Occupation: Private Detective
Personality: Usually cautious and careful, he often gets absorbed by his cases and focuses intently on them until he solves them, devoting all of his time and energy to it. He often dreams of his cases, and has epiphanies though such a medium. He is obsessed with learning everything he can about things that are new to him, and is holds a personal love for history and literature, and is sure that his love for such things lends to his case solving abilities. Naieve in many ways, Taras rarely shows a good deal of courage. A bad experience in his adolescent years left him sort of scarred and not completely unattuned to the supernatural.
Appearance: Shaggy black hair falls over his pale face. He has a black mole under his left eye. His face is rather round, but definitely Slavic in appearance, with a long nose and small mouth. His nose is a bit large for his face, but quite straight. His eyes are dark brown and often look anxious. He dresses in a horizontally striped sweater of black and white, and wears dark blue jeans and black boots.
Backstory: Taras got the letter in the mail, and thought that it might be from him, a mysterious figure in his past, and so, he rose to the call. He has many questions to ask of the mysterious figure from his past who looked just like him - except with long blonde hair, somebody that he was told had never existed at all. The rest, spoiler heavy.
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Name: Lester Raines

Age: 31

Occupation: Repo Man

Personality: Suffering from post-homicidal depression, paranoia and insomnia. He is in a constant state of high stress and prone to impulsive actions.

Backstory: Mr Keeler didn't keep up his repayments on the loan. The old man even stopped answering calls from the debt collectors. After 200 days the Repo Men were called in. Lester and his mentor, George Stanway, arrived at the house to find it deserted and all possessions still inside beneath a layer of dust. It was a goldmine. They started a sweep, and when they found no sign of Mr Keeler they began looking for things they could sell on to repay the debt. And that's when they found the library. Two men entered... one man left. Lester doesn't remember much of what happened in there... only his partner's blood on one hand, and a letter in the other. It said something about Jeffrey City. He followed it... It was the only thing his mind would allow... Like a zombie he has driven on auto-pilot towards the coast...
I'm a tad busy right now but would love to join this rp. Just give me some time!
Alright, hope to have your character in a bit. C:
Name: Katelynn Norton
Age: 25
Occupation: She's a fiction writer, currently looking for next big idea.
Personality: Pretty normal personality, though at times she'll ask a lot of questions. Can be either very suspicious or trustworthy. A tad sarcastic when she feels the need to be.
Appearance: Short light brown hair and side swept bangs that are always falling infront of her eyes, which are a dark grey. She wears glasses because she is short sighted. Wears a pair of dark blue jeans, white button up blouse, and black boots. Hates jewelry so you won't ever see her wearing any. (Ha... Just read Basil's character appearance I just want to say that my girl is in woman looking jeans and boots! XD )
Backstory: She had gotten a letter in the mail the other day with a note that said "Meet me in Jeffery City." The signature was hard to read but her editor had always had bad handwriting. So she packed her bags and left to go on what she thought was suppossed to be a trip to get away from the pressures of writing so that she could get some new ideas for her next story. She'll be staying in some random hotel and is already there.

(Work for you Basil?)
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