Iwaku's Maintenance Day Overwatch Marathon [Open][PC Only]

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    Our magical day where drinking games and Cbox usage hits an all time high is almost upon us. And while it's fun to just sit around and hang out with buddies on Cbox or Discord, things might get funner when we bring Overwatch to the table.

    Battle.net ID Masterlist:
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    • Brovo#1939 (Brovo)
    • SilverDingo#1436 (Minerva)
    • RedStarr#11370 (Red Revolver) (Organizer)
    • Daphnose#1457 (Pahn)
    • Mykie#11565 (Ali)
    • Yatagarasu#11327 (Yata)
    • ZeKraken#11282 (J_Kraken)
    • GreyFox#1573 (F0X)
    • dj4aces#1156 (Alan)
    • IceQueen #12596 (Ice Queen)
    • NotWD#1889 (Nebulon Ranger)

    Obligatory Rules:
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    -Everyone is expected to follow Iwaku's code of conduct/rules during this event.
    -Good sportsmanship. Don't be a jerk.
    -No death threats, harmful taunts with the intention to hurt someone's feelings.
    -Keep salt at a minimum
    -Don't harass other players.

    We have the right to kick anyone who causes major problems during the event that may make people severely uncomfortable and have Security take a look. Please don't be That Guy/Girl.

    List of Mods and Streamers:
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    -Red Revolver [Organizer/Mod]
    -Nebulon Ranger/NotWD [Mod]
    -Pahn [Mod]
    -Brovo [Streamer. Link pending]

    What are you proposing, Red?

    As some of you may know, I play a lot of Overwatch on the PC. Mostly on the weekdays for at least two to three hours. A hearty helping, if you will. Iwaku is a huge community with a good handful of PC Overwatch players who have yet to connect with the rest of us to play a game or two. So while Diana readies the magic to improve Iwaku on August 28th, an Overwatch marathon will be taking place.

    What will we do during the Marathon?
    This marathon will be touching upon Custom Games and Quick Play depending on group size. If there are more than six participants (Including myself) in this event, I will assign one Iwaku member to host the second group and we'll switch to just playing Custom Games to fit us all. We'll have various moderators at hand as spectators and even players to make sure salt is kept at a minimum and that everyone is guaranteed to have a fun time.

    Custom Games may range from 6v6 to challenges such as (maybe)D.Va golf, Hide and Seek, Clint Eastwood-Style McCree shootouts and going up against too many of one AI hero with no cool downs and 300% damage modifiers for fun. Suggestions are more than welcomed and are encouraged, as we have a bit over a week to plan this out in detail so that everything goes smoothly.

    What if there's too many participants? Or too little?
    We are anticipating at least 6-12 people, though since people tend to play Overwatch on console, it could be less. I will say this now, this will be a cross-site event, meaning some people from other sites will join us. Don't worry, they're my best friends and they're very funny and helpful. They'll treat you well.

    In the event that there's more than 12, which would technically make 2 groups, we'll invite you in game as spectators until either someone leaves or someone wishes to switch places with you to take a break. I don't think we can manage to make three groups as that would mean one group will be constantly placed into spectators and we probably won't have enough "group leaders" to run them. So for now I'm settling for just two groups maximum. The rest joining will be invited by me to spectate until they can come in and kick some major butt.

    Quickplay with 12 people might defeat the purpose as one group will be paired with random people. So I'll reserve quickplays for the event that this marathon has a low participant number.

    What time will this be?

    This is where thing's get tricky. We're aware that some people could be in other servers or in different timezones. This is partially the reason why I'm making this thread: To organize a solid time so that everyone can join. Since this is falls on a Sunday, I'll be playing for at least most of the afternoon until 10PM PST. If a bunch of people can't make it during a certain time, tell me. We can organize multiple times to play. Maybe this could be done to rotate multiple groups, should they happen.

    This sounds fun! How do I sign up?

    First off, post your interest here! Give suggestions if you'd like, let me know you're in. Once you post here, I'll send you a PM to confirm things and to send you my Battle.net ID to friend you. If you want to volunteer to be an in-game moderator to make sure things run smoothly, be sure to mention that as well.

    We'll be using the in-game voice chat since this event spans well beyond the members of Iwaku. The other participants are not Iwakians (okay maybe two but lmao) or probably don't feel comfortable being in Iwaku Discord. We'll discuss this more later. So don't think this is set in stone. We /might/ switch to Iwaku Discord if things go well. We'll see. For now, it's in-game voice chat.

    Correction: If there is a low participation rate (maximum of 6, minimum of 2 people playing), we'll be using the voice chat in the game. If it's more than 6, we'll be using the Iwaku Discord voice chat. If you wish to opt out of voice chat, it's totally fine. We just use it to better communicate with each other and tell others where an annoying Bastion is camping at.

    *ALSO: This is pretty important. I am currently looking for people that have a good internet connection to stream this on twitch for all to enjoy. I would do this but my ATT internet plan is absolute crap and therefore it absolutely shuts down the moment I use any streaming site and Overwatch at the same time. You don't /have/ to do this, but it would be cool.

    If I forgot anything, post and tell me. I'll be happy to answer questions~


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  2. I am up for this. I gotta get all the info though because I dont remember it off the top of my head.
  3. I'll be making a Battle.net username masterlist for this~
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  4. My best character is D.va, by the way, so that's who I'll play pretty much the whole game, unless Team Composition needs me to change.
  5. [​IMG]

    Assuming I'm free August 28th, I can stream n' play fam. I just have to set my Twitch back up, which doesn't take long nowadays.

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  6. Here's the thread for Overwatch, in case someone wants to check out some stuffs: GAMING - Overwatch

    My Battle.Net username: Daphnose#1457

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  8. ... someone's just bought the game recently amirite :'D
  9. About a week ago...I'm practically addicted x)
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  10. >:o


    I do have things going on Sunday though so I may not get on at all.

    But if I do my Battle.Net ID is: Yatagarasu#11327
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  11. I just got it today, and I think I am.
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  12. I'm game for a game on the 28th. Lemme dig my battle.net account name out, and I'll shove it up here.

    EDIT: Found it. ickyhummus#2149

    I'm a filthy Europleb, though, so you'll have to add me in-game rather than via the Battle.net client for some fucking reason.
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  13. I'm certainly up for it. Username should be ZeKraken#11282
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  14. I don't have Overwatch, but I am happy to game with anyone who'd like to!!

    My Steam name is: F0X7713
    My Battlenet is: GreyFox#1573
  15. Updated the Master List. And if you don't have Overwatch, you can watch our stream ~
  16. I most certainly will, but the thought crossed my mind:
    "What if we want to set up multiple games?"
    I mean just for Blizzard games I play Starcraft II which is quite fun for multiplayer as well as Heros of the Storm. But this sort of thing is a good time to set up a group for CIV, Starbound, Dota 2, and many others!

    Perhaps people could request over the week games that they would like to have people play in, and if there are gamer staff like us that want to organize that game as well, that could be a thing! Just a thought to include more people in more gaming.

    For the Record, all the games I listed I could easily help organize/run. =3
  17. Yo this sounds fun, count me in!

    Battle Net Id is

  18. Sounds like a fun idea! Just to avoid confusion though, you can always make a thread of other games as well :D
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