Iwaku's Favorite Color

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What would you like the default Iwaku color to be?

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*Shoves Asmo in front of a group of marathon runners*

Green for the win.
that didn't end up as bad as i thought....

At least it isn't neon green
When I picked green, that is definitely not the shade of green that came to mind... I was thinking more of this shade green, I still like the green you choose though. It adds some color to the forums!

I still say pale yellow is the best though!
Too late Clover!

I tried to warn you all, but NOOOO, you were all "Let's be green lololol" and you JUST DIDN'T THINK about the consequences.

This never would've happened if you had voted ORANGE.

This is a dark day for democracy.

Well in protest you could change your (& the admin) name color to orange.
I don't really care what color we use for the text, but perhaps a change in the background might be good. It can be difficult to read when someone types with a dark color. Gotta strain the eyes to read it. *glares at cbox*

The white on black is fine, but then you get someone who types like this and it drives me to murder.

Just a thought. :D

Though I agree that those assholes who write in blue need to have a cheese-grater taken to their crotches

But still. No.
I'm already used to the green! Annnnd I like it.

But I have to agree about those asses in the chatbox who use super dark colors on the black.

YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE ASMO, THAT'S DIANA'S JOB. And I'm gonna bribe her with a fancy mixer.

See? Clover listens to reason.
I already bought my fancy mixer, you're too late!

Background HAS to stay black/darkass grey.

So that means we kick people in the balls when they use unreadable colors. ...Besides, people can be assholes on white BGs too with unreadable colors. >>;
Hey... what's wrong with dark gray on black?

Just asking....
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