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Deep in the Anirune forest sat a cottage, set neatly into a clearing and surrounded by a well tended garden. This part of the forest was healthy and untouched by most outside forces. Few came in this far and those who did seldom found anything of any interest.

For 18 years the cottage had gone undiscovered, only a few privileged members of the ShapeShifter Guild knowing of it's existence and location. This was Porg's meadow, and it was currently not the quietest of places.

In the living room a young adult named Gary Bunting was playing on a Wii, swinging wildly with the remote and shouting profanities at the television as he did so.

Across the hall an older man sat at the desk in his room and pinched the bridge of his nose. He groaned slightly, looking to the book he was attempting to read in mild despair, he never should have given Gary pocket money. A small item jogged off the shelf as Gary jumped and Norman instinctively held his arm out and caught it, placing it neatly on his desk.

All in all it was another normal day in Porg's meadow.
The Neake shuffled over to the third storage bay with his clipboard in hand. He had just received a shipment of dead matter from the Nightmare Realm and he wasn't entirely certain where to put it.

The familiar, annual scream of the lost soul falling outside the Temple rang past his ears for a moment before fading away, lost to the Grey Space for another year. The regularity of it allowed The Neake to set his clock by it, and he found it a comforting New Years alert. It was unfortunate that that man had decided to run away from the Temple, not realising the looped portal around the base and ceiling of the Grey Space would keep him falling forever.

Still, The Neake didn't let it distract him from his everlasting task: organising the things that didn't belong anywhere else in the Realms.

He had just got into the swing of things and begun shifting the dead matter into the forth storage bay on the second floor - the third was full after all - when something happened. Something odd.

The Temple moved. Since it was part of him - he was connected to it magically and physically, his feet symbolically trapped in the floor - he moved, too.

Then it began to shake, the rattling knocking his assortment of misplaced nicknacks onto the floor and he braced himself as there was an almighty crash from below him and the strangest thing occured - there was light coming through the windows of the Temple.


Looking around he saw that the Temple was slowing fazing back into existence, without any effort from himself. This made no sense - without his concentration the Temple didn't exist and hadn't existed for thousands of years.

But there it was, around him - the black marbled stone dull, the pillars crumbled, the storages filled and visible.

With a fair amount of concern, he began to move downstairs to check things, his feet gliding through the floor but unable to rise above it as usual as a constant reminder of his entrapment. He didn't notice anything more out of the ordinary - other than there being scenery outside the windows - trees to be specific - as opposed to the constant endless grey he had been used to seeing for so long. As he reached the ground floor, the sunlight disappeared and there appeared to be earth crumbling in through in his place.

"Peculiar," he uttered, continuing his investigation through the winding corridor into the altar room.

The great doors at the other end were missing, replaced by a wall of mud and rock. And, at the top, there was what appeared to be the kitchen and living room of a small cottage. He looked up at it and listened.

Someone was shouting.

[Summary: The Neake, an ancient, depowered God, suddenly finds his old Temple has changed location. And dimension. It is now connected to Porg's cottage.]
The loud sucking noise which accompanied the arrival of the temple didn't seem to be noticed by Gary, who was very engrossed in his game and was still flailing wildly around the small cottage's living room.

Norman however did notice the noise, on top of the sudden draught that accompanied it. He stood up calmly from his desk, placing his reading glasses gently down with his book and, tucking the chair in, made for the living room.

The Neake, not having anything better to do decided to investigate, the floor that held his feet rising in a pillar to elevate him up to the level of the kitchen floor. Being rather large he had to bend to fit between the kitchen's floor and ceiling as he peered into the small house.

Though he did not notice the noise, Gary did notice the large, oddly proportioned creature rising up out of the ground (in a temple that he hadn't noticed being there before) and peering into the house through the apparently newly absent kitchen wall.


Norman crossed the hallway, noting the absent end wall and the cavernous temple beyond the space with curiosity. Upon entering the living room even Norman gave a small double-take, the creature looking in through the half-a-kitchen truly like nothing he'd ever seen before.

Gary was frozen with the surprise but gave a small squeak. The Neake blinked all four of his eyes as he stared into the small house, but did not move from his vantage point. Norman walked into the room, taking the wiimote from Gary as he went. He calmly walked into the kitchen, removing some teacups and saucers from a cupboard.

"So, would our guest like some tea?"

[Gary and Norman become aware of the temple's arrival as the Neake raises himself to see inside the cottage. Norman offers the Neake some tea]
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None the less it could be quite fun.
The Neake frowned slightly, unsure of what the small creature was trying to convey. It had been a long time since he had been spoken to in such a mortal tongue. He did pick up, however, that he was being invited in... if only he could leave his prison, his temple.

But it was at that point that something occured to him. His arms were outside, clinging to the ceiling of the kitchen.

Why weren't they getting pulled back in?

Did it mean he could leave?

Tentatively, he tried to pull his foot up from the floor. He could feel the cold stone against his feet, but they remained locked beneath the marble. Pulling back from the kitchen, he took a deep breath and, using the connection to the temple, simply moved it away.

His feet came free.

He was free. Wherever his temple had landed, it seemed Annjia's curse was no longer in effect.

A small lopsided smile appeared on his face, and he turned to the creatures in the small house, clambering inside.

"What is... 'tea'?"

[The Neake frees himself from the temple, and goes inside the cottage kitchen. He doesn't know what tea is.]
"Not british then?" Norman remarked in return to The Neake's question. He poured some hot water into a teapot and placing it on the small dining room table, placing the three teacups and saucers down along with a small pot of sugar and jug of milk.

"Please do take a seat, and I shall show you what tea is."


Jack marched through the woods gloomily, he was walking slowly and had been doing so for hours. Porg's Meadow was located deep in the Anirune forest, in amongst a whole lot of nothing. He hefted his bag slightly, and breathed, a wash of gentle happiness running through him as he realised he was finally going to be at home. And what was more, the invaders appeared to have left this part of the forest alone.

He was conflicted, nearly every instinct he had told him he should go back, help everyone fight off the threat. But another part, one that was getting louder and harder to ignore, was telling him he should just stay out. Everyone could take care of themselves, and the only people he really had left now were right here in Porg's Meadow.

He told himself he could make a decision when he was home, since he had to get a change of clothes and offload the bag he had before he could do anything. He had to go home first anyway, so if he did want to go help everyone , which he didn't, his conscience was quick to add, then he would have had to detour here anyway.

Jack finally stepped out into the idylic little clearing in the woods, the vegetable patches neatly gracing the ground with an assortment of healthy looking plants, and the flower garden looking quite spectacular next to the green lawn… that is, what used to be a green lawn.

Instead of the small expanse of grass there appeared to be a huge grey stone temple. bisecting a tiny slice of the cottage. A slice appeared to be missing from the temple too as the wall around where the cottage was did not have a wall, and Jack could see inside some of it to the gloomy interior.

Unsure what to make of this all Jack slowly walked up to the front door of the cottage, placing his key in and pushing his way into the corridor. The end of which seemed to simply open out into the cavernous temple.

Eyeing the lack of wall Jack took his bag off, leaving it against the wall and stepped into the lounge. "Ah Jack! I thought you may be home quite soon, this is the Neake!"

[Jack returns home to find a temple attached to his house and Gary and Norman having tea in the kitchen with the Neake.]
The Neake looked up from his teacup as the newcomer arrived, a curious expression on his disfigured face.

"This one..." he began, glancing back at Norman and Gary. "Is your 'Jack'?" He turned back to Jack and stared intently. He felt something from this creature.

The new world he had arrived in, Iwaku - which Norman and Gary had been more than happy to explain - didn't accept Jack. The Neake could feel it and see it; Jack's soul was out of place. Not a part of the mysterious 'Cycle'. It didn't belong.

As such, he was in The Neake's domain... perhaps the only thing in the world that would be.

This created a conflict in The Neake's ancient mind. Should Jack be organised with everything else? He was alive. Living things didn't tend to be brought to him - what's more, Jack hadn't been brought to him. Did The Neake's duty even count?

Annjia's curse appeared to have been lifted - his obligation to the role he had been forced into was presumably also gone.

He stood from the table, hunching slightly to avoid hitting the ceiling with his large frame, and raised his third, clawed arm, waving it in Jack's general direction.

Jack's soul - visible to The Neake thanks to The Neake's residual godly powers from 'back in the day' - reacted to the movement.

The Neake was right. This Jack was under his domain of power.

"You are mine," he stated. "This is unexpected."

He paused a moment, apparently oblivious to Jack's confused expression, and then added, to himself, "I am unsure how to proceed."

[The Neake recognises Jack as being 'under his domain', but isn't sure what to do about it.]
Jack flinched a little as the Neake waved at his soul, he could feel it moving, no, being shifted. Giving a small jolt he willed his soul back into place just as the Neake let go, the result being it returning to place a little more suddenly than Jack had expected.

Jack heard the words the Neake spoke, though didn't register them straight away. "W-wait what!? I'm yours?" He gave the Neake a strange look, which he then shifted to Norman and Gary, hoping for some support with the strange situation.

Norman smiled and rose to his feet, making for the partial kitchen. "Take a seat Jack, I'll get you a cup of tea, he said as he opened the cupboard and retrieved a fourth cup and saucer. "I think I can clear this up."

Norman set the cup down in front of the now seated and slightly dazed Jack "I'm terribly sorry Jack but, the cupboard with your mugs in it was one of the uh.. casualties of the arrival of the temple"

"They are probably in the Grey Space" The Neake offered, which recieved a puzzled and annoyed glare from Jack. The Neake did not seem to notice what it meant. Norman began making a cup of tea as he spoke. "You see, our new friend The Neake here is, a God, though as I am to understand it a fairly weak one, no offence meant"

"None was received" The Neake said, mildly puzzled about the comment.

"He is not just any god however, but the god of things that do not belong. And it would appear that his powers have crossed over into Iwaku with him. Now your-"

"Yeah, my exclusion from the cycle means he's got power over me cos I don't belong.." Jack said, gulping down some tea and sighing. "So I'm really not important in Iwaku obviously.. it's not been a good day" Jack said, more to himself than to anyone else.

"Ah well, guess that means I don't have any obligation to help out, since I cant!" Jack said, with a forced smile as he stood up. "I'm.. gonna go change, I think I need it." he said as he walked off, taking his tea with him.

Norman watched the young man go, mildly concerned for him, but decided to leave it be for a small while. "So" He said, turning to the Neake "Tell me more about this temple of yours. I have to say I'm finding it rather fascinating."


Jack pushed the door to his room open, skulking in gloomily, he didn't even notice the missing wall as he made for his wardrobe. There were several strange orbs on the floor, but Jack just ignored them as he opened the wardrobe door… and was assaulted by a ton of them.

Pulling himself up out of the mound of soul orbs, he had another look in his wardrobe, which was revealed to, on closer inspection, not be much more than a door, which now seemed to lead into one of the temple's many massive rooms.


"Where the hell is this Grey Space and how do I get to it!?" Jack said impatiently as he came storming down the stairs. "It has my mugs AND my clothes! and I want them back!"

The Neake, a little perplexed by the human's manner answered nonetheless "Well you take a right at the Nexus and…" He appeared to remember something and took a second, apparently to process the thought "Oh dear.. the playdate"

This comment was met with blank and curious faces all round.

[Norman explains some stuff about the Neake and Jack, discovering that his clothes and mugs have ended up in the grey space asks where it is. The Neake remembers about an appointment he had.]
Obskeree was not going to be pleased, The Neake realised. His triannual meeting with the little exiled fairy was due and he had a feeling he would not be able to attend.

He had first met the fairy when he had taken her Angel's soul for storage, and she had tried vehemently to stop him. Placating her rage with a game of chess, the two became acquaintances. She was the only company he had had in thousands of years, though it was only a hundred years ago they met.

His shoulders slumped. He hadn't thought himself particularly attached to her until that moment, but the realisation he may have just lost the only one he had ever considered a friend weighed his heart down.

Looking up, he realised everyone was still waiting for him to continue. "I believe I have… lost something," he explained. "But no matter, it is of little consequence now. The Grey Space…" he addressed Jack. "I am unsure of how to direct you there… as I am unsure of how I got out."

[The Neake realises he will probably never see his old friend again, and cannot think of a way to help Jack get to the Grey Space for his mugs.]
Jack got up with his cup of tea and walked over to the Hole in the wall, peering into the temple and leaning in to touch the walls a little. "What have you lost?" Jack said, still inspecting the temple's interior.

"I believe it is what you would call… a friend.." The Neake said uncertainly, looking down at his tea.

Jack paused a little, smiling to himself before turning to look at the creature. Suddenly the Neake was not an imposing, impromptu intruder, but instead a sad figure. Jack could see the dilemma in him, he was a god, or at least had been in his own world, detached from people and keeping himself that way.

And now suddenly he'd realised he'd had a friend, an experience he had to lose to realise it was there. "It's alright, I think I can figure out a route by looking at your temple" Jack looked back into the cavernous grey stone structure. "Neake.. I'll get your friend back too. Will they be in the Grey Space?"

[Jack warms up to the Neake, realising he isn't just an emotionless god. Jack tells the neake he'll get his friend back.]
The Neake thought quietly about Jack's proposal.

It was all a bit overwhelming. In less than a hour, he had been freed from Annjia's curse - the extent of which he was still discovering - found a living creatre under his domain - the first in centuries - and now he had to think about where the little fairy should be.

It was a shock to the system, after all his years of monotonous autonomy. He felt as though someone had just violently woken him.

Few of these racing thoughts showed outwardly, but they did affect the delay before he spoke. "She ought to be. It does depend how much time has passed since then - the Grey Space has a rather warped temporal field." He paused and regarded the way Jack was peering into the depths. "You are welcome to explore the temple freely. It is now your space also." Here, let me assist you." The Neake, teacup still in hand, went to the hole and moved the floor into a staircase merely by willing it. An extension of his being - the Temple appeared to be fully under his control again.

"How will you 'figure out' this route?"

[The Neake explains a little about where he comes from and wonders how Jack plans on getting there.]
"Hmmm, well Iwaku has a pretty unstable time plan too. I went away for a year and eighteen passed here." Jack commented, looking around the temple as the pair strolled through it together. He took a sip of his tea and crouched down, stroking the flagstones gently.

"As for figuring out the route.." Jack continued, as he pulled a black oblong 'door' from the floor, standing as it rose up. "Well the traces are still here, think I can figure out where you came from. Looks like you punched through another world first.. strange.."

"Anything I should know before I go?" Jack stood next to the swirling corridor of darkness, looking up at the towering Neake. maybe he could still be of some use, even if the cycle didn't want him to.

[Jack opens a corridor of darkness, and asks the Neake if he needs to know anything before going to the Grey Space.]
With a sad sigh The Neake moved on to stand by one of the windows, filled up with earth from the outside, and touched it gingerly with his third arm - the decaying, talon-like apendage he used to use for moving souls. It appeared useless now, as the display with Jack's soul had shown him.

"Yes," The Neake replied finally, taking his time. "The Grey Space is a space of nothingness, a bottomless hole of forgotten and dead magic. Spend as little time there as possible - it is not meant for the living. It will rot your mind and body, as it has this arm." He pondered his words a moment and then added, "And try not to fall off. I recall once there was a soul who came to me, but... fell off. As far as I am aware he is still falling. An unfortunate fate." The same soul, he remembered, whose scream was his annual alarm for time-keeping.

"I suppose," he continued, "You ought to know about the one you are retrieving. Obskeree Seresuto is a blue faction fairy. I see little point in describing her further - she will be the only fairy in the vacinity." As he finished his words, another thought occured to him. "Finally, if you see twins dressed as street urchins, ignore them. And leave immediately. That is all."

Jack nodded solemnly before smiling at the hulking Neake. "Ok, I'll be back soon!" he said, as he stepped into the bubble of swirling black and purple energy. As it closed the room was silent for a second.

"So.. more tea?" Gary questioned, breaking the silence.

[The Neake prepares Jack for entering the Grey Space, tells him of his friend, and warns him of twins.]
It had been a few hours, but at last another corridor of darkness opened up in the small cottage's half a kitchen. Obskeree came out first, followed by some mugs, floating in the air, rather quickly and looking slightly uncomfortable. Followed by Jack, who was wincing and clutching at his stomach.

"Ah you're back" Norman said, getting up to go make another cup of tea. He paused as he noticed Jack's condition. "Jack, are you ok?" he asked, a twinge of concern in his usually stoic voice.

"I'm fine" Jack grunted, letting the clothes he was carrying drop to the floor as he stumbled over to an armchair and flopped heavily into it. "O-only a flesh wound!" he smiled, though it was a pained smile.

"Hmm.. I cannot say I believe that Jack" Norman retorted, resuming his walk to the kitchen.
Obskeree set the mugs down on the floor, releasing them from her telekenetic field, and peered around to the kitchen eagerly.

"Mr Neake!" she cried upon seeing the old god, and rushed to him, flying up to him and wrapping her little blue arms around his neck. "I'm so glad to see you are okay!"

"And you, wingless," The Neake uttered, raising an arm for her to sit on. He studied her foot-high form, She looked well enough - her clothes a tad singed in places, and her shoulder bag looking worse for wear, but otherwise -- He paused as he noticed her ankle, strangely red and faded. "You are damaged."

"Yeah," she admitted, holding her leg out for further inspection. "And my magic source is gone and I barely have enough left to fly. But I'll be fine once I attune myself to this dimension, I'm sure!"

"That may take days," The Neake pointed out. "Allow me to guard you during this time."

She shook her head and laughed, a high-pitched jingling sound, "No need Mr Neake, this place has so much magic everywhere it'll likely only take a few hours." She paused and looked down at the cup in his hand. "That smells nice. What is it?"

The Neake smiled. "Tea."

[The Neake and Obskeree the wingless fairy reunite]
Jack sat in the chair, his hand floating slightly above the wounds on his belly, a soft green glow providing a slight relief from the pain. He sighed heavily He had been free in the other realms, and while not everything had gone according to plan, as the holes in his stomach could attest, He knew he could do things, there he knew he could change how things happened.

But now.. now he was sat here in Iwaku and it was as though he could feel the Cycle bearing down on him. The weight of his inability like an oppressive heel on his face.

From across the room he could hear Obskeree and The Neake's reunion and he allowed himself a small smile. At least he'd achieved something today.

"Now lets have a look at that." Jack hadn't noticed Norman approaching him, and placing a cup of tea down on the small table next to the boy he lifted his shirt to have a look at the wound.

"Hmm flesh wound you say?" His lip curled a little, but regardless he lifted his hand and a more obvious green glow wafted over Jack's belly. What was left of the wounds sealed up, though there were still some marks. "There we go, mostly healed. That should do you for now."

Norman then stood back up and started back to the kitchen area to greet the new arrival "Oh yes Jack, may I suggest changing your clothes as well? Those ones look a little shall we say, worse for wear." He then walked back over to the kettle, offering The Neake and Obskeree a cup of tea.

Jack looked back at the wounds and sighed, before pulling his bloodied and torn shirt back down. He reached over for his tea, and cradling it in both hands stared into it. His thoughts still unresolved.

[Jack feels useless now that he is back in the cycle, though his wounds are now all but healed.]
The Neake wandered through to Jack and interruped his thoughts.

"Jack," he said slowly, "The wingless one insists I give everyone a 'tour' of my temple. Are you interested?" In the silence that followed, there was a little snore from his shoulder. Obskeree had fallen asleep - being so drained of magic really was just too much for her.

The Neake gently maneuvered her down off his arm and down into another chair, and gave a small smile.

"She will sleep through the tuning," The Neake explained to Jack. "When she wakes, she will be fully recovered." There was another snore, prompting The Neake to move topics. "Regarding the tour. She inferred it would be a good bonding exercise - to get to know one another better."

With a sigh, he added under his breath, "Though the tea was doing a good enough job..."

[Obskeree, having convinced The Neake to agree to a tour of the temple, falls asleep. The Neake extends the offer of a tour to Jack.]
Jack looked up, smiling a little despite the thoughts running through his mind. Forcing them out for now he rose to his feet, wincing a little at the pain in his abdomen, it would take a little while for it the subside, he was just glad he had some accelerated healing.

"Sure, I think id like that." Jack said, picking up his tea "Shall we make another cup of tea before we go?"

Norman walked over, Gary shortly behind him. "I have already made us all some tea" Norman said, motioning to a small tray with 5 teacups on it. "However since miss Obskeree appears to not be joining us I shall just leave hers here"

"Excellent! Shall we go then?" Jack asked, trying to hide his inner thoughts.

[Jack agrees to go on the tour, Gary and Norman tagging along. They all have Tea.]
Teacup in hand from the tray, the Neake set off with Jack, Gary and Norman to the hole in the kitchen wall - the new entrance to his temple.

The main hall stood before them in all its run-down glory, the brazier in the centre of the huge room cracked and chipped, the altar and throne at the far end looking equally worse for wear. There was an odd charm to the way the old stone pillars seemed to crumble around them.

Towards the back of the room, where the raised platform on which the throne and altar were positioned, there were three doors - two to the right, one to the left.

"This," The Neake began, taking his own pace as usual, "is the worship hall. Long ago, before I was forgotten, it is here that angels and demons came together to venerate magic." His four eyes focused on the split throne for a moment, and unreadable expression on his sloping face. "Yes, that was long ago indeed."

He began ambling towards the solitary door on the left. "Through here are several rooms that used to belong to my priests as living quarters. Now, they serve their purpose as storage rooms for the many obscure items that end up in my care." The door opened for him as he walked towards it, and he led his small party forward into a long hall.

"To your right is the Room of Bad Ideas and on the left: the Vault of Awful Inventions," The Neake said as he shuffled ever onward.

[The tour begins.]
"Room of Bad Ideas!? That sounds bonza!" Gary exclaimed as he heard the chamber's title. Norman sighed a little and shook his head a little.

Jack stood at the back of the group, trying to will himself into interest, though the weight of the cycle preyed heavily on his mind and he found himself drifting in and out of focus. Normally he'd enjoy this kind of thing, but today just wasn't going to be kind to his emotions it seemed.

"Can we go in Neake? Can we can we can we!?" Gary spurted like a small child outside a sweet shop.

Norman looked bemused. "If you do Gary you're not allowed to buy anything" He then turned to The Neake "I have to say however that I am also curious. Would we be able to have a look?"
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